Reaping of New Orleans: Chapter 8

ronol Chapter 8

Author’s Note

Sorry this is late.

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy


-Page Break-

Bella knocked on the door to Davina’s room as she wanted to check on how the young girl was doing. It was one in the afternoon and she had just gotten out of bed. As promised the day before Klaus had spent the night and most of the morning with her in bed. She still felt the ache in her chest at losing Charlie, but at least now she could rest knowing that he was at peace.

“Come in.” Davina said as she stood in her room, she didn’t bother to turn around as she knew who it was. Bella looked at her strangely as she caught the very sad tone in the girl’s voice.

“You doing okay there?” Bella asked entering the room she took in the girl’s face obviously noticing she hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before.

Davina shrugged her shoulders.  “How am I supposed to feel knowing that in a few hours my throat is going to get slit in order to satisfy some sadistic ritual required by spirits?”

“Yeah, I imagine it’s a mixture of a lot of different feelings, so I won’t wait for an answer.” Bella said as she took a seat on the girl’s bed. “If it helps at all, it’s like sleeping. You won’t feel anything really, I’ll have you back before you know it.”

Davina sighed as Bella’ words made her feel a slight bit better. “That makes me feel a bit better, but I still can’t help but feel scared. I don’t know what I can do to get these nerves to go away. I feel like at any moment my heart is going to beat out of my chest. It’s like it’s racing at a hundred miles per minute.”

“What you’re feeling is natural.” Bella replied as it bother her greatly to see Davina this way. “I’d be worried if you were calmer about this, to be honest. You’re still human, Davina, it’s normal for you to feel this way. When this is all done with, you’ll go back to being the same teen witch you were before. Only you know, now you’ll be living with vampires, hybrids and reapers.”

Davina smiled at Bella’s words a part of her relaxing as she knew for sure now that she would have a place here once this is all over. “Will it hurt coming back?” She questioned nervously.

“I don’t think so, Henri said it was like a pull.” Bella said with a shrug. “Because you’ll be brought back right after your death I don’t think you’ll really feel anything.”

“I’m sorry about your dad.” Davina said breaking the silent that had taken over the room. “Henrik told me about it. I imagine it really sucks to lose someone you love so much.”

Bella laughed lightly, “You have no idea how much it sucks, but we all have to lose someone we love at one point or another. It’s only natural.”

Davina nodded. “I watched my best friend die… does that count?”

Bella smiled. “Oh yeah, that definitely counts. What do you say if after this ritual is taken care of I take you shopping? Rebekah and Kol will love to do a useless amount of shopping… I swear it’s like a hobby for the two of them.”

Davina laughed and shrugged her shoulders. “I’m not really that into shopping to be honest, I’ve never been one for walking around for hours and trying on clothes I’d probably never wear.”

“Neither am I,” Bella replied with a smile. “That’s why Rebekah and Kol would be going. It’d be better to let them do all the shopping while you and watch, what I say, is a silent competition between the two of them to see who can beat the other in best clothes. We’ll take Henrik along so that he can settle the two down when they get out of hand.”

Davina laughed, “Does this really happen? Do they really get competitive about shopping?”

“They get competitive about everything. Shopping is just the most human thing they do. You should see Kol flirt with the sales lady…” Bella shook her head with a smirk. “He doesn’t need to compel them to get them to do what he pleases. I swear that man can lay on the charm thickly when he wants something.”

-Page Break-

Bella smiled as she sat down beside Elijah in the library of the house.“Do you think you and I can go into town at one point and take a look through the art museums?”

Elijah smiled setting his book down and putting his attention on Bella. “You really wish to go?”

“Of course I do.” Bella responded with a smile. “I’m bored in here, so I asked Klaus to get me tickets to a museum opening this weekend. I want you to be my date.”

Elijah chuckled, “And why is that?”

Bella grinned, “Because it’s a museum dedicated to the construction of this beautiful city. I know you’d enjoy the memories more than Klaus and Rebekah would, and I’d like to hear how this place used to be from someone who was here and truly enjoyed being here.”

“I’d love to go with you,” Elijah responded, “As long as you swear to not put yourself in any harm during the evening.”

Bella smiled she held her hand out to Elijah. “You Eli, have a deal.”

Elijah laughed noticing her obvious change in attitude, “Being pregnant has certainly made you happier.”

Bella frowned. “Marco said the same thing yesterday. Though, I’m really just blaming my current mood on finally setting Charlie free. I’ve always been happy I just think at the moment I’m expressing it more, that is what I’m blaming on being pregnant. I suspect that if I were to get angry I’d express it more as well.”

“Then I hope no one makes you angry. I think you’re capable of wiping out an entire town if you get even the slightest bit upset.” Elijah responded with a smirk.

Bella smirked, “I highly doubt I’ll be able to go my entire pregnancy without killing a handful of people. I’m bound to at some point kill someone for looking at me the wrong way, which I’m sure I can blame on the hormones.” Bella paused for a moment before she smiled. “Now that I think of it, I’m sure before my babies are born I will have had tried to kill Kol a handful of times.”

“Is that so?” Kol questioned entering the study.

Bella smiled at him. “You tend to get on my nerves with ease, I think it’s a talent of yours.”

Kol smirked at her words. “It’s not my fault you make it all too easy to do. Has Henrik told you the genders of the babies?” Kol questioned curiously as he had a bet going with Rebekah on what the genders will be.

Elijah turned to Bella wondering the same thing. “It would help to know so you can begin to get what you need.”

Bella smiled and put a hand on her stomach. “No, I’ve decided I don’t want to know yet. And when I do find out I’ve sworn Henri to secrecy. No one but Klaus will know, it seems the two of you will have to wait until the day I give birth to know.”

“Is that really necessary?” Kol questioned a smirk lighting up his face as he continued to speak. “I’m sure I can get it out of you sooner or later.”

Bella looked to Elijah with a pointed look. “This is what I mean by trying to kill Kol. My pregnancy has barely started and I’m already tempted to smash his head in.” Bella stood with a sigh. “I suppose it’s about time I get changed and ready to go to this ritual.”

Bella left the room and headed up to her own. She sat down on the edge of the bed as a wave of sadness hit her. She put a hand on her stomach. “You’re really messing with my moods.” She whispered to her children.

“Henrik is insisting its normal.” Klaus said from the doorway. “If you do not wish to go tonight I’m sure the girl will understand.”

Bella smiled. “I want to go, I just got sad thinking of Charlie for a moment.” She stood up and walked over to her closet. “I’m going to ask your brother to buy me some maternity clothes I don’t think I’ll be fitting into my regular clothes any longer.”

“Why would you ask Kol and not Rebekah?” Klaus questioned as he entered the room fully shutting the door behind him.

“Because if I were to leave it to Bekah I’d have dozens and dozens of brightly colored shirts that I cringe at the mere thought of. Kol oddly enough understands what I want more, and when he’s buying things he won’t ask for my opinion every 5 minutes. Your brother is very sure of himself when he does something.” Bella responded she put on a pair of jeans and sighed as they just barely closed. She put on a t-shirt not really wanting anything more than just casual.

Klaus chuckled at Bella’s face. “You look beautiful.”

Bella rolled her eyes and smirked. “That’s what you say now, but in due time I’ll get so big I’d have to be rolled around.”

Klaus smiled, “It doesn’t matter how you look, love.”

Bella shrugged. “Just a fair warning when I get bigger I will become angry if a stranger attempts to touch my stomach. I’ve seen people do it to other pregnant women before, and I can tell you now I don’t want some stranger rubbing their hand all over my stomach.”

Klaus chuckled, “I’m sure your glare alone will make them run in the other direction.” Klaus put his hands on either side of her face and smiled. “You truly are beautiful. I’m a very lucky man.”

Bella smiled, “I love you.” She whispered as she leaned up and met his lips with her own. She tangled her hand in his hair and brought him closer to her.

“I love you, Isabella.” Klaus said once they pulled apart. “Please try not to do anything that would put yourself in danger. Let your brother get hurt not you.”

Bella laughed at Klaus’s words. “I know, Marco is already beginning to insist I stay in permanent bed rest until I give birth. I swear you all think I’m going to jump off a cliff.”

“I know you wouldn’t jump off a cliff, but you will go after a coven of witches if they so much as look at you the wrong way. I don’t want you to put any stress on yourself, you’ve already been through enough with losing Charlie. You don’t need your body to become emotionally exhausted, that wouldn’t help the babies.” Klaus responded he cupped her cheek. “If you want someone to die I’d be more than pleased to do it for you. All you have to do is say the word.”

Bella smirked, “I’ll keep that in mind, but you should know I might end up giving you a very large list.”

“I’d find nothing more enjoyable than seeking revenge on your behalf.” Klaus responded as he leaned down and kissed Bella. He pulled back and caressed her cheek. “We’ll all be going tonight.” He informed her.

Bella raised a brown in surprise. “Really? I wasn’t aware of that.”

“No one wants to risk Marcel attacking and putting you in any sort of danger.” Klaus replied, he rested a hand on her stomach enjoying the feel of it getting slightly bigger, but it was still not noticeable. “Everyone is going to do everything in their power to make sure you don’t have to do a thing tonight. No one wants you to get hurt during this.”

“I feel like a kid.” She admitted. “Everyone is treating me like I’m some doll that can’t be moved or else I’ll break. To be honest, it feels like when I was with Edward and I really hate that feeling.”

Klaus nodded, “I know, love.” He kissed her forehead. “We’re all just worried at the moment. Once things calm down a bit I’m sure you can go back to creating trouble with Kol and Henrik. Then Marco and I can continue to fix it all.”

Bella laughed, “You promise?” She questioned with a smirk. “Because there’s nothing I would love more than to cause some trouble with your brothers, and now I can take Davina with me and can you just imagine everything the four of us could do together?”

Klaus chuckled, “I rather not think of what you might be able to do.”

-Page Break-

Henrik knocked on Davina’s door as everyone was outside waiting for her to come down. He had volunteered to come and check on her. “Hey.” He said cautiously as he entered the room seeing her pacing at the foot of her bed. “You doing okay?”

Davina turned to Henrik and shrugged, “I guess… I don’t know… How am I supposed to be right now? I’m about to go off and die.”

Henrik smiled lightly. “Being the only one here who was ever truly dead, I can understand what you might be feeling.”

“Right…” Davina said looking to Henrik. “Bella brought you back. Can she still do it? It won’t hurt her babies will it?”

Henrik nodded, “Her babies will be just fine. Nothing is going to stop Elle from bringing you back to life. She’s been insistent on doing it herself, Marco offered to do it as well if Elle can’t manage it. You shouldn’t worry about this, you don’t realize you’re dying until you wake up on the other side, and Elle will have you back to life before you make it to the other side. It’ll just be like you’ve taken a nap.”

“Do you really think so?” Davina asked not trying to hide the fear from her voice.  “I’m terrified of dying, Henrik.”

“It’s normal, just know that it will never be permanent.” Henrik said with a warm smile. “Would you like to go to the ritual with me?”

“What’s the real difference?” Davina asked curiously.

“We go on a motorcycle.” Henrik replied with a smirk. “It’ll also give you some time to think, and it’s actually really enjoyable to be on a motorcycle.”

Davina smiled, “I’ve never been on a motorcycle.”

Henrik held out his hand for her to take. “Let’s change that then.”

Bella smiled as she turned to the door and saw Henrik coming out leading Davina towards his bike. “How long do you think it will take for them to start dating?” Bella questioned Klaus as they were going alone as it seemed Henrik and Davina wouldn’t be riding with them after all.

“A few weeks at the most.” Klaus responded as he started the car, he followed the car Elijah, Kol, Marco and Rebekah were going in. “You seem to rub off on Henrik, so I assume he’d wait for her to make the first move, and I’m assuming because Davina is very shy she won’t. Then eventually you’ll grow annoyed and you’ll intervene. That’ll be when they officially begin to date.”

“I will not intervene!” Bella protested crossing her arms over her chest.

Klaus chuckled, “You will always intervene when it comes to Henrik.”

Bella frowned, “No, this time I won’t.” Bella assured determined to do as she said.

Klaus chuckled at Bella’s attitude. He didn’t say another word on it knowing that at this moment she was determined, but sooner or later she would find some way to get involved.

-Page Break-

Bella stood under an umbrella she was sharing with Klaus. As soon as they had arrived at the cemetery the rain began to pour down on them. She watched as Henrik stood beside Davina sharing his own umbrella with her. She reached over and held onto Klaus’s hand something about seeing Davina die was already getting under her skin. She glanced to her side and looked to her brother.

This really sucks –B

Marco turned to her and smiled as this had been the first time since he had returned that she had willingly entered his mind. Yeah, it does. How are you doing? –M

Bad. She’s too young for this, Marc. Far too young to go through this… -B

Marco smiled softly at his sister. You were young too, but you made it just fine. She has a lot of people at her side, she’ll be fine. I can bring her back if you can’t do it. –M

I promised her I would bring her back, and I will bring her back. At all costs. –B

Marco nodded, he leaned over and kissed the temple of his sister’s head. Thanks for not stabbing lately. –M

Thanks for being a pain in my ass. –B

Bella smiled at her brother before turning back to Klaus. She leaned into his side taking comfort in his warmth. It seemed the knots in her stomach calmed when she was close to him something she blamed on the growing children inside her. Bella met Davina’s eyes as the ritual would start at any moment. Bella nodded to Davina giving the girl the silent promise she needed, no matter what happened she would be brought back to life by the end of the night.

Davina looked to Henrik as Sophie and Jane-Ann approached. She nervously stepped back her white dress becoming wet as she stood under the rain now. Henrik put his hand on her back stalling her movements. He leaned down to whisper in her ear. “It’ll be fine, I promise. You won’t feel a thing, just focus on me.”

Davina nodded, she stepped closer and stood at the altar she looked down and saw the four bodies of her friends laid out beside her feet. She took in a deep breath and tried to calm her nerves. She briefly caught the glimpse of the knife as it was being hovered over the fire by Jane-Ann. Her eyes landed on Henrik and she kept his gaze as her ears caught the sound of Jane-Ann stepping closer.

“Do you believe in the Harvest?” Jane-Ann questioned as she held the knife tightly in her grip, her hands trembling with the need to kill this girl in order to get her own daughter back.

Davina nodded her head, the words getting caught in her throat. She looked over Jane-Ann’s shoulder and saw Bella and then Henrik. She nodded her head again, “I believe.” She responded, the words coming out calmly as she knew that Bella would bring her back. She met Henrik’s gaze not wanting to see the blade being brought up to her neck.

Jane-Ann brought the blade against her throat using enough force to practically slice the girl’s head off. She stiffened as she heard the growl from Bella knowing she had used the blade too forcefully on Davina.

Henrik blurred over dropping his umbrella as he moved to catch Davina as she fell backwards. He kneeled and brought her down gently onto the ground. “It’s just like sleeping, give into it.” He whispered into her ear knowing the more she fought to stay alive the harder this would be. He felt as her chest gave its last breath before completely coming to a stop. His eyes met Bella’s as he finished resting her beside the other deceased girls. He stood and ran his hand through his wet hair as he looked at the body before him.

Bella held tightly to Klaus’s hand while Davina had been killed. She had been unable to hold back her anger at the force and anger Jane-Ann had slit Davina’s throat. The growl that escaped her mouth had been one of pure anger as she knew the force had only made this more painful for Davina. It had been worst when she had noticed Henrik had been using his magic to take the pain Davina was meant to feel and projecting it on himself to prevent her from feeling anything. If it hadn’t been for the hold she had on Klaus’s hand she would’ve attacked the elder witch at that moment, but once she resurrected Davina she would at the very least yell at the stupid witch.

Bella squeezed Klaus’s hand one final time before she stepped forward and walked with a calm stride towards Henrik. She put a hand on his shoulder pulling him back as she stepped forward kneeling down at the head of Davina’s lifeless body. She rested her hand on the girls head and focused her ability on bringing the girl back. Bella watched as the wound slowly healed itself before Davina’s chest began to rise and fall from her breathing. She stood and turned to Henrik. “Take her home, she’ll wake up any minute, but she should get some sleep. Stay with her, I doubt she’ll be okay by herself.”

Henrik only nodded, he picked up the girl in his arms and blurred away. Bella turned to Jane-Ann and her eyes flashed with anger as she stared at the witch. She smirked as the witch had the good sense to step back in fear. “What do you think you were doing?” Bella questioned as she glared at the witch. She briefly caught Marco blur towards Sophie to prevent her from stepping in. “YOU PRACTICALLY CHOPPED HER HEAD RIGHT OFF!” Bella said not being able to hold back her anger. She took another step forward standing just in front of the witch. “I should kill you.” Bella whispered, “How dare you cause more pain to that girl!” Bella’s hand went up to wrap around Jane-Ann’s throat bringing her up against the stone of a nearby headstone. Jane-Ann’s feet dangled above the ground as Bella held her with great force againt the headstone. “Come near that girl again, cause her any sort of harm or distress and I’ll make sure you take your last breath.”

A wide smirk made its way across her face as she remembered Klaus’s offer. “I might not be the one to kill you, but my dear fiancé over there offered to kill anyone I asked, and you might just be the first. Hurt her again and I’ll have your head chopped right off.” Bella threw Jane-Ann to the floor and dusted her hands off. She turned to the originals with an innocent look on her face. She noticed her brother had already brought back the three remaining girls. “I guess our work here is done.”

-Page Break-

Bella smiled as she and Klaus were the last to reach the house. She turned to face him before they got out of the car. “Thank you.” She said as she undid her seatbelt.

Klaus looked to her curiously, “I don’t understand what you’re thanking me for, love.”

“For not treating me like a kid tonight.” Bella responded with a smile.

“I don’t like the idea of you feeling like you did when you were with that boy.” Klaus responded simply, he reached over and kissed the back of Bella’s hand.

Bella smiled, “It’ll pass with time, I’m sure of it.” Bella smiled as Klaus quickly got out of the car and opened the door for her. She smirked widely as he offered her his hand as she got out. “Well, you’re certainly being a gentlemen today.” She teased.

Klaus smirked, “I’m always a gentlemen, love.” He put his arm around her and walked with her up the steps.

They both halted once they reached the door as they heard the sound of a car behind them. Bella looked to Klaus curiously. “You don’t think Finn is coming sooner than we thought, do you?” Bella questioned as she looked to the car.

Klaus sighed, “I think he has just arrived.” He looked to Bella with a smirk. “Are you going to tell him the news, or should I?”

Bella smirked, “Let’s wait a bit before telling him. I think once Bekah knows Sage is here things should get interesting. I’m really quite grateful your sister likes me, I’d hate to be in Sage’s place.”

Klaus chuckled, “Anyone would hate to be on my sister’s bad side.”

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    Klaus was the perfect guy in this chapter. protective, but not controlling or hovering…. I swoooooon over your Klaus. 🙂
    Henrik and Davina are going to be cute. I love that everyone, including Klaus thinks Bella will get involved to help them get together. hehe

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