Monthly Archives: August 2016

Well… this is overdue.


How have you been? Good, I hope.

I know you may be wondering what has happened in the last month or so that I haven’t posted a single thing, well let me explain. I had a bit of an emotional breakdown, in which I finally spoke to my doctor about. Turns out, I have a pretty bad  mixture of depression and anxiety, which makes pretty much doing anything difficult.

I tried writing, I did, but I just couldn’t.

Luckily, I was put on some medication that has helped me get back to my normal self, and hopefully it will stay that way. I am hoping to post regularly from now on, maybe once sometimes twice a week, with either a chapter, one-shot, or sneak peek.

For today, I give you a chapter.

The Storm Chapter Eight: Date night, is now up and ready for you to read and enjoy.

The Sequel to Renegade will be up hopefully next weekend! I’m almost done, it’s really the only thing I had any motivation to write for this past month.

Till Next Time,