Set You Free (Bella and Peter)

I hope you enjoy!

Bella approached him cautiously, her nerves flaring as she saw him crouched over the man that had attacked her. “Thank you.” She spoke softly. She didn’t notice the way his shoulders tensed as she spoke.

“You should have run.” He spoke quiet but stern.

“Where exactly to?” She questioned in return. “I could get a 20-minute head start and you would still catch up to me. Running away from your kind is ridiculous and a huge waste of my energy.”

“And what exactly is my kind?” He questioned standing once his meal was truly dried.

Bella rolled her eyes, “You’re a vampire, I’ve had a run-in with your kind. Look, I’m grateful with your help but I need to know if you’re going to kill me or not. Because if not I have to start making the hike down the mountain. I didn’t bring any camping gear to stay up here past sundown”

“You’re free to go, sweetheart.” The vampire responded. “Killing the innocent isn’t something I like to deal with.”

Bella smiled, “Thanks, my name is Bella. I figured you should have the name of the girl you saved from going missing in the woods.”

“I’m Peter. The devishily handsome vampire that saved you from your death.” He responded watching as she smiled before walking away.

Something itched at Peter and he followed her. He walked beside her and at her surprised look he grinned. “I figured I’d walk you down I wouldn’t want you to get yourself hurt on the way down.”

Bella smiled, “Okay.” Suddenly taking a hike up a mountain alone wasn’t such a bad idea.

  1. really sweet…………. I’m wondering why she was up a mountain and what Peter and Bella’s future holds. Shoot, I’m already invested. LOL How do you come up with stuff to hook me so easily? 😉

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  2. I love Peter! ❤️

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