Reaper Twins: Chapter 25

rt chpt 25

Bella walked into the living, she paused as she watched everyone was gathered together in the living room doing different activities. Henrik and Kol were playing a game while Rebekah and Marco sat on the couch reading. Bella smiled as she watched the two of them, it was so obvious they were in love, she just hoped they would come out with it already. Her eyes landed on Klaus as he sat on the loveseat next to the window. His attention focused on the drawing pad on his lap. Bella smiled before quietly retreating to her bedroom to change not wanting to be in the clothes covered in Edward’s stench any longer.

Grabbing one of Klaus’s shirts and a clean pair of underwear she headed to the shower. Killing Edward had made her truly look back on the events that had occurred in the last few months of her life. It was over a year ago she had met Edward. Less than a year that she had been dumped on the forest floor as if she were nothing. It hadn’t been long ago she had met her duplicate. The one person on Earth that was the same as her in most aspects. Merely months since she had truly known what it felt like to be in love with someone and know what being a family truly meant. It all seemed so different now. Killing Edward had been the final tear to the connection to her human life. She was truly a reaper now, and that seemed to be the way things were supposed to be. Of course, Charlie was still alive, but he was no longer a main component of her life. He would be safer without her, but she wouldn’t forget the man that had raised her as her own.

Bella walked out of the shower and walked to her bed. She lifted the covers and crawled in wrapping herself in the warmth the sheets offered. Closing her eyes she inhaled a deep breath content in just lying there. She re-opened her eyes an hour later when she heard a small scratching noise in the room. She sat up and saw Klaus sitting beside her on the bed his drawing pad in his lap as he sketched. “How long have you been here?”

Klaus smiled but didn’t remove his focus from his drawing. “Not that long, love. The Gilbert boy came about 15 minutes ago and I came to tell you, but you were asleep. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sketch you.”

Bella smiled, “You’ve sketched me before.”

Klaus shook his head, “This time is different. You’re guarded, always. Some part of you is always waiting to be attack, but you looked different just now. Peaceful.”

Bella moved closer and looked at the sketching. She squinted her eyes to try and see what he was talking about, but she couldn’t see anything other than Klaus’s amazing talent. “I can’t see it.”

Klaus put his arm around her and pulled her to him, “It’s because you don’t see yourself the way I do.”

Bella smiled and leaned into him resting her head on his chest as she watched him shade in the picture. It amazed her sometimes how lucky she truly was for finding Klaus. After a few minutes passed she spoke again. “Aren’t you going to ask how things ended with Edward?”

“I already know you killed him,” Klaus responded as he shaded in the drawing. “I don’t need to know much more.”

“How do you know I killed him?” Bella asked curious, “I could’ve just tortured him and let him go.”

“I came to the conclusion that the reason you look so peaceful to me is because you finally got you revenge. You wouldn’t have let him go, you wanted him dead and nothing was going to stop you from getting what you wanted.” Klaus responded as he set his drawing aside. He moved Bella so she was straddling his lap. He smirked as he saw his shirt on her it was a look he truly enjoyed seeing. “You look beautiful in my clothes.”

Bella smiled, “I look good in your shirts if I wore your pants I’d look like a fool.”

Klaus chuckled he brought his hand up and tangled it in Bella’s hair he brought her closer to him and kissed her. Glad that the scent of Edward that he smelt when he walked into their room wasn’t on her. Instead her scent was masked with his, something the possessive side of him was glad for. Before they could get carried away they were interrupted by a loud knock on the door.

Bella laughed lightly as Klaus growled quietly. She pecked his lips before jumping off the bed, “We can continue this later.” She hurriedly put on a clean pair of pants before opening the bedroom door.

“Elle!” Henrik said with a grin, “Sorry to disturb you, but we were just about to play a board game, wanted to know if you wanted to play.”

“Sure Henri,” Bella said, Henrik nodded and walked back down the stairs. Bella turned back around and looked at Klaus. She smiled at him, “Are you coming?”

“Of course, love, but I’m not playing,” Klaus said as he got up from the bed. He walked towards Bella and put his arm around her waist his other arm holding his sketch pad. He led her down the stairs and into the living room where everyone was gathered. He took a seat on the couch while Bella sat on the floor in between his legs. The coffee table just in front of her as Henrik finished setting up the Monopoly game. Bella leaned her head back and looked at Klaus. “How long do you think it will take until Kol gets angry and gives up?”

“I give it a strong hour,” Klaus replied with a smirk. This particular board game was something they had played before, but each time Kol would get close to losing and give up. They were all sure this time would be no different. Klaus watched as Bella went first moving her little bag of money to the correct spot. Henrik was next followed by Kol, soon the game began and the arguing commenced. Whenever this game began Bella and Henrik were always in a sort of alliance together, she would do whatever she could to own as many pieces as she was able to. And then when the trading began she would always sell them to Henrik so in the end he would be able to win. Henrik would then begin to build and soon everyone would lose Kol was always the first to give in.

Bella laughed as Jeremy and Kol were both close to quitting it would only be a few more turns. Rebekah and Marco were keeping up okay, but they would be out not soon after Kol and Jeremy backed out. “Why do you continue to try?” Bella teased Kol with a smirk.

Kol glared determined not to give up until someone else was already gone. “This is a horrible game you both always cheat.”

“We do not!” Henrik said trying to hold back the smile that was forming on his face.

“Oh you do!” Kol responded as he studied the board. “You and Bella work to take everything over and Marco and Rebekah do the same because they’re in a relationship.”

Everyone froze as Kol had just revealed the secret everyone in the house was keeping.

Rebekah took in a sharp breath and looked at everyone a panicked expression on her face. Her eyes than turned to Marco who was the image of calm. She looked at everyone, “You all knew?”

“Well, you haven’t been able to keep a secret since you were human, Rebekah. Did you really think that was going to change?” Klaus asked as he looked up from his pad to his sister. “We’ve all known for some time, we were all just waiting for you to come out with it.”

“Is this true?” Rebekah asked looking at everyone else in the room.

Henrik shrugged, “It’s kind of obvious, Bekah.”

Rebekah shook her head, “So all this time you all knew? We didn’t have to be sneaking around!”

Marco smiled he took her hand and gave it a squeeze, “Why don’t we just finish the game as planned and talk about this later.”

Rebekah nodded and as simple as it had been said it was done with. Bella turned to Klaus and smiled this game was more interesting than they had expected. She turned back to the game as Jeremy finally gave in. Henrik smiled as he was going to easily win, it was no question that he had this game in the bag.

Bella played easily gaining more ground and selling them one by one to Henrik. She smiled to Klaus as Kol to was next to give in and sat off in the side with Jeremy. “Two down two to go.”

“This isn’t fair!” Marco said as he looked at the board and then to his sister. “You and Henrik cheat.”

Bella scoffed and Henrik replied, “Me and Elle just play a strategic game, nothing else. Now just accept your defeat already. It’ll make things easier for all of us in the end.”

Klaus shook his head, “Why do you all play knowing you’re going to lose?”

“We have high hopes we’ll be able to beat them at this game,” Marco responded.

Bella laughed, “Oh my dear brother that will never happen. You all have to realize that when Henri and I are together we’re unbeatable.”

Henrik nodded in agreement, “Don’t be sore losers, why don’t you just lose with dignity. It will be the best way to go.”

Klaus chuckled as his sister got an angry look on her face. “Now you’ve done it Henrik. She’s not going to lose easily this time.”

Rebekah smirked at Bella and Henrik, “Let the games begin.”

“Let’s play,” Henrik and Bella said at the same time.

It didn’t take long Bella being a more strategic person was able to plan out all her moves. Henrik had begun to build his empire making it more of a problem if Marco or Rebekah landed on it.

Bella laughed as Rebekah rolled a bad number landing directly on one of Henrik’s. “Lose with dignity, Bekah.”

Rebekah growled and gave in “Three down one to go.” Henrik said with a smirk.

It only took so long before Henrik came out victorious in the end. Bella moved off the floor and settled herself tucked into Klaus’s side. “Today wasn’t so bad.” Bella whispered to Klaus.

“Killing your ex, his family and burying an empty coffin in your name. It wasn’t terrible,” Klaus replied in a smirk.

“I meant this,” Bella said looking around the room as the video games came out and a tournament began. “Ending it in a normal way, playing a board game, it’s refreshing to have some normalcy in this life. Especially for Henri. He gets to have a balance of being human and supernatural. Not a lot of people are lucky enough to have that.”

Klaus smiled and kissed Bella’s forehead, “We’re all lucky to have you, Bella.”

Bella smiled and melted into Klaus’s arms as they wrapped themselves tighter around her. She watched as the video game contest began. Rebekah and Marco were s sitting on a couch together, no longer having to hide their relationship from everyone.

-Page Break-

Bella helped Henrik put the suitcases away in the back of the SUV. “Hey, Elle. Do you regret killing yourself?” Henrik asked as they put away the last of the suitcases.

“No, I don’t,” Bella replied with no hesitation. “I want Charlie to be safe. I might not have had a good adoptive mom but Charlie was a good dad. He cared about me and always thought of me as his own. He protected me as best as he could when I couldn’t protect myself. If I had to say goodbye to him in order to protect him, I would. Killing myself, it was the best for Charlie. It was the only way I wouldn’t drag him into all of this.”

Henrik nodded, “You’re a good person Elle.”

Bella smiled, “I’m glad you think so.” She put an arm around his shoulders. “You sure you want to head to New York? It’s a big city.”

Henrik grinned, “I think it would be a good change. Beside it’s going to be just you Nik, Kol and me. Bekah and Marc are heading off to someplace.”

Bella laughed, “Apparently we were becoming too much of a bother to them.”

Henrik chuckled, “If they didn’t want to be teased they shouldn’t have made it so easy.”

“Go hurry up your brother, if he’s making us drive than he should at least be the first in the car,” Bella said pushing Henrik towards the door to get Kol to hurry up. She grinned as a pair of familiar arms wrapped themselves around her.

“Are you ready to leave,” Klaus asked.

“We all are, we’re just waiting on your brother,” Bella replied. “What does he have against planes?”

“He’s just not used to them, he was in a coffin too long.” Klaus replied, “Are you going to be okay without your brother?”

Bella sighed, “I’ll miss him, but it isn’t forever.”

Kol came out with Rebekah and Marco. Klaus kissed Bella’s neck and gently nudged her towards her brother while he went to his sister.

Marco and Bella stood away from the others. Bella took in a deep breath. “We’ll talk every day?”

“Every day,” Marco agreed he smiled, “I’ll miss you Izzy.”

Bella smiled tears swelling in her eyes. She was beginning to realize she wouldn’t see her twin everyday anymore. “I guess I’ll miss you too, Marc.”

Marco opened his arms and Bella walked into them wrapping him in a hug. “Didn’t think it was going to be so hard saying goodbye to you.”

“I didn’t think it’d be hard either,” Bella whispered she pulled back and smiled at her brother.

Bella held her hand out, Marco took it and smiled. “I’ll call you when we land.”

“You better, or I’ll rip your leg off,” Bella replied with a smile.

“You’re not fast enough to get that close to me,” Marco responded with a smug smirk.

Bella scoffed, “Please, you move like a snail compared to me.”

“I taught you everything you know, I know all your moves,” Marco said with a roll of his eyes.

“The student always surpasses the teacher,” Bella replied with a smile as she and Marco walked off towards the car he and Rebekah were taking to the airport. Rebekah was already in the passenger seat waiting for Marco. Kol, Klaus and Henrik were all in the other car waiting for Bella. Bella smiled at her brother and using telepathy she spoke to him. Love you, Marc.

Love you too, Izzy. Marc kissed his sister’s forehead and got into the driver’s seat. Bella walked off not wanting to see her brother drive she took her time getting to the SUV. She got into the backseat of the SUV with Henrik.

“Let’s get going,” Bella said with a smile. “This is going to be a long trip.”

“Would’ve been shorter if someone would get on a plane,” Henrik muttered.

Kol glared at his brother through the passenger seat mirror but said nothing. Klaus smirked and drove off, “We’ll stop anywhere you would like to go Henrik. We have some time until you have to start school again.”

Author’s Note

Okay, so I have some news. This is the last chapter for this story. The following Chapter will be the epilogue for this story. After that the Sequel will begin. I do have to warn you all that things will change. I will most likely not be following the plot of The Originals, but if there’s anything you’re dying to see come up in the story. Go ahead and comment what it is you want to see and I’ll do my best to work it into the story.



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