Reaper Twins: Chapter 9

rt chpt 9

Bella got down from the roof and headed inside. She found Marco sitting down in the living room with Charlie. She walked into her room, she showered and changed, she was going to meet with Rebekah today.

“I’m heading out!” Bella said to Marco and Charlie.

“Where to?” Charlie asked.

“Shopping with Rebekah,” Bella said.

Marco stood up, and walked towards Bella as Charlie turned back to the T.V. He handed Bella a black card, “Here, I was going to give it to you later, but now seems as good a time as any. It’s hooked up to my account which is packed, so you don’t have to worry about your spending.”

Bella looked at the card, “Really?”

“Yes, now take it and go,” Marco said with a smirk.

“Thank you, I probably won’t need it, but thank you,” Bella said, “I should get going, before Bekah thinks I’m ditching her. I’ll meet you at the grill at 6?”

Marco nodded, “You’re paying with that card.”

Bella laughed and walked off to the car. She drove to the Mikaelson home and parked the car before she got out and knocked on the door.

“Hello Bella,” Klaus said as he opened the door.

“Good morning Klaus,” Bella said, “Is Bekah ready?”

“Not a clue, you’re welcome to go ahead up stairs and check on her,” Klaus said motioning for Bella to step inside. Bella stepped inside and saw two large hybrids in the house. Bella recognized one as the one that had bitten her. Bella smirked his way and turned to Klaus.

“Which way is Bekah’s room?” Bella asked.

“No need, I’m coming, just give me 2 minutes to put on my shoes,” Rebekah called down. Bella smiled.

“Where are you going?” Klaus asked.

Bella shrugged, “My guess is Bekah is going to want to go to shoe shopping, and then we’ll pass a clothing store where we will stop and I’ll spend the next 3 hours trying out clothes with her.”

“You don’t seem excited,” Klaus commented.

“I am, I thought I’d save up all my energy, have you ever been shopping with Bekah?” Bella asked.

“No, I haven’t had the time,” Klaus said.

Bella smiled, “That’s better for you, it’s a very tiring way to spend your day, but it is fun to mess with the store clerk.”

“Don’t forget the manager,” Rebekah said coming down the stairs wearing a smirk.

Bella laughed, “Or the Cashier.”

“What do you do to these poor people,” Klaus asked.

Rebekah smirked, “Bella and I just have some simple fun with them. I believe we convinced them that Bella was having a seizure in the dressing room.”

Bella laughed, “And then we claimed that my seizure was caused by the perfume in the store.”

“They all looked terrified when I claimed to call my lawyer,” Rebekah said with smirk, “We got a very large discount that day.”

Klaus smiled, “Sounds like you ladies seem to get into more mischief that anyone believes.”

“We’re only having simple fun,” Rebekah said, “Now Isa, let’s go I think we both need to do something entertaining today, and time consuming.”

Bella grinned, “Couldn’t agree more Bekah.”

Rebekah grabbed Bella’s hand and was leading her out of the house when Klaus stopped her.

“I need to talk to Bella Rebekah, she’ll meet you outside,” Klaus said staring at Rebekah.

Bella smiled at Rebekah, “Its fine Bekah, I’ll meet you outside.”

“Alright Isa,” Rebekah said as she glared at Niklaus before leaving.

“What do you want to talk about Klaus,” Bella asked as she looked at Klaus.

“I wanted to apologize,” Klaus said.

“Apologize for what? As I recall you don’t really have anything to apologize for,” Bella said confused.

“You looked breathtaking at the ball,” Klaus said, “I never got a chance to tell you, you had left before I could.”

“You’re apologizing for not complimenting me?” Bella asked with an eyebrow raised.

“No, I just thought I’d mention that,” Klaus said.

Bella sighed, “I have to get going, thank you for the compliment Klaus.” Bella began to walk away.

“Isabella, what happened,” Klaus asked.

“What are you talking about?” Bella asked.

“The night of the ball, why did you leave,” Klaus asked

“I saw my father, he wanted to speak to me,” Bella said truthfully.

“No there’s more to it,” Klaus said taking a step forward, “You were avoiding me that night why?”

“I wasn’t avoiding you, you just weren’t around when I was there,” Bella said.

“Tell me Bella, tell me why you were avoiding me,” Klaus said taking another step forward.

“I told you that I wasn’t avoiding you,” Bella said.

“I was apologizing, because I lied,” Klaus said, “I didn’t invite Caroline because I liked her or because she meant something to me, I invited her because she was related to you. Because I thought that if you saw me with her you would get jealous, that you would show some sort of emotion towards me, but you didn’t. Instead you avoided me the entire night, and spent a most of it with baby gilbert, Rebekah and your brother.”

“What?” Bella asked looking at Klaus. Klaus didn’t say anything, he stepped forward and put his hands at Bella’s waist pulling her towards him. He leaned down and kissed her, Bella was shocked, it took her a few seconds but she kissed him back.

A few minutes past and there was a cough pulling them apart. Rebekah smirked, “Well, I could leave you alone, but I really do need those shoes.”

“Right, umm … let’s go,” Bella said fixing her shirt that had drifted up, “I’ll see you later Klaus.” Bella walked out of the house with Rebekah. Rebekah had a grin on her face as she got into the car. Bella drove off with Rebekah.

“Not a word Bekah,” Bella said, “I don’t want to hear it.”

Rebekah laughed, “I wasn’t going to say anything, but now that we’re on that topic, why didn’t you ever say that you liked my brother.”

Bella sighed, “We’re not talking about it Bekah.”

“Tell me about your past,” Rebekah said suddenly. Bella turned the car and headed into the forest. She parked the car and got out. Rebekah followed.

“There’s only ever been one person who I’ve told about this,” Bella said, “That was Marco.”

“Is this about the faking love conversation we had at the Grill?” Rebekah asked.

Bella nodded, “I know for a fact love can be faked, it’s an emotions, people can fake emotions, it only takes a good actor to do it. My adoptive parents, they separated when I was young, and my mother moved to Phoenix with me. I visited my father occasionally, when I was 17 my mother got re-married and I was disturbing her by being there when she was with Phil, so I left and I moved in with Charlie. Charlie is a great father, never asks too much, always trusts what I’m doing is the best thing. Forks, was home to a coven of cold ones at the time. You’ve seen cold ones right? Everything about them is made to lure humans to them, and that’s what happened with me. The only problem was that some of them had gifts. Even though my powers hadn’t been awakened yet, I could still fend off some of their power. There was a seer, an empath and a mind reader. The seer, Alice, would get visions, but they were always a little blurry never really clear, the empath, Jasper, his power worked on me completely, but the mind reader Edward, his power didn’t work on me at all. I was blank to him, and that attracted him to me. In time I figured out what they were and I confronted him about it. After that we started to date. I fell so in love with him, it was incredible the depth of my feelings for him were like. I would’ve died for him if he asked me to. One day they were playing baseball, they were showing off how cool baseball could be with super abilities, and I was enjoying being with them all. Anyway later in the game a few nomads came, there were 3. James and Victoria were mated, and there was Laurent. James was a tracker so he wanted me dead. He came after me and we ran. I ran with the Jasper and Alice while the other five stayed trying to lead the trail off of me. He found me in Phoenix, said he had my mother, so I escaped and met James at my old ballet studio. He beat me up pretty bad, even filmed it, then he decided it would be the best thing to bite me, so he did. Edward came after he finished biting me. The venom was excruciating, I wanted death more than anything. Then Edward sucked the venom out, but it left a scar.” Bella showed her wrist to Rebekah.

“What were the names of the others in the Coven?” Rebekah asked.

“Carsile was the leader and his mate was Esme, and then there was Emmett and his ice queen of a mate Rosalie,” Bella said.

“It gets worse doesn’t it?” Rebekah asked.

Bella nodded, “Yes, now after that incident, things kind of went back to normal. I really hate surprises, I can’t stand them. So on my birthday Alice decided that it would be the best idea to throw me a birthday party. It was going fine until it was time for presents. I was opening one of them when I got a paper cut. Edward went psycho protective and threw me into a table of glass plates causing an even bigger cut on my arm. Jasper the empath felt the bloodlust of everyone in the room and attacked. They held him back while Carsile the doctor stitched up my arm. Edward took me home and then for the next few days began to avoid me. When he decided to talk to me again, he took me out into the forest. I stupidly thought it was for a simple walk, but he had more in plan. He decided it was time to break up with me. He told me and I quote, “You were just a toy and nothing more. An object of entertainment for my family and myself. I wouldn’t worry, you won’t remember us, the human mind is weak this will all fade away by the time you finish high school.” There was more, but I rather not repeat all of that. Do you know that cold ones also have a type of compulsion, but theirs is horrible! Cold Ones have what you call dazzling. It’s when their, smell, their appearance, everything is used to target humans to them. When a human is exposed to it for too long, it’s almost like a drug. They need it, they crave it, without it, it’s addicting. When you take that away from a human, it’s worse than withdrawal. Your mind begins to lose itself, you begin to become a shell of the person you once were. Everything changes, and you feel like your life is slipping away, and there’s nothing left for you except death. Being the kid of Death, I didn’t die, but I did go through all the stages, and then I pulled myself out of it when I couldn’t die. After two weeks of being this hollow shell who wanted nothing but death, I snapped out of it. I began to read again, I began to do things, I re-built my relationship with my dad, but I still felt something missing, something that I didn’t have, but I needed. That was when Marco arrived. He told me that he was my brother, I talked to Charlie and he confirmed it and then Marco brought out who I was, and I wasn’t weak anymore. I wasn’t the pathetic human everyone walked all over. I was a Reaper. Everything changed after that, I wasn’t scared anymore, but I began to hide my emotions better, I didn’t show what I was feeling like I did before, I kept everything I didn’t want people to know bottled up and locked away. Only Marco was able to tell what I was ever really feeling. Anyway in Early November, I was coming home from work, Marc was with me when we caught the scent of a cold one, Victoria, James’s mate. She was stalking Charlie. That’s when I lost it, Charlie had nothing to do with this, and I was going to do everything in my power to protect him. That was the day Marc and I realized that I had my father’s temper, my real father. I didn’t think twice, I took after Victoria. She couldn’t escape me. I was in a rage, and I took my sweet time with her, I read everything she was going to do with me and Charlie, and I did it to her. She begged and begged for quick death, but I didn’t care, she came after my family, and I wouldn’t have that. Marco came in and calmed me and I killed her. We burned the body, and that was it. Then Charlie said he was getting a job here, and I moved here first while Marco collected his things and he came here afterwards.”

Rebekah stayed silent for a while and soaked everything in. She got up and hugged Bella, she felt closer to Bella now. Rebekah then explained to Bella about her past. Her family, Esther Mikael, Finnik, Elijah, Klaus, Kol, and little Henrik. Bella felt a shiver when she spoke about Henrik. It was a spirit. It was Henrik.

“Tell her I never blamed her or anyone please tell her,” Henrik whispered to Bella.

Bella turned to look at him and jumped, “You didn’t find peace?”

“Bella?” Rebekah asked.

“No. Mother lied about who my father was too,” Henrik said, “I’m Rebekah’s half-brother, but Nik’s full brother. When I died I was stuck on the other side. Watching silently over all of them.”

“Why speak to me now?” Bella asked ignoring Rebekah’s confused face.

“I can trust you now,” Henrik said.

“You’re stuck?” Bella asked.

Henrik nodded, “I’ve been stuck I can’t go anywhere.”

Bella looked at him and she felt bad for him, “If I could bring you back, would you come?”

Henrik looked at Bella suspiciously before returning his gaze to Rebekah, “I would, I would come back in a heartbeat. I would tell everyone the truth, I would tell Nik that the wolves were amazing to watch, that I never blamed him. That I was sorry for everything Mikael ever did to him.”

“I can bring you back,” Bella said.

“I know, but I won’t ask that of you,” Henrik said, “I know you don’t like using that power, I watched you sometimes too.”

Bella smiled, “I would use it for you.”

“Why?” Henrik asked.

Bella shrugged, “Your dashing good looks?”

Henrik laughed, “You would be a good match for Nik, an even better match for me though.”

Bella laughed at his joke, “Is that a yes?”

“For what in return?” Henrik asked.

“You don’t turn into a hybrid until you’re at least over 18,” Bella said.

Henrik laughed, “Deal.”

Bella smiled, “Where did you die?”

“I gave my last breath were the caverns used to be,” Henrik said.

Bella nodded, “I’ll meet you there?” Henrik nodded and disappeared.

“Bella! Bella!” Rebekah was yelling trying to get her attention.

“Oh sorry,” Bella said turning to look at Rebekah, “I just met your brother?”

“What? You’re not making any sense Isa,” Rebekah said.

“When you talked about Henrik, he came to me. I can talk to spirits, but only the ones that aren’t at peace, and Henrik was here. He’s been stuck here, and I asked if I could bring him back if he would come and he said yes. Come on, before we go shopping we need to go bring your brother back.” Bella said leading Rebekah back to the car. She told Rebekah to buckle up and she sped off to the caverns.

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