Date Night

Author’s Note

Sorry for the long wait… But here it is!

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!

-Page Break-

Isabella looked up at Jasper as she lay close to his side. “Jay.” She whispered moving so that she was practically laying on top of him. Her chin resting on his chest as she looked up at him. “Can you remember anything about your human life?”

Jasper met Isabella’s eyes. “I don’t remember too much.” He admitted quietly. “Most of what I know I learned from records I was able to discover once I was free from Maria.”

Isabella nodded she tilted her head down and kissed his chest. “I was just curious; you talk about your human life less than I do.”

Jasper laughed and moved his arms to tighten around her. “Now, we both know that’s a lie.” He teased lightly. “All I can remember is getting into an argument with my Ma just before I left to join the war. She didn’t agree with my enlisting so young, she wanted me to stay home and help with my sisters and the farm, but I felt the war needed me more. I thought if I helped protect my home, my father would be more proud of me.”

“What happened to them?” Isabella questioned cautiously not wanting to say anything that could possibly upset Jasper.

“They were murdered in the middle of the night. My parents had rejected a marriage proposal from a man who wished to marry my youngest sister. My parents refused, she was too young, and he too old. The man did not like that and he sent a group of men to set the home on fire. My family was trapped inside the house, and they burned with it.” Jasper responded quietly.

Isabella pressed her forehead into his chest. “Do you feel guilty about it?”

“I used to, but I had to come to the realization that even if I had stayed I would’ve merely burned with them.” Jasper responded sincerely. “In a way, I suppose I did burn with them, their death was at the same time I was bitten.”

Isabella nodded, “You remember turning?”

“More clearly than I would like.” Jasper responded honestly his hold on her tightened and he leaned down slightly to kiss the top of her head. “Let’s change the subject, what do you say to going out? I’ve never had the opportunity to take you out on a proper date.”

Isabella smirked. “Are you being serious? Jay, we’ve gone out several times together.”

“But never have we gone out in what has been decided as a date ahead of time.” Jasper responded. “I’m hoping to give you some happy memories, including a wonderful date.”

Isabella smiled, “Alright, I’ll go ahead and get changed. I’m assuming you already have a plan for this date of ours?”

Jasper smirked, “I always have a plan, darling.”

-Page Break-

Peter paced back and forth his gift making his head spin and his vision go blurry. As a strong sting sent painful vibrations through his skull, he knocked a vase over. “Your mate is fucking up my gift!” Peter hissed to Garrett as he placed both hands on either side of his head and tried to understand what it was his gift was trying to say. Whatever it was, it was both a mixture of something he needed to know, and something he shouldn’t know.

Garrett stood in front of his mate, knowing that Peter would never try and hurt Riley, but any vampire in enough pain would lash out at anyone. “Riley has done nothing to you, Peter.”

Peter stood as his gift calmed greatly. “I apologize; my gift was just out of control.” Peter smirked at Riley. “Not exactly the best way to meet someone, but I’m Peter, a very old friend of Garrett’s. I apologize for accusing you of doing something with my gift, Riley.”

Riley simply nodded, his hand tightly gripping Garrett’s as he didn’t really know whether or not he could trust the vampire in front of him. But his beloved mate trusted Peter, so at the very least, he would try.

Peter nodded, “I get it, you don’t really like me. I wouldn’t like me either with the way I acted, so let’s see if I can fix things. I really am a lovable person, there’s a reason I’ve made it this long.” Peter sat down on the couch and did his best to get comfortable. “Let’s get to know each other! I’ll start because it’s the polite thing to do.”

Garrett sighed in annoyance. “I’d get comfortable, love.” He spoke to Riley. “He has a tendency to ramble when he gets into his own life history.”

Garrett sat down across from Peter and gently pulled Riley close to his side, knowing his mate was feeling a little on edge at the moment. Garrett was sure that once Riley eased up to Peter he could be more relaxed with the entire situation.

Riley listened to Peter’s history he didn’t comment or really move. He simple rested his head against Garrett’s shoulder and listened. His hand was still holding Garrett’s, but he did find himself more at ease with things.

“And then there’s Elysia, but only I get to call her that. She’s my great granddaughter, her name is Isabella, and I met her after she finished destroying Maria’s army. She was being held captive by them.” Peter began.

Riley tensed and sat up straight. “Bella Swan? Are you talking about Isabella Swan? Born to Charlie and Renee Swan in Forks Washington? Is that the Isabella you’re referring to?”

Peter tensed and nodded his head, his entire demeanor changed once he made the connection, Riley must’ve been in Maria’s army at the same time as Isabella was being held. “You were there.” He stated as he angrily stood and his entire body shook with anger. “YOU WERE THERE WHEN THEY WERE TORTURING HER!”

Riley nodded, his eyes falling and his shoulders slumping. “I tried to protect her the best that I could.” He whispered, his voice broke as his mind was pulled back into those days. “She didn’t come with me. She wouldn’t come with me, I begged her, but she said no. I thought she was dead…”

Garrett held his mate tightly. “Peter.” He warned.

Peter nodded, his gift working hard in the back of his head as he was starting to understand that what Riley said was true. He tried to help her. “She’s happy.” He whispered in response as he sat back down. “She met her mate, Jasper, and they sort of complete each other.  They’re annoyingly sappy together, just like a remake of The Notebook. He makes her happy though, and if there’s anyone that can understand what she’s been through its Jasper.”

Riley looked up and Peter’s gaze. “She’s really happy? Was she able to forget what they did to her? Did she lose the bad memories in the change?” He questioned sounding a little more than hopeful at thought.

Peter sighed and shook his head. “No, she focused on what happened to her during the change. She wanted to remember so she could kill them when she woke. She gathered quite a wonderful gift, and she was able to take them all out. Her torture is everything she can remember from her human life, everything else just…disappeared.”

“She always said that she was forgetting her life before the camp. I had just hoped she would forget everything that happened to her, she never deserved any of it.” Riley said clutching tightly to Garrett, seeking comfort in Garrett’s embrace.

Peter took out his phone and went to his pictures. He extended the phone to Riley. “I’ve done everything I could to make her vampire life happy. I did my best to create some memories for her, to help erase all the bad ones she had. Jasper’s really helped her as well, she’s a lot more relaxed with him.”

Riley took the offered phone, and he felt a sudden weight lifted off his shoulders as he saw her smile, a true smile one that had a real emotion of happiness behind it. He flipped through a few more photos and felt a large wave of happiness roll through him. He rested his head on Garrett’s shoulder taking in the strong scent of his mate. Content. He finally felt truly content in his immortal life, for the one person he felt he had wronged was happy. Riley handed the phone back to Peter, “Thank you.”

-Page Break-

Isabella smiled as she leaned back in the seat, “For someone who is more than human, you would think that you would surpass at a human game.”

Jasper turned to her and smirked. “You’re winning by one point, Elle, and that’s only because you distracted me and I missed one pin.”

Isabella shrugged, and her smirked widened. “I told you, I’m competitive, and if I can’t beat you at a fight, I’ll sure as hell beat you in bowling match.”

Jasper laughed, and took his seat beside her. “It’s your turn, darlin’.”

Isabella stood and reached for the first ball she saw. With a grace no human could possibly possess she threw the ball. She turned to Jasper with a wide smirk as she once again got a strike. “You were right, Jay, this is a wonderful date.”

Jasper returned her smile. “Losing is worth it, just as long as you’re happy.”

“I am.” She assured smiling widely as he leaned in and kissed her. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she closed her eyes pushing her love for him out. Letting him feel it, feel exactly what she felt for him. She pulled back from the kiss and ran her fingers through Jasper’s curls, “Go and lose with dignity, Jay.”

Jasper smiled, he leaned in and pecked her lips. “Still worth it.” He stated moving away and grabbing the wall, he purposely sent the ball into the gutter, smiling as he head his Elle’s laughter.

“When I tell this story to Pete, I’m going to really make it seem like you suck at bowling.” Isabella said with a smirk as she leaned back in the seat watching him. “I hope you’re prepared for that.”

“I can handle anything, Elle.” Jasper responded throwing the ball one more time to get a spare. “Handling Peter will be especially easy.”

Isabella smirked, “What comes after my victory in bowling? I know you have something else up your sleeve, Jay.”

Jasper smirked, “We still have some time to waste before my big finale, so there’s no need to rush things.”

“Can I guess what it is?” Isabella questioned curiously.

“You can try, but I highly doubt you’ll be able to get it.” Jasper responded with a smirk. “I’ve done very well in keeping things hidden.”

Isabella smirked as she stood. “I always enjoy a challenge, Jay.”

-Page Break-

Peter sat beside Riley in utter silence. The two of them had been in the same positions since Garrett left to hunt.

“Do you want me to tell you what occurred?” Riley questioned softly as he avoided making eye contact with the other vampire. It had been days now and yet; they had barely spoken about what was revealed between them.

Peter shook his head, “No.” He responded calmly. “I think whatever happened between you and my Elysia, was something I wasn’t meant to know. I know what she wanted me to know, and I know this is something she didn’t want me to know. It’d be an invasion of her privacy if you were to tell me.”

Riley nodded in understanding, he wouldn’t want to invade her privacy either. “This Jasper guy, he’s a good guy right? He won’t hurt her, will he?”

Peter shook his head. “Despite all the rumors that surround Jasper, he’s not as violent as he would seem. Elysia is his world, he’d never do anything to hurt her. The protectiveness you feel over Garrett, it’s the same that Jasper feels for her. He’d protect her with his life. Jasper is perfect for her; he can really understand what it is that she went through. He’s also the most patient man in the world, and that’s just perfect when it comes to Elysia.”

Riley nodded, “Do you mind telling me more about her? She’s a different person now than when I knew her.”

Peter smirked, and took out his phone. “I have pictures to match every story. Let me start with our trip to Disney land.”

Riley looked confused, “How were you able to go to Disney land?”

“Her gift, she controls the weather. It was nice and cloudy the day we went, so no chance of sparkling.” Peter said with a smirk. “She’s quite talented for a vampire.”

Riley took the offered phone, a small smile tugging at his lips as he was able to see her genuine smile. She had memories that were better than he could have ever hoped for. “Did she get on all the rides?”

Peter nodded, “That was the goal, and we more than accomplished it. She even made me watch the light show, which is horrible by the way, the music is loud and obnoxious.”

Riley went to the next picture. “Which ride is this?”

“That is the Buzz Light Year one.” Peter said with a frown. “It’s a moving shooting game, and she won. She wouldn’t let me live it down and she would not consent to a rematch.”

An hour later that is how Garrett found the pair. Peter describing different memories while Riley looked over the photos. Garrett contemplated disturbing them, he finally moved settling himself beside Riley. He placed his arm around Riley, allowing Riley to rest against his shoulder. Garrett tilted his head down to kiss the top of Riley’s head. He smiled warmly as in response Riley tilted his head upwards and kissed his jaw.

Nothing truly made Garrett happier than knowing that his Riley was content.

-Page Break-

Jasper took Isabella’s hand and led her through the last of the mountain trail. “Doing okay?” he questioned concerned.

“I don’t get tired, Jay.” Isabella responded with a smirk. “but why have we been hiking in the middle of the night? Is it even the middle of the night? It feels like it may be early morning now.”

“It’s almost 5.” Jasper responded, “And this is the final part of our date.”

Isabella smiled as they reached the top of the mountain. She followed after Jasper and smiled as he lifted her up and sat down with her in his lap. Resting her head against his shoulder she looked at the view in front of them. “The sunset? Really?”

Jasper smirked, “It’s the most cliché part of a date, I figured it was also the best way to end our date.”

Isabella smiled, she leaned forward and kissed Jasper’s neck. “It’s as close too perfect as I could ever think of, Jay

Jasper wrapped both his arms around her, holding her close to him. “Have you ever just watched the sunrise?”

Isabella nodded, “It’s never been this beautiful before, but I believe that has a lot to do with you being here. Last time, it was with Pete, and we spent most of the time hitting each other with snowballs.”

Jasper smiled, “You and Peter do tend to get distracted when you’re together.”

“It’s a side effect of being so in sync with each other.” Isabella responded with a smirk. “That and we both tend to act like children a lot of the time.”

Jasper grinned widely as the sun began to rise and his Elle stilled completely as she looked at the image of the sun rising. He kissed her temple and watched as her face lit up at the beautiful sight before them. He had seen the sunrise countless times in his past, but watching her was a vision he would never get tired of. She looked so peaceful and content in this moment, he was almost hoping that they could stay in this place in time for the rest of their eternity.

Jasper groaned out as his phone rang insistently. “I’m going to kill him as soon as he gets back.”

Isabella laughed lightly, “You can’t really hurt him, Jay, you love him, his annoying tendencies and all included.”

Jasper sighed but picked up the phone, “Hello, Peter.”

“I’ve got a lot of news for you, Major!” Peter said excitedly through the phone. “I’m talking some big news, mostly good, but some really bad news, but we’ll skip the bad until it’s completely necessarily. Are you and my little Elysia calm enough in your mating instincts for me to come home? I’ve given you a week, I’m hoping that was enough.”

“Don’t worry, Pete.” Isabella responded. “We’re mature enough to keep it in our pants when you’re around. We’re not complete animals, you know.”

“I have to be sure, I mean during your practice fighting I came a little close there.” Peter said with suffering sigh. “I’ll be back in two days’ time; it shouldn’t take a long time to get home. And I’m bringing Garrett and his mate along, we have some business to be doing. So, don’t get all surprised when I show up with two vampires.”  Peter said.

Jasper nodded, “Please tell Garrett that I can’t wait to meet his mate, I’m sure the man is a real saint if he can put up with Garrett’s attitude.”

“You knew Garret was gay?” Peter questioned trying and failing to hide his surprise.

“He never felt any sort of lust towards women, only men. I made the guess and went with it.” Jasper responded amused. “Don’t tell me you didn’t know?”

“Of course I didn’t know!” Peter said angrily. “I don’t have the gift to be able to feel other’s emotions! It’s not easy for me to be able to figure out these sort of things! Why didn’t you tell me something?!”

“I figured you knew.” Jasper responded sincerely. “With the way you two flirted with each other, I thought it was obvious.”

“We did not flirt!” Peter responded in disbelief.

“Yeah, you did.” Jasper responded with a smirk. “Peter, you’re sort of a natural born flirt, and when you flirted with Garrett he flirted back.”

Peter sighed out. “Never realized… Anyway we’ll be home in two days. I’ll see you guys then, and get all your mating done by then, I don’t want to have to walk in on anything. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to burn my eyes off.”

Isabella rolled her eyes as Peter hung up, but then a wide smirk came onto her face. “I think for once we’re going to have to do what Pete says.” She said as she moved to be able to face Jasper, her legs resting on either side of him. “We should get in as much ‘mating’ as we can.”

Jasper laughed, his hands resting on her hips as he returned her smirked. “I think you may be right, Elle.”



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  4. I love Jasper’s sweet side. I think Bella’s reaction to Riley might bring back some things she wanted to forget. I would hope that they both would be happy that the other is alive. But I think it’s going to be hard for Bella.

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  5. I’m glad you’re feeling better hon. I loved the update, and can’t wait to read more. I too wonder how Bella will react when she sees Riley…thanks, until next time…bigg huggs.

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