Bella The Witch: Chapter 14

bw 14

Bella sat in Klaus’s living room, it was nighttime, and she had the box with the stake in it in her hands.

“Are planning on binding it,” Elijah asked from behind her.

Bella looked back at him and smiled, it’s been 3 days since she became a vampire, and her relationship with Elijah has grown. “I already did it, but I was just thinking about it. The stake, it had poison for when someone else touched it, if he was to stake someone they’d feel twice the pain with the poison. Your father was a very demented man.”

“Yes he was,” Elijah said, he took a seat beside Bella, “Have you told your brother what you are now?”

“No, but he expected it, so I don’t think he’d be surprised, I’m just another vampire in the family,” Bella said.

“Another?” Elijah asked confused.

“Oh right, I never mentioned it, my brother and his wife are vampires,” Bella said, “Victoria’s been a vampire for more than 200 years and Riley’s about 2 years old vampire wise.”

“You’re just surrounded by vampires Bella,” Elijah said with a small smile.

Bella smiled, “It only makes my life more interesting.”

Elijah chuckled, “So how are you feeling?”

“About tonight?” Bella asked, Elijah nodded, “Nervous, very nervous. I’ve only been drinking from blood bags, I’m a bit scared about drinking from the vein and learning how to compel.”

“It’s not as hard as you think and for a newly transitioned vampire you have great control, you’ve been going about your days as if nothing happened. You’ll be fine tonight, Klaus and I will be there to insure that you don’t do something you’ll regret.” Elijah said with a reassuring smile.

“Have you talked about un-daggering your sibling,” Bella asked Elijah trying to change the subject.

“Yes, we decided we’d do it tomorrow,” Elijah answered, “Klaus was finishing organizing their rooms, and getting them what they would need.”

“You know, I believe he enjoys shopping more than I do,” Bella said with a smile.

Elijah chuckled, “He’s just very precise on what he’s buying we both know Klaus can be very picky with everything.”

Bella laughed, “Are you sure you want to teach me how to do this? I really don’t want it to seem like you have to.”

“I want to Bella,” Elijah said reassuringly to Bella. Bella nodded and smiled and returned to look at the box in her hands.

“Do you think they’ll hurt him? Your siblings I mean, do you think they’ll hurt him because of what he did,” Bella asked worried.

Elijah sighed, “That was my intention when I saw Klaus again, I wanted to hurt him for hurting me and my family, but you made a good point on his behalf. The past is the past, and we can’t change that. You have to understand Bella, Klaus never daggered me, but he did dagger Rebekah, Kol and Finn. Finn had been daggered for over 900 years, Kol for close to 200 and Rebekah for about 90. They’ve all lost parts of their lives because of Klaus, it’ll take time for them to understand his motives behind everything. It’ll take time to understand that he is in fact changing.”

Bella nodded, “I just, I know Nik, and he’s been doing all of this so you can all forgive him. He’s locked up Esther, he’s admitted the truth about who really killed her, he’s gone after Mikael, and he’s even asked for your forgiveness. All this for when his siblings wake up they can somehow see that he’s been trying to protect them all along, it wasn’t the best way, but he always had their best interests at heart.”

Elijah smiled as Bella leaned her head against her shoulder, and closed her eyes, “My siblings will forgive him, and everything comes with time.”

“Eli,” Bella said, but she stopped as she heard Elijah chuckle.

“Eli?” Elijah asked with a raised eyebrow at Bella. Bella laughed against his shoulder.

“Elijah was a mouthful, Eli is much shorter,” Bella said, “Do you mind if I call you that?”

“Not at all Bella,” Elijah said, “What were you going to say?”

“Right, Nik once mentioned a woman by the name of Sage,” Bella began, “How she was Finn’s mate, and I figured it’d hurt him if she wasn’t near him when he woke up, and it might work in Nik’s favor if she was here, so yesterday I did a tracking spell, and I found where she lived. I then found her phone number, and I called her. I told her I was calling on Nik’s behalf to alert her that Finn was going to be un-daggered. She didn’t believe me, but after I sent her a few pictures of Mikael in the coffin, I convinced her I was telling the truth, and I told her to come here to New York, and I gave her this address. She was about a day away. I think she’ll be here by the time Finn wakes up. Do you think Nik will be angry for what I did?”

“No, I think what you did was brilliant,” Klaus said from the doorway, “I should’ve thought about it myself, your right it would work in my favor.”

“Good, I wasn’t in the mood to be around you while you were in one of your tantrums,” Bella said with a smirk as she stood up.

Elijah chuckled, “Tantrums?”

“Yes, those moments when Nik gets upset so he lashes out on something or someone,” Bella said, “Have you never seen him when he does that?”

“I have, but I never thought he expressed that side with you, you seem so calm around him, no one who’s seen him when he’s angry is that calm around him,” Elijah said.

Bella nodded, “I first saw it when one of his minions Joseph ripped one of his paintings. Nik yelled and tortured the guy for what seemed like hours.”

“Idiot deserved it!” Klaus argued, “Come on let’s get going. Bella has to learn how to be a real vampire.”

“I think I’m coming down with a cold, I don’t think I can go out tonight,” Bella said faking a cough.

Elijah laughed, “Vampires can’t get sick Bella.”

Bella sighed, “It was worth a try.”

Klaus chuckled, “Don’t look so mopey Bella, it’s not a good look for you.”

Bella laughed, “You always do know how to compliment people Nik.”

“I try my best,” Klaus replied as they headed out to teach Bella how to feed. They ended up on a very crowded street in New York, that wasn’t considered the safest street. Bella had insisted if she was going to do this she was going to feed on criminals only.

“Alright Bella, the first thing you want to do is compel them,” Elijah said.

“If you don’t compel them correctly, they’ll scream and cause a scene and it’ll ruin your entire meal. Well, unless you’re one of those vampires who likes it when they scream,” Klaus said with a smirk as Bella glared at him.

“Do I look like I’d enjoy them to scream?” Bella asked, she took in a deep breath, she could smell the blood from several people and she cringed, “Is it possible for a person to have an aversion to blood?”

“It’s very unheard of,” Elijah commented.

“You don’t have an aversion to blood Bella, you’re just scared to go for your first feed,” Klaus said, he put his arm around Bella’s shoulders and led her to an alleyway, “I’ll make the first one easy and bring him to you, just wait here, and make sure you don’t look suspicious. Watch over her Elijah.” Klaus left quickly and Bella looked at Elijah.

“Who do you think he’ll bring?” Bella asked Elijah.

“Someone that smells appealing, but I’m sure he’ll abide by your rules and choose a criminal,” Elijah said. Bella nodded, but she wasn’t a good feeling about drinking from a human. Bella waited for Klaus to show, fidgeting back and forth from the nerves that were beginning to get to her again, she wasn’t sure what was making her so nervous, but something was giving her a bad feeling.

After several minutes of waiting Klaus finally appeared back with a man following behind him, it was clear to Bella that he had been compelled to follow behind Klaus silently.

“He’s already been compelled, I figured we’d start off with just the feeding and lead our way up to compelling,” Klaus said. Bella nodded in understanding and nodded as she looked at the man, his blood was beginning to take over her senses, and she wanted to drain him more than anything right now, but something inside her was pulling her back.

“Bella, are you listening,” Klaus asked as he looked at Bella, he had been explaining what to do to her, but she seemed lost.

“Oh yeah sorry, what were you saying again?” Bella asked as she turned her attention back to the two originals in front of her.

“We were showing you were to bite, you always want to bite on a vein,” Elijah commented.

“And try not to spell any blood, and you want to listen to their heart and make sure that you pull back before you do too much damage to them, and end up killing them,” Klaus said.

Bella nodded, “Vein, heart, pull back. Sounds simple enough.” Bella stepped forward, and looked at the two originals, they each gave her a reassuring nod as she got close to the man. Bella took in a deep breath and her fangs came out. She went and bite on the man’s vein in his neck. Bella took in a few gulps but pulled back and she began to sway on her feet. Bella was losing track of what was happening around her, she heard Klaus yell something to Elijah as she lost her balance and began to fall. Elijah caught as she was about to hit the ground and ran. He ran back to her home where he set her down on her bed.

Bella finally felt better after an hour, “Was there something wrong with me, or was it the person I drank from.”

“Sorry to disappoint, but that was all you,” Klaus said, “The man tasted fine to me.”

Bella groaned, “Perfect.” Bella stood up and looked at both original brothers, she was about to show them her magic room. Bella walked to the wardrobe and opened it pushing aside the clothes that covered the secret door.

“Bella, is this really a time to change clothes?” Klaus asked as he looked at Bella.

“I’m not changing clothes,” Bella said as she stepped inside the wardrobe. She heard both originals follow her as she used her speed to run up the stairs.

“This is where you practice your magic?” Elijah asked.

Bella nodded, “This is my magic room, I read the books here, and practice spells, and make my potions up here. It’s my work area, but up here no one can hear me, to others this room doesn’t exist.”

“So what are we doing up here?” Klaus asked.

“In my book of creatures, I once read of a vampire, her name was Tasha, she was turned about 200 years ago. She was a strange vampire amongst her kind. Tasha couldn’t drink from the vein and had to drink blood that was previously removed from the body, and was cold, drinking from the vein would cause her to become weak, in an almost sleep like trance. I think that what happened to her has happened to me. That’s why I passed out when I drank from that man. My body was rejecting the blood coming from him directly, like Tasha’s body used to do” Bella said.

“What happened to her, you’re speaking of her as if she were dead,” Elijah said.

Bella sighed, “That’s because she is dead, Tasha died from continuing to drink from humans, she went against her body and her body soon gave in and died. Back then she didn’t know what was happening to her and she just continued to drink from the vein. If I don’t drink from the vein and stick to my blood bag diet, I should be fine.”

“Are you sure?” Klaus asked.

Bella nodded, “There’s one other vampire who’s gone through this, but he killed himself when his soul mate died.”

“There’s nothing you can do to fix it? To make it so you can drink from humans,” Klaus asked.

“Nope, this is permanent,” Bella said she looked through her book of creatures and stopped at the page of Tasha. “Tasha Worthington, turned at the age 23, by Mikael Mikaelson, she was his lover. That’s just weird, anyway, she lived for 3 years as a vampire until her body finally gave out. She knew she couldn’t drink from humans, but in fear of upsetting your father, she continued to feed from humans until she died.”

“Our father had a lover?” Elijah asked.

Bella nodded, “It seems so, and I think he loved her as much as your mother. It says here he had an entire memorial built for her when he stored away her ashes. It also says here that they were engaged to be married.”

“Engaged, are you sure? Couldn’t the information have been mixed up?” Klaus asked in surprise.

“No, this information comes from creatures that witnessed this. Your father was in love with Tasha and they were going to get married,” Bella said as she closed the book, she sighed in relief, as long as she didn’t drink directly from humans she would be fine. “I feel much better knowing I wasn’t the only one to go through this.”

Klaus nodded, “At least we know you’ll live.”

“You have blood bags at your house right?” Bella asked Klaus who nodded, “Come on let’s go to your house I need something to drink.” Klaus nodded and left Bella walked behind him, but was stopped by Elijah.

“Are you sure you feel alright Bella,” Elijah asked searching Bella’s eyes for a sign of a lie.

Bella smiled, “I’m fine Eli I promise. I just have a very precise diet now, nothing to worry about.”

Elijah nodded, “Come on, we should get some blood in you, you seemed very weak earlier.”

“Sorry about that, I didn’t know I was going to pass out,” Bella said as she began to walk down the stairs with Elijah.

“You never have to apologize Bella,” Elijah replied with a small smile. They reached Bella’s room and found Klaus there looking at the wardrobe they had come out of.

“Does every house you own have one of these rooms,” Klaus asked with curiosity.

“All except the one in Forks, all the passages to my magic room are like this I believe,” Bella said as she moved the clothes in the wardrobe to make it look normal again.

“Interesting,” Klaus said, “Now come on let’s go get you some blood before you pass out again and Elijah has to carry you home.” Klaus paused, and mumbled low, “Although I doubt he minds.”

Bella rolled her eyes, she knew Klaus was trying to give Elijah hints, but he wouldn’t say anything to him directly, or at least she hoped not.

-Page Break-

Elijah and Klaus had left Bella off at her home, making sure she had taken extra blood bags to make sure she would be okay until the next day. Bella called Riley and had overlooked the fact that she was a vampire and forgot to tell him.

Elijah stood with Klaus in the living room, each anxious for the morning to come, they would un-dagger their siblings.

Elijah paced, his mind had drifted to thoughts of Bella. He was worried, for her, everything in his being was telling him to make sure that she would be safe. Elijah stopped his pacing and turned to Niklaus who was reading a book and drinking his bourbon.

“You mentioned that Bella wouldn’t get her powers when she became a vampire, but yet she kept them, how?” Elijah asked.

“There were some things that had to be done, and they were done,” Klaus answered not giving too much detail.

“What were these things,” Elijah asked.

“The blood that was given to Bella to turn had to be a special type of blood, you’re blood fit the standard,” Klaus said.

“You’re not going to tell me exactly what it is are you,” Elijah asked.

Klaus sighed, “I don’t plan to no, but I should tell you that we are un-daggering Kol tomorrow. Kol always had a soft spot for brunettes and witches, and Bella is both not to mention the fact that now she’s a vampire. If you don’t hurry Kol might beat you at winning Bella. Honestly I would prefer to see Bella with you then with Kol.” Klaus knew that no matter who tried to get Bella’s attention, Elijah would win, he was in fact her soul mate, her other half, but he needed for Elijah to do something already. “If it helps motivate you, Bella feels the same way about you as you feel about her. Bella just won’t do anything about it until you do.”

Elijah looked at his brother suspicious on what he was saying, “How would you know this?”

“I’ve known Bella longer than you brother, she’s polite, and kind to others, but she’s never shown any interest in anyone romantically. She looks at you differently,” Klaus said, “It’s obvious, and she didn’t’ exactly denied it when I asked her about it.” Klaus stood up setting his book on the coffee table with a loud thump. He looked over at his brother and allowed him to see that he was in fact telling the truth. Klaus left leaving Elijah to his thoughts. Elijah looked at his watched, it was too late to talk to Bella right now, he would wait for tomorrow to take Nik’s advice.



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  1. Interesting twist that she can’t drink from the vein.
    I think Klaus gave Elijah a big enough clue without smacking him upside the head with all the information.


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