Bella The Witch: Chapter 19




Bella downed the last of the blood Elijah had given her. She looked over at him as he sat beside her with a newspaper in hand. “Aren’t you nervous?” She asked curiously as he didn’t seem to feel anything but calm.

Elijah set the paper down and looked to Bella with a smile. “And what do I have to be nervous about, my love?”

“These people can make things hard for Nik. If they don’t agree, they can make breaking the ritual harder than it needs to be.” Bella said, she played with her hands in a nervous habit. “What if they do something stupid and force us to postpone the ritual? The idea of Nik having to wait even longer to break his curse, it doesn’t sit right with me. Doesn’t it bother you that these people are trying to figure out a way to kill your brother?”

Elijah took Bella’s hand in his, “I love my brother, Isabella. Nothing that these people can think of will ever come close enough to actually harm Niklaus. We have hidden who we are for centuries, we have erased all of our past from any person to ever know too much about us. We have made sure that the secret to the daggers and the white oak stake remain a secret. As much as they try they cannot harm Niklaus.”

Bella nodded still not completely at ease with what Elijah said. “Where is your brother now that we’re speaking of him?”

“He’s watching over Rebekah and Kol. He doesn’t want them to act on instinct and attack anyone in town.” Elijah replied he smiled as Bella moved and leaned against him. She rested her legs on his lap and her head on his shoulder. “You shouldn’t worry over Niklaus so much.”

Bella smiled, “He’s my brother.” Bella replied, “He may not be my brother by blood, but I see him like I see Riley. You worry over Klaus, Rebekah and Kol constantly, you even worry about Finn daily. You don’t have to worry about them, but you do because you love them and they mean something to you. I know you love Nik, and the two of you are used to the idea of people trying to kill you, but to me I don’t think it’s something I can get used to. All I can see is someone who has never met Nik trying to kill him, they’re trying to kill someone I care about.”

Elijah smiled it made him content to know that the woman he loved, loved his family as well. It had always been a problem in the past, but Bella was proving to be different from any other person in the world. “You’re truly one of a kind, Isabella.”

Bella smiled, “That’s a good thing I take it?”

Elijah leaned down so his lips were only inches away from Bella’s, “It’s a great thing, Isabella.” He said before closing the distance between them and sealing their lips together for a kiss.

-Page Break-

Bella walked between Elijah and Klaus, her hand rested on the crook of Elijah’s elbow as she stood closely to his side. “Ry said this is where he usually spots Elena and the two Salvatore’s. Apparently a bar is the perfect place for a teen hang out.” Bella said with a roll of her eyes.

Klaus chuckled, “It’s also a restaurant, I’m sure they go here to eat more than to drink. Though now that we’re on the topic I could use a drink.”

Bella laughed, “Nik, I’m serious about the whole AA thing. I think you may have a drinking problem.”

“I don’t think there’s a day you haven’t gone without taking a drink Niklaus,” Elijah commented with a smirk.

Klaus rolled his eyes, “I can’t get drunk and neither can the two of you, Drinking liquor is as if I were drinking water, I see no real problem with it.”

Bella laughed as they entered The Grill. She looked around and didn’t see Elena and because her necklace wasn’t reacting she knew there were no supernatural creatures around. “They’re not here, why don’t we take a seat and wait. It’s barely 3 in the afternoon, I don’t think Elena has even come out of school yet.”

Bella sat down at a table for four in the back of the restaurant she was sure they wouldn’t even be noticed where they were sitting. She smiled as Nik and Elijah both ordered a drink while she ordered an ice tea. She swirled the ice around in her drink with her straw as she kept an eye out for anyone that came in or out of the Grill.

Bella glanced down to her necklace as it began to ring. She looked up at the door as someone who she assumed was Stefan by the haircut, walked into the grill with Elena. “It looks like this just became so much more interesting. They haven’t noticed we’re here.”

Elijah nodded, he looked to Klaus. “How do you wish to handle this brother?”

Klaus looked to Elena as she moved with Stefan, he could easily catch the conversation between the two, but that wasn’t what interested him. He was interested in her image, she was an exact copy of Katerina and Tatia. Their resemblance still stunned him. “Let’s get to the point.” Klaus said as he stood. Elijah and Bella standing as well.

Elijah and Bella followed Klaus as he made his way to the table were Elena had sat down with Stefan. Klaus grabbed a chair from one of the other tables and sat facing Elena and Stefan. He watched from the corner of his eye as Bella and Elijah sat across from the pair as well. By the size of the table Klaus knew they probably expected someone else to join them soon.

“Umm… Who are you guys?” Elena asked cautiously eyed the three.  Stefan leaned forward and his eyes widened, he stood up quickly almost knocking the chair back with his speed.

“They’re vampires, let’s go Elena.” Stefan said holding his hand out for Elena.

Elena was about to take his hand when she caught Klaus’s glare. She sat back down and swallowed the lump that formed in her throat. “What do you want?”

“You see love, I want a number of things. For instance, right now, I want Stefan here to sit back down before I snap his neck in front of all these people. It would be a real hassle to have to compel all these humans to forget that I killed someone.” Klaus said his voice was low and greatly threatening as he eyed Stefan. A smirk made its way onto his face as Stefan took a seat. “Well, that’s better.”

“Niklaus, we did not come here to scare them. We came to talk civilly remember.” Elijah said knowing that when his brother was challenged he could get out of control.

“Niklaus.” Elena repeated her eyes widened as the name settled in her mind. “You’re Klaus.”

Klaus smirked glad to see she knew of him. “Good work love. I am Klaus, and this is Elijah and Bella. I’m assuming you already know what I’m here for.”

Elena nodded she glanced at Stefan as he was eyeing the three of them. As much as he tried he couldn’t think of any way to get Elena out of there. “Yes!” Elena squeaked as she couldn’t handle the amount of fear that was running through her. “You want me dead.”

“I don’t want you dead, I need you dead.” Klaus said as he leaned back slightly in his chair and looked at Elena with a smirk. “What I want is to break a curse, and you’re the main component in doing so. Therefore, I’m going to offer you two options. One, we do this the hard way and I just kidnap you for the ritual. Or Two, you come willingly, and I reward you with not killing everyone you love.”

Before Stefan could answer for her Elena stepped in. “Okay. Number two, but no one dies but me.”

Klaus nodded, “You’ll be brought back you won’t die permanently. You’ll come back human and healthy as ever.”

“How?” Stefan asked finally speaking up.

“I have a spell that can protect her, she’ll die, but only for a moment and then she’ll come back to life as if nothing ever happened.” Klaus replied he ignored Stefan and looked towards Elena. “If you have any questions ask Bella here.”

Elena looked to Bella. “You’re a witch?”

Bella smiled, “I really thought you were going to ask a different question. Yes, I’m a witch.”

Elena nodded, “And you’ll be the one breaking the curse?”

“I will be.” Bella responded simply nodding her head. She had really thought that Elena was going to ask questions regarding the spell that was going to save her life. “Shouldn’t you be more worried about the spell that’s meant to bring you back to life? The questions you’re asking me don’t seem like you care whether you live or die.”

“I do care.” Elena snapped at Bella glaring heavily at her. “I just worry about whose hands I’m putting my life in.”

Bella glared at Elena, she was about to retort when Klaus stepped in. “Out of everyone at this table, Bella would be the last to kill you if that is what you were worrying about.”

Elena sighed and crossed her arms over her chest. “So what does this spell do?”

Bella rolled her eyes at the girl’s attitude. “It brings you back to life. It saves some of your life force and when you’re dead it uses the saved life force to put the life back into your body.”

“Are you sure it’s going to work? I know a witch and she’s never heard of such a spell.” Elena replied eyeing Bella more than skeptically.

Bella smiled, “I’m not exactly a normal witch. I can assure you I’m far more powerful than the witch you know. I’m more than certain that this spell will work and you’ll be brought back in a matter of minutes.”

Elena turned to look to Klaus, “There’s no way I can get out of this is there?”

“Of course not,” Klaus replied with a smirk. “If you or any of your friends attempt to do anything to stop this ritual, I will get vengeful. I’m not someone you want to double cross.”

Elena coward back and nodded, “What happens now?”

“We leave,” Stefan said finally getting tired of the conversation. He stood and Elena stood with him, he grabbed her arm and led her out of The Grill.

Klaus looked to Elijah and Bella with a smirk. “Well, that went better than expected don’t you think?”

Bella laughed, “How did you expect it would go? I’m almost more than certain they’re going to try something stupid. I don’t like Stefan, he gives me a weird vibe.”

Elijah put his arm around Bella. “I agree, I think Stefan may try to get her out of town or hide her away.”

Klaus smirked, “Which is why I have Rebekah and Kol following them. I did suspect that Stefan would react badly, so I asked them to stay close enough not to be sensed and to stay as close to Elena as they possibly could. If she showed any signs of leaving, transitioning, or killing herself, they were meant to intervene.”

Bella smiled impressed with what Klaus had thought ahead to do. “Well, I guess this wasn’t so bad then.”

“Apparently not, why don’t we head back to the house and finish up the ritual details.” Elijah said.

“I’m going to stay here, I promised Ry I’d meet him.” Bella replied as she stood along with the two originals.

Elijah nodded, he leaned down and kissed her. “Call me if you need anything.” Elijah stated as he pulled back from the kiss.

Bella nodded, “I will.” She leaned back up and kissed him one more time before Klaus pulled Elijah away. Bella grabbed her bag and headed to the bar and took a seat on a stool.

“Can I get you anything?” the pretty blonde asked as soon as Bella sat down.

Bella looked to the girl and nodded, “Let me have a scotch, no ice.”

The girl nodded and made Bella her drink, “Here you go, doll face.”

Bella thanked her but being called doll face by someone she didn’t know felt incredibly awkward. She was grateful when the girl left her alone and went to serve another man. She sipped at her drink checking her phone waiting for Riley to arrive, she didn’t know what was taking him so long.

Bella’s head snapped towards the door as her necklace rang. She saw who she figured to be the eldest Salvatore enter. Seeing as her necklace didn’t vibrate she didn’t pay him any more attention. Instead she took out her phone and messaged Riley wondering where he really was.

“And what’s a pretty girl like you doing here all alone?” Damon said as he took the seat next to Bella.

Bella laughed, “Really? Do girls really fall for that?”

“You’d be surprised how easy it is for me to get a girl.” Damon said with a smirk. “I’m sure my charm will soon work on you.”

Bella chuckled, “Sorry, that’s a really low chance, I’m in a very happy relationship.”

“But you and I could be meant to be. Do you really want to pass that up?” Damon replied with a smirk.

Bella faked being in thought and then smiled. “I’m already with the one I’m meant to be with, so there won’t be anything that can tear me away from him. But I’m sure the bartender would like you, she has been staring over here every 3 seconds.”

Damon raised an eyebrow, “Is that so?”

Bella nodded, she held up one finger and then two, and finally three, she pointed at the girl and watched as Damon looked at her from the corner of his eyes. “See? Every three seconds. So why don’t you hit on her, because you have more chances with her than you do with me.”

Damon smirked, “I always enjoyed a challenge.”

Bella smirked back. “My boyfriend is a vampire that is much older than you, I don’t think this is a fight you want to undertake.”

Damon’s eyes widened in shock for a moment before he collected himself. “So you know about vampires?”

Bella nodded, “Of course I do.” Bella turned to the door and hopped off the bar stool. “I have to get going the person I’m waiting for just arrived.”

Damon turned and saw Riley, “You know he’s married right? A smoking hot red-head to be exact.”

“I know, she’s my sister in law because of that marriage.” Bella said, “It was nice meeting you, Damon.”

“How do you know my name and I don’t know yours,” Damon said as Bella left.

Bella shrugged, “Every good supernatural creature does their research before entering this town.” Bella turned back around and smiled at Riley. “Are we staying here, or do you have somewhere else in mind?”

“Yeah, I want to go for a walk, show you around town a bit. Hang out with my little sister as if we were normal human beings,” Riley said with a smile.

Bella returned his smile, “Oh, can we go to a bakery? This town has a bakery right?”

“Yeah, we can go anywhere you want, it is your birthday tomorrow, so the celebration starts today.” Riley said.

Bella paused, she thought back and her eyes widened. “My birthday is the same day as the ritual.” She laughed, “What does it say about me that I can’t remember my own birthday?”

“That you need a calendar.” Riley replied as he led his sister down the street towards the town bakery.


Author’s Note

Well… the next chapter will contain the ritual. I hope you all enjoy, I had fun writing this chapter.

Tell me what you think and I hope you enjoy!



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  1. I also got a bad, creepy feeling about Stephan’s motives. hmmm I liked how Bella dealt with Damon. Riley and Bella walking around having sibling bonding will be cute. Of course Bella would forget her Birthday. LOL

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  2. Awesome as always. Thanks for the update 🙂

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  3. Well their meeting with Elena and Stephen went about as good as to be expected. I’ve never been a fan of Elena. You also wrote their meeting like Stephen would try something, that’s the vibe I got.
    Loved how Bella put Damon in his place.


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