Reaper Twins: Chapter 18

rt chpt 18

Bella packed up the last of her things into her suitcase, their flight back to Mystic Falls

left in a few hours. Klaus came out of the bathroom freshly showered and changed.

“I’m a bit sad to leave Italy,” Bella said as Klaus wrapped his arms around her from behind.

“We can always stay for a bit longer,” Klaus said kissing Bella’s neck.

“Charlie would get suspicious,” Bella replied with a smile, “And I do want to graduate, and I doubt missing more days would make that possible.”

Klaus went to reply when there was a knock on the door, “Ignore it.” Klaus said as he kissed along Bella’s neck.

The knocking continued becoming more frantic, Bella sighed and stepped out of Klaus’s arms and opened the door to the room. In front of them stood a very frantic looking Rebekah.

“What’s wrong?” Bella asked instantly knowing by the look in Rebekah’s eyes that something was gravely wrong.

“They took Henrik! A group of vampires snuck into the room last night. I think they recognized me and Nik and saw how close we were to Henrik and they decided to go after him. They staked me so I couldn’t help him right away. I just woke up now, and Marco is already going after their scent. We don’t know where they could’ve taken Henrik.” Rebekah said her voice filled with anger at the thought that someone had taken her brother.

Bella turned to look at Klaus whose entire being was radiating with anger, Bella grabbed her phone and put it in her pocket, “Let’s go find Henri.”

-Page Break-

Bella flew in the shadow of the clouds as Klaus and Rebekah stayed on the ground following Henrik’s scent. Bella wanted to see if she could spot him from above. Bella flew over an old abandoned church, she sat down on the ledge of the roof, her wings spread out before her, she wanted to make sure that if anyone were to see her they would just assume she was a statue.

Bella dialed Marco’s phone wondering if he had gotten anything so far. “Find anything?” Bella asked instantly as she heard Marco answer the phone.

Marco sighed, “I lost the trail a few minutes ago, and I’m trying to see if I can pick it up anywhere, what about you?”

“Nothing,” Bella said, “Who do you think could’ve done this?”

“It could be anyone, the Mikaelsons have a long list of enemies, and any one of them could’ve been stupid enough to take Henrik,” Marco said, “Whoever it was though signed their death sentence the second they laid a hand on Henrik.”

“After Klaus and Rebekah kills them we will,” Bella said she stood back up and walked around on the roof. She heard a soft whimper coming from inside the church. “I have to go, call back when you find something.”

“Will do,” Marco said before he hung up. Bella put her phone away and jumped off the roof landing in the back entrance of the building. Her wings tucked to her side as she investigated the side of the building. Bella closed her eyes and focused solely on the sounds coming from inside the building.

Inside Bella heard three heartbeats. She had no doubt that two of them belonged to two adults, but the third, it belonged to a baby, who by the sound of it was ready to be born.

Wasting no time Bella kicked the door in and walked inside the building, her ears searching out the heartbeats. Bella quickly was led to the basement of the building, the door was heavily chained to keep these people inside. Bella ripped all the chains and locks off the door, before tearing it out of it’s hinges and throwing it to the side. Bella went down the stairs quickly not noticing the sickening blood splatters that decorated the walls.

Bella found the two women, and her heart broke as she looked upon them. One was at the age of 45, while the other was no older than 19, and she was pregnant. Bella kneeled beside her, and pressed her hand to the stomach, this baby was ready to be born. (Words in Italian will be in Italic)

An angel mom! An angel has come to save us!” The young girl said her eyes trained on Bella as she spoke to her mother beside her.

Thank the heavens our prayers have been answered,” the mother said putting her hand to rest on top of Bella’s.

Bella smiled, she thanked her lucky stars she had learned how to speak Italian while she was with the Volturi, “Are either of you hurt?” Bella asked, she wanted to know if any of them had anything she could heal, she wanted them to be able to leave this place healthy.

My mom, the bad man has stabbed her. I cleaned it and bandaged it but it has gotten greatly infected,” the girl said slowly lifting up the sleeve of her mother’s shirt to reveal a very infected arm. Bella cringed, it was a wonder to her how this lady was still alive. Bella put her hand over the woman’s arm healing the cut immediately. Bella looked at the pregnant girl, she was bone thin, and she knew the baby was barely surviving. It would be a miracle if both her and the baby survived after birth. Bella knew she had to do something, her healing power could only do so much, but her blood could do more.

Bella had a small silver dagger appear, she saw the two women flinch at the sight of the dagger and her anger grew, whomever had kept these defenseless women locked in here would pay. Bella took the dagger and cut deeply into her wrist, she held up to the girl, “My blood can make you and the baby stronger, please drink it.

Trusting Bella fully the girl latched onto Bella’s wrist and began to take mouthfuls of blood. Bella saw the changes begin to appear in the girl. Her skin was no longer pale, her weight had become healthier, and the baby’s heartbeat began to beat normally. Bella pulled her wrist back and offered it to the elder woman, “Whatever I could not fix before this will fix it.” The woman looked at Bella and then at her daughter, and nodded, she would do this for the sake of her daughter.

Bella’s wrist finally healed and both women looked healthier than they had before, “You must go to the hospital, your child is close to being born.

The girl looked at Bella with wide eyes, “He will come after us if we escape.

Bella looked at the girl’s terrified eyes and knew she had to make sure this man was put away, “When does he return?”

When it gets dark,” the elder woman says, “No one sees him enter. He comes at nighttime.

Bella nodded, “I will be waiting for him at night. You will be safe from him, I promise.” Bella helped both women stand and led them up the stairs carefully. Walking outside Bella knew these two women wouldn’t make it anywhere on foot. She remembered passing a busy street, and turned to the two women, “Stay here. I’ll return shortly.” Both women looked scared but trusted in Bella as she took off in super speed.

Bella looked around and spotted a car that was stopped, she looked at the person inside, and compelled them to stay in the backseat while Bella got into the driver’s seat. She took off back towards the women and stopped the car in front them. She helped them both into the car and speed off to the nearest hospital she could find. Bella helped the women out and was about to leave when the young girl stopped her by grabbing her arm.

What is your name?” The girl asked.

Isabella Marcella.” Bella replied, the girl smiled and nodded.

Thank you for saving us Isabella. You will forever be our guardian angel.” The elder woman said.

Our family, we will never forget this. Thank you.” The young girl said a hand on her stomach as she felt her future child kick.

Bella looked at the women and realized she didn’t know their names, “What are your names?

I’m Aria Martinez, and my mother’s name is Liliana Martinez,” Aria said.

Bella smiled, “Keep your child safe, and good luck in your future.” Bella smiled at both women before she compelled the woman in the backseat to forget everything and move on.

Bella moved out of sight from anyone and swore to return to the abandoned church by nightfall, she would give these women vengeance.

Once she was out of sight, Bella took off into the air returning to her search for Henrik. She began to search everywhere for him making sure to not leave any stone unturned. Bella finally caught Henrik’s scent, but where it led her too made her blood boil with anger.

Bella pulled out her phone and dialed Marco’s number, hearing the answering tone, Bella spoke, “I found his scent again, and it led me to the Volturi castle.”

Marco’s growl of anger was loud, and alongside his growl there were two more growls which Bella suspected they belonged to Klaus and Rebekah. “Wait for us, we won’t be more than a few minutes away.”

“Fine, but if you don’t hurry I’m going in myself,” Bella said as she hung up the phone. She began to patrol the castle waiting to hear anything to indicate if Henrik was okay or not. After a few minutes Bella felt her brother Klaus and Rebekah getting closer and went to meet them at the gate.

“Did you find anything?” Klaus asked Bella as she stood in front of them.

“Just his scent, it’s strong here, he’s definitely in there,” Bella said the anger evident in her voice.

“So how are we going to enter,” Rebekah asked knowing they had to do this strategically or they could just be putting Henrik in more danger.

“We split up, two of us sneak in looking for Henrik and the other two gather the kings. We want them to pay for taking Henrik and keeping him locked up.” Marco said.

“I agree, so I think Marco and I should retrieve Henrik while Bella and Nik gather the kings. They’re sure to wonder why Bella and Nik have arrived together.” Rebekah said.

Marco nodded, “I agree, Bekah and I will go after Henrik and the two of you will make sure the Kings are in the throne room.”

Bella nodded and watched as her brother and Rebekah took off. Klaus held the crook of his arm out to Bella, “Ready to make a scene love?”

Bella smiled, as she loved the way Klaus could be so different around her, “Of course, let’s go stir up some trouble with the Volturi.” Bella slid her hand into the crook of Klaus’s elbow and together they walked off to start trouble inside the walls of the Volturi castle, together they would make sure the Volturi never did anything like this again.

-Page Break-

Marco tore the head off one of the guard’s guarding the chambers downstairs while Rebekah compelled the rest of them to stay quiet and not make a sound.

“Come on, they’re taken care of let’s find Henrik,” Rebekah said motioning for Marco to follow her. Together they walked down the cells peering inside looking for Henrik.

Finally towards the end they found him, but he was on his way to death. He was locked inside a cell with the Romanians, they were using him as food. Marco tore the cell open and went straight to Henrik as Rebekah tore the Romanians apart, she made sure they were in pieces before she stood beside Marco and watched him bring Henrik back to life. Rebekah’s eyes swelled seeing her younger brother dying again, she knew Marco could bring him back, but the thought of seeing him die made her heart break, Henrik didn’t deserve this. As they both waited for Henrik to wake up, they heard the commotion upstairs. Bella and Klaus were causing a commotion together.

Rebekah turned to Marco, “Do you have a lighter?”

Marco fished around in his pockets but found nothing, he used his gift to summon up a small ball of fire, “This good enough?”

“Yes, just aim it over there, at the pieces of the bastards who fed off my brothers. I want them dead for hurting my brother,” Rebekah said.

Marco nodded and set the bodies on fire, “He won’t be turning he’ll be staying human.”

“Good, no one wants to end up like cold ones,” Rebekah said her hate for cold ones clear as she spoke.

“Do you want to carry him or should I?” Marco asked.

Rebekah sighed, “I would carry him, but he doesn’t like me babying him. Why don’t you carry him?”

Marco nodded and picked up Henrik he carried him out, while Rebekah led taking down any vampire who crossed their path. They walked to the throne room where the most commotion was going on, that was where they knew Bella and Klaus were.

“I don’t understand why you decided to barge into the castle! You were always welcome Marcella, there was no need to do this.” Aro said.

Bella growled, “You took someone who was under my brother and I’s protection Aro. His safety comes before anything else. We’re here to take him back, and make sure you pay for whatever he’s been through.”

“Not to mention the one you took is part of my family, and as a Mikaelson, you should know his pain will be avenged, we don’t take pain lightly Aro. You of all should know, do you not remember Kol and I? My entire family is very attached to the one you took, and none of us will take it lightly. If I suspect correctly my little sister has already torn apart most of your guard, she has quite the temper.” Klaus said.

Aro took in a deep breath, he knew that he was in trouble, but he still had to try and deny whatever they were accusing him of. “You must both be mistaken, we have not brought anyone into the castle within the last few days. We’ve only been preparing for our festivities.”

Rebekah broke the door down, “Mistaken? If we’re so mistaken then why did I find my little brother in the basement of this awful castle being fed on by two vampires?”

Klaus growled, his hybrid eyes glowing, as he stared the kings down, “You fed my brother to your prisoners!”

“We didn’t know he was with you,” Aro said his face filled with horror, the look in all their faces made him cringe. His hand reached to his chest and rubbed over his heart as his eyes landed on Marco. Marco smirked, as he saw Aro’s reaction to seeing him. “You must accept our apologies, we wouldn’t have harmed the boy if we had known he was a part of your family and under your protection.”

“We must accept your apology?” Bella said her voice filled with anger.

“You knew!” Rebekah claimed, “I was staked. You must’ve known who I was if you had enough insight to stake me in order to get to my brother!” Rebekah’s anger was sky rocketing as Aro denied Henrik’s kidnapping.

Bella stepped forward coming to stand in front of Aro’s throne, “My father said we couldn’t kill the Volturi kings, but if I kill one and leave two, I’m sure he wouldn’t be too upset, I mean there is still someone to left to rule. You’re disposable Aro, you’ll always be disposable. I can find a replacement for you in seconds, and they would be far greater ruler than you. If you value your life in the slightest I highly recommend telling the truth. You kidnapped someone very important to my brother and I, and not to mention important to the Mikaelsons, and we want to know why, and we want the truth. We always know if you’re lying Aro, so tread carefully.” Aro visibly looked shaken, he had come to know Bella or Marcella as the more rational twin, but the look in her eyes had his dead heart racing.

“He sent Heidi and Felix to follow Marcella and Isaac. He thought Alec and Jane would be too noticeable, so he sent two that the Reapers hadn’t spent much time with. He ordered them to find any information he could use to keep them in Italy. Heidi and Felix had reported that Isaac had gone out with two others, a human and a vampire. They followed them and saw how close they both were to the human, and Aro ordered them to bring the human back with them. He was planning on changing the boy, but later changed his mind and in order to get revenge on Isaac for ripping his heart out, he decided to feed the boy to the Romanians to make sure he died a slow and painful death.” Marcus said everyone’s jaw dropped, it was well known Marcus was the king who never spoke.

Over the shock of hearing the silent king speak the anger in the room grew. “You dare harm my brother because you were angry? I will rip your heart out and make sure you never see the light of day again. No one hurts my family and lives.” Klaus said before he ran up to Aro and ripped his heart out letting it fall to the ground, he squashed it under his boot and let the venom ooze out, he tore Aro’s body to shreds he looked around the room. “Who here were the two who kidnapped my brother?”

There was a rumbling noise and Bella and Rebekah moved quickly. Catching the two before they could escape. Bella caught the larger male while Rebekah got the short brunette. Rebekah wasted no time in slowly but painfully tearing the girl apart while Bella held the male back. Bella looked at Klaus, and could tell he was still angry. Bella grabbed the man’s two arms and put him behind his back, she held onto them strongly, she took a slight step back pulling the arms to come to bend straight back. She jumped and kicked his back causing the arms she held to snap off as his body flew to land in front of Klaus. Felix’s scream could be heard as he landed, the pain of feeling his limbs ripped off was unimaginable. Klaus smirked at Bella and got to tear the cold one apart in front of the remaining Volturi guard.

Bella moved and stood beside her brother as he held a sleeping Henrik, “Is he getting heavy?”

Marco laughed, “Of course not. Enjoyed the kick by the way.”

Bella smiled in pride, “I did too. Did you kill the vampires who fed off of Henrik?”

“Rebekah did it was the Romanians, so I’m assuming that ridiculous ball is off.” Marco said.

“Thank heavens, I was dreading having to attend,” Bella said, “I don’t plan to bring Aro back.”

“Neither do I, we’ll just have to find a new king,” Marco said, “Father will just have to be angry, I’m not letting that bastard live.”

“He’ll understand,” Bella said confident her father would see there was no problem in Aro dying as long as they got a new ruler. Bella looked through the minds of the Volturi trying to figure out who could fill the position. Bella turned to her brother with a brilliant smile. She opened her mind to him showing him who she thought fit the position and he nodded. Slowly leaving going unnoticed as everyone watched the two originals tear the kidnappers apart.

-Page Break-

Klaus took a lighter out and set the limbs of the three vampires on fire, “I suggest this becomes an example to everyone who dares hurt a Mikaelson, you will die.” Klaus turned to Marco who had set Henrik down on a couch he found in the corner. Rebekah was ready to leave and Klaus was too but neither of them knew where Bella had disappeared to. Marco gave them a short nod in the direction of the doors just in time as Bella appeared with a gorgeous women by her side.

“Meet the 3rd King, well in her case Queen,” Bella announced. Marcus shot up not believing his eyes as his precious Didyme entered the room. “Didyme, sister to Aro has sworn to take her brother’s place in the royalty alongside her mate. We should mention the Romanians have been killed, and that outlandish ball Aro was planning is cancelled. We will also be checking in from time to time. Enjoy the rest of your lives.” Bella walked away and let the guard and Didyme to get adjusted. She made her way over to where Klaus, Rebekah and her brother were all standing over Henrik. “We should get going, Henri shouldn’t be here. We should get him back to the hotel where he can rest on a bed and not a lousy couch.”

Klaus bent down and picked his brother up, “Let’s go.” Taking one of the many Volturi vehicles they headed back to their hotel. Klaus set Henrik down in Marco’s room as Rebekah wouldn’t allow him being placed anywhere else.

-Page Break-

Henrik finally woke up, his heart was beating fast as he had thought he was back in the cells. Once he saw the faces of the people around him he calmed down, “It took you long enough to find me.” Henrik said with a smile.

Everyone chuckled lightly. “You just have to find trouble everywhere you go don’t you?”

“It’s my speciality.” Henrik replied sitting up, “I’m guessing we missed our flight?”

“We arranged for a later one tonight, we wanted to make sure you were alright.” Rebekah said.

“How are you feeling?” Klaus asked.

“Better, a lot better,” Henrik said, “I really just want to get out of this place.”

“Agreed,” Rebekah said.

“I have to go take care of something before we go, but I’ll meet you at the airport,” Bella said quickly, she didn’t want them to go with her, she believed they should be with Henrik.

“Where are you going?” Marco asked.

“I ran into some problems earlier, I have to go tie up some loose ends. Nothing to worry about, I’ll meet you all at the airport,” Bella said she left quickly making sure to leave her and Klaus’s bags with Marco, she knew that no matter what she said Klaus would follow.

Bella was running to the church, she could sense Klaus nearby, she smiled as he kept up with her but made sure he was hidden from her sight. Bella stopped at the church, the sun was beginning to go down and she knew the man would be around soon.

“Are you coming inside with me or are you going to wait outside,” Bella said not looking for Klaus, but waiting for him to appear.

“What are we doing here?” Klaus asked as he came to stand beside Bella putting his arm around her waist.

Bella smiled, “We’re going to wait, until I can get revenge. Come on follow me inside.” Bella led Klaus inside the empty church, she told him what had happened earlier and what she wanted to do to the man who had kidnapped and tortured these women. She wouldn’t let him get away with any of this.

Klaus stood off in the shadows while Bella stood near the door of the basement she had placed it back where it used to be, she wanted this man to think nothing was wrong. Bella knew she didn’t have time to torture him, so she was going to settle on compelling him to confess to his crimes and make him turn himself in, and give all his belongings to the two women she had rescued.

-Page Break-

Bella pulled her fist back and punched the man in the face, he fell to the floor with blood running out of his nose. Bella grabbed him by the collar and compelled him. She dropped him to the floor and kicked him once in the side before walking out with Klaus directly behind her.

“You weren’t going to torture him?” Klaus asked Bella as they walked away from the church.

“He’ll get the torture he deserves in prison, besides I didn’t have time, I still wanted to go to one more place before we head to the airport.” Bella said she smiled at Klaus and took off. Klaus took off after her.

Bella stopped in front of the hospital she had left the women in earlier. Klaus walked beside her as they made their way to were the birthing center was. Bella compelled a few nurses to give her the information she wanted, and eventually she found the two women in a room. They were surrounded by what Bella assumed was their family. They all look tired, but they were huddled together, around the bed of the new mother. The baby was nowhere in sight and Bella sighed. “I really wanted to know if it was a boy or a girl.”

Klaus smiled, “Come on, they probably put the baby in a different room so it could sleep properly, and they could keep a better eye on it, let’s go look for it.”

“It?” Bella asked as she walked with Klaus looking for the baby.

“I didn’t know if it was a she or a he, so it was the best option,” Klaus said. They come upon a window that showed the newly born babies. Bella’s eyes roamed the babies, looking for the one with the last name Martinez, luckily for her she found the baby. Bella stumbled back as she saw the baby, Klaus looked at her in confusion Bella pointed the baby out to him, “She named her baby after me.” The baby’s name tag read, Isabella Marcella Martinez.

Klaus smiled, and put his arm around Bella holding her to him, she was in shock and she could fall over at any moment. “You made quite an impact love.”

“She’s named after me…” Bella said letting it sink in, she smiled as the baby began to move around, “Isabella fits her better than it fits me.” Bella rested her head on Klaus’s shoulder and smiled at the baby.

Are you looking at Isabella?” A nurse asked, as she walked up to the couple, “A miracle isn’t it? A girl and her mother are kidnapped and held hostage for a year, and the day they escape she’s born. The mother and grandmother swear up and down they were saved by an angel. They insisted that in order to honor the angel they would name the baby after her. Isabella Marcella. I think it’s a touching story, you never hear stories about Angels anymore.” The nurse pushed the door open and entered the room with the babies.

Bella smiled, “Come on, let’s get going to the airport, I want to get home.”

Klaus nodded, “They were right, you are an angel.” Klaus said as they exited the hospital, Bella looked him at strangely and smiled. She stood up on her toes and kissed him.

“Thank you for coming with me,” Bella said as she pulled back from their kiss.

Klaus looked into Bella’s eyes and he felt his heart sink at the beauty within them. He’d known for some time that he was deeply in love with Bella, but he had never admitted it in fear of losing her. The wind blew and a hair fell into Bella’s face. Klaus moved it and tucked it behind her ear. He cupped her cheek and pulled her to him, he bent down and kissed her softly before pulling away. “I love you Bella.”

Bella was silent with shock, he had never said those words to her, and although she knew he had strong feelings for her, she never thought he would be able to say the words. Bella grinned widely, “I love you too Klaus.”

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  1. Poor Henrik, glad they rescued him.
    Yay the end of Aro.
    Touching how she saved that family.
    They said I Love Yous! Yes!


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