You, Me, and Prince Charming

Author’s Note

You just have to love Klaus.

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!

-Page Break-

Bella looked over her shoulder as she was getting that funny feeling in the pit of her stomach again. She took in a deep breath and looked down at her Jimmy. The leash around his neck was tied to her belt making early morning jogs easier for the both of them. She paused looking over her shoulder again her eyes searching the surrounding area for any sign that something was off. She shook her head and made the last yards back to the house.

Bella released Jimmy from his leash as soon as she was inside the house. “BRAD!” Bella yelled going up the stairs. “You need to get dressed! We have to leave in 45 minutes if we want to make it to work on time.”

“I’m up! Don’t hog up all the water!” Brad responded.

Bella rolled her eyes a small smile creeping onto her face as she saw Lenny walking out of Bradly’s room. She kneeled down and pet the small pug, “Your owner is being lazy. I’ll take you out for a walk tomorrow morning.”

“Talking to animals can be a sign of psychosis!” Bradly shouted.

“Not taking your dog out for a walk can be a sign of bad ownership!” Bella replied as she walked into her room preparing herself to take a shower, she looked out the window and became startled as she swore she saw someone just across the street. The hairs on the back of her stood as she knew she was being watched. Walking over to the window she closed the curtains and locked the door to her balcony she wasn’t going to take any risks, not when she was so close to the date of the trial.

Bella got out of the shower and the feeling at the back of her neck didn’t disappear as she got ready for work.

“Hey, Liza, babe.” Bradly said snapping his fingers in front of Bella. “Something on your mind?”

Bella shook her head, “No, did you feed the dogs?”

“Yeah, they’re bellies are full.” Bradly said with a grin. “The opposite of yours. Grab something to eat before we go.

Bella nodded, “I’m going to have a bowl of oatmeal before I go. You can go ahead and go. I’ll take my bike so I have a few extra minutes to eat.”

“Cool.” Bradly said grabbing his bag, “Want me to take your bag for you?”

“Can you please?” Bella said moving around the kitchen. “It’ll save me a few minutes not to have to tie it down to my bike.”

“No problem, babe.” Bradly said grabbing her bag and slinging it over her shoulder. He pet Lenny and Jimmy’s heads before heading to the door. “See you at work, Liza.”

“Drive safe!” Bella shouted as she heard the door open and close. She trembled when she realized that she was home alone. “Just eat and go.” Bella whispered to herself, she quickly made her oatmeal and sat down looking through her messages as she ate. She tensed as she felt eyes on her turning around she looked out the kitchen window only to be met with an empty backyard. Standing Bella threw her plate into the sink.

“Bye guys.” She yelled out to her dogs before she exited the house. She quickly made her way over to her bike jumping on and securing her helmet onto her head. She didn’t waste a minute before she peeled out of the house and onto the road. She didn’t want to be alone at her house anymore.

-Page Break-

“I’m bored, Nik.” Rebekah groaned as she was once again standing beside her brother outside of Bella’s house. “Why don’t you just go in there and speak to her?”

“Either shut up or go home, Rebekah.” Klaus said staring back at the house. Bella had left her home at 6:30 am and it was almost 1 in the morning and she still wasn’t home. He was beginning to get worried about where she could be. “I don’t want to hear your complaining any longer.”

Rebekah sighed, “Nik!” She whined. “We’re on vacation.”

Klaus growled lowly. “We’re not on vacation, Rebekah. I didn’t want you to come with me, but if you insist on staying do not get on my nerves.”

Rebekah rolled her eyes. “I’m going back to the hotel. For the sake of everyone’s sanity just talk to her, watching her is strange, even for you.”

Klaus ignored his sister becoming relieved when she left. He stood up straighter as he caught a familiar scent in the air and he saw Bella pulling into the driveway. She looked tired and he knew her facial expressions well enough to know she was feeling sad.

Bella tucked her bike into the garage before heading into the house. A small smile spread across her face as both dogs greeted. Bradly’s small pug and her large golden retriever, they were the best things to see after her day at work. “You guys hungry?” She questioned setting her things by the door and heading into the kitchen. She fed her dogs before heading up the stairs, this was one of those days that just had her wanting to sleep and forget everything for a few hours.

Heading up the stairs Bella didn’t waste any time slipping into her pajamas and crawling into her bed. She looked to the closed doors of her balcony and sighed, the house felt so lonely without any other person in it with her. Usually she could sleep contently enough when Bradly was in the house. She’d gotten Jimmy for the sole purpose of helping her sleep, but still nothing really compared the content sleep she got with Klaus beside her.

Taking in a deep breath Bella closed her eyes and did her best to have a peaceful sleep.

Klaus was about to leave when he heard Bella’s soft whimpering. He tensed as his name fell from her lips.

“Nik…” Bella whispered. “Please, Nik… HELP!”

Klaus walked forward as he heard her yell his name. He paused as he could hear the footsteps and her harsh breathing.

“Seven months.” Bella whispered. “Seven months and this will be all over.”

Klaus watched as the doors to her balcony opened and she stepped out leaning against the railing. He took in her distressed look as she stood outside. He stepped closer but knew she didn’t seem him with her lack of reaction. He watched her as she sat down on the ground with her back against the cold wall.

Klaus’s chest began to ache as he heard her soft cries, he had rarely ever seen Bella cry. Without hesitation he jumped landing softly on the balcony. He kneeled down in front of her a smile coming onto his face as he finally got to see her brown eyes again. “You shouldn’t cry, love.”

“Nik.” Bella whispered in astonishment a smile crept onto her face. “You found me.”

“I always get what I want, love.” He responded using his thumb to wipe off her tears. “And I want you.”

Bella smiled, placing her hand above his own on her cheek. “Careful, Nik.” Bella said quietly. “Someone might think you care.”

Klaus smiled and he easily lifted her up in his arms cradling her body perfectly. “Invite me in, love.”

Bella pressed her head to his neck taking in his familiar scent that she had missed so much. She quietly muttered his invitation inside. “You were the one watching me in the morning.” She whispered.

Klaus nodded, “Maddox found you and I had to be sure it was you. The moment you came outside your scent was all the proof needed.”

Bella smiled, “Standing outside a girl’s window is a little creepy, Nik.” She let him place her down on the bed and he kneeled in front of her. Her hand rose and she ran it through his hair. “I’ve missed you.” Bella whispered. “My handler tells me about Charlie and Damon, but I haven’t heard anything on you. I really missed you, Nik.”

Klaus reached for her hand running his fingers over the ring. “You’re engage?” He questioned quietly.

Bella laughed and shook her head. “No. I get asked out a lot and I hate having to keep rejecting everyone, so I started to wear this ring to keep guys from hitting on me.”

“And the man that lives here with you?” Klaus questioned.

“He’s a friend. We work together and after a few months he moved in. My therapist said I needed the company. “Bella said quietly her cheeks blushing slightly. “I guess I became a bit dependent on you and Damon that when you were both out of my life I was hitting a spiral again. He suggested a roommate and a pet. I got a roommate first, Brad’s a nice guy.”

Klaus frowned, “He seems a little more than nice.”

Bella smirked using her free hand to brush her finger down Klaus’s face. “Careful, Nik. Someone might think you’re jealous of a human.”

Klaus chuckled, “I don’t like anyone who touches what is mine.”

“I’m yours?” Bella questioned quietly.

Klaus smirked, “You have been for a while, love.”

Bella grinned, “I’m assuming this ownership goes both ways and your mine? I mean, it’s only fair, Nik.”

“It goes both ways, love.” Klaus assured, “I should also mention you’re not leaving my sight for the foreseeable future.”

Bella laughed, “It makes sense, the first time in months I’m away from you and I end up being a witness to a murder.”

“I knew you attracted trouble, love, but this was at a new level.” Klaus responded with a smirk. “I break my phone and when I come looking for you I get told that you disappeared.”

Bella blushed and shrugged her shoulders. “I left you a few messages and I gave you my most prized possession.”

Klaus smirked reaching into his coat pocket and pulling out the folded pieces of paper. “I find it interesting to read from time to time.”

Bella grinned and grabbed the folded note from his hand. “I had a lot of fun writing this note.” She murmured as she opened it.

“You’ve made a new one.” Klaus stated watching as Bella read over the note.

Bella nodded, “Five things I want todo before I die.”

“Only five?” Klaus questioned curiously.

Bella nodded she smiled brightly and looked at him. “They’re a little harder to accomplish than these. They take time and a lot of patience.”

“How many have you crossed off?” Klaus questioned curiously.

“None, some of them are in progress, but I haven’t had the chance to cross it off.” Bella said with a smile.

Klaus looked at the clock on her bedside table and by the scratching on the door he knew the two dogs were getting restless. “You need to get some rest, love.”

Bella nodded she crawled under the sheets before leaning over to the other side of the bed and lifting the sheets. “Stay with me?” She asked, “Please.”

Klaus took off his coat and his shoes, he stripped down to his boxers and got in beside Bella. He smiled as Bella moved to wrap herself around him. He kissed the top of her head as she pressed her head into the curve of his neck. He closed his eyes taking in her familiar warmth and enjoying the way her scent overtook his senses.

Bella pulled back enough to see his face. “Nik.” Bella said softly getting his attention. “I love you.”

No hesitation in his movements he closed the distance between them and kissed her. His arms wrapping around her tightly as he remembered how much he enjoyed the simple act of kissing her. “I love you, Isabella.”

Bella smiled pressing her head against his chest. She wrapped her arms tightly around him a small part of her fearing that she would just wake up and he’d be gone. She pressed her ear against his chest the low beating of his heart a reassurance that this was real.

-Page Break-

Bella put on a t-shirt and looked over at Klaus. “Are you sure you want to do this, Nik?”

“You’ve asked me this seven times in the last hour, love.” Klaus placing on a new t-shirt. “I’m not going to answer it again.”

Bella sighed, “Fine, but I am warning you my workplace can get very crowded.”

“It’s a Monday, I’m sure you’re exaggerating.” Klaus responded as he pulled on his jacket. He looked over at Bella as she tied back her blonde hair and placed on her glasses. They’d spent Sunday together; the only time she was away from him was when he had to deal with his sister. “Where is your roommate?”

Bella shrugged, “My guess is that he’s still with Ariel.” Bella muttered with a roll of her eyes she grabbed her backpack and put it on. “We just have to drop off the dogs to the dog spa.”

“A dog spa?” Klaus questioned as he followed Bella down the stairs. “Is that necessary?”

“Nik, I give my pup the best. A spa is the best, and he enjoys the interaction, so does Lenny.” Bella said with a shrug. “And I enjoy overly spoiling the dogs.”

-Page Break-

Bella looked over at Klaus as she parked the car. “Something wrong?”

“You work here?” Klaus questioned as he got out of the car.

Bella nodded, “Happiest place on Earth.” Bella said as she grabbed her bag, she walked beside Klaus standing close to his side as his arm wrapped around her shoulders. “You said you wanted to see where I worked, so I’m showing you.”

“I thought you would be a waitress, not a sales clerk.” Klaus responded as they walked.

Bella rolled her eyes. “I’m not a sales clerk. My job is a little higher priority than that”

Klaus smirked, “Higher priority?”

Bella smiled and stayed silent as they made the slow distance to the park entrance as they neared she knew the noise was rising. She reached into her back pocket and pulled out the pair of ear plugs she had stashed and handed them to Klaus. “It’s going to get a lot louder, you’re enhanced hearing is going to hurt.”

Bella smiled at Klaus once he had put the plugs in his ears. “Okay, stay right here, Nik. I’m going to go get our tickets.”

Bella looked over her shoulder and met Klaus’s eyes, she smiled at the frown on his face and knew someone was probably too closer for his comfort. “Thank you.” Bella said as she took the tickets and headed back towards Klaus. “Come on, let’s go inside the park, Nik. We have a lot of things to start doing.”

-Page Break-

Bella yawned as it was 10:30pm, but she was determined to stay until closing time. “Come on, Nik.” Bella said softly as she pulled him along. “I need to win. We’re getting back on the Buzz light year ride.”

Klaus chuckled, “It’ll be our fourth time on that ride, love. Is it really necessary?”

Bella nodded, “We’re going to keep getting on until I win.”

Klaus sighed but followed after Bella, he watched her carefully, smiling slightly as she didn’t release his hand. He could tell that at times she was worried he’d disappear, other times he noticed she’d look over her shoulder constantly as if she was waiting for someone to appear. He quickly realized she was scared of the man that wanted her dead. Klaus put his arm around Bella’s waist and held her up as she almost fell. He quickly placed her inside the ride before taking a seat beside her.

Klaus watched amused as Bella picked up the toy gun and took in deep breath. Her entire demeanor changed and she became deadly serious. He sat and watched her only moving away to shoot the toy gun when she turned to look at him. Once it was done he helped Bella out of the ride to prevent her from getting hurt. He placed his arm around her shoulders as they walked out noticing the grin on her face as she had in fact won.

“How can you stand being here daily?” Klaus questioned as he had never before been near so many people in one day. Many of whom he had already threatened to kill for being so incredibly annoying to his senses.

“It’s not as bad as you think, it can be entertaining.” Bella said with a shrug. “The first week I was here; my cheeks were so sore. When you’re in character you always have to be smiling, they don’t want to catch you with anything but a smile on your face when you’re in the park. After a while you start to get used to it, sometimes I’ll be doing the smallest of things and I’ll find myself smiling at anyone that crosses my path.”

“That would explain why so many people stare at you.” Klaus mumbled unamused. “Do you like it here?”

Bella nodded, “It’s strange.” Bella admitted quietly. “This place is made for families, but I don’t have one here. Sometimes I hate coming to work because it reminds me I haven’t spoken to my dad in close to a year or that I haven’t seen Damon either.” Bella’s hand tightens in Klaus’s as she moved closer and rested her head on his shoulder. “The fireworks are going to start soon. Let’s go find a spot to watch.”

Klaus simply followed he sat down on a bench Bella had chosen and he quickly pulled her onto his lap. “Which one do you portray?” He questioned curiously as he held her.

“Cinderella.” Bella responded quietly. “Brad plays my Prince Charming most days.”

“She’s the one with the glass slipper?” Klaus questioned pulling her closer and resting his head on her shoulder taking in her refreshing scent.

“She is.” Bella responded she looked up at the sky as the fireworks began to go off. “I didn’t like her much before, but after endless times of watching the movie I’ve grown attached.”

Klaus smiled, “What exactly do you have to do in this job of yours?”

“A high squeaky voice and I quote a lot of the lines in the movie.” Bella responded with a grin. “I get asked over a hundred times how the prince is doing. And even more ask me how Jack, Gus and the other mice are. Children can be adorable when they’re so young and innocent.”

Bella grinned and turned to face Klaus. “Then there are kids who are my favorite of them all.” Bella said quietly. “Those are the kids who ask me if I sentenced my stepmother to be beheaded or if I locked her away in the royal dungeon for the rest of her life.”

Klaus smiled as Bella rested her head on his shoulder. “I thought the point for staying this late was for you to watch the show. You can’t exactly do that while being asleep, love.”

“I’ve watched this hundreds of times, Nik.” Bella respond softly. “I wanted to stay so that you could watch it, Nik. It’s your first time here, it has to be memorable.”

Klaus kissed her temple. “Anything with you is memorable, love.”

Bella smiled, “Love you, Nik.”

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  1. I hope Bella feels a little safe now. I’m glad that Niklaus is being ‘tortured’ with Disney crowds. hehehe

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So sweet he found her and went to her. I hope he never lets her go know.
    I do find it comical, I can just picture Nik getting upset with all the annoying humans in Disney.


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