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 Author’s Note

Bittersweet endings… I love story so very much. For all of you who are going to wonder, no Klaus has not awakened his siblings yet, he’s procrastinating on that. Anyway, I may or may not add a few outtakes to this story later on in the future. If there’s something you want to see comment and tell me what it is and I’ll see if I can make an outtake for you.

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!



Jeremy put his arm around Bella’s waist as they entered the high school campus. The place was crawling with teenagers, all split into their own little groups of friends.  “You know, we really don’t have to go to school anymore. Did you forget we already graduated?”

Bella smiled up at him. “Of course we I didn’t forget, and I know very well we don’t need to come back, but…” She said she gestured to the girl who was sitting beside her twin brother both of them seemingly invisible to the people around them. Both were in ripped clothing and though the clothes was baggy it was easy to tell that they were practically starving. “We’re here for them.”

Jeremy looked down at Bella and kissed her head. “It’s weird to think I’m actually 56.” He muttered as he looked around the high school. “How I managed to stay so roguishly handsome throughout the decades will remain a mystery to me.”

Bella smirked, “And you stayed so humble too.” Bella turned her head and looked back towards the twins. When she saw them a few days before she knew they belonged with her family. “I feel like they’re already family, it’s like they’re meant to be dragons.” She whispered as she kept her eyes on them watching as they talked quietly with one another. “I need to get to know them better before I reveal what we are to them and offer to turn them. Going to school with them seems like the best way to become close to them.”

Jeremy nodded, he looked around the campus getting to know every part of it that he could see. He didn’t think they were going to stay in this town when they first passed through, but Bella insisted she had a feeling about the town and they stayed. As he assumed, her feeling led them to people she wnatd to change.  He looked around looking for Trevor who was just with them a moment ago. “Where’s Trev?”

Bella shrugged, “The front office, maybe. Speaking of, we should be heading there was well before the bell rings. We have to get those schedules and at least make it look like we care about school.”

Jeremy groaned, he paused as a smile formed his way onto his face. “Let’s go.”

Bella looked to Jeremy curiously, “What are you planning?”

“Nothing.” Jeremy replied, he leaned down and kissed Bella. “I just want to be the best student I can possibly be.”

Bella rolled her eyes, “You’d think after so many years you’d know how to lie better.”

Jeremy smirked, he kept his arm around Bella as they walked through the halls of the very crowded school. They had landed themselves in New York and he was very aware of how troublesome and packed these schools could be. A few new student arriving wouldn’t really be noticed by anyone so that left him with the advantage of not really having to try to blend in. Allowing him to do some mischievous things while he was there.

Jeremy stiffened as they walked passed a group of boys, he watched as they all unsubtly stared at Bella’s ass. He grew tense as his hearing caught what they were saying about his mate and it only made him want to walk over there and hit every single one of them.

“They’re human.” Bella whispered catching the way Jeremy tensed.

Jeremy looked to her and sighed, “But they’re assholes.”

Bella laughed lightly, “And you’re possessive.”

“It’s not something I can help, its instinct.” He leaned down and kissed her temple. “Besides, you do it too.”

Bella smirked, “I’m more subtle about it.”

Jeremy scoffed, “If that’s what you wish to believe, Isa.” He kissed her cheek as they entered the office. “I love you.”

Bella smiled teasingly. “I feel like this is something you say right before you’re about to cause some sort of trouble.”

“No, I’m saying it because I love you, and I want you to know it.” Jeremy said, he leaned down and kissed Bella. He pulled her closer to him and pushed her against a wall as the kiss between them became more heated. He knew this was more than just him publically claiming her, she needed it too. In Mystic Falls everyone knew that they were together, that they belonged to each other. But as they attended new schools and lived in new towns, both their possessive sides began to come out.

Jeremy pulled back once they heard a throat clearing behind him. He looked down at Bella and smirked, “The best reason to get in trouble on our first day, don’t you think?”

Bella gave a small smile, her eyes drifting to the adult behind Jeremy. “The best.” She agreed with a smirk. Jeremy moved to stand at her side his arm wrapped around her waist as he turned to face who he could only assume to be the principal of the school.

-Page Break-

Trevor took a seat with Bella and the twins, David and Patty, at the lunch table. He smiled at the twins it was still their first week, but as always it didn’t take long for the twins to become comfortable with around the three of them.

Bella looked around knowing Jeremy usually entered the cafeteria with Trevor. She was curious as to why today was different. “Where’s Jeremy?”

Trevor smirked, “He got sidetracked.” He replied with a shrug. “He’ll be here any minute.”

Bella was about to question Trevor further when she saw all the lights go out. Her super sight adjusting to the dark as she scanned the cafeteria. She could hear students panicking and teachers trying to scramble around to find out what happened. She turned her head and saw a blurring figure and knew it had to be Jeremy. She didn’t focus on what he was doing, instead she turned to the twins as she could hear their heart race increasing. “It’s nothing bad, just a silly prank.”

Bella felt an arm go around her shoulders just as the lights came back on. She smiled as she saw Jeremy now sitting in beside her. “I’m curious.” She stated as she looked around trying to catch what he had been doing.

Jeremy gently moved her head to look at a table of jocks, jocks who had been extremely rude not just to Bella, but the twins as well. “You said I couldn’t hit them, but…” He trailed off with a smirk as buckets and buckets of ice water fell onto the table soaking each one of the teens. He leaned back with a pleased smile as everything had worked with great ease. He turned his head as both the twins were laughing covering their mouths from being too loud. He watched with a smirk as a lot of the kids were laughing at what had occurred. Each jock quickly running out of the cafeteria a line of teachers following after them to try and figure out what had happened with them.

“You really did that?” David whispered as he leaned closer to Jeremy he didn’t want to risk getting him caught so he tried to be as quiet as possible.

Jeremy smirked, “In the matter of seconds.”

“That’s really cool.” David said in awe.

“Thank you.” Patty whispered, “For standing up for us, before and now.”

Bella smiled, “It’s what we do for family.” She responded with ease.

“They deserved it, but I have to admit, getting all that ice was incredibly simple. I expected more of a hassle with the Cafeteria staff.” Trevor said, he smirked at the twins, but more specifically Patty. “It was fun to do though.”

Jeremy nodded his head, he looked to Patty and smile. “It was all Trevor’s idea.”

“Really?” Patty questioned quietly as she was seated beside Trevor. “How’d you come up with it?”

David carried on with a conversation with Jeremy and Bella. Letting them tell them all about what came with being a dragon. Bella noticed the more Jeremy spoke about the more she saw David lighten up. She put her arm around Jeremy as she saw how easily he became a sort of role model to someone. She leaned against him ignoring the teachers screaming demanding to know who had done this. He normally wouldn’t do this sort of thing he was always very calm, but at times when he considered someone his friend or his family he protected them. It was something Bella had seen after she had turned him. She doubted he saw the change in himself, but once he became more settled in his skin and realized how much strength he truly held he became a bit more serious.

She was always proud to call him her mate. He kept her grounded, reminded her that every decision had a consequence and she always had to think things through. When she asked for help on a situation he’d answer and give her his opinion on the matter and always understood her final decision. With him, she felt stronger, happier, and by far more confident in being Alpha. She leaned up and kissed his cheek, “You’re going to get caught.” She whispered into his ear.

Jeremy chuckled, “No I’m not. As far as everyone is concerned I’ve been sitting here the whole time. And how could I possibly set up all those buckets of iced in such a short amount of time. This was clearly the work of a group of people.”

Bella smiled, “You’re walking on thin ice.”

“Well, it’s a good think I know how to swim then.” Jeremy replied he moved and kissed Bella. His hands brought her in closer as he deepened the kiss between them. There really was no such thing as a simple kiss between them anymore. When their lips met it was only ever them, no one else mattered.

A cough had them separating their lips. Bella smiled as once again they were reprimanded by the school principal. She held back her laughter as Jeremy interrupted him in the middle of the lecture. “Shouldn’t you be looking for whomever filled those buckets with ice? That would seem like something better to do than to lecture me about kissing my girlfriend.”

“Public displays of affection are not allowed.” The principal said as he sent Jeremy a heated glare.

“I can’t really be sure of that.” Jeremy he smirked at the principal and gestured to the corner of cafeteria. “There’s a couple back there that are doing a whole lot more than kissing. I think you should deal with them instead of me. I was merely kissing my girlfriend, they’re taking PDA to an entirely different level.”

The principal’s eyes shifted to where Jeremy had gestured to and his ears turned red in anger. He turned to Jeremy with a glare. “This isn’t over with.”

“Of course it isn’t.” Jeremy said as he watched the principal turn away.

“How do you always manage to get in trouble so easily?” Bella questioned with a smirk. “You can never seem to just be.”

Jeremy smirked, “He’s been an asshole since we got here. He has it out for me. I get in trouble for everything he can possible blame on me. I got a week’s detention for kissing you on Monday and all you got was a lecture from the school nurse on the value of your purity.” Jeremy leaned down and kissed her neck. “I couldn’t exactly tell them that neither one of us were pure, so I had to take the detention and let you get the lecture.”

Bella laughed, “I’m starting to think you enjoy having detention.”

“There are a lot of things I enjoy more than detention.” Jeremy replied with a smirk.

-Page Break-

Bella brushed her fingers through Jeremy’s hair as they sat outside on the grass of the school. She had changed Patty a week ago. The poor girl had gotten sick and Bella knew that in the state she was in the there was a low chance of her pulling through. In an attempt she had taken her to the hospital and the news she had gotten had made them all go pale. She was more than just sick, she was terminally ill, with the doctors only giving her months to live. It was then that Bella had decided it was time to put the offer on the table.

Bella had sat Patty down in the kitchen being sure that everyone else was out of the house. She explained that she was willing to turn her but she needed her permission first. Most of all, Bella needed to know that Patty understood what was going to happen to her. Patty had agreed eagerly confessing to Bella that in the short few months they had been there that she had fallen in love with Trevor.

Bella could only smiled and the following day when she bit into Patty and let her venom begin the transition, she noticed that Trevor loved her too. He didn’t remove himself from her side at all. David had stayed in the room as well as soon as Patty had agreed he had asked to be changed too.

Bella had changed David that morning, as Patty wanted to be at her brother’s side like he was for her. She and Jeremy had come to school for the sake of not looking suspicious the five of them being gone for a week wasn’t going to go unnoticed by school officials. But they all knew that within the week they would all disappear from this town without a glance back. Heading to a new town, or maybe just heading somewhere to spend a few months just living.

Bella moved and sat in Jeremy’s lap, “What do you say to heading somewhere with a lot of snow?”

Jeremy looked at her with a questioning look. “You hate the cold.” He stated as he held her close enjoying the way her hands went through his hair.

“I know.” Bella replied with a smirk. “But I suppose it’s fine if I get to be with you. Not to mention that we really don’t get affected by the temperatures so it’s no big deal. I figured we could go somewhere with a lot of wildlife, and maybe you can teach me how to snow board.”

Jeremy laughed, “Like how I tried to teach you to play hockey? Or basketball, tennis, baseball, softball, and football. You do remember all those times right? You’re very competitive, Isa. And though I love you for it, I don’t think you should do be doing many athletic related activities.”

Bella smiled, “It’s not my fault I’m competitive, it’s the alpha peeking through.” She sighed as she knew Jeremy had a point. She was too competitive to take part in any sort of sport. “Fine, no snowboarding. I’ve never built a snowman before, you know.”

Jeremy grinned, his hand found its way to Bella’s hair and he smirked. “Well, we just can’t have that now, can we?” He said as he tugged her head down and met her lips halfway. He used the hand that wasn’t tangled in her hair to rest on her hip. He brought her in closer leaning up so he could deepen the kiss between him. He smiled against the kiss as Bella’s hands were in his hair tugging him closer.

“Jeremy.” A voice said breaking him and Bella apart.

Jeremy kept his hands on Bella’s hip keeping her on his lap. He looked over her shoulder and sighed, “Principal Bert.” Jeremy replied with a frown as it bothered him that every time he kissed Bella Bert always seemed to be there to pester him about it. “I assume you’re going to demand I go to your office and have another one of those special talks between you and me?”

Principal Bert nodded, “I think you need another talk with the Nurse, Isabella.”

Bella smiled and stood straightening out her shirt. “I don’t think that’s necessary, principal. There’s no purity that needs to be saved, there hasn’t been for some time now to be truthful.” Bella replied ignoring the surprised look on the principal’s face as this was the first time she ever responded. She smiled as Jeremy stood, she leaned up and pecked him on the lips. “I have to get to class.” She said before she disappeared.

Jeremy smirked at the principal. “My girl… she’s just wonderful don’t you think? So, are we going to have this talk again, or can I go after her?”

“I think our talks need to get more serious in order for you to understand the meaning behind them.” The principal said pinching the bridge of his nose with a sigh. “You know the way to my office.”

Jeremy smirked, “Of course I do, Bert, I practically have my own chair there.”

-Page Break-

Jeremy grabbed Bella lifting her up over his head before he threw her into a large pile of snow. He laughed as she glared at him. “You okay, Isa?” He teased as he stepped back. “You’re starting to look a little cold there.”

Bella stood and glared at Jeremy, they had somehow wandered into an empty patch of snow somewhere in the woods of Canada. They had come to hunt, but they got too distracted once they had finally been alone. This was the first time they were alone ever since the entire group of dragons had gathered to meet the two new additions to the family. Klaus had even stopped by to say hello. Bella brushed the snow off her shoulder, “I’m going to get you back for that.”

Jeremy smirked, “I was hoping you would.” He taunted, he watched as she charged at him, he willingly let her tackle him to the ground. He put his arms around her keeping her there with him. “Even when I lose, I win.”

Bella laughed, “We should probably get on with our hunt.”

Jeremy shook his head, “We have plenty of time to do that, but this,” He said gesturing around them, “Messing around in the snow in the middle of nowhere, is a rarity we must take advantage of.”

Bella smirked, “Well, if it’s a rarity than I guess we can’t let it get away.”

“I’m glad you see it my way.” Jeremy said as he tangled his hand in her hair and brought her down so their lips could meet. He held her close as he deepened the kiss between them. He pulled her closer to him as he quickly reversed their position so that he lay on top of her.

Just as their kiss was close to getting too heated, there was a loud clearing of a throat and a few awkward coughs following.  Jeremy pulled back and groaned as he rested his forehead against Bella’s. “You have to be kidding me.”

Bella laughed, she looked over Jeremy’s shoulders and immediately stiffened as she saw two golden pairs of eyes she never thought she’d see again. “Cullens’.”

Jeremy stood up knowing this wasn’t going to be the best thing to happen on the trip. He held out his hand and pulled Bella up. He placed his arm around her waist and looked on at the two creatures in front of him. “I swear you better have a good reason for interrupting us or I’ll rip your sparkling heads right off. What the hell are you doing here?”

Bella smirked, “I’m a bit curious about the answer to that myself.”

“We heard your voice, we thought it sounded it familiar. We just never thought it’d actually be you. It’s nice to see you again, Bella.” Jasper said with a curt nod.

Jeremy turned to Bella. “Am I invisible? Or is he just pretending I’m not standing directly beside you?”

Bella smiled, “Jasper, Emmett, this is my husband, Jeremy.”

“Husband?” Emmett questioned looking at Jeremy in disbelief, he turned back to Bella. “Really?”

Jeremy growled loudly catching both the diamond’s attention. “Yes you asshole! See the matching rings? The matching bite-marks on our necks… I think it’s pretty obvious.”

Bella smiled she pressed her hand to Jeremy’s back. He knew his emotions elevated every time someone even hinted at doubting their relationship, and she understood that sometimes she just had to let him air it out. “We’ve been married for a few years now. It was a lovely ceremony. My dad was there, and our family as well. It was a day I’ll never forget.”

Jeremy looked down at her and smiled widely at the memory. “You look stunning in your dress, just like you always do.” He leaned down and kissed the top of her head. He turned around in annoyance to the two in front of him. “Are we done here? I’d really like to get back to what we were doing before you interrupted us.”

“It’s too late now,” Bella piped in, she smiled up at Jeremy. “We still have to hunt, normally I’d say we can wait a bit, but I’m really starving.”

Jeremy chuckled, “I suppose it is time that we do what we came out here to do… originally.”

“Umm, Bells.” Emmett said softly.

Bella growled loudly. “Isabella. You can call me Isabella.” She straightened out and noticed when Jeremy stood behind her keeping his hands at her hips. His silent support for her. “I am not Bella Swan, I haven’t been for a very long time. Whatever relationship I had with your family previously in the past is gone.” She turned to Jeremy and with a simple nod the two of them disappeared.

Jeremy smiled as Bella had climbed onto his back and wrapped herself around him as soon as they were finished hunting. “Thinking hard about something, Isa?”

“I wanted to rip their heads off.” Bella whispered.

Jeremy chuckled, “I did too, so why didn’t we?”

“Because I’m not in the mood to kill. We came here to relax, to let things settle and killing them would have just made things messy. Though, I do feel like in a few weeks from now we should find them and then kill them.” Bella said with a smile.

“I’ll help you do whatever you want, Isa.” Jeremy replied with a smile. He walked at a normal pace back to the house they were renting while they were here. “What do you say if we go skiing tomorrow?”

“I thought you said I was too competitive to do any snow sports?” Bella teased as she nuzzled her head into his neck letting his scent wash over her.

Jeremy smiled, “You are too competitive, but this is just what I’m going to tell everyone so that they can all get down the mountain and then you and I will sneak off.”

Bella smiled, “Sounds like a perfect plan, I just hope we don’t get interrupted again.”

“Speaking of, what are you going to do knowing they’re in the same area as us? You and I both know that now that they know you’re here it’s bound to spread to their family and they could all come looking for you.” Jeremy said in a serious tone as the thought of all of them coming to look for Bella had him on edge.

“I guess I’ll just have to warn everyone.” Bella responded, “I’ll make sure everyone is on alert, I don’t want the Cullens sneaking up on any of us. I was really hoping to go the rest of my existence without seeing them again. It sucks that they decided to appear now of all times.”

“I’m more than happy to get rid of them for you.” Jeremy replied with a smile. “I’m sure your dad would just love to join me.”

“I might take you up on that offer.” Bella whispered as she kissed his neck softly.

-Page Break-

Jeremy grinned as Bella was leading him into the town stating there was something he needed to see. It had been a few days since the appearance of two of the Cullen’s, but they hadn’t been spotted since then. Although the chances were low, they hoped they wouldn’t be seeing them again anytime soon. “Where are we going?” Jeremy said as he followed after Bella.

“They’re having a fireworks show in town.” Bella responded, “Everyone is coming to see it, but I wanted just a few moments alone with you.”

Jeremy smiled, “How far ahead of them are we?”

“Not by much, I’d say 5-10 minutes.” Bella replied with a smirk. “But I figured that was enough for us to at least be able to make out for a while.”

Jeremy laughed, “It’s enough.” He agreed, he pulled her to him and pushed her against a wall as his lips found hers. They were just outside of where the fireworks would be taking place, so he knew when the time came they could just slip into the crowd with everyone else.

“I thought we’ve had this conversation before,” A voice said approaching the two a few minutes later. “I rather not see my daughter in this position no matter how old and powerful she is.”

Jeremy groaned as he pulled back and glared at Klaus. “Really, man?” Jeremy said with a groan. “You could’ve walked around or headed in the other direction.”

Klaus chuckled, “Yes I could’ve, but I thought this was the better way to do things. I also felt like mentioning that if you weren’t busy being distracted by each other you would’ve caught the sickly sweet scent that’s in the air.”

Bella sighed, “Cullens.” She said she leaned forward and rested her head on Jeremy’s shoulder. “That’s it, we have to take care of this sooner rather than later. I don’t want them ever interrupting us again.”

Jeremy smirked, “It’s getting to you too?”

Bella laughed and shrugged her shoulders. “Just a little bit.”

“Well, let’s get this show started.” Klaus said walking forward. “If they provoke me I won’t be responsible for my actions.”

Jeremy grinned, “I’m with him, I’m not responsible for my actions if they say or do something stupid.”

Bella smiled, “I’d be surprised if you didn’t do something.” She replied she took his hand in hers and walked after her father. She stood amongst her dragons, her family, and watched as the fireworks lit up the sky. She smiled as Jeremy put his arms around her and pulled her to his chest as the show continued on.

“What are they having fireworks for?” Bella questioned as she looked up at the sky knowing it wasn’t the fourth of July so she couldn’t grasp the reason for the celebration.

“This town is like Mystic Falls, they celebrate every little thing here.” Jeremy responded with a smile. “I wouldn’t be surprised if this is how they celebrate the mayor’s birthday around here.”

Bella laughed, “I think it has to be something a little more important than that.”

“Hate to interrupt the intellectual conversation between the two of you, but I see seven frozen creatures heading this way.” Klaus said gesturing to the direction of the Cullens. Bella turned and stiffened in Jeremy’s arms, she took her eyes away from the seven approaching and noticed that her dragons had also become tense. As per instructions none of them were making a move to attack just yet.

Bella straightened out her shoulders, and stood taller as the people she once considered a family came closer. She looked out from the corner of her eye to see her dad had moved to stand at her side. She was prepared for anything they had to say to her, but most of all she was prepared to see Edward. She knew this time it would be nothing like it was when she saw him in Alaska. This time she knew there were no more feelings for him. She didn’t hold any inkling of love towards him and she knew that it was because of Jeremy. All her love went to him no matter how hard Edward could try there would be nothing that could come between her and Jeremy.

“Bella!” Alice squealed as soon as gold eyes met brown.

Bella took a step back and shook her head as the pixie like diamond approached her with arms open ready to engulf her in a hug. “Don’t take a step closer.” Bella smiled as Jeremy’s hands came down to rest on her hips. The small gesture keeping her balanced and clearing her mind.

“Bella…” Alice practically whimpered, she took a step back and was met by Jasper wrapping his arms around her.

“It’s so good to see you again,” Esme said with a bright smile. “I thought I’d never get to see my sweet girl again. You look just as beautiful as I remember you to be.”

Bella rolled her eyes, “I’m not your anything. Don’t pretend to be my mother, I don’t need one.” She gestured to Klaus. “I already have a dad for eternity, I don’t need an overbearing, hypocritical, ignorant mother.”

“Bella!” Carsile reprimanded as he saw the way the words hurt his mate.

Bella growled, “Don’t you ever call me that again. None of you have any right to call me Bella. My name is Isabella and I expect you all to refer to me by it.” Bella looked around as the humans were now starting to pay more attention to them rather than the fireworks. “The humans are looking this way, we’re creating a bit of a show. Let’s move this somewhere elsewhere, the last thing I need is human involvement.”

Bella turned around and with the wave of her hand she sent a silent signal and all her dragons walked off. She followed after them hearing the footsteps of the Cullens behind her. There was no way she was going to walk in front of her dragons and leave them with the Cullen’s following after them. To her it was like she were leaving them open for an attack and that was the last thing she wanted.

Bella smiled as all her dragons stopped in a clearing. They spread out each of them forming a barrier around part of the field. She moved and stood in the middle facing the Cullens. She reached over and took Jeremy’s hand, she needed them to know she didn’t need them. She needed them to know that Jeremy was more important than any of them could ever be to her. She glanced over at her dad and a smile made its way onto her face as she saw his calm exterior. The small smirk on his face the only indication that he was feeling amused by the diamond’s in front of him and their so called family.

“I guess you all came to find me to talk, so let’s talk, but I’ll go first. I want to say my peace before any of you start.” Bella said with a deep breath she squared her shoulders and looked at each of the Cullens. Her eyes landed lastly on Edward and she had to stop herself from scoffing at the look of hurt on his face.

“We haven’t seen each other in decades and I’m sure you can all understand that I’m not the same person I was when we met. Firstly, as you can tell I’m not human anymore. In truth, I’m far from human and am part of a species far greater than yours. This being said any of you threaten me or my family.” Bella said gesturing to the dragons behind her. “I’ll have to retaliate and I can promise it will be brutal and if you could bleed it would be bloody”

“Secondly, I am nothing to any of you.” Bella said she looked pointedly at Edward when she said this. “I haven’t been anything to any of you in a very longtime. I’ve moved on. I have a family and a husband, all of whom are very important to me. I don’t want to have any problems with you, but I will destroy you if you pose any threat to me or my family. I can’t stress this enough, and I feel like some of you are going to be very stubborn on this subject, so I’ll repeat myself. I am nothing to your family, just like you are nothing to me. If it makes it easier for any of you, take this as being the first time we’ve ever met and call me Isabella. We will most likely never have any sort of friendly relationship, but I’m sure we can tolerate being in the same state as one another. If not, I’m asking you to leave and don’t look back.”

“Why should we be the ones to leave? As far as I’m concerned this is fair territory and who are you to decide that we shouldn’t be here?” Esme questioned as she was now filled with anger towards Bella.

Esme stepped back as there was a united growl from the dragons directed at her.

Bella smirked, “I think the fact that we were here first should be reason enough, but if it’s not we’re willing to fight you for it.”

Jeremy chuckled, he leaned down and kissed Bella’s neck. “Now, that would be unfair, Isa. We both know the fight would be over in minutes. Hopefully they’ll leave easily and they can still walk away with their pride… or what little is left of it.”

Bella and Jeremy’s heads both snapped to the large growl that filled the air. Both of them were met with the image of a fuming Edward. His hands were clenched tightly and his eyes were staring down at Jeremy with a murderous glint in his eyes. “You can’t be serious about this Bella.”

Jeremy’s growl was mixed with Bella’s as they both glared at Edward. “I thought she made it clear that you weren’t meant to call her that.” Jeremy said through gritted teeth as he finally got to see Edward. His hand practically trembled as the need to hit him, to make him pay for ever hurting his mate, flowed through him.

Bella stiffened at Edward’s gaze. “If you’re referring to my marriage to Jeremy, I’m completely serious about it. He’s my mate, Edward, I’m sure you can understand what that means. We’re going to be together forever and there is nothing you or your family can do to change that. You no longer mean anything to me, Edward. You’re just someone from my human days, someone I choose to live without. I’d also be careful if I were you. I may not kill you, but Jeremy will, and I won’t try to stop him when he goes after you. You and I ended a long time ago Edward, what you say or what you think no longer means anything to me.”

Edward growled again this time he pushed past his brothers and moved forward. “You are my mate. You don’t belong with him and you know it! You and I have were always meant to be together. You need to let go of this childish behavior you have and you need to understand that you belong with me and my family.” His voice softened as he met Bella’s gaze. “I love you, Bella. I always have and I always will. We can be together again, it’ll be like nothing ever changed. I’m ready to be with you forever. Leave all these strangers behind and come with me and our family.”

Bella shook her head a smirk came upon her face as she looked at Edward. “These people are not strangers, Edward, they’re my family, my species. I won’t choose you over them.” Bella stepped away from Jeremy, she looked to Jeremy. “Have at it, he’s obviously not going to listen. He’s only going to be a problem now that he knows I’m alive.”

Jeremy smirked widely. “Finally!” He rushed over to Edward and hit him square in the jaw knocking him down to the ground. Bella sighed as the rest of the Cullens went to help Edward she shook her head and in a heartbeat she saw her dragons take that as an invitation to fight. She stepped back with her dad as all her dragons took on their forms. She could practically smell the fear coming from the Cullens.

Bella shook her head as she saw most of her dragons weren’t fighting but were gathering the limbs being torn off the Cullens and were playing with them before throwing them into the fire.

“I’ll be back in a second.” Klaus said as he walked towards Jeremy and Edward.

Bella rolled her eyes. She leaned against the tree and watched the events occurring in front of her.  Something about watching her family tear apart her former family made her smile. It was the physical visualization of seeing her new life, the new her, destroy her former life, the old her.

She could see this was the finale. This was her past being put to rest once and for all. She couldn’t help the grin from her face as she saw Jeremy laugh as Klaus said something just as he tore off Edward’s arm. Everything was falling into place. Her dragons were growing becoming stronger, their existence no longer being a myth. Other creatures were beginning to learn the truth and were beginning to see them for who they are, the strongest creatures the world has ever known. Her father and her mate got along, she could now say they were practically best friends. Everything just seemed right.

With the Cullens no longer a worry in the back of her mind she knew what was to come would only get better. She watched as the purple smoke mixed with the dark colors of the sky. If it weren’t for her perfect sight she wouldn’t be able to see it mix into the air, swirling around letting other creatures know there was a fight here tonight. One in which an entire family met their demise, but not a single part of her could feel sad, instead she felt a sense of happiness. She knew now they were gone and they wouldn’t be an obstacle for her to deal with later on.

She tilted her head as Jeremy appeared and wrapped his arms around her kissing her cheek sweetly as he too looked up into the sky. “You think the humans will know something happened?”

Bella shook her head, “The fireworks have all the attention, they’ll never know something happened here. Did you enjoy yourself?” She questioned with a smirk.

“Immensely,” Jeremy replied with a grin. “It was fun. Everyone is planning on heading back to the festivities in town. Your dad is going to go with them, this giving us about two hours before they all start to head home. What do you say we sneak away? I figured we could find a hot springs or something with water so I can get rid of this awful stench and you could join me in the water?”

Bella smiled widely. “That sounds awesome, hopefully we won’t get interrupted this time.”

“Doesn’t matter if we do.” Jeremy replied as he took her hand and led her away. “No way am I stopping this time.”

Bella laughed, she moved and jumped on his back wrapping her arms around his neck and resting her head on his shoulder. “I love you.” She whispered into his ear.

“I love you, Isa.” Jeremy replied he turned his head and kissed her lightly. “I’ll love you forever and always.”

Bella smiled she rested her head against him and closed her eyes. She felt freer than she had before, now she knew her past truly was put to rest and there was no better feeling than knowing that it was no longer going to be an issue. All she had to think about now was the future, and she knew no matter what may come she would always have Jeremy with her and that was the best thing she could’ve ever ask for.

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  1. I loved it.

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    The changing of the 2 new dragons was sweet. I’m glad that Trevor has a love now. aaawwwwweee 🙂
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    Great epi, great story!

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    • Stefan and Caroline…. that would be really cool to write. I was thinking of doing an outtake of Klaus waking his siblings. It was going to be in the Epilogue, but I thought focusing solely on the Cullens was a better way to go.

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