I’m sorry. I feel like I should explain my absence. First, where I live it’s a very small town, I mean really small. I get okay internet service, but recently there’s been a lot of wind and raining that my service has been very blocky. I’ve been having a hard time logging on and posting, and for that I really am sorry. Today it cleared up and I really got to work. Second, my mom is getting surgery soon and I’ve been helping her get ready, so I haven’t had too much free time, but I am trying.


Let’s get started with the updates…

The Prologue (which was previously posting in Upcoming stories tab) of From the Ashes is now up. Click here if you want to go ahead and read that.

The Second chapter to From the Ashes, (Which I promised the previous week) is also up its called Family. Go ahead and click the title to start reading.

The Sixth chapter to Reaping of New Orleans is also up (A week late… oops). It’s titled, New House Guest. Go ahead and click that title to start reading that chapter.

Finally, the nineteenth chapter of Bella the Witch (Also a week late… sorry) is up. It’s titled, Meeting the Town’s People. Click that link to go ahead and start reading.

Thank you all of you for being patient with me.

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!


P.S. None of these chapters, minus the prologue, will be updated until tomorrow afternoon on FF.net, just in case you were wondering.

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