Reaper Twins: Chapter 19

rt chpat 19

Bella sat on her couch with Klaus, they were both having a conversation with Marco who was sitting across from them.

“So what are you two planning to do?” Marco asked referring to the current problem they had with Damon and Caroline. “If you don’t do something, they won’t stop trying to tear you two apart.”

Bella groaned, “We can’t kill Caroline, I mean she is my adoptive cousin, but you’re right we do have to do something, and I doubt Damon will just stop with a nice a chat. And it wouldn’t really be fair to kill Damon, I mean if we don’t kill Caroline, why would we kill him. I think some type of physical motivation to leave us alone would be best.”

“I agree, and since I can’t and won’t hit a girl, I’ll take care of Damon,” Klaus said.

Bella nodded, “Guess I get Caroline.”

“And I’ll get dinner,” Marco said standing up and leaving the room. Bella laughed, together her and Klaus headed out to get their revenge on the two people who had tried to break them apart. Something neither of them was happy about.

-Page Break-

Bella knocked on Caroline’s door, and waited for her to answer, she heard Caroline’s footsteps and then heard them stop just as she reached the door.

“What do you want Bella?” Caroline said, there was a hint of fear in her voice that she was trying to cover up.

“To talk about you and Klaus,” Bella said honestly, “I just want to make sure things are clear between us.”

Caroline opened the door and let Bella inside. Bella looked around and realized this could get ugly and didn’t want to ruin Aunt Liz’s house. “Do you mind if we sit outside? I think the fresh air would be good for me.” Caroline nodded and led Bella outside cautiously watching every move Bella made. Bella stayed calm pushing the anger that was building up inside her aside as she walked outside. She was here to make things clear, but mainly to set things straight between her and Caroline, Klaus was hers, and no matter what Caroline did, she wouldn’t be able to come between them.

“Look Bella, about me and Klaus, I know you have feelings for him, but you have to understand he loves me,” Caroline said. Bella bit back the urge to stab her cousin, Klaus loved Bella and he had told her. “I’m really sorry he was only with you to make me jealous and to help me realize that I loved him. I hope you can understand that what’s between Klaus and I is true love.” Caroline said. Bella felt a small ounce of pity for her cousin, she could see in Caroline’s eyes that she truly believed her and Klaus were meant to be and where in love.

“I know,” Bella said as she walked around the fenced back yard. Running her hand along the fence, “I know that Klaus invited you to his family’s ball. I know that he gave you the dress, the necklace, the bracelet. I know he danced with you that night, and I know that was the night you saw Klaus in a different light. I also know that the only reason he invited you that night was to make me jealous. I know that the next day, he told me the truth and we shared our first kiss. I know that he comes looking for me when he thinks I might need him. I know he worries about me. I know that on our first date I realized I loved him. I know that every day after that the love I had for him only grew. I know that the day I got the picture of the two of you together, Klaus was standing beside me. I know that he loves me and not you. I know what you’re trying to do Caroline, and it’s not going to work. Klaus doesn’t love you, he loves me. Klaus doesn’t want to be with you, he’s with me. You don’t love him like I do Caroline. I love every part of him, I love the dark side of him just as much as I love the human side of him, the side he only shares with few. Look Caroline, you’re my cousin, and I can’t kill you, but I can make you hurt for trying to ruin my relationship with Klaus.” Bella ripped off a wooden chunk of the fence and threw it Caroline stabbing her beneath the heart. Bella walked up to Caroline and pushed the wooden peace deeper inside her.

“He doesn’t love you,” Caroline said, grabbing at the stake inside her, “He’ll never love you like he loves me.”

Bella laughed, and pushed the piece of stake in further, “You’re wrong. He loves me more than you more than any other girl he’s ever been with, and you want to know how I know this?” Bella said pushing the wooden piece in deeper the tip barely peeking out of Caroline’s stomach. Bella leaned in and whispered in Caroline’s ear.“Because he told me so.” Bella moved and smiled down at Caroline. “Klaus is good at hiding his emotions, but anyone who knows him knows that he loves me. Try as you might, you won’t come between us Caroline.” Bella finished pushing the wooden piece through Caroline. A small part of her intestines hung on the other side of the wood. Caroline feel to her knees clutching where the large hole was now.

“He’s not yours, he’s mine,” Caroline said through gritted teeth as the pain increased as her body tried to heal itself.

“He’ll never be yours Caroline,” Bella said with confidence.

“Why would he love you when he can have me. I’m the better choice,” Caroline stuttered as she tried to pull herself up off the ground. Bella’s eyes grew in anger, she was getting tired of her cousin’s words.

Bella placed her had on the hole on Caroline’s abdomen and healed her. Caroline stood up fully, but before she could say anything Bella’s hand was pushed through her chest. Bella’s hand wrapped around Caroline’s heart, but didn’t move. “Let me make this clear Caroline. I love Klaus. I will do whatever I have to make sure you or anyone else never comes between us. I suggest you stop whatever you’re trying to do Caroline. I know the photo of you and Klaus was photo shopped, and I know Klaus holds no feelings for you. You’re just another weak vampire who is in over her head. Splitting me and Klaus up so you can have him yourself is a battle you’ll never win.” Bella squeezed Caroline’s heart causing her to scream in pain. Bella squeezed tighter until it was on the brink of popping. “Do something to come between Klaus and I again, and I will kill you, and I will assure it will be slow and painful. Have we reached an agreement?”

Caroline nodded not being able to do anything else as the pain from her heart was overwhelming. Bella pulled her hand out, the blood dripping all over her hand. Caroline’s body began to heal and Bella watched, she knew the damage she had done to Caroline’s heart would forever be with her as a reminder of this day. “I hope that constant pain in your chest reminds you of our little talk.” Bella grabbed the front of Caroline’s jacket and wiped her hand off smearing Caroline’s blood on all over the jacket. She looked at Caroline one last time, the look in her eyes making it clear she wasn’t playing around.

“You’re my cousin so I’m holding back, but if you do something this stupid again I won’t be holding back anymore. I won’t see you as my cousin anymore, just another enemy, and the last thing you want to be is my enemy Caroline.” Bella said, there was still anger in her eyes, she only hoped her cousin would come to her senses and let Klaus go. Bella’s wings appeared and she took off into the air not looking back at Caroline who was now grasping her chest, her heart would no longer beat the same.

-Page Break-

Klaus welcomed himself inside the Salvatore’s home, he could tell no one was in the house, now all he had to do was sit and wait for the eldest Salvatore to arrive. Klaus welcomed himself to the Salvatore’s drinks and poured himself a glass of bourbon. He sat down on one of their sofa chairs and kicked his feet up on the coffee table. He began to play a game on his phone just waiting for the moment the eldest Salvatore arrived. He had heard Elena and Stefan had gone away for the weekend for a romantic trip, so he knew it would be Damon to walk through the door.

After several minutes of waiting Klaus finally heard the eldest Salvatore arriving. Hearing the sound of the car door slamming shut Klaus stood up seeing as Damon was said to enter at any moment.

“You weren’t who I was expecting,” Damon said seeing Klaus, “I was expecting a tall blonde cheer leader I could have my way with.” Damon said he walked past Klaus and poured himself a drink. Taking a large sip he turned to Klaus and leaned against the wall. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to get revenge, and make some things clear,” Klaus said standing up. A smirk appeared on his face as he began to talk, “You see, the other day my lovely girlfriend received a picture from you, one that I didn’t appreciate you sending to her. I’m assuming you used this picture of me supposedly kissing Caroline to tear Isabella from my side. I can understand why Caroline could do such a thing, but why would you get involved? You know what I’m capable of Damon, so why would you intentionally try to get me angry by making Isabella believe I had kissed Caroline?”

“Is there trouble in paradise Klaus?” Damon asked with a smirk, “I would imagine Bella wasn’t too happy to see you locking lips with her cousin.”

Klaus growled, “Isabella and I are just fine, you see Damon, your stupid little plan failed. I was with Bella when you sent the picture. Really, all you managed to accomplish was make us both angry, and make yourself look stupid.” Klaus watched Damon, his posture was no longer the fake calm it was before, he was visibly angry and upset about the news that his plan had failed. Klaus ran up to Damon and pinned him to the wall by the throat. “I’ll ask one last time Salvatore, why did you send that picture to Bella. What would you get out of it?”

Damon choked as the air was being restricted from entering his lungs, Klaus threw Damon into the wall and growled, “Answer the question before I break that table, and drive a stake through your heart.”

Damon took in a deep breath of air, and stood up on shaky legs, “I did it because you didn’t deserve her! How the hell is it that the sickest bastard alive manages to get the girl? That girl is, strong, beautiful and intelligent, and it baffles me to no end that she chooses to be with you. You. Don’t. Deserve. Her. You’re sick, twisted, demented, not to mention you have more daddy issues than anyone else on this damn planet and she still sticks around. You don’t know how to love Klaus, she deserves someone who will love her, not someone who will just use her to stay alive. It’s more than obvious to everyone that you’re only using her to make sure you don’t die, and if by some miracle you do you know as long as you’re with her she’ll bring you back from the dead.”

Klaus laughed, causing Damon to flinch at his laughter slightly but cover it up quickly, “I understand, you’re jealous. You’re angry that I was able to get something you never will, Isabella. Do you really think you could love her, love her more than me?” Klaus stepped forward getting closer to Damon, “Do you really for one second believe that you’re worthy enough to be with Isabella?”

“I’m better for her than you ever will be,” Damon hissed, he wanted nothing more than to kill the bastard in front of him.

Klaus chuckled, “I’ll admit, I don’t deserve Isabella, but that doesn’t change the fact that she loves me and that she chooses to be with me.” Klaus stood in front of Damon, he grabbed him by the throat again and squeezed harder than he had before. “I don’t like people meddling in my life Damon, especially with the people that I care about. Now, I won’t kill you… today. Try to come between Isabella and I again and I’ll make sure you suffer a horrible death at my hands. Anything that has to do with Isabella stay out of it. I’m a very possessive person, and Isabella is my girlfriend, and I intend to do everything to keep it that way.” Klaus released Damon allowing him to crumple to the floor. He stepped back and walked to the wooden coffee table, he smashed his foot into it and ripped off one of the legs of the table. Slowly he walked over to the burning fire, he let the tip of the stake catch on fire, before he turned to Damon and shoved it into his stomach. Damon groaned out in pain and grabbed at the stake in his stomach. Klaus stabbed him again with a burning stake and smirked as he saw Damon gasp out in pain. Taking a third step Klaus made sure this stake burned more than the others. He stabbed Damon in the left lung and his smirk widened as he rolled onto his back and gasped for air. Klaus chuckled, Damon looked like a fish out of water. Klaus took out his phone and took a picture he would want to remember this moment. Walking over to Damon to stand over him Klaus smirked. He stepped on each of the stakes nailing them and Damon onto the floor.

“Take this as a warning Damon, I don’t like anyone interfering in my life, especially with my relationship with Isabella,” Klaus said his hybrid face appeared and he smirked, “Next time I might just take a bite out of you and enjoy seeing you die a slow and painful death.” Klaus stepped on Damon as he walked out enjoying the groan of pain he heard from Damon as he left. His anger was still high at knowing another vampire had an interest in Isabella, but he pushed it aside and began to head home.

Klaus was running through the woods already close to his home when a figure stepped in front of him blocking his path. Klaus eyed the figure but said nothing he was analyzing the figure’s power.

“Mister Mikaelson, how good it is to finally see you,” The figure said.

“Who are you?” Klaus asked suspicious over the figure and who he was.

“I’m Marco and Isabella’s true father,” Death said, “I came to talk, my children seem to be very attached to you and your family, and I thought it was time to finally meet you. I know much of you and your family, and have had the great displeasure of meeting your mother. I have one question, what are your intentions with my daughter?”

“I love your daughter,” Klaus stated, “And I’m sure you know that in all my life I’ve never truly told anyone apart from my family that I loved them. Your daughter is special to me, and you have my word that I will not hurt her. I want nothing more than to you see your daughter happy, and right now she seems to be happy by my side. I’m not the boy that left her in Forks, I know what a treasure Isabella is, and I won’t just let her go.”

Death nodded satisfied with the answer, “A day will come when she encounters that boy again. This world is too small for them not to run into each other at one point. When that day comes, I hope you stand by her side. I suspect Isabella has already told you everything?”

Klaus nodded, “She told me not to long ago, but forbade me from tracking him down and ripping him to shreds.”

“I can understand, she did the same with Marco, he too wanted to rip the boy apart, but didn’t want to go against Isabella’s wishes. Isabella doesn’t want any part of the boy or his coven. They to her were a part of her past life, her human life, and she no longer wants anything to do with them.” Death said hoping the hybrid didn’t think some part of his daughter still loved the boy.

“I figured as much,” Klaus said, “Isabella told me about her human life, how she acted, how much she has changed. I will stand by her side until she asks me to leave, I do love your daughter.”

Death nodded, “Than I give you my blessing.”

“Would it have made a difference if you hadn’t given me your blessing?” Klaus asked.

Death chuckled, “No, Isabella would’ve continued to see you without my blessing giving it to you is my way of stating you’re the better choice for my daughter. I shall be taking my leave Mr. Mikaelson, it was a pleasure to meet you.”

Klaus nodded but before he could reply Death disappeared. Klaus sighed and looked around, he saw Death was nowhere to be seen and continued to make his way to his home. A satisfied smiled crossed his face, Charlie didn’t have any objection to him dating Isabella, Marco supported their relationship, and now Death himself supported their relationship.

-Page Break-

“Hey Marc,” Bella said taking a seat at her table in the Grill, her brother sat across from her. “I thought you were going to make dinner?”

Marco shrugged, “I wasn’t feeling it, so I thought dinner here was a good idea, especially since Charlie’s working late tonight. How’d speaking with Caroline go?”

Bella smirked, “I think I made my message clear with her, so have you spoken with dad? I’m curious to know what he thinks about the way we handled the Volturi.”

“He hasn’t come to us yet, so I’m assuming he isn’t mad about the way we handled things,” Marco said.

“Or, he’s just waiting until he comes up with the perfect punishment,” Bella said with a smirk.

“He can’t punish us, we did what he asked. We kept the Volturi alive, we just made a switch in rulers that’s all,” Marco said, “Besides, this is our father we’re talking about, even if we did do something wrong he would just have a stern talk with us that’s it.”

“Changing the topic of our father, I want to talk about my death,” Bella said, “Well, our death.”

“We can’t die in reality, so I’m assuming you’re talking about faking our deaths?” Marco asked meeting his twin’s gaze.

Bella nodded, “Graduation is only a few months away and I think we should do it someway in which Charlie wouldn’t question it, but I don’t want to do it here. I want to do it in Forks, I don’t want the memory of our deaths to be here, it’ll kill Charlie to have to live in a town where the memory of our deaths surroundede it, so I propose, after graduation we move back to Forks without Charlie. We tell him we’re going to the university in Seattle, and while we’re there, we get into a car accident that causes our car to explode, we died on impact so we didn’t suffer, and our lives end there.” Bella said hoping Marco would agree.

“Alright, so we die, but what happens afterwards?” Marco asks.

Bella smiles, and shrugs, “Whatever we want. We’re two very intelligent people Marco, we’ll figure something out. We’ll be dead by the end of summer, we shouldn’t have a problem. Look,
I plan to compel Charlie to not let this hold him back. I just want to know if you’re on board with this.”

Marco sighed, “Alright, but once you’re dead Izzy. You can’t come back. Isabella Swan will die forever.”

“Honestly Marc,” Bella said her eyes hitting the table, “I want Isabella Swan gone, I can’t be fully happy being Isabella Reaper still being tied to Isabella Swan.”

“Technically, you’re Isabella Aitkin.” Marco said with a smirk.

Bella smiled slightly, “Alright, I want Isabella Swan/Aitkin put to rest.”

Marco smiled, “We die this summer then I hope you’re sure about this. That this is what you want to do.”

Bella grinned and nodded, “I want nothing more.”

Marco smirked, “So, have you mentioned this plan to Nick-Poo?”

Bella laughed, “Can you give that name up? I’ve never called him that?”

“Really, I seem to recall you calling him that name on several occasions,” Marco said with a smile proud to have gotten his sister to laugh.

“I’ve never once called him that, You on the other hand have called him that a few times already,” Bella replied with a grin, “And to answer your question, no I haven’t told him about any of this, I’ll tell him now that we’re sure we’re going to do it.” Marco and Bella ordered their dinner and changed the topic to something much lighter.

Bella laughed as she threw a piece of lettuce from her burger at Marco, “You’re looking a little leafy there Marc.”

“Ha ha ha,” Marco said removing the lettuce from his arm, “Don’t play with your food Izzy!” Marco took the lettuce and threw it back at Bella it landed on her cheek. Bella laughed and peeled the lettuce off her cheek.

“Take your own advice Marc,” Bella said with a smile, “I wasn’t playing with my food I was just offering you more lettuce for your food.”

“I’m not a rabbit Izzy,” Marco said with a roll of his eyes.

“Really? I always thought you acted like a rabbit,” Rebekah said taking the seat next to Marco, Klaus took the seat next to Bella.

Bella laughed, and Marco cracked a smile, “Thank you for that Rebekah, so Klaus, how did your meeting with Damon go?”

Klaus smirked and put his arm around Bella’s shoulders, “I assume just as well as it went for Isabella.”

“So that’s where you were today?” Rebekah asked Klaus, “Getting revenge on Damon?”

Klaus nodded, “It was the highlight of my day.”

“Did you end up killing him?” Bella asked Klaus.

“No, I left him alive,” Klaus said with a smirk, “But he might have trouble breathing for a little while.”

The four enjoyed dinner together, Klaus knew at one point her would have to mention to Bella he spoke with her father, but he figured that would be a conversation he could save for another day.

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