Bella The Witch: Chapter 8


Story Telling.

Bella walked down the streets of New York, her store was set up, and Steph had the day off, so she decided to take a break and just explore. Currently Bella was heading to a café that got great reviews for their coffees. Bella ordered her coffee and waited for it patiently.

“You new to New York,” a man asked behind Bella.

Bella turned to look at him, “No, I’ve lived here for a while actually.”

“What’s your name,” He asked.

“Bella,” Bella said.

“I’m Mike,” Mike said.

Bella froze at the name, the waiter handed her her coffee, and Bella turned to Mike, “I have to get going, it was nice meeting you.” Bella walked quickly out of the store. She jogged as far away as she could before she slumped against a wall her breathing got heavier. Bella put a hand to her chest and tried to calm herself down. Bella was surprised by her reaction to hearing his name. She knew she wasn’t completely over the Mike situation but she didn’t expect to react this way. Bella looked around and continued to walk down the street. She stopped at the door of a Voodoo store, seeing it as a chance to be entertained she walked in. Sipping her coffee as she went down the aisles of the store she picked out some things to send to Victoria and Riley. There were rocks and gems for good luck, and T-shirts she found amusing. Bella paid for everything and left the store with two bags in hand.

“Hello Bella,” Klaus said as he ran into Bella.

“Hello Klaus,” Bella said, “What are you doing here?”

“Came to talk to some associates of mine,” Klaus said, “Voodoo supplies?”

Bella laughed, “I actually got them as souvenirs for my brother and his wife, not for my magic.”

“Of course not,” Klaus said, “I should get going, it was nice seeing you again Bella.”

“Goodbye Klaus.” Bella said as she walked past him and continued on with her day.

Bella continued to walk until she decided to stop and head back to her car. It was still light out so Bella felt safer. She walked to her car humming to a song in her head. Her necklace was vibrating against her, she knew someone wanted to harm her, but since there wasn’t a ring she knew they weren’t supernatural. She walked quicker, not looking back, her goal was to get to her car without having to hurt whoever was after her.

Bella sighed in relief as she saw her car no too far away. She walked quicker and using an unlocking spell she unlocked her car while she walked. She reached her car, and with a sigh of relief she got in and locked the door. She let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding. She looked out the window and spotted the man in the shadows watching her, she used a confusion spell on the man and he left. Bella slumped back in her seat and momentarily closed her eyes. She started the car, put on her seat belt and got out of there.

-Page Break-

Bella walked into the building, giving herself minor pep talks that she could do this she walked inside.

“Hello, how can I help you?” A large man asked behind the counter.

“I want to take a few classes here,” Bella said, “I was wondering what you had available in the morning.”

“Well, Monday mornings, we do boxing, Tuesdays we do karate, Wednesdays we do kick boxing, Thursday we do mixed martial arts, and Friday we do meditation,” He answered handing Bella a pamphlet.

Bella smiled, “How long are the classes?”

“Depends, public ones are an hour each, one on one are about 3 hours,” He said.

“One on one classes, what time do they start?” Bella asked.

“Well, it depends on your trainer, I start at 5 and we end around 8,” He said.

“I want one on one classes for each class,” Bella said with a smile, “Would that be fine with you?”

“Works fine, you’ll be my best student by the end of the month,” He said, “I’m Adam.”

“I’m Bella,” Bella said with a smile.

“Why are you taking all the classes?” He asked.

“I need something to do with my time, and this just seems like the best way to spend my time,” Bella said.

“Well, looks like I’ll be your personal trainer from this day on, we start at 5 sharp every weekday,” He said, “What are your sizes?”

Bella lifted an eyebrow at him, “Why?”

He laughed, “Nothing weird I promise I’m gay, so need to worry there, you have to wear certain training gear, and each one on one class comes with the gear, so I need your sizes to get them.”

Bella smiled and told him her sizes before he disappeared into the back room. He came back with 5 different bags each labeled with a different class. He handed everything to Bella, and Bella handed him her card.

“We do this monthly, so every month it’ll charge it to your card, and you’re free to stop when you want,” Adam said as he handed Bella back his card.

“Thanks,” Bella said, “We start tomorrow?”

“Yes, we’re starting Karate,” Adam said.

Bella smiled and nodded, “Thanks, I’ll see you tomorrow then.” Bella got into her car and drove to her home that was only 10 minutes away, so it was easy to get to the gym were she would be taking her classes. Bella thought it would help her feel safer and help with her balance. Bella arrived at her house and was surprised to see Klaus there standing next to his car.

“What are you doing here?” Bella asked.

“I came to ask you something, and with a bit of research I found out where you lived, and decided to ask it in person,” Klaus said.

Bella left her training bags in the car and walk to stand in front of Klaus, “Alright, so what are you going to ask.”

“My vampires found Mikael, but he was chained up in an old cemetery and in a coffin,” Mikael said, “Do you know what could’ve happened to him?”

Bella thought, “Do you have a picture or something I can look at?” Klaus pulled out his phone and showed Bella a few photos of Mikael. “Witch of nature did this, I’ve seen this before in the books. It was a powerful witch, from a strong line. He’s been desiccated. He doesn’t feed from humans, strictly vampire diet, keep your vampires out of there, if they get close he’ll feed and then he’s alive again and he’ll come after you.”

“You could tell all that from a few pictures,” Klaus asked.

Bella nodded, and pointed to the picture, “Do you see how his skin is all rough and scaly, it’s like he was daggered, but he could get backup if he had blood. That’s why the chains are there, he’s weak, and he’s in almost a human state, so he can’t break free from them. Whoever did this took precaution, they wanted Mikael dead, but since they couldn’t do it they dried him up and put him away where he couldn’t get out. If you un-dagger one of your siblings then you could go and dagger him, you could put him in a coffin, and keep him locked up and in a place you know no one will ever get to him and free him.”

Klaus looked in thought “I have an extra dagger I’ve kept for Elijah, I could use that.”

Bella nodded, “If you want, I could put a binding spell on the coffin even if someone manages to steal the coffin they won’t be able to open it.”

Klaus nodded, “Why are you never scared of me, I could easily hurt you before you even knew what was happening, but you never show any fear.”

Bella smiled and pointed to her necklace, “Oak trees, are symbols for strength. I charmed this necklace, every time there’s an unknown supernatural creature around it rings, and when there’s someone who wants to do me any harm it vibrates. It’s never vibrated with you, so there isn’t a point to being scared of you if there isn’t a reason to being scared.”

Klaus nodded, “If you don’t mind me asking, what happened in Forks?”

Bella sighed, “You saw the police report?”

Klaus nodded, “My vampire found out the basics and I was curious to know, the police reports don’t say anything.”

“Come inside,” Bella said walking to the door.

“You’re going to tell me?” Klaus asked surprised as he followed she had invited him in so he stepped in without a problem.

“I know about your life, so it’s only fair you know about mine right?” Bella said, she motioned for Klaus to sit down, he sat down across from her.

“The police report takes place the night before my high school graduation. My brother and his girlfriend, they had left for the night and my dad was in his room sleeping. I was in my room sleeping. I didn’t hear him come in through the window, I didn’t hear anything. I woke up when Mike was on top of me. I panicked, I threw him off and I screamed as loud as I could. He took out his gun and pointed it at me. At the time I had a shield, but since I hadn’t gotten my powers yet, it wasn’t strong as it is now, and when I got nervous or scared I couldn’t get it to work, so I wasn’t able to protect myself. Charlie heard, and he came in, my dad was the Chief of police, so Mike panicked and he shot him. I watched my father die that night, because a teenage boy got drunk and decided that I was his to take. My dad had a gun with him and I grabbed it. Mike pointed his gun at me and after I wouldn’t listen to me he shot me, and it went straight through the side of my leg. I got angry and shot him, he fell to the floor. I managed to get the phone and call 911. When I shot Mike, the bullet went straight through his heart and he died.” Bella said holding back her tears, surprisingly to her she felt better. She felt stronger being able to talk about this.

“Is that who you said you had killed?” Klaus asked.

Bella nodded, “His name was Mike Newton. He had just turned 18, his parents couldn’t even look at me, and they blamed me for what Mike had done. Claimed I was leading him on, that I let him into my room, that I wanted it, but when Charlie came he threatened Mike, and Mike just shot Charlie in self-defense, and that I shot Mike first and with his lasts breaths he shot me. No one believed it, I was sober and Mike was drunk, and I didn’t talk to Mike, so the accusations were dropped. No one spoke to me after that night. They didn’t know how to react. I was the girl who killed someone, but I was also the girl who saw her father die. When I got my powers, I put a spell on the case, no one could get information on it. I didn’t want people to know unless I was the one to tell them.”

“You don’t have to feel guilty, what you did, saved your life,” Klaus said, “It’s not something to be guilty over.”

Bella smiled, “Take your own advice. You feel guilty for killing Esther, but you did it to stay alive, you feel guilty for daggering your siblings, but you did it to save them.”

“Too wise to be 18,” Klaus said with a smirk.

“Are you going to take my advice and dagger Mikael?” Bella asked.

“I think so, not quite sure yet,” Klaus said, “Can you do the binding spell?”

Bella nodded, “Piece of cake, but you’d have to be careful, one drop of your blood, and he’d be right back up.”

“Thank you for helping me,” Klaus said.

Bella nodded, “Can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead,” Klaus said.

“Why do you keep Esther’s coffin,” Bella asked.

“Anya, my mother’s mentor, she preserved her body after I killed her,” Klaus said, “That meant that Esther could come back if she had enough power from the other side. I knew that if she came back, she’d want revenge, I didn’t want that, so I did the most sensible thing and I took her body. I’ve kept it locked away and had some witches bind it, and I’ve kept it out of sight. How do you know about it?”

“The book,” Bella said, “It said you had the coffins of 3 of your siblings, and your mother. I just couldn’t figure out why keep your mother’s coffin if you didn’t like her.”

“What happened to your mother?” Klaus asked.

“I don’t have a mother,” Bella said sternly, “Renee stopped being a mother a long time ago, and we no longer speak to each other.”

Klaus nodded, “I’m going to get going it was nice speaking with you Bella.”

“If you decide you want me to do the binding, you know where I live Klaus, and I’m sure in your Bella 101 research you found my number,” Bella said as she walked behind Klaus to the door.

“If I decide, I’ll tell you ahead of time Bella,” Klaus said, “And you should know, I’m your neighbor.”

“You’re my neighbor?” Bella asked.

Klaus nodded, “I’ve been living in the house next to yours for a while now, but when I did my research I figured out we were neighbors.”

Bella laughed, “Who would’ve thought my neighbor would be an original.”

“Just your luck Bella,” Klaus said as he walked out of the house.

“Goodbye Klaus,” Bella said.

“Goodbye Bella,” Klaus said as he got into his car and drove off. Bella walked to her room and called Riley to fill in on her day.

“This town is crawling with vampires,” Riley said, “Most of them don’t want to do us any harm but others just want everything as food.”

“What are you going to do?” Bella asked.

“Carry around a stake,” Riley said with a chuckle.

Bella laughed, “Because that won’t draw attention to you at all.”

“It won’t I can go into stealth mode if I wanted to,” Riley said.

“No you can’t, Vicky can do Stealth mode, you can’t,” Bella said, “How is Vicky?”

“She’s great, she’s enjoying sleeping more than anything right now,” Riley said, “She’s currently out house shopping, she wants somewhere where she can completely re-decorate.”

Bella laughed, “So what is she going to buy?”

“There’s a rundown mansion next door to ours, and she’s signing the papers to buy that one. I’ll do the re-building and she’ll do the redecorating. It’ll occupy our time here, and keep us away from the vampires in town.” Riley said.

“What will you do when you’re done?” Bella asked.

“Who knows, maybe we’ll keep it,” Riley said, “How’s New York?”

“It’s good,” Bella said, “I feel different here, this place doesn’t hold all the memories that Forks did, and I feel more independent.”

“I’m glad Bells, so find him yet?” Riley asked.

Bella laughed, “No Riley, in all honesty, I haven’t been looking. If its fate, and I’m meant to be a vampire witch, we’ll find each other. It’ll be fate.”

Riley chuckled, “I never would’ve pictured you as the type of person to believe in fate.”

“I wasn’t but I got to thinking the other day, if I was meant to be this all powerful vampire witch, then my soul mate would meet me, there isn’t a point to having to look for him. We’d find each other. Just like you and Vicky found each other, we would find each other. If this is what fate wants, we’ll find each other,” Bella said.

“I hope you do,” Riley said, “You deserve to be happy Bells.”

“I’m going to go to sleep Ry,” Bella said, “I’ll talk to you tomorrow, tell Vicky to text me later.”


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  1. Love the budding friendship with Klaus.
    Riley and Vicky would have to stay on their toes in Mystic Falls. Supernatural hotspot.


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