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This was supposed to go up about a week ago, but I started feeling a little sick and never got around to posting it. Next week I will be posting a chapter update, hopefully to either the Storm or Heavy Soul!

For now, here is a Teen Wolf one-shot!

Keep Me Warm

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!

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UPDATE! NEW Recyclables!


Well, I have quite a few things for you today! I hope you all enjoy it, and I’m wishing that I’ll have something else to post on Friday!

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Twilight and Vampire Diaries:

Over The Hill (Me Myself and I): Bella S. Klaus M.

Something Breaks (Goner): Bella S. Elijah M.

Green (Novocaine):  Bella S. Klaus M.

Unexpected Entry (Cold Night): Bella S. Jeremy G.

Bearing Fruit (We Like It Loud): Bella S. Klaus M.

It’s All a Sham (Tiptoe): Bella S. Klaus M.

Twilight and Teen Wolf

Worst In Me: No Pairing

Worst In Me Part Two: Bella S. Peter Hale

Twilight and C.S.I. Miami

Money (On A Wire): Bella S. Ryan W.


UPDATE! NEW One-shot


As promised, today I have a new one-shot, and I’m currently really into this show so maybe expect a few more one-shots of this nature. I’ve never written a Twilight/Teen Wolf crossover before, but I do hope you all enjoy it still.

Give Me Something

I hope you all enjoy it, and tomorrow I will posting some recyclables!

I’ll see you all tomorrow!

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!


UPDATE! Heavy Soul


I’ve had this chapter ready to post for almost a month, I just didn’t know if it would make sense. So I had to wait and get some encouragement before I posted it. But better late than never right? As an apology tomorrow I’ll have a one-shot up and some new recyclables. But for right now here is an update for Heavy Soul.

Chapter Eleven: The Truth is a Terrible Thing

By the way, it’s my goal to finish this story before the end of October, so lets all take a moment and cross our fingers!

Thank you for sticking around and putting off with the sporadic postings.

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