Reaping of New Orleans Chapter Twelve

Author’s Note

Well… this is a long time overdue.

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy

-Page Break-

Bella hummed as she rocked her baby boy in her arms. Unlike his sister, Vincent didn’t go to sleep as easily, Bella would never understand how something so beautiful was ever able to exist. Bella sat by the window, letting the moonlight from outside help lull her baby to sleep. Bella grinned as Vincent finally closed his eyes and fell asleep, she rocked him for a moment longer before moving to set him down beside his sister.

“You need to get some rest, love.” Klaus said leaning against the doorway of the nursery. “Today has been eventful.”

Bella looked to him her face lighting up in a smile as she met his eyes. “It certainly has been a very memorable day.” She moved towards him and wrapped her arms around his neck looking up at him. “I have to admit, you and I, we made a beautiful pair of babies.”

Klaus nodded his head in agreement before leading Bella back to their room. “Come on, love you need to get some sleep.”

Bella got into the bed and pulled Klaus down with her. No matter what was to come, she knew her children would always come first and would always be protected by all of those in her family.  Bella closed her eyes and focused on the soft beating of the hearts of her baby twins. She felt comforted by the weight of Klaus’s arm on around her waist, and for the time being, everything was okay.

-Page Break-

Bella changed Vincent and Violet into matching onesies, smiling as she had never really realized how happy she would be to become a parent.

“Are you doing okay?” Marco questioned as he entered the room looking towards his sister to see if anything was wrong with her.

Bella smiled, “I’m fine, Marc. It seems the clothes Kol and Henri picked out are all matching, so my children are going to match for the rest of their infancy.”

Marco stepped closer and looked at the two babies. “They’re so amazing.” He whispered, he grinned as little Violet stared up at him. He leaned down and picked up the newborn, he gasped back in surprise as he could see inside her mind. There weren’t words just images, and it seemed Violet enjoyed being held. He supposed this was what his sister meant when she said she could look into their minds.

Bella carried Vincent in her arms. “They’re going to be so amazing when they get older.”

“They’re going to be put in danger because of their names alone, can you imagine the danger they’ll be in when they get stronger.” Marco said as he rocked the baby in his arms.

“I’d burn the world to the ground to protect them.” Bella responded quietly. “They’re a part of me now, Marc. Any sort of threat against them, is a threat directed to me, and I would do anything to protect them.”

Marco nodded, he leaned over and kissed his sister’s head. “I was just thinking out loud, Izzy. We’d all do anything to make sure these babies grow up as normal as possible.”

Bella nodded with a grin. “Charlie would’ve loved this moment.” She whispered as she rocked Vincent. “Do you think our dad will stop by to see them?”

Marco nodded, “I’m sure he’ll be around. Last I heard from Henrik, Jeremy was in Rome and he’s going to catch the next flight here.”

“He’s in Rome? I thought he was in Canada?” Bella responded with a smile. “I am excited to see him again. I’m sure he’ll meddle into Henri’s love life for me, since it seems that boy is going to be oblivious.”

Marco smirked widely. “They did become closer while you were gone, but I can’t deny that you have a point in this matter.” Marco smiled at his sister. “Bekah has also begun to become upset at the tension between the two of them, they both obviously love each other, but neither knows how to do anything about it. It’s like watching a bad romantic comedy live.”

Bella laughed, “I don’t think either of them has realized their feelings go beyond friendship, they’re just both so young and ignorant about everything.”

“Talking about meddling into Henrik’s life?” Kol questioned walking into the room. “I would love to be involved in this plan. Frankly, it’s nauseating being around those too for any extended period.”

Bella smiled. “We’re not meddling, but Jeremy is supposed to arrive soon, I’m sure as Henrik’s best friend he’d be able to get this done.”

Kol sighed, “What a shame, I do need something to do to pass the time. There’s not much to do other than plan a bloody massacre of Marcel’s army with Nik and Elijah.”

“I thought you enjoyed bloody massacres.” Bella responded with a smirk.

“Not when they’re planned, I prefer them to be more… natural.” Kol responded with a sigh, he stepped closer to Bella. “May I?” He questioned gesturing down to Vincent.

Bella nodded and slowly placed Vincent in his arms. “Nik is being more careful now, He doesn’t put it above Marcel to try and use the twins against him once he finds out that I gave birth. It’s take out Marcel’s army now before Marcel does something very stupid.”

Kol smirked down at the baby in his arms. “These are the two most protected children on the planet.”

“Just wait until they start dating, I’m sure things will only get worse for them.” Marco responded with a smirk. “As you said before, Klaus will be more protective of Violet and Vincent than he was of Rebekah.”

“Poor girl,” Rebekah said from the door with a smirk. “She’ll be a spinster if Nik has anything to say about it.”

-Page Break-

Bella sat outside of the house, her babies being held by Rebekah and Marco while Davina and Henrik were practice fighting. Henrik had taken it upon himself to teach Davina the very basics of fighting. Davina would be returning to school in a few days and Henrik wanted her to be as prepared as she could be in any upcoming situation.

Klaus was in town with Elijah, the two of them had gone to check on the growth of Marcel’s army. Everyone was sure that Marcel would only increase the rate of new vampires in New Orleans, and he needed to be taken care of before it became too late.

Bella looked off into space as she got a strange feeling crawling up her neck. She closed her eyes and almost instantly her mind slipped into a death vision.

“Camille, I’m fine.” Sean responded adjusting his school bag. “Really, you don’t have to come back into town for me. You should be focusing on your schoolwork, I’m on my way home were I’llmake myself dinner and watch a movie”

Sean paused as his phone beeped. “My phone is about to die, I’ll call you again once I get home.”

Sean put his phone away in his school bag and placed his hands inside the pockets of his coat, he shivered slightly from the cold and hunched his shoulders to help keep him warm. His apartment wasn’t that far from here, but it was still a good 10-minute walk if he took the lighted streets. If he took the shortcut through the walking trail in the woods it’d only be another 5 minutes.

He paused his walk and took in a deep breath, he shrugged his shoulders and headed into the path. Afterall, it was only 5pm and the sun was still out, surely, he was going to be safe. Afterall, he died once already, what were the chances it would happen again?

Sean looked over his shoulder as it felt as if someone was watching him. He stopped his walking and scanned the forest, his eyes looking between the trees trying to spot whatever it was that he was feeling. Spotting nothing, he turned back around and continued his walk, his hands itched to call his sister again just needing the comforting sound of her voice to help ease his nerves. He sped up his walk to the point it seemed as if he were close to running down the path.

He sighed in relief as he was coming into view of the end of the trail and his apartment wasn’t that far away now. Sean screamed out in shock as something grabbed the back of his coat and sent him flying backwards into the trees.

“Shut him up!” A man hissed. “We don’t want to cause a scene.”

“I didn’t know he would scream like a bitch.” Another man responded as he walked towards a dazed Sean. “Sorry about this kid, but the boss needs more.”

Sean felt a sting on the back of his head and he could start to feel the warm stream of blood that was beginning to trail down his head. He went to speak but things began to get dizzy for him, and the more he tried to speak the slower his mind worked.

“Hurry up and get the blood in him!” The head man whispered. “We don’t want to mess this up again. He’ll have our hearts this time.”

Sean couldn’t really see what was happening, but he could feel that there was something warm entering his mouth, and he hated the copper taste of it. Sean swallowed whatever was forced into his mouth, and hated the burning sensation in his throat.

The first man sighed and approached the Sean. “Sorry, kid.” He said just before placing both his hands on either side of Sean’s face and twisting his wrists to create a sickening crack to echo through the forest.

“Take him to the van, we’ll get one more before we head back.” The head man responded stepping away from Sean.

Bella took in a sharp breath as the vision ended. She hadn’t had a death vision in quite some time, and it sent a shiver down her spine as she remembered how much she disliked having to watch someone die in her head. It was always as if she were in their place at the time of their death, and it stung her to know that it was Sean, someone she had previously brought back from the dead.

“Everything alright, Izzy?” Marco questioned as he took his gaze away from Vincent to look at his sister.

“Everything’s fine. Do you mind watching them for a bit, I have to go take care of something?” Bella responded standing.

Marco nodded, eyeing his sister before he felt her voice in his head.

Death Vision.

“Buy some more formula on your way back, I think you’re running out.” Marco responded with a smile.

Bella nodded, she stepped closer to her brother and Rebekah, she leaned down and kissed the heads of her babies before she turned to leave the house. It had been close to week since their births, and this was the first time she would be separated from her babies for more than a few minutes, and it close to stung her to have to step out of the house, but she knew this was something she had to prevent herself.

-Page Break-

Bella entered the quiet church, she ignored the one or two people that were sitting in the back of the church. She approached the father that was lighting some candles by the window. “We need to talk.” Bella said interrupting the silence of the church.

Kieran turned around and eyed the girl suspiciously. “I doubt you came for a confession.”

Bella smirked, “I don’t hide my sins, so there’s really no need to confess. Don’t worry, I’m not here to kill you, I came to talk about Sean.”

Kieran stiffened and his brows furrowed in worry as he stared at Bella. “You need to leave Sean out of this, he’s been through enough.”

Bella smiled, “I know he has, that’s what I came to talk about. Can we take this somewhere without peering eyes?” Bella said gesturing to the attention they were getting from the few stragglers inside the church.

Kieran nodded and silently led Bella off to his office. He closed the door behind her and took a seat on the chair at his desk. “What’s this about? You made yourself clear on your stance about this town at our city meeting.”

Bella smiled, “My husband wants reign of this town, and I want him to have that. I have kids to worry about now so getting Marcel out of the way is the best thing for me to do. Besides, this city will be better off without Marcel, I can promise that.”

“What does any of this have to do with Sean?” Kieran questioned leaning forward with his hands tangled together in worry. “I am begging you, do not use him as some sort of pawn in this war of yours.”

Bella sighed. “Trust me when I say, I don’t want Sean to be any part of this. I’m sure you’ve come to notice the increase of the vampire population in this town, it’s hard to miss how many vampires are walking around New Orleans.”

“I would appreciate it if you could just skip to the point.” Kieran interrupted.

Bella rolled her eyes, “You have no patience.” She responded taking in a deep breath. “Marcel is creating vampires at a very alarming rate, he’s kidnapping people and killing them to create an army for himself. This means no human is safe, including Sean. I saw Sean’s death, and I happen to like the boy so, I want to help you stop him from dying… again. You need to tell Sean to avoid taking the trail in the park, and to stay in at night. You know about the supernatural so you need to help Sean understand that this city isn’t as safe as he thinks it is. He can’t invite strangers in, he needs to stay in groups and most importantly, he needs to trust his instincts, if he feels like someone is following him then he needs to do something about it.”

Bella stood, “Heed my warning, Kieran. Sean is going to die and become a vampire if you don’t do something to protect him from this city. Marcel’s off his hinges now, so you need to take some precaution, we don’t need any more vampires in this city.”

Kieran nodded. “I don’t know why you really care, but thank you.”

Bella smiled, “Give Sean my best, I hope he’s adjusting to living again.”

Bella walked out of the church and almost instantly ran into a vampire and was hauled off into an alleyway. “This is the worst decision of your life.” Bella said kicking the vampire off of her. She extended her hand and made her scythe appear. She gave a wicked smile at the vampire before using her weapon to tear him to pieces. She couldn’t help the satisfying feeling she felt being able to fight once more.

She turned her head to the entryway of the alley and smiled as Klaus was watching her with amusement and Elijah had a similar expression on his face. “In my defense, he started it.” Bella responded twirling her scythe around.

“I’m sure he did, love.” Klaus responded. “I don’t believe that you came into the city to just kill a vampire. Any other plans?”

Bella smiled and made her scythe disappear once more. “I have to pick up some things for our children, but nothing out of the ordinary.”

“I’m sure that’s not all.” Klaus responded extending his hand to Bella. He smiled as Bella accepted his hand and leaned into his side.

“I’ll get to making sure Marcel doesn’t notice this, I’ll leave you two to enjoy your time together.” Elijah said entering the alleyway.

Bella grinned. “Thank you, Eli.” Bella responded as she walked off with Klaus. “Everything go well scaring Marcel?”

Klaus smirked, “As well as it could have gone.” He placed his arm around her shoulders and kissed her temple. “How did it go speaking with Kieran?”

Bella wasn’t surprised how he knew what she was doing, he knew her too well. “I gave him a warning, he needs to protect Sean, if he doesn’t he’d become another one of Marcel’s minion vampires.”

“He’ll be dealt with by the end of the week.” Klaus responded. “I’m more than sure Kol is going to enjoy the bloodshed.”

“He’d enjoy it more if it were more natural.” Bella responded with a smile, remembering her conversation with Kol earlier.

-Page Break-

Bella and Klaus arrived home with the needed baby supplies, but a wide smile reached Bella’s face as she caught the familiar voice of an old friend in the backyard. “I guess it doesn’t take long to fly in from Rome.”

“How a hunter of the supernatural can stay in a house filled with supernatural beings, seems a bit odd.” Klaus remarked with a smirk. “Go say hello, love. I’ll go put these things away.

Bella grinned, she leaned up and kissed Klaus’s cheek. “I love you.” She said before rushing into the house with a grin and heading towards the backyard. She noticed her twins sleeping in an outdoor crib. Jeremy was speaking to Henrik and Davina, he turned at the sound of Bella approaching and grinned.

“If it isn’t my favorite Reaper.” Jeremy said with a grin, moving to step forward, he glanced over at Marco. “No offense.” Marco shrugged with a smile before returning to the book in his hand.

Bella smiled, she hugged Jeremy. “It’s great to see you, Jeremy. I’m assuming being a hunter is going well for you.”

Jeremy smiled, “Elena wishes that I would’ve gone the traditional route of advanced learning, but college was never for me.” He grinned and rolled his eyes. “I was in Rome learning about this new old theory that if a wolf ingests vervain and bites a vampire, it speeds up the effect of the bite.”

Bella grinned, “I’m happy to know you’re alive and happy.”

“And I’m happy to see that your children are beautiful, most babies just look like little potatoes.” Jeremy grinned. “Of course, your children had to be genetically perfect.”

  1. It sounds like Bella and Niklaus need to kill Marcel and his minions a little faster.
    Sean’s dad seems like a douche to me. ugh…
    I laughed at Jeremy saying most babies look like little potatoes. LOL
    Your stories always make me smile. Happy Birthday!

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  2. Loved it

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  3. together25x3

    Awesome chapter!

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  4. i think Marcel has gone lost his mind. so sad. 😦

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  5. Please update soon.

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  6. I just re-read The Reaper Twins and The Reaping of New Orleans and they both are still soooooooo good. I hope you are having a good year so far and I can’t wait to read more of this one and any of your stories. 🙂

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  7. I had to reread this. I loved it please update ASAFP.

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