Reaper Twins: Chapter 13

rt chapt 13

Bella caught the scent of Henrik as she was in the streets. It was faint, but it was there, Bella trusted her gut and followed it, she sent one quick message to her brother telling him where she caught the scent. She followed the scent flying for 10 minutes, she was far out of town. They had taken them somewhere no one would find them. Bella stopped in a tree, and saw a shed with a dim light coming out of the window. She could smell Henrik and Kol, but there was also a group of people in the room. Bella hovered down to the ground, and in seconds Marco was beside her.

Bella looked at Marco, What’s the plan –Bella said telepathically as to not alert whoever was inside of their presence.

We go in and snap all their necks? – Marco

We could do that, but what if we figure out what they want first? – Bella

I never thought you were the one for think first act later- Marco

Alright, you go in from the back and I go in from the front, we have to make sure that none of them leave before we get what we want – Bella

Angry Bella is scary Bella –Marco

Bella smiled at Marco’s word, he gave a smirk and went to the back of the building. Bella walked to the front and slammed the doors open. She saw that the room was filled with vampires, werewolves, and shifters. Bella shook her head in disgust as she saw all of them were chained up like animals. Marco came in from the back with two grown men at his side.

“Izzy, have you ever heard of the 5?” Marco asked looking at the two mean he had in his grip.

“Supernatural hunters,” Bella said with a smirk, “Looks like we got 2 out 5.”

Bella’s eyes scan the room and she finds a passed out Henrik and what appeared to be a dead Kol. “Why are you here?” Bella asked compelling one of the man.

“We came to finish our mark,” One of them said not being fight off the compulsion, “We need to wake Silas and kill him once and for all.”

“Don’t let them go just yet,” Bella said to Marco. She walked to Henrik and ripped the chains that wer keeping him to the wall off, “You’re going to be okay Henri, I promise.” Bella looked at Kol and pressed her hand against his chest. She used her power and resurrected him. He was weak, and had little blood in him. Bella held her wrist to his mouth. “I need you to drink Kol.”

“No,” Kol said afraid of taking too much and making Bella angrier than she already was.

“I wasn’t asking,” Bella said sternly, “If you’re not going to do it for yourself do it for Henri, I’m going to need you to take him back home and away from here.”

Kol nodded and his fangs appeared, he latched onto Bella’s wrist keeping it firmly to his mouth. The wound healed and Kol looked better. He looked over at Henrik panic entering his eyes, he was about to bite his wrist to give him his blood. Bella grabbed his wrist holding him back, “He’s hurt, he needs this! What are you doing?”

Bella sighed, “He’s a werewolf your blood is poisonous to him even if he hasn’t triggered the gene yet. You could kill him if you give him your blood.” Bella pressed one hand on Henrik’s head and the other over his heart. She healed him, and Henrik’s eyes begin to flutter open.

“Elle? Kol?” Henrik asks rubbing his eyes.

“Henri, Kol is going to take you home okay?” Bella said helping Henrik up. She looked at Kol, “Go straight home, no looking back. There are 3 other hunters out there, they could be coming here, and if they catch your scent, you’ll be putting yourself in danger along with Henrik.”

“I won’t leave you here with these bastards still alive,” Kol said with a growl.

Bella smiled, “You died once tonight, let’s not make that twice, they can kill you and they will torture you. Which means they’ll torture him if they get the chance, just leave take him home. He looks exhausted, and don’t worry about the hunters, they marked their death the second they kidnapped the both of you, now go.”

Kol begins to leave with Henrik who was now trying to fight the sleep. Kol stops at the door and turns to Bella, “Thank you.”

“Go,” Bella said as she follows him to the door and closes it. Once she’s sure they’re out of hearing range, she turns to the hunters. “Now gentlemen, do you know who we are?”

“A couple of vampires,” one of the men snarl at Bella the disgust clear in his eyes.

“Please, we are much stronger,” Marco said, “And we’re much scarier.”

“He’s right,” Bella says, “And you gentlemen have royally screwed up tonight. You went after someone very important to me. His name was Henri, and you went after his brother too. That’s two people I care about, I don’t do well when the people I care about get hurt. I tend to get a little angry, and seek out revenge, and even a little death.”

“You kill us, you’re cursed,” One of the men said with a smug look on his face.

“Tsk tsk, I see our name hasn’t gotten out there Izzy,” Marco said, “Shall we introduce ourselves?”

“It’s only the polite thing to do,” Bella says stepping directly in front of both hunters, “I’m Isabella Marcella Reaper, and this is my brother Isaac Marco Reaper. We’re the children of Death.”

The two hunters looked at each other and then back to Bella and Marco, “The rumors are true?”

Bella looked at Marco with a smirk, “Do you hear that Marc, we’re making a bit of a reputation for ourselves.”

“I hope it’s only the best that’s going around,” Marco said with a smirk, “Izzy, I’m a bit tired, can we get the torture over with already?”

“I got it from here Marc,” Bella said, “Go make sure Henrik is okay for me please?”

Marco releases the two hunters and kisses Bella’s forehead, “Try not to go overboard please, if you don’t come home in 2 hours, I’m coming back to drag you home.”

Bella nodded, “I got it, don’t worry.” Marco nods and begins to leave before looking back at the tied up creatures.

“Release the rest of them when you’re done,” Marco said to Bella. Bella looked at the rest of the creatures and nodded. Marco left and Bella’s grin grew.

“Hear that gentlemen? Two whole hours just the two of us together,” Bella said, “All the possibilities!”

“We didn’t know,” One of the men plead.

“You captured an innocent boy, and his brother, they weren’t doing anything wrong, and you took it upon yourself to bring them here and treat them like dogs! Chaining them up and killing one of them in front of their brother! I was going to be nice, and take it easy, but now I’m just going to let the anger out. Let’s see what we can do in two hours.” Bella said as her scythe appeared.

-Page Break-

Marco appeared at the front door of the Mikaelson home. He knocked on the door and waited for an answer.

“Marco,” Rebekah said answering the door and letting him in.

“Is everyone okay?” Marco asked.

“Yes, Kol seems overly hyper though, and he’s stronger now,” Rebekah said.

Marco nodded, “He drank Bella’s blood, it’s stronger than human blood, so he’ll be a bit stronger while it’s in his system.”

“He drank from her?” Rebekah asked as she led him to Henrik’s room where everyone was currently in.

“She did it so I could bring Henrik home,” Kol murmured as he heard their conversation.

“That was her excuse for you to drink. She did it because being brought from the dead for a vampire can be tiring, and you no longer had blood in your system, you needed blood, so she gave you what you needed, and in return you brought Henrik home,” Marco said as he leaned against the door way. The originals glanced at him before returning to looking at Henrik.

“He won’t take any of our blood,” Rebekah said.

“Good, it could kill him,” Marco said stepping forward, he looked over Henrik, “He’s not passed out, he’s sleeping. Bella healed him, he’s going to be just fine, he’s just tired. Nothing to worry about.”

“Where is Bella,” Klaus asked being slightly worried Bella hadn’t come to check on Henrik.

“Taking care of the 2 that capture them,” Marco said.

“She’s going to kill the hunters,” Kol asked.

“Hunters?” Elijah asked.

“The five hunters, two of them were the ones that took Henrik and killed Kol,” Marco said, “They’re a group of hunters bound to kill all supernatural, but their main focus goes to vampires. They need the kills to finish the map, a new segment of the map shows up when a vampire is killed. Killing Kol, meant killing his line of vampires, it would’ve been enough to finish the mark if Bella hadn’t brought him back.”

“Killing a hunter puts a curse on the person who killed him,” Klaus said worried, he remembered when he killed a hunter.

“That type of thing won’t work on me and Bella,” Marco said. Klaus relaxed visibly knowing Bella wasn’t going to get herself hurt.

“How did you find us?” Kol asked, “How did you pick up our scents?”

“I didn’t pick up your scent Bella did, but it was very faint, our senses can be stronger than yours, so she was able to pick up on it,” Marco answered, “I was on the other side of town, the hunters split the trail to a certain degree knowing someone would try and come for you, I was following the other trail.”

“Is Bella going to be back soon?” Rebekah asked

“Probably not for another hour,” Marco answered.

“What is she planning on doing with these hunters?” Finn asked out of curiosity.

“It all depends on how angry she is,” Marco said with a shrug.

“How come you don’t get angry like Bella?” Rebekah asked.

Marco grinned, “I do, but it just takes a bit more to anger me. I should get going, if he gets sick or anything, call Bella or I and we could heal him.” Marco said his goodbye to the Mikaelsons and walked out of the house he was just about to run when he was stopped by Klaus.

“Will she still be there,” Klaus asked Marco referring to Bella’s location.

“I believe so, she had two hours, so I’m sure she plans on using up her time,” Marco said as he looked to Klaus. “If you leave now, you’ll be able to catch her I believe just as she’s cleaning up.”

Klaus nodded and took off without hesitation to where Bella was, something inside him told him he needed to see her.

Marco watched as Klaus ran in the direction towards Bella. Hopefully, he’ll be better for her then Edward ever was.

-Page Break-

Bella used her control of the elements to sit the shed on fire. She took a seat on the grass away from the fire, she decided she’d wait out to see if any other hunters arrived. Currently the bodies of the two hunters were being sit on fire while they were still alive. Bella had released some of the supernatural creatures that she deemed weren’t going to be a problem to society. Bella heard someone approaching, she knew it wasn’t Marco, so she stood up to face where the noise was coming from. Bella was already thinking of different attack strikes in case they came to fight with her.

Bella saw the figure approach, and she relaxed when she saw who it was, she turned back around and sat back down on the ground, “How is he?”

Klaus sat down beside Bella, “He’s sleeping, we tried giving him our blood, but he wouldn’t take it. Your brother came to check on him. He should be okay by morning.”

“Good, when I healed him, he just seemed to need some rest. What are you doing here?” Bella asked as she turned to look at Klaus.

He smiled at her, “I came to check on you, your brother said you would be here.”

“I’m fine, and the hunters are taken care of,” Bella said looking back at the shed. There was a loud scream from the shed and Bella smiled, “The fire reached them.”

“You left them in there alive?” Klaus asked.

Bella nodded, “I thought it was sort of the perfect icing to the cake. They deserved more, but I only had two hours.”

“Time limit?” Klaus asked.

“Marc does it so I don’t go overboard,” Bella said with a shrug.

“What are you still doing here,” Klaus asked.

“It was 2 out 5 hunters, I thought I’d stick around for a while and see if any of the other hunters arrive, I don’t want them in town,” Bella said, “They’d go after Henri to get to all of you.”

“You care about him a lot,” Klaus stated.

“I do, he deserves a chance to be happy, and not be hunted down because of who his siblings were,” Bella said, “Besides, I’m always happy to fight someone other than Marco.”

Klaus chuckled, “Is it fighting when the other person doesn’t stand a chance?”

“Yes, it’s just not a fair fight,” Bella said with a grin. She looked at Klaus who was now closer than he was before. They had unknowingly been inching closer to each other. Bella met Klaus’s gaze and she couldn’t stop herself as she leaned in closer and kissed him. He pulled her into his lap and wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her closer to him. Bella had her arms around Klaus’s neck.

Klaus pulled away and rested his forehead against Bella’s, “Let me take you to dinner.”

Bella laughed, “You don’t eat.”

Klaus smiled, “Then let me just take you out, I want you to be mine Bella. I want to be able to tell people that you’re my girl.”

“Sounds good,” Bella said with a grin. Klaus pulled Bella closer and kissed her, he had never been so happy.

“Well isn’t this adorable,” A deep voice came from behind.

“What a lovely couple,” A woman’s voice said sarcastically. Bella looked at the two in front of her, 2 more hunters.

“You have horrible timing,” Bella said standing up, Klaus stood up beside her and put his arm around Bella’s waist.

“Oh do we?” the man said, “I’m Allen, and this is my sister Marie.”

“I’m Isabella Reaper,” Bella said with a smile, “And this is Klaus Mikaelson, and I can see by the little tattoos you have that you two are hunters.”

“You said Reaper,” Allen said looking Bella up and down.

Bella smiled, “That’d be correct, Isabella Marcella Reaper, daughter of death.”

“You can’t be her, they said she had a twin and that she was ruthless,” Marie said eyeing Bella, “You don’t look so ruthless.”

“The other two hunters I just tortured and killed would disagree,” Bella said with a smirk, and pointed to the shed, “Their bodies are in there, burned alive.”

“The hunter’s curse will get you,” Marie said with a smug look.

“I’m immune to that, so I can kill any hunter without any consequence,” Bella said with a grin from ear to ear.

“We’re not here to cause any trouble with you, we just heard the originals were in town, and we want them,” Allen said.

Klaus growled in warning, “I’d stay away from my family.”

“I should make it crystal clear that the Mikaelsons are with me and my brother. Anything happens to them, and you’re responsible, you’ll end up with the same fate as the other two hunters dead, and they didn’t go peacefully,” Bella said with a grin, “I had to bring them back from the dead a couple times, the knife went in too deep. Do you know how it feels to die, and then come back only to die again, and again?”

The two hunters seemed to become fearful and took a step back, Klaus saw this and wanted to grin at the way Bella could intimidate them.

“I really don’t want to kill you,” Bella said, “Well, not right now anyway, I’m in a bit of a good mood right now. Anyway, why don’t you two leave? As long as you’re out of Mystic Falls, I won’t have a reason to kill you, but if I see you in Mystic Falls then I will kill you. Do you we have an understanding?”

“We understand,” Allen said with a nod of his head.

“You know, one day someone will figure out how to kill you,” Marie said as Allen began pulling her away.

“Give it your best shot sweetheart, I would love to see what you come up with,” Bella said with a grin as she waved to the two hunters. Bella smiled as she felt Klaus kiss her again.

“Come on, let’s get you home,” Klaus said to Bella with a smile, “Your brother should be wondering what’s taking you so long.”

“He told you were I was, I’m sure he figured out what was taking me so long,” Bella said with a smirk as she kissed Klaus. Klaus picked her up and began running with her. They arrived at her house, and Klaus set her down, and pulled away from their kiss.

Bella smiled, “How did you not run into a tree?”

“Extremely well-tuned senses,” Klaus said with a smirk. Bella smiled, she could hear her father wasn’t home yet, but Marco was, “I’ll be back tomorrow morning to pick you up at 8.”

“Morning?” Bella asked, “Aren’t dates supposed to be at night time?”

“No, this one’s different, I’ll be back in the morning,” Klaus said with a grin he kissed Bella a final time before leaving. Bella walked inside the house to find Marco in her room flipping through her books.

“What are you reading,” Bella asked.

“Romeo and Juliet,” Marco said, “Not my favorite book.”

“Why is that?” Bella asked as she sat down on her bed Marco sitting across from her in her computer chair.

“The love,” Marco said, “I believe in love and all, one person out there for everyone, but this is just ridiculous. If she loved him, truly loved him, wouldn’t she continue her life for him? Wouldn’t she want to live so that his memory could never die? What kind of romance story ends were both lovers die? I just can’t wrap my mind around this.”

Bella smiled, “They were young, and in love Marc, so tell me are you in love?”

“With myself,” Marco said with a smirk, “You took longer than two hours, got held up?”

Bella laughed, “You could say that, two more hunters came though.”

“Really?” Marco asked becoming more interested.

“Yep, Allen and Marie,” Bella said, “I don’t like Marie, she told me I didn’t seem ruthless like the rumors said.”

Marco laughed loudly, “It’s because you look innocent. I mean I look like a reaper, you look like a normal teenage girl. This is why at first look, people assume, I’m the evil twin.”

Bella smiled, “Are you saying that I’m the evil twin?”

“I’m not saying you’re the good twin,” Marco answered with a smile.

“Do you think we’re naturally evil,” Bella asked, “Being Death’s kids, does that make us evil by nature?”

Marco looked at Bella, and saw she was being serious, “No, our father isn’t evil, and our mother wasn’t evil, we’re not evil. We just do what needs to be done.”

“I don’t know, I killed those men easily, I killed Victoria, Abby, Damon, Stefan Elena, all without the blink of an eye or guilt,” Bella said.

“We kill because we have a reason to. We’re the children of death Izzy, we’re meant to kill. We’re not evil, but we’re not completely good. We do what needs to be done. We are meant to keep the balance on Earth, and protect those we care about.” Marco said.

“How come I always lose my cool, and you never seem to,” Bella asked curiously, she had never seen Marco get angry. =

“You lose your anger because the people you care about the most get hurt. I would get angry too, but if we’re both angry who would calm us down. I’m going to always be there for you, I don’t let my anger get to me because I need to be there for you. I know that by the off chance that one day I do let my anger get to me, you’ll be there.” Marco said, “So, I heard you have a date?”

“I should’ve known you were eaves dropping,” Bella said.

“More like mind reading,” Marco said with a grin, “I know where he’s taking you.”

“Where?” Bella asked.

Marco smiled and stood up, “You’re just going to have to wait for tomorrow to know.”

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