Reaping of New Orleans: Chapter 7

ronol chapter 7

“Don’t hold back!” Bella yelled as she sat down on a bench in the backyard with Davina at her side. Both were watching Marco and Henrik fighting. “Marc can take more than anyone, you have to go as hard as you can.” Bella yelled to Henrik knowing Henrik was holding back in his strength.

Davina looked to Bella and snickered, it had been just a few days but Davina now understood why Henrik talked so highly of Bella. “You really want Henrik to hit your brother?”

Bella smiled, “Marc can take any hit, trust me. We’ve had our share of very intense fights, anything either of them can dish out the other can take.”

“Could you teach me how to fight?” Davina asked with a blush staining her cheeks. “I don’t know how to protect myself and I want to be able to do as much as I can. I hate depending on all of you too much.”

“I at the moment can’t teach you,” Bella said she leaned in towards the girl. “This is a secret, and I trust you enough to know you won’t tell a soul outside this family. I’m pregnant, so I have to cut back on any activities that can potentially be harmful to my babies.”

Davina’s eyes widened in absolute shock. “You’re really pregnant? This isn’t a lie?” Davina looked at Bella with awe. “How is it possible?”

“It’s a long story, but my twins will be natural born hybrids. Because of this, I can’t exactly teach you how to fight, but I’m sure Marc will teach you, he lives for this sort of stuff.” Bella replied with a smile.

“So when are we going to go see Jane-Ann?” Davina questioned breaking the silence that had fallen after Bella’s confession.  “The ritual has to be done soon, and Henrik mentioned the week being up tomorrow, so when are we going to go see her?”

Bella smiled, “Not we. You’re going to stay with Henrik, Marc and I will see Jane-Ann.”

“What if they want proof?” Davina said smiling as she knew that would be the first thing they ask for.

“Right,” Bella said she took out her phone, “That reminds me. Smile!” Bella said snapping a picture of the two of them. “And now we have proof.”

Davina laughed, “I like you.” Davina stated with a bright smile. “The elders often spoke of you and your brother, but I always thought it was a legend. They said you were evil and cruel, but I can’t really see that in you.”

Bell smiled, “I can be evil and cruel, but to the people I care about, I’m not that person. My name does not define who I am, just because I am a Reaper does not mean I am evil to everyone around me. I was human once, and I was very naïve and just like you I was drawn into a world I didn’t know truly existed. I was nothing but a pet to someone I thought loved me, and the last thing I want is for you to go through what I went through. It took a lot for me to get better and to release all the anger and hatred I had buried inside. I’m not protecting you because we made a deal, well it’s partially because of that, but know that I am protecting you because I want you to have a happier teenage life than I did when I was your age.”

“Are you happy now?” Davina asked.

Bella smiled, she rested her hand on her stomach and smiled. “Yeah, I am.”

“Then wasn’t going through all that hurt worth it? You ended up with, from what Henrik tells me, is a great man, and a family who loves you. You even get to start a family, so wasn’t it worth it going through all that pain to end up here?” Davina asked curiously.

Bella smiled, “It will always be worth it.” Bella replied, “I love Klaus, more than you can imagine. He helped me grow and I did the same for him. But that does not mean I wish for you to go through the pain I went through. You have such a good heart Davina, there’s no need to soil it with hatred and pain. Feeling pain, it only makes you close off from the people around you. If it weren’t for Marc I would’ve been so engulfed with anger that I would have most likely ruined everything I have with Klaus. You don’t need to feel pain in order to feel love, Davina.”

Davina nodded she played with her hands in her lap as she thought of what she really wanted to say to Bella.  “I know I’ve said a million times before, but thank you. You don’t know how grateful I am to you. I feel safe and happy, and I haven’t felt this way in a long time.”

“Don’t mention it,” Bella replied, she looked back to the fight and sighed. “He’s not very fast, use that against him! He may have strength, but use his weak speed against him!” Bella shouted to Henrik. She looked to Davina. “Not everything about fighting is physical, a lot of it is mental.”

“Like what?” Davina asked curiously.

“When you know you’re going to fight someone, never show any weakness. You may have all odds against you, but you have to make not only your opponent but yourself believe that you’re going to win. Your opponent may be twice your size, but you have to believe that you can take them. You can never let your enemy see you in fear.” Bella replied, “You have to make them believe that you have what it takes to win.”

“But what if I get hurt?” Davina asked. “They’ll know I’m hurt and that’s an easy weakness to exploit.”

Bella smirked, “Than use your weakness against them before they can use it against you. Let them get cocky, and when they turn their back to you, when they think you’re done for, you strike. You use everything you have and go at them full force. When someone lets their guard down, you have to strike. Which also means never get too cocky. Don’t walk away from an enemy until you’re sure they’re dead, because if you for one second turn your back on them and let your guard down, you will be the one to die.”

Davina nodded she gave a small smile. “What about smack talk? I heard that really helps.”

Bella smirked, “Use it, not for your opponent, but for yourself. Weaken their ego, and you weaken their defense, let them get angry, and eventually they will tire themselves out. Once that happens you have an opportunity to strike. Just always remember that sometimes you need to focus and stay silent. It depends on your opponent really, some people will really become unraveled with the silence of the opponent.”

Davina shook her head as she didn’t understand how easy Bella made all this sound. “How can you tell weaknesses?”

“When you’re fighting, don’t attack right away. Block your opponent’s hits and try to find a weakness. I’ve fought Marc so many times I know all his weaknesses, just like he knows mine. But if you’ve never fought this opponent try to keep your mind on keeping them at bay and from hurting you, but also try very hard to look at their movements.” Bella gestured towards Henrik and Marco. “Name one weakness you see.”

Davina smirked, “Marco lacks speed.” She said with a smile knowing Bella had already stated that.

“Okay, something else. Really take a moment to look at them.” Bella replied as she looked towards Davina and back towards Henrik and Marco.

Davina took in a deep breath. She focused on the fighting and it took her some time but she finally saw it. “Henrik is holding back!” She exclaimed loudly.

Henrik and Marco paused their fighting. Henrik smirked, “I’m holding back?” He                questioned with a smirk that had Bella remembering how he was related to Niklaus.

Davina blushed, “I said that too loudly.” She whispered to Bella.

Bella smirked, she looked to Henrik. “She’s right, because it’s Marc you’re holding back. If you want to improve you have to give it your all. Whatever you can dish out, Marc can take.”

“Lovely sister of mine wants to see me breathless and bleeding.” Marco replied with a smirk.

“I want to kick your ass, actually.” Bella replied with a smirk. “But seeing as I can’t physically do that, I would like to see my prodigy doing it for me!”

Henrik chuckled, “I’m your prodigy now?”

“Of course, I taught you most of what you know when it comes to fighting, so you’re my prodigy.” Bella replied crossing her arms over her chest with a smirk.

Henrik grinned, “Whatever you say, Elle.”

Davina watched as they went back to fighting. “How are you so close to him?” She wondered, “I noticed you’re a bit closer to him than the other siblings.”
“Henrik died a little over a thousand years ago. When I bring someone back to life, it usually connects me to them in a small way, but because Henrik had been gone for so long bringing him back had connected us more than I thought it would. I love Henrik like a younger brother. I’ve always seen him as a younger brother, and for the past few years, he and I spent a lot of time together. We have the same likes, and he’s so genuinely kind and happy that it makes being around him easy. Despite everything, Henrik is always happy, he always sees the good in everything. When I brought him back, he had no prejudgments of me, he didn’t believe that because I was the daughter of death I was evil. For me, that was something important. Not to mention that the two of us are very alike, it was always easy for us to get along.” Bella replied.

“And Klaus?” Davina questioned. “Everyone says he so evil.”

Bella laughed, “Klaus is many things, but truly evil is not one of them. None of the originals are evil. Once he becomes more comfortable with you here, you’ll see that he can be a very kind man.”

“What about Death?” Davina asked, “I uh- isn’t he…”

“Evil?” Bella questioned she laughed, “My father is a great man. He gave up the love of his eternal life to do what was needed of him. My father can be mean and cruel, but in the end of the day he will always do what it takes to protect Marc and me. Maybe I’ll introduce you to him.”

Davina laughed nervously. “No offense Bella, but I really rather not meet thee Death.”

Bella laughed, “Alright, not many have met him.”

“Really?” Davina asked surprised, “I would’ve expected for everyone here to have met him by now.”

Bella shook her head, “Only Niklaus and Henrik have ever truly met him. My father isn’t much of a socializer, we barely see him.”

Davina smiled shyly, “I get it I’ve never really met my father.”

Bella’s eyebrows raised, “You haven’t?”

Davina shook her head, “No, my mom has never told me who he is. She met him several years ago, and I sort of just happened. Apparently it was a one-night stand that no one knows who it is. All I could ever get from my mother was that he had a family and she didn’t want to ruin that. She figured he was better off staying in the dark and we were better off without him.”

“After this is over, I can help you look for him. I think everyone here knows I’m good at tracking down people.” Bella replied, “And it would give me something to do with my time.”

“You’d really do that?” Davina asked.

“I told you, I like you, and coming from me that means more than you know. I consider you a friend, don’t take that lightly.” Bella said she stood up. “I have to go get my daily blood, I’ll speak with you later, Davina.”

-Page Break-

Bella looked back to Henrik, “Anything happens you make sure she stays okay.”

Henrik nodded, “I got it, go ahead and hurry up.”

Bella nodded she looked to Davina. “If you get any strange feelings, if you get scared and need to leave tell Henri to take you out of here. Do you understand?”

Davina nodded, “What happens next?”

Bella smiled, “Nothing as of yet.” Bella got out of the car and with her brother at her side they entered the establishment. They were relieved they had come early enough to not really be bothered by customers.

“Are you ready for this?” Marco questioned as he walked just a bit in front of Bella, in case they tried anything and he needed to protect his sister at all costs.

Bella nodded, “I want Charlie back. I need to set him free Marc, I owe him that.”

Marco took his sister’s hand and they entered the office room. Both Sophie and Jane-Ann were gathered already awaiting their presence.

“It’s good to see you both didn’t run.” Bella replied as she met both the sister’s gaze.

“We want this trade to work out,” Jane-Ann said stepping in front of her younger sister. “I have his location.”

Marco looked into Jane-Ann’s mind and looked down towards Bella. “I have it.” He confirmed, “They’re not lying, this is where he is.”

Bella nodded, she took out her phone and went to her pictures, she flashed the sisters the picture of Davina. “This is how it’s going to work. You’re going to gather everything you need for this ritual, and tomorrow you will complete it. I will bring Davina to the graveyard, and I’ll stay to make sure the girl comes back to life.”

“NO!” Sophie yelled, “You said you would hand over Davina.”

Bella growled in anger. “I said I would give you her location, and that is exactly what I’m doing. She’s with me, I’m giving you my word that she will be there to finish the ritual.”

“What about Agnes?” Jane-Ann questioned curiously. “What happens to her now?”

“She dies.” Bella replied with full assurance. “Everyone knows if you mess with a Reaper, you get death. She crossed the line, she has to die.”

“Can I ask a favor?” Jane-Ann said before Bella and Marco left.

“I think you’ve asked for enough.” Marco said, he looked down at his sister as she put a hand on shoulder.

“If your daughter isn’t brought back to life, I’ll bring her back.” Bella assured as she knew this was what Jane-Ann wanted. “We’re not evil enough to leave you without your daughter.”

“Thank you.” Jane-Ann said grateful to know that she would have her little girl back.

“You should know, Agnes keeps this soul locked away tight. She has several traps set in place, if you trip one off, she’ll know and the soul will disappear.” Sophie said. She reached into her back pocket and handed a piece of paper. “She likes to brag about her abilities, so these are all the traps we believe she has set up.”

Bella took the paper and looked it over. “Thank you.” she said, “We’ll be in touch. Until tomorrow.”

Marco watched his sister leave though he stayed behind for a moment. He looked to the two witches. “My sister is being kind today, so I’ll be taking the role of the evil twin. Let’s make something clear, either one of you messes this up, or does something to prevent my sister from getting what she wants, I will have your heads. I will torture you until you’re begging me to kill you, so don’t do anything stupid. This will be only warning, there are no second chances, here.” Marco nodded his head before he left the room, he knew from reading their minds they wouldn’t be stupid enough to try something.

Marco exited the office to find Bella smirking at him as she leaned against the entry of the restaurant. “Thanks for that.” She said as he made his way over.

Marco shrugged, “It’s what we do for each other. Send Henrik and Davina home, I’m sure we can retrieve Charlie ourselves.”

Bella nodded, she walked forward and hugged Marco. “Thanks.” She said before she stepped back, she headed back and smiled as she saw both Henrik and Davina laughing as she walked up to the car. She leaned against the passenger window. “You two go ahead and head home. Marc and I have some business to attend to. Stay safe, we’ll talk more later at home.”

Davina and Henrik nodded, “Bye!” They both said as they drove off.

Bella smiled and stepped away from the car, she looked over at Marco as the two of them began to walk closer to somewhere it was secluded so they could spread their wings and fly.

“You really seem to be getting along with the girl.” Marco stated as they walked.

Bella smirked, “Getting jealous, Marc?”

Marco laughed, “No, I just didn’t think you would be so nice to the girl.”

Bella smiled, “I like her she’s so innocent, so pure. It’s refreshing to know that there’s someone like her still in the world. I don’t want her to have to be fucked over by life. I want to help her have as much of a normal life as she can have.”

Marco looked to his sister. “Do you think being pregnant is causing you to be really nice to people?” Marco questioned with a smirk, it widened as he heard her laughter.

“Yeah, let’s go with that.” Bella said, they reached a secluded enough area and took off into the air.

Bella fidgeted from foot to foot as they stood hidden in the trees just outside of Agnes’s house. Agnes was getting ready to leave, and right now Bella wanted Charlie’s soul before she wanted Agnes’s head on a spike. Bella sighed in relief as Agnes finally got into her car and drove off.

Bella took in a deep breath and looked over the list Sophie had given her. “This is like the movie Home Alone, we’re the bad guys trying to get in.”

Marco smirked, “Let’s just hope we can outsmart Kevin.”

Bella smiled, “We can sure hope. The first thing on the list is a detection spell. If a door or window opens from the outside in without Agnes’s permission, the spell immediately alerts her and many of the valuable items inside the house disappear.” Bella looked around and smirked at her brother. “A loophole is going in through the roof.”

“You can’t go down the chimney, Izzy.” Marco replied with a roll of his eyes.

“I’m not Santa Claus, of course I’m not going down the chimney.” Bella replied, she flew up to the roof, and stomped her foot on the roof causing a small crack to appear. “We’re bringing the roof down.”

Marco flew to the roof, he pushed his sister back gently. “I’ll break it, you should try not to hurt yourself.”

Bella rolled her eyes at her brother and crossed her arms over her chest. She knew he meant well, but she really didn’t like being treated like a baby. “Not everything I do is going to harm the babies, I do know what I’m doing.”

“I just worry, for the sake of my sanity and your husband’s, just let someone else do the potentially harmful stuff.” Marco replied.

“Fiancé.” Bella corrected with a smirk, “We haven’t tied the knot just yet.”

“You already act married,” Marco mumbled, he jumped into the air and came down on the roof with full force. It crumbled under him and he landed inside the house covered in the dust and debris from the roof. He looked up at his sister as she peered in from the new hole on the roof as it led straight to the first floor. “Come on down.”

Bella jumped through the hole in the roof, landing safely beside her brother. “Okay, Charlie’s soul is upstairs in her magic room, but the stairs are booby trapped. Unknown steps will set off the spell and anything of value in the house will disappear, including Charlie’s soul.”

Marco looked around, “Unknown steps…” He uttered, “Do you think we can fly up to the room without touching the floor.”

Bella tilted her head looking at the small amount of space, the house wasn’t big and it could possibly be that by accident one of them fell on the stairs. She looked to her brother. “We can try, but it’s a small space, one wrong move, one bump into something and we end up with our asses on the stairs and Charlie’s gone and we have to start all over.”

Marco nodded, “You have to do it, I hate to admit it, but you do fly better than I do.”

Bella grinned, “Well that confidence booster is really going to help out here.” Bella walked forward and looked up at the stairs, she had never been so nervous to go up a set of stairs. She feared her wings were going to be too large and she was going to hit something and lose her balance. Bella released her wings and flapped them about. She took in a deep breath and pulled the wings closer her to her body and began to flap them softly, she hovered off the ground and very slowly she made her way up the stairs. She began to shake as keeping her wings closed instead of having them spread wide was taking more control than she thought. Bella sighed in utter relief as she landed on the second floor of the house. She looked back at Marco, only to see him creating a small hole in the wall he used to climb the wall.

“WHAT THE HELL!” Bella said glaring at her brother. “I could’ve climbed the damn wall! Why didn’t you tell me to do that instead of flying?”

Marco smirked, “You would’ve put too much pressure on your stomach, Izzy.” Marco replied before he led his sister down the hall, and towards the room that seemed to be just oozing magic. “What’s this trap?”

“Nothing,” Bella replied, she opened the door and stepped inside the room. She looked over towards the bookshelf that contained all the supplies. “It’s there.”

Marco and Bella stepped forward they looked to the bookshelf. “So what now?”

Bella sighed, “Now, we have to do this quickly. Once an item is missing, the room begins to, how do I put this… shut down. One by one the items will disappear, and all the windows and doors will magically be shut, so no one can get out. From the notes, we have about a good five seconds before everything is magically closed off.”

“Why didn’t we bring Henrik?” Marco replied as he looked at the shelf.

Bella smirked, “Because bringing Henri would be saying we couldn’t do this ourselves. Besides, I thought the challenge was fun. Kind of feel like Indiana Jones.”

“So which one is it?” Marco asked as he looked over all the items on the shelf.

Bella smiled softly, “This one.” She said gesturing to a small wooden box that looked plain, almost as if it were just a piece of wood.

“How can you know, I can’t feel anything, nor can I sense his presence.” Marco replied with a frown.

“It’s the magic, it’s making it seem like Charlie’s soul never existed.” Bella replied, “But I can feel it, I can feel him, now that I’m so close, it’s as if he were talking to me. Telling me it’s him.” Bella looked to Marco. “You have to grab it and jump out the window, I’ll follow.”

“Jump out the window?” Marco replied with a raise eyebrow.

Bella nodded with a small smile. “It’d be the perfect ending to this little breaking and entering challenge we have going on here.”

Marco nodded, “You’re coming right after me.” He ordered, “Go stand by the window, I’ll fly out and you follow directly after.”

Bella nodded, she went to stand by the window and looked to her brother. He reached forward and grabbed the box, and using all his speed he flew out the window getting glass all over his body. He looked back as Bella came flying out the roof of the house instead. He flew back towards her as she came to stand in front of the house. “Why didn’t you follow?”

“Because I didn’t have to.” Bella replied with a smirk. “The house begins to shut its self-down, but it wouldn’t close the hole in the roof.”

“THAN WHY DID I JUMP THROUGH A WINDOW?” Marco said as he began to pick out the glass that was cutting deep into his skin.

Bella smirked, “You were treating me like a child and I don’t really like that. I can’t exactly fight you anymore to get my anger out with you, so I did the next best thing.” Bella reached forward and took the box from Marco. “Let’s head home.”

Marco and Bella landed outside of the plantation. Bella looked back at the house and down at the box in her hands. “Do you mind if I do this alone? I just- it’s something I need to do.”

Marco nodded, he kissed his sister’s forehead. “Just call to me through our rings if you need me.”

Bella nodded, she walked further into the crops that surrounded her home. Once she found a nice place to be, she took a seat on the floor. She crossed her legs and laid the box in front of her. She took in a deep breath and opened it releasing her father’s soul from its confinements. She watched as the mist blended into the air and slowly began to disappear. She wasn’t sure if he had moved on or if he was stuck as a ghost.

“Dad?” she called out to Charlie hoping he would still be a ghost.

“Bells?” She heard his familiar voice. She stood immediately and looked at her dad with tears swelling in her eyes.

“Dad.” She said as tears began to roll down her cheeks. “You haven’t passed on! I can still bring you back! There’s still time!”

“Bells.” Charlie said stopping his daughter before she could overly excite herself. “What are you talking about? Where am I?”

Bella took in a deep breath, “I’ll explain everything to you just let me talk.” Bella said as she began to explain to Charlie of who she and Marco really were, along with who the Mikaelson’s were. She got to the part of his death and began to speak slower letting him grasp everything in.

Charlie’s eyes widened as he looked to Bella. “I remember it now.” He mumbled, “I remember dying.”

“It’s okay, dad. I can bring you back and now that you know what we are, Klaus can make you a vampire and you can live forever!” Bella said hopeful.

Charlie took in a breath. “Living forever is not something I want Bells. I love you, kid, but I don’t think I can do it.”

Bella’s eyes watered, “I had a feeling you were going to say that.”

Charlie frowned, “Now stop your crying, I’m going to be okay.”

Bella smiled, “I know dad, but I … I already lost my birth mother, I rarely see my birth father. Renee has a new family, you’re the only real parent I have left. I don’t-“Bella’s voice cracked as she tried to hold back the tears. “I don’t want to know that you’re not here anymore. Before, it was enough for me to see you from afar, and the way you were with Henrik it just felt like you were still taking care of me through him. I don’t want to lose you forever.”

Charlie stepped forward, he tried to reach out for her but his hand went right through her. “I’ve had everything I’ve ever wanted in life, and you by far were the greatest thing to ever happen to me. You brought me more happiness than you could ever know, but it’s time to move on. You will be fine without me, you have an entire family standing behind you, Bells. You don’t need me.”

Bella shook her head, “I’ll always need you!” She insisted, she wiped the tears off her face as she really looked at her father. He wasn’t going to come back, she could see it in his eyes. “You need to find peace.” She said deciding if she couldn’t bring him back to life, she would help him rest. “If you don’t you’ll be stuck as a ghost until you do.”

“Find peace?” He questioned a confused look on his face.

Bella nodded, “You have something holding you back, what is it?”

Charlie thought for a second, “It’s you.” He stated. “There’s something you should know, Bells. Why I died.”

Bella came to attention as she had been wondered what exactly happened. “What happened?”

“You were one, and it was before your mother left me. You were getting sick, really sick, there were days we had to stay up all night to make sure you kept breathing. You were scaring the hell out of us, kid.” Charlie said as he began to walk around. “We took you to the doctors and you were having lung failure. Than your entire body began to fail, the doctors said you wouldn’t make it more than a couple of months. Your grandmother was into this magic staff and after a few calls and a few favors I ended up in New Orleans with you. Your mother had gone to her mother’s for the week, so she never knew what I did. I asked everyone for help, but Agnes was the only one to agree. She said she would tie my health to yours, and if you were close to death, I would be able to heal you, and I would die in your place instead. I couldn’t pay what she wanted, so she asked for my soul. I love you, kid, I’d give up anything to make sure you were always going to be happy and healthy. I agreed, she did her magic and you and I left town. Agnes killed me, the spell she did didn’t work because you died. I told her she was a fraud and that she wasn’t getting anything from me.”

“One thing led to another and she killed me and took my soul.” Charlie replied finishing his explanation.

Bella shook her head. “The magic never worked on me, Agnes knew it but she lied to you because she wanted your soul.” Bella shook her head, “She must’ve figured I’d die soon and when I didn’t she just waited.” Bella looked to Charlie, “You were willing to give up your soul for me?”

Charlie smiled. “You may not be my blood, but you’re my kid. There isn’t a thing I wouldn’t have done for you, Bells. You always have been and always will be, my little girl.”

“Dad.” Bella whimpered as she could feel her father finding peace. “Dad, please.”

Charlie shook his head, “You have a family. A man who loves you more than anything. Marry him, Bells. Have those kids and be happy. It’s all I ever wanted for you, and seeing you now, I know you have everything you could ever need. You don’t need me anymore.”

Bella shook her head as she broke down sobbing. “I need you, dad. PLEASE!” she yelled as he disappeared. Her eyes watered more as she heard his final words.

“I love you, Bells.” Charlie’s voice whispered before he was gone.

Bella fell to her knees and her entire body shook with tears as she had just seen the man who raised her for the last time. She didn’t react as she felt a pair of arms wrap around her minutes later. She moved closer into his embrace seeking comfort in his arms.

“I’m sorry, Isabella.” Klaus whispered knowing Bella had high hopes she would have been able to bring Charlie back. Klaus kissed her temple and wrapped his arms tighter around her as she soaked his shirt with tears. He had never seen her like this, but he had faith his Isabella would be okay.

-Page Break-

Bella smiled as she walked into Agnes’s home, Klaus, Henrik and Marco following in behind her. Each one on alert to see for anything that could potentially harm Bella. Bella smirked as Agnes appeared instantly after feeling the trap on the door go off.

“Who are you,” Agnes yelled as she tried to use magic only for it to be useless. “What do you want?”

“I’m Isabella Reaper.” Bella replied, she walked up to Agnes, she grabbed the witch by her throat and forced her up against a wall. “You might remember me as Isabella Swan.” Bella said meeting the witch’s eyes as the realization entered into her mind.

“You used the love my father had for me against him.” Bella said with a growl. “I can’t torture you right now, but I came up with little plan. I’m going to slice your head right off, and just as your soul is leaving your body, I’m going to have it trapped inside the same box you had my father’s soul. And then on the anniversary of his death I’ll release you and I’ll bring you back to life. I’ll spend the entire day torturing you until you’re begging me to stop. Then I’ll continue, I’ll push you to the brink of insanity, and just as you feel you’re going to fall off the edge, I’ll kill you, and put your soul back into that box. I’ll do the same every year. Year after year, I’ll make you regret EVER messing with my father.” Bella leaned into Agnes’s ear. “Peace will never find you.”

Bella dropped Agnes to the floor and looked to Henrik. “You ready?”

Henrik nodded, “Of course, I am.”

“NOOO!!” Agnes shouted as a scythe appeared in Bella’s hands. “PLEASE!”

Bella smirked, “I’ll see you in a year.” With a swing of her scythe Bella sliced Agnes’s head off. It bounced onto the floor and blood spilled everywhere. Bella wiped her face off getting rid of as much blood as she could. She turned to Henrik as he closed the box.

“Here. A soul for your torturing pleasure.” Henrik said handing the box to Bella.

“Thanks, Henri.” Bella said she looked down at the box. She handed it to her brother. “Give it to me in a year, I’ll be too tempted to open it if I have it with me.”

Marco nodded, he took the box. “I’ll get to thinking of a good hiding spot.” He kissed his sister’s forehead knowing very well she was still hurt, hours of crying wouldn’t heal everything.

Klaus stepped forward and put his arms around Bella. “I love you.” he whispered into her ear.

Bella closed her eyes at the words. She put her arms around Klaus and buried her head in the crook of his neck. “I thought I would feel better.” She whispered. “I thought after she died and I set Charlie free that it wouldn’t hurt so much.”

Klaus nodded, “It takes time, Isabella.”

“I know,” Bella said she said stepping back, she wiped the tears from her eyes. “Can you take me home so that we can spend the rest of the night and most of tomorrow morning in bed ignoring everyone else? I just want to be with you, I feel better when you’re close.”

Klaus nodded, “We can do whatever you wish, love.”

Bella nodded, “Than let’s go home.” She paused, “But let’s stop by at a few places first, I have the strangest cravings right now.” Bella smiled as she rested a hand on her stomach. “It seems they think the best way to deal with grief is to eat until it stops hurting so much.”

Klaus smiled, he leaned down and kissed Bella. “I’ll get you whatever you and they desire.”

Author’s Note

The next chapter as you may have all guessed will be Davina’s death, you know because of the sacrifice… I’m not killing her off.


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  1. ShadowPhoenix34

    Love it. I feel so vad for Bella, she spent all that time hoping to bring her father back and he decides to leave poor girl.

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    I was starting to think that Charlie was going to be Davina’s long lost dad…. esp when he started talking to Bella about a secret…. hmmmm
    Add into that Bella’s mentoring, almost loving feelings toward Davina and you get my imagination, 🙂
    Anyway, great chapter! 🙂

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