Bella The Witch: Chapter 4



Bella got into her car, Riley and Victoria got into Riley’s matching car, they left Riley’s truck in the storage unit in Seattle. They had everything they needed packed, they planned on traveling to the different houses and then settling down in New York. They wanted to make sure that all the houses were in good shape before they settled in New York. First stop was Florida. They planned to ride to get their cars shipped to Florida and just take a plan ride to Florida. They were headed off to Florida.

They got into their first class seats and tried to relax, Riley and Victoria adjusted to their new lives easily, they loved being able to sleep again, they felt closer to their humanity again. It had only been two weeks since their change, but everyone was happy for the change. Bella sat three seats away from Riley and Victoria, she liked giving them space when they needed it, and she wanted to do some reading on her books. She pulled out her spell book, she took out a pencil and flipped to the correct spot, she wrote down the spell she used on Riley and Victoria, and wrote down everything she did step by step. That was the first spell she created and she felt it was time to add it to the book for future reference.

Bella tapped her foot impatiently as they waited for their cars to arrive. Riley and Victoria were avidly kissing to pass the time, and Bella laughed as she had to make sure they didn’t give everyone a show. Thankfully their cars arrived and Bella put away her two suitcases in the trunk making sure that her books were in her backpack she stuck it in her passenger seat. She saw Riley and Victoria enter their car, and she took off to their new house, Williams had sent over a box with all the keys to the houses, and the three made copies for each of them. Bella stopped the car as she reached a large mansion like house. She double checked the address, this was their new house. Bella parked the car and Riley parked it next to her. The three looked at the large house for a few minutes until Riley finally decided to take a look inside. Bella and Victoria followed leaving all their suitcases behind. The house was large and was fully furnished. It had 10 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a living room, and a dining room, and a fully equipped library. Bella grinned, and walked through the rooms until she found the perfect one for her. She had given the master one with the hot tub to Riley and Vicky, she wanted the room with the balcony, she felt that room was meant for her. She explored it and noticed that it had a walk in closet, a large bathroom with a tub, a shower, and a toilet, and a vanity in the corner. She continued to explore there was a large bed, and a nightstand on each side. There was a T.V. built into the wall. What caught Bella’s attention was the book shelf, there was a set of encyclopedia’s on the middle shelf that she found weird to have. She walked towards it and examined the books, she was getting a weird feeling from it. She felt her hand move without knowing and she reached for the book with an M, and pulled, it didn’t come out, but the bookshelf creaked and slightly opened. Bella was surprised, and pushed the book shelf door open. She peeked her head inside the room and grinned widely.

The room inside was just as big as her room, it held everything she needed. There was a place where she could make potions and store them. In the middle of the room there were three stands. Bella grabbed her books from her book bag and placed each one on a different stand, she felt they belonged there. The room was lighted by candles and it just held a homey feeling to it. Bella felt at ease here. She heard a knock on the door and walked out of the room and closed the bookshelf, and went to answer her bedroom door.

“Where the hell were you? I couldn’t hear your heartbeat,” Riley said looking worried.

Bella was confused but then she realized she was in the room, “I found something, I found a secret passageway.”

“What do you mean a secret passageway?” Riley asked. Bella motioned him inside and she stood in front of the bookshelf.

“It’s a magic room,” Bella said as she pulled the M encyclopedia and pushed the door open. She stepped inside and was followed by Riley.

“This is pretty awesome, I didn’t even know there was a room here,” Riley said, “Alright, come down stairs in an hour so we can eat, yell if you need me.”

Bella flopped down on the bed. She looked up at the ceiling and closed her eyes, “I miss you dad, I really do. Whenever I’m happy, I get scared that you’re up there, and that you’re mad because I’m happy. I’m sorry. I really am. I love you dad.” Bella wiped away the stray tear that fell down her cheek. She put everything away in her room before leaving to go downstairs. They would be here for some time, so she decided to get comfortable.

“Hey guys,” Bella said to Riley and Victoria.

“Hey Bells,” Victoria said.

“I made you some food,” Riley said setting a plate down in front of Bella.

Bella grinned, “You made or you bought?”

“Well, I made the salad, but bought the chicken,” Riley said with a grin. They sat down together and began to eat.

“I want to go the beaches,” Bella said.

“Ready to meet your soul mate?” Victoria said.

“He’ll be a vampire,” Riley said, “His blood will have to turn you, but how would you be sure if he’s your soul mate?”

“We’ll be attracted to each other, but the for sure way to know is to do this spell. I have to take his blood and then mine, and I have to mix it together into a bowl, and if the blood begins to boil, then we are meant to be,” Bella answered, “But, I’m not even sure if I want to be a vampire yet. I mean, I won’t be able to take another life, not after Mike. I won’t.”

Riley put a comforting arm around Bella’s shoulders, “You were protecting yourself, in order to move on completely you have to believe that.”

“How about we change the topic, this is supposed to be a fun day,” Victoria said with a smile as she tried to turn the mood around in the room.

“Great idea, so the beach in or out?” Bella said.

“I’m in,” Riley said with a grin.

“I’m all for it, I haven’t been to the beach, it was always too sunny, and I’d be spotted,” Victoria said.

“Alright, meet back down here in an hour,” Bella said running up the stairs. She picked out a blue two piece, and put on tank top and shorts. She packed sunscreen and some water bottles.

They headed to the beach, and Bella was happy to be back in the sun again. She walked along the beach in her two piece, listening to the music. She was in peace, complete and utter peace. Bella looked behind her and saw Riley and Victoria making out in the water, she gave a small laugh and continued to walk. She kicked the sand from under her feet, she felt a slight shiver go down her spine. She turned and looked around, she felt someone’s gaze on her, but she couldn’t spot whoever it was. She trained her eyes on her surroundings but couldn’t find him. Bella shrugged off the feeling and continued to walk.

“Isabella,” a voice said from behind Bella.

Bella stopped in her tracks recognizing the voice, “Renee.”

“How are you dear,” Renee said moving to stand in front of Bella.

“I’m just peachy,” Bella said.

“I’m really sorry,” Renee said.

“Where’s Phil?” Bella asked.

“He left me,” Renee said, “I have no one left, I need you Bells.”

Bella gritted her teeth together, “To you, I’m just Isabella, not Bella, not Bells, Isabella. You are nothing to me. You only want me because you know Charlie left me an inheritance. Don’t think I don’t see right through you. You’re after money, that’s all you want. You didn’t care about me when I needed you the most, so what makes you think I care about you anymore. I meant what I said on the phone that day, our relationship is over. You are not mother, and I doubt you ever where, so I suggest you leave me and my family alone, because guess what, I don’t need you anymore.” Bella said she walked off not looking back at the woman who once was her mother. Bella knew that this was a step in the right direction, she was getting rid of all the people that she didn’t need in her life anymore.


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  1. Wow the house in Florida had a room already for her? Pretty cool though. Was it a house that had been in the Swan family long?
    Of all the miles of coast in Florida to actually run into Renee, strange coincidence.


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