Chapter Nine

chpt 9

-About Ten or So Years Later-

Bella walked around her apartment having nothing to really do. Henrik was out at work, he had decided he wanted to be a lawyer when they began college. Bella had guessed he had only become a lawyer because of his sudden love of wearing suits. Not long after starting school had changed from a degree in English to a nursing degree. It had surprisingly become something she enjoyed to do along with the time she spent writing. She made herself a cup of coffee as she poured the hot water she caught the sparkle of the diamond ring on her hand. She smiled fondly as she remembered the day Henrik had proposed to her close to 6 years ago.


Bella shivered, the cold New York air was the only thing she truly disliked of the populated city. Klaus had taken her out to breakfast and lunch something he did often. It was time they spent together just the two of them, their bond was like siblings. Bella stood waiting outside of a small Italian restaurant her and Henrik went to every Friday night. It had been rough, they barely saw each other, with school and work, but they didn’t complain as long as they were together everything was fine.

Bella’s phone began to vibrate, she took out and saw a message from Henrik. Running late, really sorry. I’ll meet you back at the house.

Bella put her phone away and began to walk grumbling on and off her annoyance towards Henri. “If he wasn’t so cute…”

Bella reached the large mansion like home and took out her keys. She unlocked the door to the house and walked in stumbling back as she saw the entire house was lighted dimly with candles. She closed the door and looked cautiously around, “Henri?”

A violin started playing somewhere in the house. Bella took in a deep calming breath and listened, she figured it was coming from the dining room. She cautiously stepped into the dining room finding it pitch black, but she was sure the sound of the violin was coming from this room. Suddenly before she could leave the room was lit with candles making it look like a fairytale. Bella took a step forward being cautious with every step she took not knowing what could come next. Finally she saw the stereo that was playing the violin music. She pulled the plug stopping the music from playing any longer, she had to admit she found the music a little creepy. She saw the window open and with her gift she created a gust of wind that blew out all the candles. She turned on the room light and smiled as it felt better.

“Belle! You’re supposed to leave the music on, it’s meant to set the mood,” Henrik said coming into the room, wearing a tux. “And you weren’t supposed to blow out the candles.”

Bella smiled at him, “I found it creepy. What is all this Henri?”

Henrik grinned he extended his hand for her to take. Not feeling anything strange from Henrik Bella took his hand. She allowed him to lead her to a different room of the large house. They ended up in the living room which to Bella looked normal there were no candles, it looked like it always did. She eyed Henrik as she felt something mischievous coming from him. Henrik smiled at her widely before he kissed her hand before disappearing. Bella sighed and took off her jacket, she went and lit the fireplace to warm up the room. She sat down in front of the fire and looked into the flames. Not paying attention what Henrik was doing somewhere in the house

“Belle.” She heard Henrik say from behind her, she turned to see he was now in his pajamas. She grinned as she saw the smile she loved so much on him, “I’ve been meaning to ask you something, and you sort of messed up my original plans, so I decided to just improvise from here.”

Bella raised a curious eyebrow, “What are you talking about Henri?”

“Well,” Henrik said taking a seat in front of her, “This has sort of been a long time coming, ever since the first day we kissed. Belle, since the first day I met you I knew you were my forever.” He took her hands in his and smiled, “And when I came back to life I knew there would never be anything that could ever separate me from you. You and I, we were meant to be together it was how it was always meant to be. Nik already sees you as a sister and you view him as a brother. You’ve been a Mikaelson for years, Bella and I want to make it official.” Henrik took out a small black box, Bella’s eyes widened as she finally saw where this was going. “Isabella Marie Swan, will you marry me?”

Bella’s eyes swelled with tears, “Yes! Of course I will Henri!” Bella’s hand trembled with happiness as Henrik placed the ring on her finger. She looked at him and smiled as realization hit her. “Oh God, Henri! I didn’t know! If I had known I wouldn’t have ruined your original plan.”

Henrik smiled and wrapped his arms around Bella, “I love you, Belle.”

Bella wrapped her arms around his neck, “I love you, Henri.” Henrik leaned down and kissed her happy to see that she would be becoming his wife. He pulled back and laughed. “You really did ruin a good three hours of work Belle. It took forever to get those candles set up.”

Bella laughed, “It felt creepy to me it was like I was in some sort of horror movie. And this is sort of your fault, weren’t you the one that told me to always follow my gut feeling?”

Henrik smiled, “Still, bought a tux for nothing.”

Bella laughed and kissed Henrik again, “This was perfect for me, Henri.”

-End Flashback-

Bella smiled at the memory of the proposal, it was one of her favorite moments to look back on, next to their actual wedding. Their wedding was small, it was just Bella, Henrik, and Nik. It was perfect for them, and it wasn’t long after their marriage that Klaus had left to give them time alone. He came regularly to visit them, though mainly during the holidays we’re they wanted to be together. Currently Bella and Henrik were still in New York enjoying the busy life the city had to offer. From what they heard Klaus was somewhere in Florida.

Bella groaned as the annoying ring on her phone was going off. She quickly picked up her phone and answered, “Hello?”

“Hello, sweetheart,” Klaus’s voice came from the other line.

“Hey Nik, how are you doing?” Bella asked as she took a seat on the couch deciding to write while she talked to Klaus.

“I’m fine, but I wanted to tell you I’ll be in the city tonight,” Klaus said his voice more serious than usual. “I wish to discuss something with you and Henrik.”

Bella became alerted, “This sounds serious Nik. I’ll call Henri and tell him, we can have dinner at our place.”

“Sounds great, sweetheart. I won’t be late, and be careful,” Klaus said with a worried tone.

Bella became worried instantly. Nik never told her to be careful unless he had a bad feeling about something. “I will Nik, stay safe and I’ll see you at dinner.” It was a simple phone call, but it was enough to make Bella worry about what could be wrong. Bella sent Henrik a quick message just to make sure he’d be home by the time Klaus came.

Feeling worried and wanting to take her mind off of all the possibilities running through her mind Bella began to cook. Something she found to be oddly relaxing. She managed to make some burgers that she knew Henrik and Klaus both favored along with homemade fries and a few pies.

“Whoa,” Henrik said noticing the four or so pies Bella had made. “Opening a store Belle?”

Bella smiled, and shrugged, “Nik sounded worried and that made me worried. I cooked to get my mind off of whatever could be possible wrong.”

Henrik laughed, “You worry too much Belle. If it’s anything too bad we’ll handle it.”

“Doesn’t mean I won’t worry,” Bella said with a sigh. “It’s what I do. Anyway, how was your day?”

Henrik groaned, “I’m bored, I think I might try and do something else.”

Bella laughed, “So being a lawyer is no longer cutting it for you?”

“I guess not, but I do look pretty good in a suit,” Henrik said, he threw his briefcase on the floor and wrapped his arm around Bella. He leaned down and kissed her wrapping his arms around her pulling her closer to him.

Pulling back Bella grinned at Henrik she straightened out his jacket, and met his gaze. “You do look pretty good in a suit, but if you want to quit, I think it’d be a good idea. Maybe you’ll find something else to do with your time.”

“I could be a vet,” Henrik said letting Bella go back to whatever she was doing in the kitchen.

Bella laughed, “Think about that Henrik, you’d be around animals all day and your suits might get more than a little dirty.”

Henrik hopped up on the countertop, he grabbed a pie and a fork and began to eat. “Or I could be a male nurse.”

“You’d have to wear scrubs Henri,” Bella said with a smile, “And you can’t have the same career as me, it’d be far too cheesy.”

“I could be a teacher,” Henrik said with a grin, “I think I’d be a terrific teacher.”

Bella took the fork from Henrik’s hand and took a bite of the pie, “You’d be a great teacher Henri.”

“If you ever want to open a bakery,” Henrik said putting down the pie. “You’d make a killing.”

Bella smiled, “I don’t know, I really do like being a nurse.”

Henrik walked behind Bella and put his arms around her waist, “You’re great at everything Belle.” He kissed her neck and held her. She leaned back against him and closed her eyes. “I think I’m going to quit.”

“I figured,” Bella responded her eyes closed just enjoying the moment. “You know, bankers also wear suits.”

Henrik laughed, “I’ll keep that in mind, but I think I like the idea of being a teacher.”

The doorbell rang and Bella stepped out of Henrik’s arms knowing it was most likely Nik at the door. “I’ll go answer that, you can go change out of your work clothes.”

Henrik kissed Bella before blurring away. Bella went to the front door and opened it happy to see Klaus standing there. “Nik!” Bella gave him a hug knowing she was one of the lucky ones to be able to hug him. “It’s good to see you again, come inside, food is ready Henri is changing out of his suit.”

Nik smiled, it was refreshing to always be greeted by Bella’s caring personality. “It smells great, sweetheart.” Nik said as he walked in Henrik stepped out and grinned at his brother. Klaus turned to Bella with a raised eyebrow, “I thought you said he was changing?”

“He did, just into another suit. I told you, it’s all he wears anymore,” Bella said with a smile.

“That’s not true! I wear other things,” Henrik said frowning approaching the two.

“Have a seat, I’ll bring out the food in just a minute,” Bella said as she gestured for the two to head to the table. With vampire speed she took everything to the table. She took a seat at the round table, they ate in silence not wanting to talk about what was wrong just yet.

Bella tapped her foot impatiently on the floor too eager to know what was happening. She had served them each a piece of pie, but the wait was becoming too much for her to handle.

“I can’t take this anymore!” Bella said looking at Klaus, Henrik held back a laugh he knew any minute she was would crack and demand answers. “What’s wrong Nik? What has you worried?”

Klaus chuckled and put his fork down pushing the plate of pie away. He took the napkin and wiped his mouth. “As you both know, I have contacts everywhere and apparently, the doppelganger is alive. The only problem is she she’s currently in the care of two very dangerous vampires. I also know Elijah is somewhere in the same area. From what I heard, he wants her to draw me in so he may finally kill me. I want to keep an eye on the doppelganger and make sure she stays alive, but I myself can’t go, at least not yet.”

Bella sighed, and smiled as she could see where Nik was headed with this. “You want Henri and me to go?”

Henrik grinned and looked at Bella than to his brother, “The doppelganger how old is she?”

“Seventeen I believe,” Klaus said looking between the two waiting to see what they had to say about the situation.

Bella nodded knowing where Henrik was going with this. “That’s perfect, she’d be in her junior year of high school. It’d be easy to keep an eye on her if we get jobs at the school, we’ll see her 6 or 8 hours of the day and we’d be able to notice if she’s ever hurt or in need of saving.”

“How will you get into the school,” Klaus asked intrigued by the plan they were creating.

“Simple, I’ll take the role as a teacher in her grade, and Belle will be the school nurse,” Henrik said smiling at the plan that was being created. “We’ll be near her at all times, and no one would really suspect the new couple in town as being up to something suspicious.”

At Klaus’s questioning look Bella spoke, “He’s been planning on quitting his job, he decided on becoming a teacher just before you arrived.”

“You’re both willing to move to another state to do this for me?” Klaus asked still a bit surprised at how much Bella and Henrik supported him.

“Of course,” Bella said genuinely. “You’ve wanted this for so long Nik, we want you to break the curse.”

“And we want to make sure we help you do it,” Henrik said, “Aside from being the one to do the magical part of the curse, I want to make sure things play out well. Belle and I have no problem doing this, moving to a new town wouldn’t be such a big deal to us.”

“So where is this place we’re moving to?” Bella asked Klaus.

“Mystic Falls, Virginia,” Klaus looked to Henrik, “Our hometown.”

Henrik coughed on his drink, Bella looked at him and put a hand on his shoulder. “A bit ironic don’t you think? Having to return to our hometown after so many centuries.” Henrik muttered looking at his brother.

“Anything else we should know Nik?” Bella asked wanting to know what to expect from the town.

“From what I gathered the town has a council that knows of vampires and they have vervain leaked into the water so the humans can’t be compelled. One of the vampires hanging around the doppelganger is referred to as the ripper, and let’s not forget the fact that it’s believed Katerina is lurking around the town,” Klaus said impressed on how much was going on in the small town of Mystic Falls.

Bella smiled, “Alright, nothing too out of the ordinary. I’m sure we can handle this Nik, we’ll keep the doppelganger safe for you.”

“You also have to worry about Elijah,” Klaus mentioned, “He wants to use the doppelganger as a way to kill me, so he won’t let her out of his sight.”

“He won’t recognize us,” Bella said assuring Klaus. “He doesn’t know what Henrik looks like all grown up the most he’ll know is that we share the same last name as him.”

“We can handle Elijah,” Henrik said knowing his brother wasn’t as strong as both he and Belle were. “He’ll be no match against the both of us.”

Klaus pulled out a dagger and a small bottle of white ash, he put it on the table and slid it towards Bella and Henrik. “If he becomes too much trouble, you should dagger him.”

“Okay, so what else do you need for this ritual?” Bella asked, “Anything we have to look for?”

“A moonstone, but I have a feeling Katerina will try to bargain with it, so having to look for it won’t be as necessary. We do need a vampire and a werewolf along with the doppelganger, the werewolf will be the only truly difficult thing to gather, but I’ll handle that. Just watch over the doppelganger make sure she stays alive and human.” Klaus said.

“We’ll do what we have to in order to keep her safe,” Henrik said grabbing the dagger and bottle of ash putting it away.

-Page Break-

“What happened to the old school nurse and the science teacher,” Henrik questioned as he and Bella unpacked in their new home which was conveniently only a houses down from Elena’s home. Klaus had purchased a mansion under Henrik’s name that he was having fixed up for their family after the ritual was broken.

“I had a talk with them,” Bella said with a smile. “I told them that maybe Mystic Falls just wasn’t for them anymore. I might’ve persuaded them to start over in a new town, a safer town.”

Henrik chuckled, “By persuaded you mean you used that mermaid charm of yours?”

“Exactly, no one can resist my charm Henrik,” Bella smirked, it was true Bella’s voice took on a compelling tone and it was impossible to resist. She had compelled Klaus and Henrik before, but unlike humans, they knew they were being compelled. “Tomorrow, we’ll stop by the school and say we were informed that they needed some new staff. We’ll turn in our resumes and I’m sure we’ll get the job immediately, they’re in desperate need. All we really have to worry about is not looking like students.”

“We already do that just fine. We haven’t been regarded as teenagers since we left Forks.” Henrik said as he opened a new box.

“Still, we have to be extra careful,” Bella said with a smile, she looked over at Henrik who had their graduation photo in his hands. She walked over to him and put an arm around his waist leaning into him. “I think this was the day you started wearing suits.”

Henrik laughed, he put his arm around her shoulders and responded. “I look dashing in a suit Belle. Why wouldn’t I want to wear one every day?”

Bella smiled, her and Henrik were completely off track, they were no longer unpacking they were sitting on the living room floor looking over different pictures from their past. Completely forgetting that tomorrow they would have to go to the school early tomorrow morning.

Bella put on her heels quickly as she hopped towards the car her and Henrik were already late for their meeting with the principal. She laughed as she saw Henrik doing his tie in the car, “We should’ve connected the alarm clock.” Bella said as she got in the car.

Henrik smiled, “But this is so much more fun don’t you think?” He drove over the speed limit to reach the school. He and Bella quickly and as humanly possible ran to the principal’s office.

“Do you both think you can start today?” The principle asked as he finished looking over their papers. “A few of my staff quit just the other day, you’d be doing us a blessing.”

Bella smiled, “We would love to, but you’d have to excuse my uniform for today. I left my scrubs and such at my home, I’d have to work in what I have on.”

The principal nodded, “That’s no problem for today. Let me show you both to where you’ll be working. I’ll have my assistant bring you maps of the school later to help you manage your way around.”

Bella waved goodbye to Henrik as she entered her new office. It was right beside the head office it was large. She had different rooms to treat kids whom where sick or injured. Walking out of her office to get a bottle of water, Bella ran into a young girl almost knocking her over.

“Are you okay?” Bella asked looking at the young girl, she had to struggle from keeping her eyes from widening at the sight of her. It was the doppelganger she had ran into.

“Um yeah,” Elena replied to Bella. “Are you a new student?”

Bella laughed lightly, “I graduated high school quite some time ago. I’m the new school nurse, Mrs. Mikaelson.”

“Oh, wow you’re young,” Elena said she chuckled softly, “I’m sorry that was rude. I’m Elena Gilbert.”

“It’s nice to meet you Elena. Why don’t you come to my office, I can give you a late slip,” Bella said motioning for Elena to follow her.

“Did you just move here?” Elena asked, she had learned to be suspicious of every newcomer in the town, she didn’t know what to expect any more from Mystic Falls.

“Yes, my husband and I decided we wanted to live in a small town again,” Bella said with a smile, “My husband is working here also, he’s currently the new science teacher.”

“Oh that’s cool,” Elena said, she wasn’t getting any sort of bad vibe from Bella. She shook her head, everything she had learned from Rose about Klaus was just putting her on edge.

“Here you go,” Bella said handing the slip to Elena, “If anyone asks, you came in here because you fell after you ran into someone.”

Elena smiled glad she wouldn’t be getting into any sort of trouble that day. “Thank you, it was nice meeting you Mrs. Mikaelson.”

“Likewise Elena,” Bella said as she saw the brunette leave. Forgetting her bottled water Bella got to work on filling out some paperwork.

Henrik sighed, it seemed some of the students had gotten a look at his Belle, and the whispers regarding her were starting to make him feel on edge.

“Dude! You wouldn’t believe how hot she is! She makes the other girls at this school like chump meat!” A junior boy said as he entered the class with one of his friends. “Faked a stomach ache to go and see her. Damn!”

His friend chuckled, “I think I’ll head over after lunch get a look at the new hottie for myself.”

Henrik glared at the boys, every nerve in him wanting to rip their heads off for talking about his Belle like that. He caught sight of the doppelganger as she entered along with two of her friends. It was amazing how much she truly looked like Tatia. Henrik shook his head and cleared his throat as all the students took their seats and looked at him. “Hello, I’m Mr. Mikaelson. I’ll be your new science teacher for the remainder of the year.”

The boy from earlier raised his hand, Henrik motioned for him to speak, “Are you related to the new nurse? Is she like your sister or something?”

Henrik smirked and shook his head, “No, she’s my wife. Now, let’s get started with today’s assignment.” Henrik found teaching quite easy, he had an hour left until the students ate lunch and he had his break, and time to spend with his wife. He walked around observing the students as they did their work. He got closer to Elena and heard her whispering with the blonde girl he knew as Caroline.

“No, apparently his name is Klaus, he’s an original, just like Elijah was,” Elena whispered so low that if Henrik wasn’t a vampire he wouldn’t have heard her at all. “He’s the oldest of them all and he wants me dead.”

“I’m sure we can figure something out,” Caroline whispered back, but got to work as she saw Henrik walking towards them.

It didn’t past Henrik’s attention how she had used past tense to describe Elijah. He’d have to research that later, he didn’t want to know someone in his family was dead. He continued class as if he hadn’t heard anything, but he made sure to keep his ears open for anything else he could gather from the doppelganger and her friends. It seemed clear to him that Bonnie had felt something from him as she had stayed silent throughout class, but Henrik was far more powerful and knew how to hide his power from being sensed so the young witch would never figure his secret out.

Henrik walked straight to Bella’s office once it was lunchtime. He knocked twice before entering, he noticed his Belle wasn’t sitting at her desk chair, so he took a seat and began to spin around.

“Students aren’t allowed behind my desk,” Bella said coming out rubbing her hands together with hand sanitizer.

Henrik turned around and smiled, “Good thing I’m not a student then.”

Bella smiled, “What are you doing here?”

“Came for lunch,” Henrik said with a smile, “Have anything to eat here?”

Bella smiled, “Yeah bottom drawer, but we’ll have to be quiet. I have a girl with a bad fever in one of the beds.”

“Is she actually sick?” Henrik asked with a raised eyebrow “Or pretending?”

Bella smirked knowing what he was getting at. “She’s actually sick, her mom should be by any minute to pick her up.”

Henrik opened the bottom drawer and saw two sodas along with two subways and in the back a small bottle of blood. “You went and picked these up?”

“Yeah, I had to rush out and get some Tylenol, we had ran out,” Bella said she sat on her desk, and took the sandwich Henrik handed her, “The blood is just for you, I thought you could use it. How are you doing?”

“Good, met the doppelganger Elena and some of her friends,” Henrik whispered not wanting anyone to hear.

Bella nodded, “I met her, ran into her by accident earlier. Get any information?”

“Just that she knows Klaus is after her, and I think she might’ve encountered Elijah,” Henrik said, he was about to continue when a student knocked on the door. He glared as it was the same boy who was in his earlier class.

“Can I help you?” Bella asked hopping off the desk and sitting her sandwich down.

“Umm, I’m having a really bad headache,” He mumbled, his eyes roaming up and down Bella.

Bella coughed calling her attention back to her eyes. She pointed to a chair, “Take a seat, I’ll be with you in a minute.” Bella smiled at Henrik, and got out her thermometer, she did the basics on the student. After a while, she grew annoyed as his eyes kept staying on her cleavage. “You don’t feel sick do you?”

“No,” He answered not being able to fight against Bella’s tone of voice which had taken a compelling tone.

“Head back to lunch,” Bella said, the boy stood and left. Bella shook her head and went back to where Henrik was she took a seat on her desk and a bite of her sandwich.

“You should quit,” Henrik said with a serious face.

Bella laughed, “And why should I do that?”

“All the boys Belle,” Henrik said with a shake of his head. “They talk about you and I want to take my fangs to their necks every time.”

Bella smiled, “You’re overreacting it’ll calm down soon enough. Besides, the girls in this school do the same about you. I’ve even heard a few teachers comment about how absolutely scrumptious you look.”

Henrik laughed, “I suppose this will be the first and last time we ever work together?”

“You don’t have to be so drastic Henri,” Bella said with an eye roll. “So find anything else out about Elijah?”

Henrik shook his head, “Not yet, but I have a strong feeling in my gut you might be meeting him soon.”

Bella smiled, “After so long together, you’re ashamed for your family to meet me?”

“You’ve met the most important member in the family,” Henrik said, “I just don’t trust Elijah the way I trust Nik.”

“I’ve been doing some online research,” Bella said with a smile, “I think I found who informed Elijah about Elena. If we can get to him, we might be able to figure out if he knows anything else. Like where we can find a werewolf.”

“We’ll check it out after school,” Henrik said taking a sip of his drink, “But I felt a witch and a warlock at school. One of them just got here, it seems suspicious that he got here around the same time my brother was spotted nearby.”

Bella nodded, “I’ll go check my lead and you can follow the warlock see what you can find.”

“I don’t know Belle,” Henrik said being cautious he didn’t like the idea of Bella being near another vampire.

“You and Nik both spent several years training me to fight. I’m not exactly weak,” Bella said with a huff, “I can do this just fine Henri. If we work fast, we can have everything needed to break the curse by the next full moon.”

Henrik sighed, “Okay, but if you have any problems, you’ll call to me, right?”

“Always,” Bella said, her and Henrik both stood as the bell rang signaling the next class. Henrik quickly kissed Bella.

“I’ll see you after school,” Henrik said, “We can split up then.”

Bella nodded, “Love you.”

“Love you too Belle,” Henrik said he kissed Bella’s cheek before he disappeared. Henrik headed back to class but not before he passed Elena and another vampire one he recognized as Stefan or as others called him, the ripper.

“We can’t free her Stefan,” Elena whispered looking around cautiously.

“She has the moonstone, if we have it Bonnie can remove the curse from the stone no longer making it valuable.” Stefan said, “The moonstone would be useless to Klaus and anyone else.”

Henrik listened more as they argued, he managed to hear something about a cave. If the moonstone was really with Katerina he’d be able to track it. He walked to class happy to know he was getting somewhere. This town truly had its luck attracting the supernatural, he smiled as he realized this town got him and Bella drawn in as well.

Bella walked down the halls as she was trying to find Henrik’s classroom. She was looking through every classroom, but it seemed all the teachers had already left. Bella came across a room who still had a teacher inside. “Excuse me.” Bella said catching the teacher’s attention.

“Can I help you?” the teacher asked turning to look at Bella.

“Yes, I’m looking for the science class,” Bella said, “I’ve seemed to have gotten lost.”

“School is over, is there a reason why you’re headed there?” He asked.

“Oh, I’m not a student,” Bella said with a smile, “I’m the new school nurse. My husband is the science teacher, I’m Isabella.”

“Sorry, you just look really young, I’m Alaric, the history teacher,” He said shaking Bella’s hand, “I believe the class you’re looking for is just down the hall to your right.”

“Thank you very much,” Bella replied, “It was nice meeting you Alaric.”

“You too Isabella,” Alaric said with a kind smile. Bella waved and walked off. She found Henrik in his classroom leaned over his desk looking at a map. To anyone else it’d look like he was just looking directions, but Bella knew he was doing a spell. She walked in and closed the door behind her making sure the blinds were pulled and the door was locked.

“I think I tracked the moonstone,” Henrik said, as he sensed Bella he didn’t take his eyes off the map. “Nik was right, Katerina has it. I heard Elena and her boyfriend arguing over it after lunch. I think they might go to get it from her, so we’d have to move fast and go and retrieve it from her first. It’d be one more thing off the list of things we need for the curse.”

“Okay, let’s get going. I want to get to this guy before it’s too late,” Bella said as she looked at the time.

Henrik nodded and grabbed his things, he and Bella headed out immediately. The parking lot was empty when they got out. Deciding there was no time to waste Henrik drove faster than usual.

“So she has the moonstone, but what’s keeping her from skipping town with it?” Bella asked as they drove.

“I think she can’t,” Henrik replied he smiled at Bella, he took her hand in his as he drove it was something he usually did when they were in the car together.

“This has been a pretty entertaining day,” Bella said with a smirk. “It seems like this place has some pretty interesting adventures ahead for us.”

“It really is an interesting town. I’m sure we’ll never get bored of being here,” Henrik said with an amused smile.

Bella and Henrik walked down into the cave where Katerina was being kept, “It has to be behind that rock, you’d think they’d try harder to hide this place.”

Henrik smiled, “They did hide it Belle, but we’re just too good at what we do.”

Bella smiled, “Will it take you long to do something with the spell?”

“No, it was done by a strong witch, but not strong enough,” Henrik said he looked to Bella curiously. “Are you sure you can do this”?

Bella nodded, “Just don’t leave me in there.”

Henrik nodded, he moved the stone wall and Bella entered quickly. Bella looked around and snuck up on the doppelganger vampire. Before Katherine could get a good look at Bella, Bella snapped her neck. She rolled her eyes as she saw she had the moonstone with her. “You’d think she’d try to hide it better.”

“You almost done Belle?” Henrik asked as he had lost sight of Bella.

“Yeah,” Bella called back and stood at the edge of the barrier. “Get me out of here please, Henri.”

Henrik smiled, and worked his magic, he let Bella free, she tossed him the moonstone as she walked out. “You look incredible snapping someone’s neck.”

Bella laughed, “Come on, let’s get going before someone finds us here. Did you put the spell back up?”

“Even better, I made it stronger,” Henrik smiled and put his arm around Bella’s waist, “The witches in this town won’t be able to break it.”

“You know, in this town, we’re technically the bad guys,” Bella said with a smirk.

“We’re the best villains this town has ever seen,” Henrik replied he picked Bella up as if she were a bride and headed out of the cave. They had work to do in this town, and they were only getting started.

Author’s Note

I thought I should explain the time leap. I wanted some years to pass so Bella and Henrik could have some peace before the problems of Mystic Falls occurred. I wanted them to have a life some normalcy, I was going to add a few more flashbacks, but I settled on just one, the one I felt was the most important.

If I didn’t make it clear, this was happening around Season 2 episode 9. I’ll try and follow the story as much as possible, but things will change. Anyway, if you guys didn’t catch the hint, the guy Bella was referring to was Slater.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

Prv chpt    chpt lisst    nxt chpt

  1. Liked the time jump and flashback. Had me giggling Bella ruined his romantic gesture on how he was going to ask her to marry him.

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