Bella The Witch: Chapter 2

Bw 2

The Funeral.

Bella walked into the church, the police department was holding a funeral for Charlie, she was exhausted from all the glances she was receiving. Riley walked beside her keeping an eye on her making sure she didn’t have some type of breakdown. Victoria stayed home, she wasn’t prepared to be in such a confide space with so many people. Riley being a vampire had little bloodlust so he was capable of being in this room. They took the seats in the front of the church. The pastor began saying a prayer for Charlie. People went on stage and told their memories of Charlie, how honorable, Chivalrous, and kind he was. Bella watched, but she couldn’t do it, getting up on that stage was like admitting that he was really gone and that he was never coming back and she wasn’t ready for that. Riley went up and told a few kind words for Charlie. Everyone had tears in their eyes when he was finished. Bella leaned against him as the ceremony continued. The police department had decided to hold the reception outside in the park, they setup tents and served food. Riley and Bella showed up for a few minutes.

“I can’t do this Riley,” Bella whispered to Riley who was right beside her, “I just can’t take their stares of pity, the looks that they’re giving me are too much. If I stay here another second I’m going to explode.”

“I want to go to, just let me go tell the chief thank you and then we can leave,” Riley said.

Bella nodded and watched Riley go, she was tapping her foot impatiently on the floor and kept her head down, she wanted to avoid all the stares, she hated being the girl that watched her father die and then killed someone. Riley was right, they needed to leave Forks, there was nothing holding either of them here anymore and leaving sounds like the best thing either of them could do.

Bella kept her glance on the floor, and waited for Riley to come back. She felt his cold hand on her shoulder and she followed him back to his car. They drove in silence to Charlie’s house, Bella didn’t have much to talk about these days. It’s only been about a week since his death, and she just feels lost without him. Lost without the man who had taken care of her and protected her, the man who had died trying to protect his daughter. When they got to the house Bella headed for the phone, she needed to call her mother, she needed to know why she wasn’t here, she had know of what was happening and yet she choose life on the road over her own daughter. Riley knew what she as going to do and took a seat on the kitchen counter near her incase she needed comfort.

Bella dialed her mother’s number and waited for an answer, “Hello?”

“Mom?” Bella asked.

“Oh.. Bella,” Renee said.

Bella took in a deep breather, “Today was Charlie’s funeral, did you know that?”

“I did, I was busy honey,” Renee said.

“I want you to listen to me clearly, because this will be the last time we ever speak after this as mother and daughter. I just spent the last week in a depressed state. I NEEDED A MOTHER! I needed someone to tell me it was okay and where the hell where you? For the last years I’ve let it passed, I always thought when the time came you would be the mother I needed, but I was fucking wrong! Charlie loved you! He always said you gave him some of the happiest memories of his life and he always said you deserved the best, but you don’t deserve shit! How could you not come here and not see your daughter? How could you ignore the funeral of the man that always supported your crazy antics? You heartless selfish bitch! You’re not a mother, you’re selfish if you don’t care enough to come check on your daughter. I watched him die, I took a life and you don’t have the decency to check up on me, not even mutter a word to me about it! All I’ve gotten from you this past week was a fucking text! I had to call you just to hear your voice. You didn’t deserve Charlie and you hell as sure don’t deserve me anymore. From this moment forward you are no longer my mother. You lost all right to call yourself a mother when you decided to only think about yourself over me. I’m you’re flesh and blood, most mother’s would kill just to make sure their kids are okay, but you, you decided to be this selfish bitch and choose your own happiness over mine. I’m going to move forward, and I’m going to be happy, but it isn’t going to be with you in my life. You Renee are no longer my mother, or anything to me. This is goodbye.” Bella said as she hung up. She threw the phone at the wall the destroyed pieces landed on the chair. Bella slumped down on the floor with her head in her hands. Riley sat next to her and put his arm around her.

“You will always have me and Vicky,” Riley said softly to his little sister, he knew this was taking a bigger toll on her then anyone else.

“I know, look, I’m going to go take a shower, we can talk some more later,” Bella said. Bella took a shower more than twice a day, she knew it was unhealthy, but she felt she needed to clean off the guilt from what she did. When she finished she headed back down stairs to find Victoria and Riley sitting at the kitchen table with an old man who had a suit on.

“Bella, this is Mr. Williams, he’s here to read us Charlie’s will, we couldn’t start without you here, can you take a seat with us,” Riley said pulling out a chair for Bella to take. Bella nodded and took a seat on the chair. She looked at the man as he started to explain everything about Charlie. According to him Charlie was wealthy, he had made some wise investments and owned numerous inherited properties from his past family. Charlie had updated his will and left everything to Bella and Riley. There were four estates, the house in Forks, another house in Florida, one in New York, and one in Mystic Falls Virgina. Charlie had close to 5 million in investments, 2 million in savings and then another 5 million in life insurance. He also owned a store in New York, but the entire building was closed and has been empty since the death of his parents. Charlie also owned two storages in Seattle, which the contents inside were unknown. The three were shocked, they never knew Charlie had so much money, and he never told them about the other properties. Williams asked them to sign the papers Riley and Bella now became millionaires. Bella smiled, she knew this was her father’s way of taking care of them. They said goodbye to Williams and they all became instantly shocked in silence.

“I want to renovate each of the houses,” Bella said, “I don’t think I’m ready for college just yet and I want to make sure each house is up to date and everything. I really just want time to be able to get through everything and maybe make sure all these houses are okay will do me some good. What do you guys think?”

Riley smiled, “It’s a great Idea Bells, we’ll fix up this house, then we’ll head to Florida, and then Virginia and then New York, should be simple enough. After everything is done maybe we can stay in New York, open some business and you can attend College if you want, but we should probably check out those storage units first.”

Bella nodded and put on her shoes, “I want to get started now, come on we’ll take your car Riley.”

Victoria smiled, “It’s good to see our Bells back.”

-Page Break-

They arrived at the storage units in no time. They asked for the entrance and after giving Charlie’s social security number as a password they gained entranced. The units were all the way in the back, and were side by side. They were both the extra large unites, so they expected something big to be kept in their, the manager said that people usually park cars in there. Bella and Riley were both given keys that Charlie had instructed that if they ever came a unit was meant for each of them.

Bella and Riley stood in front of the units, their hands shaking with nerves and anticipation for what lay ahead. Victoria stood beside Riley knowing Bella needed her space. Bella stepped forward and put the key in the lock, it snapped open and she pushed the sliding door open revealing a 2005 mustang gt. She looked over at Riley’s unit and saw the same car but in black while hers was blue. There was a letter taped to the windshield on them both. Bella opened it and knew it was from Charlie. He told her that he loved her and that if she was reading this then he must not be there with her anymore, but assured her that he would be looking after her. Riley’s letter told him the same, but reassured him that he was proud to have him as a son, and to watch over Bella she would need his help in the future. Bella looked around the car and found a large box in the trunk she pulled it out and called Riley who stated that his car was empty. Bella took a seat on the floor of the unit and opened the box. Riley and Victoria were advidly watching with interest pouring from them.

Bella pulled out a large musty book, she flipped it open and a letter fell out of it. Bella set the book aside and opened the letter.

Dear Isabella,

I know this might seem strange, receiving a letter from me since you probably won’t remember me, but what this box contains is your destiny, and no one but you will be able to use the contents inside. First, you would have found you’re new book of spells, then your book of potions, and lastly your book of creatures. I know it’s confusing to know why you would need all of this, but you’re not human Isabella, well, not completely. You’re a witch, specifically you’re a Swan Witch, now there hasn’t been a female Swan witch in years and you’re destiny holds great things for you. To understand everything you will need to read over all the books, and become familiar with them, you will be able to add to them as time goes. There was a prophecy stated 1200 years ago by the first Swan witch, she said that there would come a girl that will hold all the power of the Swan witches within her. She would be born on September 13th. The day you were born I knew it was going to be you, now I didn’t tell your father any of this, we know that man doesn’t believe in the supernatural and if I left it to him, he would’ve never told you. So when you were born, your powers were bound, and they would be unbound when you were ready to receive them. I knew that this box would find you when you were ready, your ancestors made sure of that from the other side. Your destiny begins today, you’re a Swan witch, and you’ll be the last to bear that name. You hold the opportunity to be able to become an immortal and save your powers, and continue to use them for the rest of your time on this earth, but you will have to be careful. The only way you can turn is if it’s the blood of your soul mate that turns you. Take good care of yourself Isabella.

I wish you luck.

I wish you good blessings.

I wish you love.

I wish you happiness.

Your Grandfather

Bella looked at the letter with surprise and then became confused she handed the letter to Riley and pulled out the three books, she opened the spell book. If vampires existed, then maybe she really was a witch. She looked through the spell book and found a spell for conjuring an item. She muttered the spell and held out her hand and asked for a cup of water. Riley and Victoria took in a breath and Bella looked down and saw the cup of water in front of her. Whoa, so maybe she was a witch. She looked at Riley and Victoria and smiled, “Well, I guess I just couldn’t be normal.” Bella said with a shrug.

Riley tried picking up one of the books and got a shock when he came 3 inches from it. “Well, vampires and witches now that’s just perfect.”

Bella smiled, “They only react to when I touch them, because they’re meant for me, let’s go home, I feel like I have some new reading material to hold me over for some time.”

“Alright, I’ll drive the car back and you two can drive back both your cars,” Victoria said. Riley kissed Victoria and thanked her and got into his car. Bella put the books in the passenger seat and was going to throw away the box until she saw a small box left inside. The letter didn’t say anything about this box, so she opened it with caution. Inside was a small necklace, it was a small oak tree. Bella pulled the necklace out and held the oak tree in her hand, she turned it over and on the back there was a single word, Strength. Bella smiled, she put the necklace on, and she felt that it would give her strength, it would help her move on.

She threw the empty box away and got into the car, she pulled out and followed Victoria and Riley back to the house. She glanced at the three large books on her passenger seat. They were meant for her and her only, and she like knowing that in some way she wasn’t going to be weak anymore.

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  1. Wow big shocker Charlie invested so much to be a millionaire. Not a shocker that Renee was a deadbeat.
    What an interesting way to learn her heritage. Can’t wait to see her as a witch.


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