I Love You

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Author’s Note

WARNING: The contents of this chapter were completely necessary.

Let’s see how this story goes.

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Bella smiled as most of her dragons left to hunt early that morning. Only two had stayed behind, Spencer and Trevor. Spencer had asked Bella to help him learn to fight more, and that was something Bella couldn’t deny to do. Trevor had stayed just to make sure Bella was going to be okay throughout the day, after the ritual ended then night before he was worried at some point she’d break.

“You can come hunting with me and Trevor when we go later today.” Bella said to Spencer with a smile. “For now, let’s get into the fighting. Because you won’t hit me at full force, you’re going to be hitting Trevor.”

Trevor smiled at Spencer. “Don’t worry, I don’t bruise easily.”

Bella smiled and followed the two boys outside, “You’re going to fight in a moment, just watch for a second and see how Trevor and I fight.”

Bella and Trevor looked at each other as they only stood a few feet from one another. “On the count of three.” Bella said as she got ready to fight.

Trevor nodded, he counted off in his head and he took his transformation just as Bella did. He crouched down and growled to be met by Bella’s growl. His instinct was to back down, but he knew Bella wanted this so she could teach Spencer a few things. He dodged her tail that came to swipe at his feet, but he didn’t have enough time to dodge the hit that came for his gut. He growled out, but didn’t break out of his fighting stance, he too used his tail and made a swipe for her ankles in an attempt to knock her over.

Bella smiled and jumped, she twirled around just in time and hit Trevor in the neck with her tail. She landed on top of him and had her foot to his neck. “You’re really losing your touch.”

Trevor grabbed her foot and threw her off of him. “I’m not losing anything, you’re just too good to fight against.”

Bella smiled and stood up. “Well, that’s a nice compliment.” Bella looked to Spencer. “This was short, but you’ll be going longer when you fight with Trevor. Use your instincts, let your body tell you what to do. I’ll be correcting your stance and your movements from the sidelines.” Bella patted Spencer on the back and pushed him towards Trevor. “Don’t hold back, Spencer, give him everything you have.”

Spencer nodded he straightened his shoulders and faced Trevor. He took on the same stance Bella had before and got ready to fight.

Bella watched as he moved, she tilted as she saw he could really easily do everything Trevor was doing. It seemed to her he could easily mimic someone’s movement, something she knew could be of great use when fighting. His movements weren’t entirely perfect, but they were good.

-Page Break-

Klaus walked up the Gilbert house and knocked on the door deciding to be civil. He stepped back as it opened and he saw Elena’s glare. “Hello, love.”

Elena went to close the door, but Klaus stretched out his hand and stopped her from doing so. “What do you want?” She said through gritted teeth, her glare towards Klaus growing more heated.

Klaus smirked, “No need to worry, love, I didn’t come to speak to you this morning. I came to speak to that brother of yours, is he home?”

“You’re not getting anywhere near, Jeremy.” Elena said her voice filled with anger. She slammed the door shut on Klaus locking it for extra precaution.

Klaus’s eyes turned murderous as he wasn’t one to enjoy being treated so rudely, he was about to think of a way to break in but paused as he heard rustling from the side of the house. A smirk came across his face as who he assumed to be Jeremy now approached him.

“You wanted to talk?” Jeremy said as he stared at the original. The fact that he was a very powerful original wasn’t what was making him nervous. Jeremy was more nervous on the fact that he was Bella’s father.

Klaus smirked, “That I did, let’s take a walk. I don’t wish for your sister to interrupt us.”

Jeremy nodded, he walked beside Klaus in silence. He sighed out in annoyance as minutes passed and nothing was said, so he decided to break the silent. “I’m guessing you really must hate me.”

Klaus chuckled, “Not particularly, no.” Klaus looked around. “Isabella is a daughter to me as I’m sure you’re aware of. I care very deeply for her, and no father enjoys seeing their daughter hurt. I will admit that I hold very negative feelings towards you when it comes to her. You hurt her and if it were anyone else I would’ve had their head by now, but my daughter loves you. She’s not one to hand out her love easily and so I believe that you must be worthy of it in someway.”

“So what are you here for?” Jeremy questioned as he looked around seeing as how they were walking around aimlessly. “I’m guessing you came here for a reason.”

“Yes, you’re quite right.” Klaus responded with a smirk. “Do I make you nervous, Mr. Gilbert?”

“Yes, but it’s less of the fact that you’re an original, and more to do with you being Bella’s father.” Jeremy replied with a shrug. “No guy supernatural or not likes meeting the father of the girl they’re in love with.”

Klaus chuckled at his words. “I suspect that is something to be nervous about. Though at this point I highly doubt anything I say or do will stop Isabella from seeing you.  You were right, Mr. Gilbert I am here for something. Isabella is going to try everything in her power to try and push you away. Not because she doesn’t feel anything for you, but because she feels as if it isn’t worth it anymore. I’m here to ask that you not give up on my daughter. She loves you, but it just happens to be a tough emotion for her to deal with. I’ve always believe love is a weakness, and it seems that thought has creeped its way into Isabella’s mind. Do not let her push you away, do whatever it takes to keep her, I can assure you she’s worth it.”

Jeremy smiled, “She’s more than worth it.” He replied. “I get that we left things off on a bad side, but know that when I say that I love your daughter I mean it. I don’t want to be without her, so I will do anything I have to in order to be with her.”

Jeremy looked at Klaus fully. “She’s all I can think about anymore, and you have no idea how much it hurts to know that I made her so sad. All I really want her to be is happy, and I know that I can make her happy. I just have to wait for her to come around, I’m sure you know she’s still avoiding seeing me. I really messed things up between us.”

“Don’t take all the blame.” Klaus said, he would have to take a more direct approach on this matter. As he saw things now, his daughter would only keep her distance and Jeremy wouldn’t invade her space in a move to respect her. They would both tiptoe around each other until one of them made a move, and because Jeremy was too afraid of losing Bella he wouldn’t make the first move. So Klaus would nudge him in the right direction.

-Page Break-

Bella smiled as Trevor and Spencer continued on with their fighting as Spencer was becoming better as the minutes passed. She headed to the door as she heard the doorbell ring. She figured it was her father that wanted to talk about his transformation the night before. She opened the door, but stood shocked as it wasn’t her father.

“Jeremy?” Bella questioned as she looked at him wondering how he had figured out where she was.

“Your dad dropped some not so subtle hints that this is where you were staying.” Jeremy said, he ran his hand through his hair nervously. “I just wanted to see you. You scared me and talking to you through a screen isn’t as good as in person.”

Bella smiled, “It’s not the same.” She agreed, she didn’t realize how much seeing Jeremy in person would take away all her negative feelings. Just being close to him was making her feel better. Bella stepped closer and hugged Jeremy. Pressing her head into the curve of his neck and taking in his scent.

Jeremy hugged Bella keeping her close to him. “I missed this. I missed you. I’m sorry, Isa.”

Bella nodded. “It sucked.” She mumbled lightly. “It really hurt what you said.”

“I didn’t mean it. I could never mean what I said.” Jeremy said he kissed Bella’s head. “I think you’re beautiful and way out of my league. I didn’t think of you as a monster, I never could. You’ll always be amazing in my eyes, Isa.”

Bella sighed. “It still hurts.” She admitted, she stepped back and looked at Jeremy. “This feeling of hurt, it’s still there. What if I can’t get rid of it? What if I can never forget what you said to me and I just can’t let it all go?”

“I don’t want you to let it go. I just want you to understand that I love you, and I think you’re the most amazing person on this planet. I want you to remember that I was hurt so I acted out, it’s what I do, but no matter what I say or do I’ll always love you and you’ll always be the most incredible person to me.” Jeremy replied.

Bella sighed, “Jeremy I can’t…”

Jeremy moved forward not allowing her to finish her sentence. He put his arms around her and crashed his lips onto hers. He kissed her wanting to make her feel what he felt, he needed her to stop backing away from him. He wasn’t going to allow her to do it any longer, her father had a point and he had to stop her from pulling away. Jeremy pulled back from their kiss but kept his arms tightly around her securing her to him. “I get it, you’re scared and so am I, but I won’t let you go and you won’t be able to push me away.”

“Technically I can push you away, I have a lot more strength than you.” Bella responded with a small smile.

Jeremy smiled, “But you won’t use it. You feel the same way I do, and being apart really sucks.”

Bella nodded, “We can try again.”

Jeremy grinned. “Good cause it would have sucked to have had come all this way and not convince you. And I’m sure your dad would have my head if I wasn’t able to get you to see that we have was worth it.”

“My dad had a talk with you?” Bella questioned curiously, at Jeremy’s nod she laughed. “He didn’t scare you did he?”

“Oh he terrified me.” Jeremy said with a smile. “But he cares a lot about you, he was the one that led me all the way here.”

“If we’re to do this again, you should know that I really hate your sister.” Bella said suddenly.

Jeremy laughed, “I figured. With the way she’s been acting lately I can understand.” He paused and his face turned into a frown. “Did you really give her your life?”

Bella shrugged. “There’s only one way to kill me, and I have to be the one to do it. I didn’t kill Elena or myself so I figured it was a perfect loophole. It’s worn off by now, she’s no longer tied to me in any way.”

Jeremy sighed, “Don’t do that again. Please. You have no idea how much it hurt to see you dead, and there was nothing I could do to help you.”

Bella nodded, “Never again.”

-Page Break-

Bella sat close to Jeremy’s side as they watched Trevor and Spencer continue on with their training. Bella looked over to Jeremy who was watching the two intently. “It’s cool right?”

Jeremy nodded, he looked to Bella. “Why don’t you refer to Charlie as your father?” Jeremy questioned curiously as he felt he needed to know more about her.

Bella sighed, “I loved Charlie, Jeremy. He was a great man, but I wasn’t his first concern. I never was. It was Renee first and when she left him, it was his job that came first. When I went to go live with him, he tried to be a good dad, but he still didn’t really care about me. I was a second priority, his job came first to him and it’s easier to just see him as Charlie than to try and force myself to see him as my father.”

“And this Edward guy?” Jeremy questioned. “Did you love him?”

Bella looked to Jeremy and sighed. “Do you really want to know?”

Jeremy nodded, “I want to know everything about you, Isa.”

Bella took in a deep breath, “I loved Edward. There was a time I would do anything he asked of me. I was so hopelessly in love with him, that I ignored all the manipulative things he would do to me. Edward was my first love, but he was also my first heartbreak. When he left me, it broke me. I felt dead inside, like nothing else really mattered because he wasn’t there. Then he became less important when the lives of everyone around me were put in danger. When Charlie died, I lost it. The way I see, it was Edward’s fault this had all happened to me. If he had just listened and killed Victoria when he had a chance Charlie wouldn’t have died. If he had just let me turn, I wouldn’t have been so weak. All that ever mattered to Edward was what he wanted, what he believed and his wishes. That became clear to me and came to hate him for it. When Nik came along, he helped me deal with everything that was happening, and everything I was dealing with. I saw Edward again before I moved to Mystic Falls, he was with his family in Alaska. None of them saw me, but I saw them. I wanted to hate him, but when I saw him again I couldn’t find it in myself to hate him. I still held feelings for him and that was the scariest thing I knew. I haven’t seen Edward since, and I can honestly tell you Jeremy that I no longer hold any feelings for him. You changed that.”

“How?” Jeremy questioned. “By the sound of it you really loved him and not that long ago you still held feelings for him, so how could that change so quickly?”

“As alpha dragon, I was given two potential mates. Two different men who had the potential to help me, to keep me balanced. Edward was the first mate, because Edward and I ended that didn’t mean the bond of mates was truly destroyed. I hadn’t truly claimed someone as my mate, yet. That meant I would still hold feelings for Edward until I did. Once I claimed a mate, all feelings for Edward would be gone because he would no longer be a potential mate.” Bella replied she played with her hands as she knew Jeremy was piecing everything together.

“I’m the other potential mate.” Jeremy whispered he looked to Bella as he caught what she had implied. “You claimed me?”

Bella blushed lightly. “It wasn’t something I could help but do. I knew you were it when we met, I wouldn’t have been able to claim you unless you had already on some level done the same for me.”

“I claimed you? How?” Jeremy questioned.

“When you kissed me. It cemented it, you cemented your claim on me. You’re human, but some part of you knew it was meant for more and you staked your claim before anyone else could.” Bella replied simply.

“I’m supposed to become like you, a dragon.” Jeremy questioned curiously.

“If it’s what you want. I won’t force you to do anything, Jeremy. You’ll always have a choice to make, and I won’t try and make it for you.” Bella replied, she stood up and held out her hand to him. “Trevor, Spencer and I are going to go hunting. Do you want to tag along?”

“My life won’t be in danger?” Jeremy questioned as he took her hand and stood.

Bella shook her head. “We don’t harm humans, Jeremy. And we’re not that violent of creatures the only time we get violent is when one of us is put in danger or someone tries to take our food away.” Bella smiled at him. “You’ll be fine, I promise.”

-Page Break-

Bella led Jeremy away from Spencer and Trevor. “Trev can be very competitive when it comes to hunting, so I’m sure he and Spencer will be fighting for who could get the biggest animal.”

“How often do you have to hunt?” Jeremy questioned as he walked beside Bella.

“I have to hunt about once a week, being alpha it takes a lot out of me. The other dragons they don’t have to hunt as often. Many of them can hunt once a month and be fine, but it’s different with me. If I don’t hunt every week I can get very angry and cranky.”

“So this is why you eat a lot of meat filled products?” Jeremy questioned with a smirk. “Why you’re always so picky with whatever you eat.”

Bella smiled, “I can’t help it, I need meat and I need animal blood to survive. And with these enhanced abilities, I can taste every chemical in a burger and some are just outright awful.”

Jeremy laughed, “You really are something special, Isa.”

Bella turned and looked to Jeremy with a smile. “You really think so?”

Jeremy stopped in his tracks he leaned down and attached his lips to Bella’s. He kissed her wanting to show her every emotion he had built up inside, all the love he truly held her for he wanted to let her feel it. “No matter what I might have said before, know that I didn’t mean it all. I see you as the most amazing person in the world and that will never change.”

Bella smiled, she reached up and ran her hand down Jeremy’s cheek. “I’m incredibly scared.” She admitted.

“Of what? I thought you were the strongest creature out there, what do you have to be scared of?” Jeremy asked.

“You.” Bella responded simply. “I have to take on my dragon form, and I’m afraid I’ll see disgust in your eyes. I’m afraid of feeling hurt again, I can’t feel that sort of pain twice, Jeremy.”

Jeremy took in a deep breath. “I know, and I will do whatever it takes to make sure you don’t feel that way again, I promise.”

Bella nodded she took a step back and away from Jeremy. “Are you sure?” Jeremy nodded and watched as Bella closed her eyes. He watched in utter amazement as her wings appeared stretching out behind her. Her large tail appearing and falling perfectly behind her, her horns appearing at the top of her head. She opened her eyes and watched nervously as Jeremy stepped closer.

Jeremy smiled at her. “Why are they multiple colors? Trevor’s were only one color and so was everyone else’s.”

Bella returned his smile with one of her own. “Every color represents a specific trait, something each dragon is exceptionally good at. Because I’m Alpha I hold all the traits, therefore my dragon form takes on every color to represent my status over there’s.”

Jeremy nodded, he ran his hands down Bella’s cheek. “How is it you make being a dragon look hot?”

Bella laughed loudly at his words and her entire body relaxed as she could feel him completely accepting her. “You might want to turn away, this is the messy part and I mean messy.”

Jeremy shook his head. “I came to watch you, not to turn the other way and to watch the trees.”

Bella sighed, “Fine, but if it gets too graphic for you I’d understand if you turn away.”

Jeremy rolled his eyes, “I really doubt it’s going to be so bad.”

Bella shrugged her shoulders. “You can believe whatever you wish.” She smiled and turned her head. She took in deep breath as she could hear the several deer coming her way. She jumped up her wings flapping in the wind as she hovered just above the three deer. Using her tail she grabbed one snapping its neck instantly. She came back down and sunk her fangs into its flesh.

Bella closed her eyes as the warm blood from the animal trickled down her throat. She felt the last drops of the blood enter her mouth and she opened her eyes. She glanced at Jeremy who to her surprise was still watching. Not wanting to see the look on his eyes when she bit into the animal, she closed her eyes. Her fangs cut into the flesh of the animal and she could feel the blood that had stuck to the tissue make a mess all over her face. She continued to eat only the parts she liked, she threw the body away from her and stood.

She looked to the other deer and she moved quickly tackling it onto the floor. She sunk her fangs into its neck letting its blood seep into her mouth. She truly did need to feed, the night before had taken more out of her than she expected and now that she started she wasn’t sure when she would be able to stop.

Bella opened her eyes their colors switching constantly as she took in a deep breath of relief as she was full. Her eyes went back to their original brown and she sighed in relief as she saw Jeremy was still there. “I’m not going to lie, I really thought you would have ran away.”

Jeremy chuckled, and stepped forward, “I thought it was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.” He wiped a drop of blood off of Bella’s cheek. He softly smiled at the amount of dried blood around her mouth. “You really make a mess, though.”

Bella laughed, “Yeah, come on there’s a stream not that far from here where I can wipe away some of this blood.” Bella turned around to walk away but stopped when Jeremy grabbed her hand. He tangled their fingers together. She watched as he stepped closer and slowly kissed her.

Bella looked at Jeremy in complete astonishment as he pulled back. “You- I have blood all over my mouth.”

Jeremy chuckled, “I’m well aware, but I really wanted to do that.” He motioned in front of them. “Lead the way.”

Bella smiled she moved and stood closely to Jeremy’s side as their hands stayed tangled together. She looked up at him and smiled. “I love you, Jeremy. Please, don’t take that lightly.”

Jeremy looked down at Bella and smiled. “I love you, Isa.” He replied he leaned down and kissed her head that being all that Bella needed to help her understand that he wasn’t going to leave her.

-Page Break-

Bella entered her father’s study, she smiled as she approached him on his desk. “What are you doing, Papa Nikki?”

Klaus looked up from the computer in front of him and looked at Bella curiously. “You certainly seem to be in a better mood. Something change?”

Bella rolled her eyes at her dad. “Please, you and I both know what has changed. You practically pushed us back together.”

“I wouldn’t say push, more like nudge.” Klaus responded he turned to his daughter with a large smirk on his face. “I’m assuming you and the boy are okay?”

Bella nodded her head she hopped up on the edge of the desk and looked to her dad. “Thank you, I would have probably avoided him until I couldn’t breathe anymore.”

Klaus nodded, “I figured as much. I’d do anything to see you happy, sweetheart.”

Bella smiled, “So you’re willing to walk me down the aisle tomorrow night?”

Klaus’s eyes widened at Bella’s words. “Don’t you think it’s a little soon to be getting married?”

“No, not at all.” Bella responded her face turning serious. “In fact, Jeremy and I have decided to do it as soon as possible, so it might happen tonight not tomorrow.”

“Isabella, I think you have to really think on this.” Klaus said standing up to look at his daughter. His expression was filled with worry as he looked at her worried she could be rushing things too soon.

Bella smiled at her dad, “Calm down, papa Nikki, I was only joking. Getting married at such a young age isn’t something I want to do. I just thought this was going to be funny, so what were you doing before I came in here?”

Klaus took his seat again and looked back to the computer. “I’m having a few things shipped to me.”

“Are you talking about four coffin shaped jails?” Bella said with excitement as this must mean he was coming close to wakening his family.

Klaus nodded. “I’m not sure I want to wake them, but I figured if I did I could do it here of all places.”

Bella smiled, “That would be fun.  Whatever happened to Elijah?”

“I bit him and when I came back to my regular form I daggered him.” Klaus responded, “He deserved it.”

Bella nodded in agreement. “He deserves a lot of things. Getting hit in the face with a bat would be the top of the list I would say.”

Klaus chuckled, “I agree, but he is family. It would be rude to knock his head off upon his awakening.”

Bella smiled and shrugged, “I don’t know, I think it would be interesting to see.”

“Where are your dragons?” Klaus questioned curiously.

“In town. They’re showing a movie or something, you know how this town does up their celebrations. They wanted to join in on the festivities. I’m meeting Jeremy later to join him.” Bella responded as she swung her feet about. She smiled at her father. “You want to join the rest of the dragons? They really like you, I mean you should hear how they talk about you sometimes. They think you’re this super cool person. I’m not saying that you aren’t super cool, but I swear these guys idolize you.”

Klaus chuckled, he shut his laptop. “Let’s go. I’ll buy you an ice cream.”

Bella rolled her eyes. “I’m not five, dad!” Bella followed him out the door. “Besides, I just got back from hunting, I don’t think I can eat anything for a while.”

“I thought you were just with the boy?” Klaus questioned.

“Stop calling him, ‘the boy’ his name is Jeremy.” Bella said, “And I was with him, he came with us to hunt, but then we sort of got into the water, so I had to take him home so he could get cleaned up. I told him I’d meet him in town once I showered and changed. I also really just wanted to stop by and thank you. Now that I’ve done all that we can go into town.”

-Page Break-

Jeremy shook his head as he had been walking in silence beside his sister, Bonnie and Caroline into town. Once he announced he was heading into town to join the festivities they had immediately tagged along, and as much as he tried he couldn’t get them to leave him alone. He only hoped he saw his Isa soon or one the dragons. Then he could detach himself from the three of them and hopefully have a good night.

“Ugh, come on let’s head in the other direction.” Elena said once she spotted Trevor knowing if he was nearby Bella wouldn’t be far.

“I couldn’t agree more!” Bonnie said with a glare towards Trevor.

Jeremy turned his head and sighed in relief as he saw Trevor. “You guys can go, I’m going to go hang out with Trevor.”

Elena grabbed her brother’s arm preventing him from moving forward. “Jeremy! You came to spend time with us!”

Jeremy released his arm from Elena and glared at his sister. “No, I came to spend time with my girlfriend and her family. You three just tagged along without an invitation.”

“That thing is not your girlfriend!” Elena practically shouted at her brother.

Jeremy glared at his sister. “Her name is Bella.” He stepped closer to his sister and glared down at her. “I love her, Elena. All of her. Nothing you say or do is going to keep me away from her, not ever. I suggest you watch how you talk about her, because I won’t be the only one who’s going to be angry. If you even remember what it is to be a sister you should be happy that your brother found someone like her. You know nothing about Bella, so don’t pretend to. She’s a better person than anyone in this town, she risked her life for you, and yet you treat her as if she’s less than you.”

Jeremy shook his head and took a step away from his sister and her friends. “If it comes down to it, Elena, I’ll choose her over you. You’re my sister and I love you, but my everything belongs to Bella. I can’t and I won’t live without her. If you want anything to do with me, if any of you do, then you’ll learn to accept Bella, because I won’t continue to deal with your behavior towards her. I love her, and I’ll stand by her side against anything, including you.” Jeremy put his hands in his pocket and walked away from his sister. He walked over to where Trevor sat with the other dragons, he knew they had heard everything he said but he kept quiet and so did they.

To Jeremy’s surprise all the dragons introduced themselves to him, and he doubted he needed to introduce himself to them, it was clear they had pieced together who he was. He took a seat beside Trevor and watched as the other dragons continued on with the activities. “Why are you sitting by yourself?” Jeremy questioned as he looked to Trevor.

Trevor shrugged, “It’s my job.” He replied simply. “When Isabella isn’t around I watch over them. It’s an unspoken rule. Because I’m the oldest dragon and Isabella’s right hand guy, I take care of them when she isn’t around. Once she does arrive I’ll join them and so will she.”

Jeremy smiled, “She’s really good at this, isn’t she?”

Trevor nodded, “The best. She takes care of all of us. Isabella has saved each and every one of us from living lonely and miserable lives. When I met her, I was living in a foster home. I was bullied every day of my life, until she came along. The foster home I was in,” Trevor shook his head at the memories. “It was hell. I got hit every day, I was moments away from ending my life. Isabella changed all of that. She went to school with me and made sure no one said one word against me. She became my best friend and my protector almost as soon as we met. Before I became a dragon, she treated me as family. She gave me a second chance at a new life. One with family and love. I wasn’t some weak human whose only dream was to die anymore, I was stronger. I owe her my life. We all do.”

Jeremy nodded. “Did you meet him?”

Trevor looked to Jeremy with a questioning look. “The guy before you?”

Jeremy nodded, “I know they were together when they were human, but did you ever see him?”

Trevor shook his head. “No. She keeps that part of her life under lock and key. I doubt Klaus has even met him and he’s her father. You’re not intimidated by this guy, are you?”

Jeremy chuckled, “No. I was just curious. You seem to know everything about her, I thought maybe you had seen him too. I also thought you might’ve gone to see him when she wasn’t looking.”

Trevor laughed, “Yeah, and get her angry when she did eventually find out. Not a chance. I don’t know everything about her, I know what she tells me. I think in a short amount of time you’ll know more than me.”

Jeremy was about to response when he could practically feel Bella approaching. He turned his head to the side and saw her making her way towards them with her dad. “Does he ever scare you?” Jeremy whispered to Trevor.

Trevor shrugged. “Not really, he’s actually pretty cool. I just think it’s different with you, because you’re dating his little girl. The love he has for her is strong and he’s going to naturally be protective of her. It’ll pass at some point in time.”

“I don’t think so.” Jeremy replied, he stood up and walked over to them. He smiled as Bella leaned up and kissed his cheek as soon as he approached. He turned to Klaus who just nodded towards him and walked away. “Is he always going to seem to hate me?”

Bella laughed. “He likes you, he just doesn’t want to admit it.” Bella took his hand in hers and led him back towards the dragons. Jeremy noticed the difference now. Trevor had joined the dragons now and they all seemed to be more relaxed with Bella around. Bella took a seat next to Jeremy, smiling as his arm went around her. She leaned into his side as she enjoyed the way things were playing out.

-Page Break-

Jeremy groaned in annoyance as his phone rang again, making it the fifth time Elena had called him. He looked to Bella who had stopped walking and was looking at him curiously. “It’s Elena.” He said simply.

“Answer it, it might be enough to get her to leave you alone.” Bella replied she looked over Jeremy’s shoulder and noticed her dad, Trevor and Sean making their way towards them. She could hear Elena crying and several shouts around her. She focused her hearing and managed to catch what Elena was saying. Damon was going crazy, and was attacking the town. She was wondering if Jeremy had seen him in town.

“No, Elena I haven’t seen him.” Jeremy paused and closed his eyes as his patience with his sister was running thin. “Yes, if I see him or if I see a trail of dead bodies that could be leading to him I’ll call you.” He hung up and looked to Bella. “It seems Damon went rabid or something.”

Bella smiled at Jeremy. “If you want, I can help you look for him.”

“It doesn’t seem worth it. Let’s continue and head over to see some of the live performances.” Jeremy replied with a smile. He put his arm around Bella’s waist and continued to walk. He could hear the voices of Trevor, Sean and Klaus behind them, but was glad the three weren’t disturbing his time with Bella. Jeremy pulled Bella back as a body came flying past them and into the alleyway. Bella moved forward outstretching her hand and stopping Damon in his tracks as her hand wrapped around his throat. She moved and forced him up against the wall.

Bella turned to her dad. “Mind checking on the human and compelling them to forget?”

“Or I could just finish his job and kill them.” Klaus responded as he headed into the alleyway.

Bella smiled lightly at her dad’s words. Her hold tightening around Damon’s throat as he was trying to break free. She looked to Sean, “Check around here to make sure no one saw anything and that there aren’t any dead bodies around.” Bella watched Sean walk away. She looked to Trevor and motioned at the building she had Damon held up against. “Want to break in?”

Trevor smirked, “My pleasure.”

“I guess I have to call Elena back.” Jeremy said, he stepped closer and kissed Bella’s cheek. “That was really cool by the way.”

Bella smiled, “Really glad you think so.” She followed Jeremy into the building and rolled her eyes as it was the grill. She threw Damon onto one of the tables. “Do yourself a favor and don’t do anything stupid.”

Bella walked over to Trevor about to send him to tell the other dragons to stay away from this part of the town. The last thing she needed was for them to be involved in a crime scene. Bella turned her head and her eyes widened as everything seemed to play out in slow motion.

Sheriff Forbes made her way in, a gun in her hands. She got ready to shoot thinking she was aiming it for Damon. She pressed her finger on the trigger the instant she met Damon’s eyes. The bullet flew through the air, missing Damon as he blurred out of the way.

Bella moved quickly, but it was useless as the bullet hit Jeremy in the chest. Bella fell to her knees catching Jeremy as he hit the ground. She lifted his head slightly. “Jeremy.” She whimpered as she pushed away the stray hairs on his head. “Jeremy, please.”

“I…” Jeremy coughed up blood his eyes were filled with tears as he knew this was the end of him. “Love…” He tried to breathe to get the last word out he needed her to hear it. “You.”

Bella shook her head as the sheriff was making her way to them, she growled in pure anger as she shoved Sheriff Forbes back causing the woman to fly back into a wall. Bella moved and lay Jeremy’s head down. She looked down at him his heart was beating slow, but she still had a chance. “I’m really sorry, but I can’t lose you. Not you.”

With tears streaming down her face, Bella transformed into her dragon form. She moved Jeremy’s head to the side exposing his neck to her. She wasted no time and bit into him. Pushing all the venom she could muster into his system. She pulled back and wiped her mouth as the venom had gotten everywhere. She looked at his chest where the bullet had hit and saw all the blood covering his chest. Her hands trembled as she ripped apart his shirt and saw the bullet hole. If the venom worked, his body would heal before he completed his transition and she didn’t want him to forever have a bullet in his chest. Her fangs disappeared and she put her mouth over the wound, she sucked the bullet out and pushed a bit of venom in to help heal the wound.

Bella reached up and caressed Jeremy’s cheek. “Come on, Jeremy.” She said as she wanted to hear his heart beat faster signaling his change. “Please don’t leave me, Jeremy. You promised.” She said with tears in her eyes as his heart began to slow down even more. “NO!” She shouted as his heart stopped, tears streamed down her face as she could no longer hear his heart beating. She moved to hover over him and began to try CPR on him, she couldn’t let him go without a fight.

Bella felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist pulling her to stand. She knew it was her dad, but she fought anyway. “He can’t be dead.” She whimpered as she stopped fighting Klaus. “He promised.”

Klaus wrapped his arms around his daughter. “I know, sweetheart. There’s still a chance, don’t give up on him.”

Bella pulled away from her father and looked to Trevor and Sean who were standing motionless as they didn’t know what to do. They could feel the pain from their Alpha and it was close to crippling them. She looked to Sean, “I want you to get the sheriff out of here before I rip her damn head off and put on a spike for the town to see.” Sean nodded and roughly pulled the Sheriff to a stand and pulled her out of the Grill as she was still trying to get to Jeremy.

Bella turned to Trevor. “I want you to take Damon back to his house, and make sure to do it roughly. I’ll deal with him personally.”

Trevor nodded and he roughly grabbed Damon’s arm dragging him out of the Grill. He purposely broke the vampire’s arm after he tried to escape.

Bella turned to her dad. “Can you steal a car? I want to take him home.” Bella’s voice cracked and the tears returned to her eyes. “I have six days. If he’s not back by then…”

Klaus nodded he saw his daughter visibly falling apart as she spoke. “It’ll only be a moment.”

Bella kneeled back down beside Jeremy, she didn’t hold back her sobbing. She leaned down to his ear. “You can’t leave me. I love you, Jeremy. Don’t take that away, you have to hold on. Please, for me. I can’t do this without you, Jeremy.”

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