Memory Lane Part One: Forks

Chapt 2

Author’s Note

-Page Break-

Bella sighed out in annoyance as she and Jacob sat in the local Forks library. “This is stupid.” Bella heard Jake mumble under his breath. Bella rolled her eyes and ignored him. He insisted on being here, he could at the very least let her study in peace. She wasn’t here to entertain him and had made it clear she didn’t need anyone to look after her.

Bella flipped the page on the history book she was reading. After the departure of the Cullens she had put herself more in her studies and had found that she really did enjoy learning. All it had taken to get over Edward was a few books and then she was feeling better. The need to learn to know more seemed to grow within her every day and she found she was spending more and more time in the library every day.

Bella tapped her fingers against the textbook, she knew most of everything in the book and was sure she would be able to pass her final term exam tomorrow with ease. She was just here to do some re-reading and help her catch something she might’ve missed before.

“This is fucking lame.” Jacob whispered again as he flipped through his biology book a frown on his face as he pretended to go over the material.

Bella had had enough with his constant whining. “That’s it!” Bella said standing up in anger. “You chose to be here so suck it up and shut up. If you don’t just leave the library and leave me the hell alone. I’M SICK AND TIRED OF YOUR CONSTANT COMPLAINING. THIS IS MY QUIET PLACE AND YOU SHOULD HAVE THE DECENCY TO RESPECT IT! I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT HOW AWFUL IT IS TO BE HERE ANYMORE! JUST LEAVE, JACOB!”

Jacob stood up in his own anger. “I’M HERE TO PROTECT YOU!” He shouted back with anger as he couldn’t understand how she didn’t see how weak she was on her own.

“I. Don’t. Need. You.” She said through gritted teeth, she grabbed her books and put them in her bag. “For the sake of my sanity, never come near me again. Got it?” Bella rushed out of the library with Jacob hot on her heels. She got into her truck and slammed the door shut locking it as soon as she was in. Jacob banged on the door trying to get her to open it.

“You shouldn’t be alone.” Jacob said with a growl.

“No, I shouldn’t be with you. You don’t get it Jacob, I’m a lot smarter than I look to you and your friends. I know what you think about me and I’m sick and tired of it. I’m not as weak as you think, and I’m fucking done with all the shit your friends say about me. So let’s end it all right here, right now.”

Bella pulled out of her parking spot knocking Jacob back on his feet and onto his bike. “You trying to force yourself into my life is pathetic. I’ve told you time and time again that you and I aren’t meant to be, so accept it and move on. Stop telling all your friends you have me in the palm of your hands. Stop trying to force yourself on me, and for fuck’s sake grow up! I’m a human being not something for you to own. I’m not yours in anyway so stop telling everyone I am.”

Bella put the car in drive and looked one more time to Jacob. “Most importantly, stop acting like I’m a child who doesn’t know how to walk on their own feet. I’ve survived this long by myself and I can survive longer. I don’t need you to tell me what to do and continue to tell me that I’m weak every moment of everyday. Come near the house and I’ll tell my dad exactly what an asshole you are. I’ll even tell him about all the times you tried to force yourself on me. Go back to the Rez, and stay there.”

Bella drove off, feeling a huge relief rush over her. Finally, she thought, I got that out of my system. A smile came upon her face as she felt more relieved than she ever had before. She drove home with a large smile on her face.

Bella hummed along with the song on the radio something inside her had changed and for the first time in what felt like forever she felt free.

-Page Break-

Bella sighed as she leaned against the kitchen counter hearing her dad going on and on about her fight with Jake. “Dad, I know Billy is your best friend and he’s most likely the one that’s been telling you all of this stuff, but please just listen to me for a moment.”

“Bells, kid, I…” Charlie shut his mouth when he saw the look on Bella’s face. “Okay kid, talk.”

Bella smiled, “I know Jacob and I were becoming good friends, and he was ultimately helping me out of my rut, but I really don’t need him anymore. Now, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful or rude, but I really just don’t want him in my life anymore. He’s controlling and judgmental and it’s as if I were with Edward all over again. I want to be free dad and being around Jacob makes me feel like I’m stuck in cage with absolutely no way of getting out. He talks behind my back and constantly treats me as if I were too stupid to do anything. I don’t want that in my life anymore. I want to be around people I can feel like myself with. I want to spend entire days in a library without someone hovering over my shoulder trying to see what I’m doing. Jacob is a kid dad, he gossips, judges, and thinks he’s better than everyone around him. Please understand that I can’t keep him as a friend just because his dad is your friend. I have to move on with my life and being his friend is only holding my back.”

Bella crossed her arms over her chest. “He may have also said the library was useless and learning was for the boring. I think that alone justifies why I don’t want to be anywhere near him.”

Charlie smiled at his daughter. “That’s a good enough reasoning for me, kid. I’ll tell him to stop pestering you.”

Bella smiled, “Thank you.” She gently nudged her dad to the side. “Now, get away you’re burning the cheese. It’s supposed to be a grilled cheese sandwich not a burnt cheese sandwich.”

Charlie rolled his eyes at his daughter. “Maybe that’s just the way I like it, Bells.”

It was Bella’s turn to roll her eyes at her father. “I heard there was a game on tonight.”

Charlie looked to his daughter raising his brow at her. “Is this your clever way of asking me to leave the kitchen?”

“Of course it is,” Bella replied with a smile. “Now, if you would be so polite to hightail it out of here, I can finish our lunches and I can tell you who is going to win in that game.”

“How would you know who’s going to win?” Charlie questioned curiously.

Bella shrugged. “I read a book about it in the library. It gave all the statistics needed in football, and if you do all the math and the work you can guess who’s most likely to win. Also, I’m a really good guess.”

-Page Break-

Bella tapped her pencil on the math book she was looking at. She really didn’t need to study, but she wanted to ace the rest of her classes and her SAT’s and in order to do that she needed to put in the work. Last time she checked as a strange occurrence Jessica was the leading candidate for Valedictorian, something she didn’t want to happen. She wanted to make her dad proud and she knew her getting the title of Valedictorian would make him proud. It really wouldn’t be hard, she knew Jessica was cheating, and she was only a few points behind her. It would just take some hard work to win the title of Valedictorian.

Bella turned her head as Angela walked into the library. She was wiping furiously at her back trying to remove the snow that was stuck there. “Fall again?” Bella questioned as her friend took a seat.

Angela nodded immediately. “Why exactly do they put salt on sidewalks when it snows?”

Adding salt to snow or ice increases the number of molecules on the ground surface and makes it harder for the water to freeze. Salt can lower freezing temperatures on sidewalks to 15 degrees from 32 degrees

Bella tilted her head at Angela and looked at her curiously. Had she answered her own question?

“Bella!” Angela said snapping her fingers in front of Bella’s face to get her attention. “Are you listening? You must have some idea why they do that.”

“The salt makes it harder for the water to freeze, it can lower freezing temperatures from 15 degrees to 32 degrees.” Bella said trying to understand how her mind could know all of this. She shook her head not wanting to focus on this, she must’ve read it before in some book or something. “How are you and Ben doing? Everything good I suppose?”

Angela nodded a smile beaming on her face as she thought about her love. “He’s asking my dad for permission to marry him. Do you think my dad will allow it?”

Before Bella could listen to whatever else Angela was saying her vision went blurry and her eyes glazed over.

Ben entered the room with shaky palms as he followed after the older man. He took a seat on the offered chair in the study, conveniently sitting directly across the father of the girl he was in love with. “I know you think of me as just a kid, sir, and that I’m probably being young and foolish, but I love your daughter. I can’t picture my future without her in it and I want more than anything to be able to do things right with her. I want to marry your daughter, but I want your permission first. I need your permission because you’re the most important person to Angela.”

Mr. Weber chuckled leaning back in his seat to look at the boy that sat in front of him with shaky hands. “What makes you think you’re good enough to marry my little girl?”

Ben sat up straighter. “Because I love her. I love her more than you can understand, and this is more than just puppy love, sir. This is something special between your daughter and I. I can and will do everything I can to keep her happy, and if you give me your blessing I’ll make her happy for the rest of my life. I think you should know, sir that I will never hurt your daughter. I will never make her feel any sort of pain, because she doesn’t deserve it. Angela is one of the kindest, selfless, and the most amazing person I know and I want her to be happy for the rest of her life. I know I can make your daughter happy. I know I can give her everything she could ever want or need. I’m asking you as a man who is wholeheartedly in love with your daughter to let me ask her to marry me.”

Mr. Weber nodded his head, “You sold me, son. You’ve got my blessing.”

Ben stood up immediately and hugged the man thanking him a thousand times for allowing him to marry his daughter.

Bella took in a deep breath as she came back into focus. Her eyes landing on Angela again as the girl was just staring at her. “Sorry, I just…” Bella smiled at her friend she reached over the table and took Angela’s hand in her own. “I think Ben is amazing enough to show your dad how much he loves you, and your dad knows you love him. He’ll give Ben his blessing and you’ll be officially engaged soon enough.”

Angela smiled and bit her lip, a habit she had picked up from Bella. “Just don’t tell Ben I know. He left the ring in his room and that’s where I saw it. I’ve been piecing everything together the last few days. I heard my dad telling my mom that Ben had asked him to see him privately. I think he’s going to ask at Prom!”

Bella smiled doing her best to hide the worry from her face, she wanted to know what was happening to her, but she had to focus on her best friend first. “I’m not really surprised you guys have been dating since you were freshman. I don’t think anyone will be surprised to hear the news. Are you going to get married right away?” Bella paused waiting for the answer to pop into her head, but sighed when she got nothing. Maybe it was just a lucky coincidence.

“Of course not! I want to wait until we graduate university. You don’t think Ben would mind do you?” Angela questioned nervously.

Bella shook her head as a large, No. popped into her head. “I don’t think Ben would have any sort of problem with it, Angie.”

Angela’s grinned widely. “I’m so excited Bella! Do you mind taking off the rest of the afternoon and just heading to get a bite to eat and talking about this?”

Bella shook her head with a smile, she waited for a response but shrugged to herself when nothing came. “I don’t mind at all. Why don’t we head out and get something sweet and then head to my house and just hang for a while.”

Angela practically squealed, “That sounds wonderful Bella!”

-Page Break-

Bella sat down as it was time to take her English final. Since talking to Angela a month ago she wasn’t able to really focus on what was happening to her, but she noticed that whatever was happening to her had started to become stronger. Any question anyone asked she knew the answer to it. If it were a question she herself asked she would rarely get an answer. One of the questions she always asked but never got an answer to was, what is happening to me? There was never an answer, but she found that whatever was happening to her was something she had to get used to.

Bella flipped through the packet and her eyes blurred slightly as she flipped through the questions. She closed her eyes and tried to regain control of her vision. She sighed as she opened her eyes and her eyes were fine. She read the first question and shook her head as it was a multiple choice and the answer for number C was popping out to her. She circled it and continued throughout the test seeing as every answer just popped into other head.

Five minutes passed and she finished the exam. She stood grabbing her things and handed it in to a surprised teacher. She took her pass and headed to the library. Her brain rattling as she tried to come up with different answers to what was happening to her. Nothing seemed to make any sense anymore.

As the bell rang she headed to her next class. Math. Her palms grew sweaty as she had barely studied the last few days as she had been more worried about what was happening to her to study up on the final exam. She took her seat and rubbed her hands on her jeans in an attempt to calm down. She trembled as the test was set down before her. She closed her eyes telling herself mentally that this was something she could do.

She opened her eyes and read the first problem. Her hand stilled as she could see the problem working itself out on the paper. She traced over the numbers as they appeared on the page and smiled as this new found gift was helping her work through the problems. Unlike before in her English exam, she wasn’t getting the direct answer instead she was getting a step by step walkthrough.

It took her less than 15 minutes to finish the exam, like before the teacher took it in stunned silent before excusing her to the library.

Bella slumped down in a chair and put her head in her hands. She had to figure out what was happening to her. She couldn’t continue to live not knowing what was happening to her. She grabbed her laptop and began to do research, she immediately put it back in her backpack when she got no real use from it. She folded her arms on the desk and sighed in defeat. Nothing was helping and she couldn’t for the life of her figure out what to do about it. Instead she lay her head down and closed her eyes praying to get some minutes of sleep to help relax her.

Knowledge is a greater power than most believe.

Knowing the secrets buried within the corners of the Earth is impossibly beautiful.

Gathered together all the knowledge needed to survive is given to one trustable being.

No one but she will ever be able to hold such unimaginable power.




Bella gasped as she woke up to Ben shaking her awake. “Um…”

Ben chuckled and took a seat next to her. “I’ve been trying to wake you up for the past two minutes, you were out like a rock. Hot date last night?”

Bella rolled her eyes, “No, you know how much the thunderstorms scare the shit out of me. I practically had a heart attack every time I saw lightning, I barely got any sleep.”

Ben laughed, he smiled at Bella and looked around. “Can I tell you something?”

Bella sighed already knowing where this was going. “You’re going to ask Angie to marry you and you want my help with it.”

Ben’s eyes widened as that was what he was going to ask her. “Um yeah. How’d you know?”

Bella shrugged, “It’s a gift.” She mumbled and she knew it was true. She might never know why she had this gift, but at least she knew she wasn’t going crazy. “I think we should do it at graduation. In front of everyone, make it big and special. Angela would love something like that, she would enjoy having everyone know that you put so much effort into it.”

Ben leaned back, “But how? I don’t want to do it while her parents are congratulating her. Or during the parties.”

Bella smirked, “You know, I’m valedictorian and you’re class president. You’ll be on stage while I’m giving my speech. We could do it then. At the end of my speech, I can shift it towards you and Angela. She’ll never see this coming Ben.”

Ben smiled widely. “You’d really do this for me… for us?”

Bella smiled, “It’s you and Angie. The only people who’ve never been assholes to me. I owe this to you.”

-Page Break-

Bella smiled as she knew what was coming up next. “Throughout school many of us have experienced heartbreak, and others have experienced the phenomenon of true love. To those, I congratulate you. Today is not only the end of high school, but the beginning of your forever. Before we stand and cheer four our own success, I am asking every senior here to stand.”

Bella smiled as all the seniors stood, “Now, we’ve rehearsed this guys, so let’s make sure true love lives.” Bella fell to one knee as did every other senior as they turned to Angela who was conveniently in the front row.

“Angie.” Ben said walking up the mike. “I love you. I’ve loved you since we started high school. You are my first, last and only love. Every student, staff member, and parent in this room knows that I’ve always loved you and that I will always love you. I’m asking in front of everyone who has watched our love grow throughout the years, if you will do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

Angela gasped she nodded. “YES!” She shouted and rushed up the stairs. She jumped into Ben’s awaiting arms. Every senior in the room jumped to their feet and clapped.

Bella felt her eyes swell up with tears as she joined her fellow seniors in cheering. She wiped her eyes and knew this was the best way to end her high school time. In a few days she would leave for a trip, one where she didn’t know where she was going to go, all she knew was that she was going to let her gift lead the way and she knew she’d end up where she needed to be. Maybe in a few years she’d attend school, but with her gift she didn’t feel the need to go to college.

She looked out in the audience to see everyone standing and applauding. Tears were in the eyes of several of the seniors and their parents. Bella smiled as this couldn’t have been a more perfect way to end her year.

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  1. That was really sweet. I did miss Niklaus though. Was it supposed to be the true start of the story or a flashback?

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  2. i wish i had that power when i was taking Quantum Physics in college. so jealous! 😀 and Angela would be a fool to say no to that kind of proposal. 😉

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  3. I loved it and can’t wait for more please update ASAFP.

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  4. Loved that she stood up and put Jake in his place.
    Learning everything that she could to expand her knowledge is fantastic. Plus this beginning of her gift is interesting.
    Loved Ben’s proposal to Angela.

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