Bella The Witch: Chapter 10


“Nik!” Bella yelled as she came down the stairs fully changed and ready to go.

“I’m in the living room Bella,” Klaus said loud enough for Bella to hear him since she had human hearing. Bella walked in to the living room. Klaus was sipping on a cup of blood as he looked out the window.

“Let’s make this quick Nik, Steph can’t handle the entire store by herself,” Bella said.

“I’ll send one of my vampires if you would like,” Klaus said.

“Really Nik? A vampire in a confided space with a bunch of humans sounds reasonable to you?” Bella asked with a laugh.

“They would behave,” Klaus justified.

Bella laughed, “No vampire ever behaves, come on lets go.”

Klaus got up and stood next to Bella, “My car or yours?”

“Mine, I need to go to the store afterwards, and you can just run back to your house,” Bella said as she walked outside. Klaus took the keys from her hands and got into the driver’s seat. “You know, I am capable of driving!”

“Yes, but you drive at human pace,” Klaus said, “And I’m not in a mood to go at snail pace today.”

“My dad was a cop, do you really expect me to drive over the speed limit?” Bella asked as she got into the passenger side.

“Sometimes, you just have to stop worrying so much Bella,” Klaus said as he pulled out of his driveway and headed to the hotel.

“I worry, because I’m still human, and can easily die,” Bella justified, “Are you nervous? Excited? Anxious?”

“I feel normal, no specific feeling,” Klaus said.

“I think you’re nervous,” Bella said as she looked out the window.

“Not nervous, just fine, stay behind me,” Klaus said to Bella, “He might see you as a way to get to me.”

Bella nodded, “I have my shield I’ll be fine.” Bella opened the glove compartment and pulled out two small bottles.

“What are those?” Klaus asked eyeing the bottles from the corners of his eyes.

“Oh, this one is a healing potion, it’s just like your blood, if I get hurt one drink of this and I’ll be good as new, and this one is for you, it’s similar to this healing potion, but it works on supernatural creatures,” Bella said handing it to him. Klaus looked at it but trusted what Bella said and put it in his pocket.

“You keep these with you?” Klaus asked.

Bella nodded, “I take a sip after I finish with my workouts, I can get hurt sometimes, and I don’t like being that vulnerable, so I keep one around. The one I gave you, I made yesterday, I thought you could use it, I suspect your siblings wouldn’t be too happy with you, and might some revenge so that will help you.”

“Thank you,” Klaus said, “I think they might want some sort of revenge too.”

“Keep that potion with you, the bottle won’t break, so you don’t have to worry were you put it,” Bella said.

“How much would I drink?” Klaus asked Bella.

“It depends on your injuries, but the bottle is charmed, it will only give you what you need, so you don’t have to worry about over doing it,” Bella said.

“How do you make these?” Klaus asked

“A very long process, a lot of concentrating, and a lot of herbs, and other things,” Bella said, “Nature witches potions are short and simple, but my type of potions, are long and have to be precise or it won’t work. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but after some time I got it. It’s easier to make potions now than it was before.”

“What other potions do you carry around with you?” Klaus asked Bella.

“I don’t carry a lot with me,” Bella said, “But there are potions for a lot of things, some of them require special ingredients others are simple to do. Spells can also require a potion.”

“We’re here,” Klaus said stepping out of the car. Bella did the same and walked alongside Klaus. Bella felt Klaus tense beside her and she guess he caught scent the scent of his brother. Bella felt comfortable as she didn’t feel her necklace vibrate. Klaus stepped a bit in front of Bella as they entered the hotel. Bella rolled her eyes at Klaus and stepped out from behind him and stood beside him.

“He’s not going to hurt me, I would’ve felt it,” Bella said in a whisper to Klaus as they walked up the front desk. Klaus asked for the room number of an Elijah M. He flirted with the lady and she gave it to him easily.

Bella laughed, “Come on, the elevator is over there.”

“We could take the stairs,” Klaus said.

Bella glared at him, “He’s on the top floor, there’s no way I’m climbing all those stairs, the elevator is quicker and less tiring.”

“Let’s go, but you do know elevators are death traps,” Klaus said as they walked to the elevator.

“I’ll take my chances on the elevator Nik,” Bella said as she walked into the elevator Klaus looked at her and turned to the stair leaving a very confused Bella on the elevator.

“Hey!” Bella said as she got out of the elevator and saw Klaus waiting for her at Elijah’s floor. “Why didn’t you get on the elevator?”

“I told you death traps,” Klaus said as they began to walk to the direction of the room.

“Nik, did you forget that you can’t die,” Bella said.

“I didn’t forget, I rather just not have to explain why everyone else would die, and I happened to stay alive without a scratch,” Klaus said.

Bella rolled her eyes at him, “You’re the weirdest hybrid I ever met Nik.”

Klaus stopped and looked at Bella, “I’m the only hybrid you’ve met Bella.”

“Exactly why you’re the weirdest hybrid,” Bella said with a smirk. They passed a few more rooms and reached Elijah’s room. Klaus stood in front of the door. Bella becoming impatient knocked for Klaus she stepped in front of Klaus as the door opened.

“Niklaus,” Elijah said before looking at Bella, “And you are?”

“I’m Isabella, Bella for short,” Bella said holding her hand out. Elijah shook her hand with a small smile.

“What are you doing here Niklaus?” Elijah asked.

“This is about our siblings,” Klaus said, “I want to bring them back.”

“You aren’t lying?” Elijah asked skeptical of his brother.

“He’s being truthful, he doesn’t have a reason to keep them daggered anymore,” Bella said for Niklaus.

“And Mikael?” Elijah asked.

“Daggered in a coffin locked away,” Klaus said.

“Come in, let’s talk,” Elijah said stepping aside, Bella smiled as she stepped inside, she couldn’t deny that Elijah was very handsome.

“I expect you’re wondering who Isabella is,” Klaus said.

Bella groaned, “Don’t call me Isabella Nik, we both know it only annoys me.”

Klaus chuckled, “Bella is the person who helped me track down Mikael, and made it possible to dagger him and lock him away.”

“How did you do that?” Elijah asked looking towards Bella.

“I would like to say it was my great detective skills, but I’m a witch,” Bella said with a smile.

“She’s a Swan Witch,” Klaus said, “A more powerful line of witches, and her powers aren’t bound to serve the spirits of nature.”

“I didn’t know there was another type of witches,” Elijah said.

“Not many people do,” Bella said, “The Swan line of magic is made of only females. I’m the first female in the line in a very long time.”

“And you’re willingly helping Niklaus?” Elijah asked trying not to look surprised.

Bella nodded, “I have nothing better to use my magic on, and Nik isn’t as bad as he seems.”

“Don’t say that loudly, I don’t want people to believe that,” Klaus said to Bella.

Bella rolled her eyes at him, “Mikael was recently taken care of, and won’t come back any time soon.”

“How did this happen,” Elijah asked.

“Bella tracked him, I sent some of my men to him and they sent a picture of him to me,” Klaus said showing Elijah the picture, “After that Bella advised me to dagger him, he was desiccated so the tiniest drop of blood could wake him.”

Bella smiled, “I was the brains of the operation.”

Elijah smiled at Bella’s comment, “I can tell, I wouldn’t have thought of daggering, I would’ve simply left him there.”

“That was my plan, but I took Bella’s advice and I went and daggered him. After that I brought him back to my home here, and Bella put a spell on the coffin making it impossible for anyone to open it. Then she tracked you for me, and I decided to come see you, and I brought Bella along so you didn’t think I was lying.” Klaus said.

Bella’s phone began to ring, and Bella noticed it was a text from Steph. “I’m sorry, but I have to go, book crisis.”

“Can you come by the house afterwards, I believe Elijah will be needing proof,” Klaus asked Bella.

“Sure, I’ll be there at around 6 or 7,” Bella said she smiled at Elijah, “It was nice meeting you Elijah.”

“It was a pleasure to meet you Bella,” Elijah said with a polite smile as he walked Bella to the door. Bella said goodbye to Klaus and to Elijah one more time and left quickly for her store. Elijah turned back to his brother.

“She seems kind,” Elijah said thinking of Bella.

“She is Kind,” Klaus said.

“You both seem close, she’s referred to you as Nik,” Elijah commented.

“She’s a good friend,” Klaus replied, “Almost like a sister to me.”

“Oh, so your relationship isn’t romantic,” Elijah asked now looking at his brother.

“No, it’s not,” Klaus said, “I didn’t come here to talk about my friendship with Bella, I came here to talk about our siblings. Mikael is tucked away, and I want to bring them back, but I will not until I know you will stop trying to kill me at every turn. I did what I had to protect them from Mikael. I came here for your forgiveness, I want our family to be together again.”

“You’re actually asking for forgiveness,” Elijah asked turning to look surprised at his brother.

“I am, I want our family back together as much as you do, but you have to understand that I will not feel guilty for protecting them from Mikael. What I did, was necessary to keep them safe, they were all being too careless, and they were making it too easy to for Mikael to find them, and he would’ve hurt them to get to me Elijah, what I did, I only did to protect them.” Klaus said to his older brother.

“What are you asking forgiveness for then?” Elijah asked his brother.

“I’m asking for forgiveness for keeping apart our family,” Klaus said, “I do not wish to argue anymore Elijah.”

“I want to see him, I want to see Mikael,” Elijah said.

“I figured as much,” Klaus said, “We can head back to my home, Bella won’t come around for hours.”

-Page Break-

“Riley,” Bella said as she answered the phone.

“Hey Bells, how are you?” Riley asked.

“I’m fine,” Bella said, “I’m just closing up the shop.”

“Hey, I saw these two girls, and I couldn’t help but feel like they were important to something, I took a picture, I know one of them is called Elena Gilbert, but I didn’t recognize who the other was,” Riley said.

“Send me the picture and I’ll look into it,” Bella said to her brother, “So, how’s the redecorating going?”

“Great so far, we’ll be done in no time,” Riley said, “Hey, Vicky wants to talk to you.”

“Have you found him yet?” Victoria asked as soon as she got the phone.

Bella laughed, for some reason the only answer that came to mind was Elijah, but Bella pushed it back, “I don’t know Vicky. I’ll update you as soon as I figure it out. Tell me, do you think any of the local vampires can be him?”

“No, you’re way too out of their league,” Victoria said with a laugh.

“What else is happening there,” Bella asked as she walked to her car.

“Nothing really that involves us, we mainly just try and stay out of trouble,” Victoria said, “Anytime we feel any danger nearby we leave, this is town business.”

“Hey, I have to go, I’m meeting Nik and his brother in about a few minutes, tell Ry to send me the picture soon, and any other details he might have,” Bella said.

“Alright, be careful Bells,” Victoria said.

“I always am, I’ll video chat the both of you later?” Bella asked.

“Of course,” Victoria said, “Your birthday is in a few weeks, so better be planning on doing something on that day.”

Bella sighed, “I’ll make sure to plan a huge blowout for myself, maybe I’ll go to a club or something we’ll see how it turns out.”

“You better make it memorable Bella!” Victoria said.

“Oops, going through a tunnel, bye Vicky,” Bella said.

Victoria laughed, “Bye Bells, Riley says bye too.”

Bella drove to the Mikaelson home as quickly as she could, she was nervous to seeing Elijah again. Bella walked up the steps and knocked on the door.

“I don’t understand why you insist on knocking when you can easily just walk in,” Klaus said motioning for Bella to walk inside.

“It’s rude not to knock Nik,” Bella said, “Beside, I don’t think walking into a house with vampires inside unannounced is the brightest idea.”

“I wouldn’t eat you Bella,” Klaus said with a laugh.

“You wouldn’t, but that doesn’t mean one of your minions won’t,” Bella said, “Especially the one I put that little spell on. He still seems to hold a grudge on me.”

“Of course he does, you humiliated him,” Klaus said, “Besides he wouldn’t try anything, they’re too scared of you, and they know I would have their heads for it.”

Bella laughed as she walked into the living room and saw Elijah, “Hello again Elijah.”

“Hello Bella,” Elijah said with a charming smile.

“Alright, let’s go see Mikael,” Klaus said opening the door of the basement,

“I’m not going in the basement,” Bella told Klaus, “You have the creepiest basement on the face of the earth.”

“You were the one to say to get him out of the living room,” Klaus told her.

“I told you to bury him, not keep him in a basement like a horror movie,” Bella said she put an illumination spell on the basement making sure it wasn’t dark. “You go in first.”

Klaus rolled his eye and walked down the stairs of the basement, “There’s nothing down here Bella.”

Bella looks to Elijah, “How mad do you think if I lock him in there?”

“I can hear you Bella,” Klaus called up now standing in front of Bella.

“I was merely asking a question Nik, shouldn’t you know eaves dropping is rude,” Bella said walking down the stairs to the basement. Elijah smiled at Bella, and followed her down Klaus right behind him.

“He’s on the far left,” Klaus told Bella as she stood at the middle of the room looking at the two coffins across each other at different ends of the room.

“Right, I didn’t know they had matching coffins,” Bella said.

“2 for 1 special,” Klaus said with a smirk.

Bella laughed, “Right, because everyone needs a discount on coffins.”

“What are you going to do Bella?” Elijah asked.

“Take the spell I have on the coffin off, without it, you won’t be able to see for yourself that Nik isn’t lying and Mikael is taken care of,” Bella said as she put her hands on the coffin undoing the spell she had on it.

“What happens when the spell is on and someone tries to get to the coffin,” Elijah asked Bella.

“Well, you can touch the coffin all you want, but when you try opening it, it’ll give you a shock of pain. The more you try and open it, the more the pain increases. It could get to the point of making you faint from the pain, but it shouldn’t kill anyone, I mean no one would be dumb enough to keep trying after the first 3 times,” Bella said as she popped the lid open revealing a daggered Mikael. “I feel like this is one of those moments were someone’s supposed to say ta-dah.”

Klaus smiled but rolled his eyes at Bella, “Are you going to have much trouble putting that spell back on him?”

“Of course not,” Bella said walking towards the stairs, “I’ll leave you two alone.” Klaus and Elijah both nodded as they watched Bella leave.

“I thought you were lying,” Elijah muttered.

“I wouldn’t lie over something like this,” Klaus says to his brother walking up the coffin, “I understand if you want to hurt me and I wouldn’t blame you, but if you don’t accept my apology, and decide to continue to plot my death, I ask that you leave Bella out of it. She has nothing to do with this Elijah, and she shouldn’t suffer more because she has a friendship with me.”

Elijah looks surprised at his brother, normally, upon seeing Nik with someone he would’ve thought of a way to use them against him, but he didn’t feel like hurting Bella in any way. “I never even thought of putting Bella in any type of danger or suffering, I agree she doesn’t deserve it. I accept your apology, and you are forgiven.” Elijah tried to hide his emotions, he truly hadn’t forgiven his brother, but he knew that in order to get his siblings back he had to lie.

Klaus nodded, they stayed in silence for a bit longer just looking at the coffin in front of them. Neither saying a word as Bella walked in. She stood in the middle of the two brothers. They heard an agonizing scream come from the kitchen.

“Who was that?” Klaus asked.

“That was Tommy or Timmy something with a T,” Bella said, “He tried to attack me thinking you weren’t home, I might’ve put a spell on him.”

Klaus nodded, “I’ll take care of it.” Klaus eye Elijah debating leaving him alone with Bella, who had become important to him. Elijah gave Klaus a nod saying he wouldn’t do anything. Klaus returned the gesture and headed up the stairs.

“How long have you known Niklaus?” Elijah asked Bella.

“A couple weeks I believe,” Bella said, “We met when one of his men tried to take a bite out of me coming out of an art show. I think I scared him. After that we gradually became friends. I helped him with Esther, and then with Mikael, and then with tracking you.”

“You were never scared,” Elijah asked Bella as he looked curiously at her, she didn’t even seem slightly frightened at his presence.

“Nope,” Bella said with a smile as she saw surprise in Elijah’s eyes, “Do you know what an oak tree symbolizes?”

“Strength,” Elijah said finally noticing the necklace Bella had on.

“When I discovered I had magic, this came with along a few other things. I never take it off. Anyway, before I moved, I put a spell on it. The necklace will ring when any unknown supernatural creature is around, and then if anyone, human or supernatural, wants to harm me in anyway the necklace vibrates. I’ve never once felt it vibrate around Nik. There isn’t a point in being scared of someone, if there isn’t a reason to be scared of them. You know he looks up to you.” Bella said looking at Elijah.

“What are you talking about?” Elijah asked startled by her statement.

“You were the one he never worried about, he could’ve daggered you at any moment. He always knew you were after him, and he could’ve snuck up on you, but he didn’t. He daggered his siblings because he was afraid they wouldn’t make it unless he did. You, you were different, you were strong and careful, you knew when to run, and when to fight. He admires that about you, he admires that he never had to worry about you. He looks up to you, why do you think he’s hesitating to open the coffins until he knows things are truly fixed between the two of you,” Bella said, “All younger siblings look up to their older brothers, even if they have different blood.” Bella thought of Riley and smiled.

“Do you have any siblings Bella?” Elijah asked.

“I do, a half-brother,” Bella said.

“Would you forgive him if you were in my place,” Elijah asked curiously, his emotions on Niklaus beginning to shift.

Bella looked up at him and smiled, “Honestly?” Elijah nods and Bella continues, “I’d forgive him for anything. Family is family, and you only get one.”

Elijah smiled slightly, “Would you do anything for him?”

“Yes, I always wanted a brother,” Bella said, “And about a year ago, I got just that, and I’d do anything for him, and I know he’d do the same. It’s how family works. Nik, he’d do anything for you, all you have to do is ask.”

“You just got a brother?” Elijah asked a bit confused since she said older not younger brother.

“Yes, well, I guess I always had a brother, I just never knew it. I met him about a year. Showed up at the door, wanting to meet me and my dad. I remember that was the day everything changed. I wasn’t alone anymore, he completely turned everything upside down in the best way. He’s stood by me through my worst, and I’d do the same for him in a heartbeat. I grew up with a careless mother, I was always alone, and trust me when I say that it was horrible. You should understand Elijah, you have 4 siblings, one who would probably risk everything to save you, and you shouldn’t take it lightly. He is your brother, and he always will be. Understand that what he did, he didn’t do it out of cruelty he did it so that when the day came you would all come together again unscratched and safe. All Nik wanted was for his family to come together and forgive him for his past mistakes.” Bella said looking up at Elijah, “I know you said you forgave him, but I also know that you didn’t mean it, not yet. You said it so you could get your family back, but just think this over, give him a chance, and he’ll prove his deserves your true forgiveness.”

“You truly believe he deserves forgiveness,” Elijah asked meeting Bella’s gaze.

Bella smiled, “I know he does. Try to just for a moment step into his shoes. Everyone has a reason behind all their actions.”

They both heard Klaus walking back down into the basement. Klaus looked at Bella and relaxed when he noticed she was okay. “Quite a number you did on him Bella.”

“He deserved it,” Bella said with a shrug, “Do you want me to spell on the coffin again?”

Elijah looks to his brother, “I have all the proof I need Niklaus.”

Klaus nodded towards his brother, and then looked at Bella, “If you would please.” Bella places her hands back on the coffin and re-put the spell on Mikael’s coffin. Bella turned to Klaus. “Do you want to try opening just make sure?”

“No, I think it’s just fine,” Klaus said remembering the last time he tried opening the coffin.

“Alright, I’m done with the basement,” Bella says as she heads for the stairs. The Mikaelson brothers follow her up the stairs. “I’m going to get going, I do have to go to work tomorrow.”

“You don’t have to, you choose to,” Klaus remarks.

Bella sighs, “I choose to work because if I didn’t I’d be wasting my life away stuck in my house, or doing something stupid. Work keeps me preoccupied.”

“Goodbye Bella,” Klaus said.

“Goodbye Bella, it was a pleasure seeing you again,” Elijah said with a smile as Bella walked to the door. Bella waved to the two originals and left the house.

-Page Break-

Bella was sitting on her bed with her laptop in front of her ordering supplies for the book store and some things she need for her potion making. Her phone buzzed, and by the familiar ringtone she knew it was from her brother. She opened up the message to find that he had sent her the picture he was talking about. Bella looked startled at the picture and put everything aside and began doing her research on Elena Gilbert.



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  1. Glad that Elijah and Klaus are making up. Things hopefully will be better between them.


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