Reaper Twins: Chapter One


Bella was in the forest, she was sitting on a blanket, with a book in her hand. Everything had changed when Edward left her. She had found peace in herself. She was able to become someone she never thought she could be, and now she was happy. Of course she had hurt immensely when he left her, but she found that if it were meant to be he would’ve stayed.

Bella was reading when she heard a twig or two snap in the forest. Putting her book down, she looked to where she heard the noise come from. She slowly stood up and looked around. She tensed when she wasn’t able to see anything. She turned back around but was met the cold gaze of brown haired boy. His eyes softened as he looked at her and he gave her a tight hug. Bella squirmed and got out of the hug.

“Who the hell are you?” Bella asked stepping back.

“I’m Marco,” Marco said, “I’m your twin brother, I’ve been looking for you for a few months since.”

Bella laughed nervously, “I don’t have a twin brother I think you have the wrong person.”

“You were adopted by Charlie and Renee swan a year after your birth,” He said, “Go home and ask him, you’ll see that I was right, and when he tells you the truth, I’ll be waiting if you want to hear the truth about who you are.”

Bella looked suspiciously at him and before she could say anything he was gone. Bella rubbed her temples stressed as she tried convincing herself that she was imagining everything. Bella packed all her things away and walked back to her truck to go home.

Bella saw a note on her truck window and unfolded it to read what it said.

Just ask him. I’ll be waiting, just call my name when you want to know more on who you really are.

Bella crumpled the paper back up and stuck it in her bag. She got into her car and sighed. Couldn’t she for once just try and live a normal life, there always had to be something abnormal about her. She drove with the dull sound of the radio music in the background. She contemplated what this Marco had told her and if it could have been true. She also thought about whether or not to confront her father about something that may or may not be true, but a part of her needed to know a part of her was too curious to let something like this go so easily.

Bella got home and could tell Charlie was in the living room from the loud noise of the football game. She set her bag down on the counter and walked into the living room. She stood in front of the T.V. getting Charlie’s attention.

“Is something wrong Bells?” Charlie asked

Bella didn’t know how to do this, so she decided to be blunt, “Am I adopted?”

Charlie choked on the current beer that was in his mouth. He choked it down and looked at Bella, his eyes filled with sadness as he figured it was time to come clean, “Yes, Renee and I found you a year after you were born and we adopted you. We didn’t know much about you, all we could figure out was your birthday and that your name was Isabella Marcella Aitkin and that you had a twin brother, Isaac Marco Aitkin. We searched for him, but we couldn’t find him, or your birthparents, so we changed your name. We didn’t tell you because we felt it would make you feel like you didn’t belong with us and I didn’t want that. I’m sorry I kept this from you.”

Bella was shocked, but knew that she couldn’t blame him, he had tried to find her birth parents and family, but failed, “I’m just glad you didn’t lie dad. Thanks for the truth. I think I’m just going to go to my room and think things through. I’ll see you later or in the morning. Love you dad.”

“Love you too Bells,” Charlie said.

Bella walked slowly back to her room, and closed the door behind her. Her back was pressed against the door and she slid down with her head in her hands. She was so confused. Her head was spinning and she didn’t know what to make of any of this. She stood up again and headed back down the stairs. She grabbed her keys and told Charlie she was heading out to get some air. He understood she needed space, and so he let her go without question.

“Marco,” Bella said as she walked outside, “Marco.”

“I would say Pollo, but that doesn’t sound like you were playing Marco polo.” Marco said standing in front of Bella.

Bella sighed, “Are you a vampire? Is that how you’re moving around so fast?”

“No, I’m not a vampire,” Marco said, “We’re stronger than vampires.”

“We?” Bella asked as she walked into the nearby forest with her twin.

“You know about cold ones right?” Marco asked.

Bella nodded, “Yes, I dated one actually.”

“You’ll have to explain that to me another time,” Marco said.

Bella nodded, “So back to the topic of we.”

“Right, you see in this world there are more than just cold ones. There are traditional vampires, werewolves, Shape shifters, witches, hybrids, and at the very top there’s me and you. We’re the first of our kind, and the last. You see, 18 years ago, our father came to the earth, and he fell in love with our mother. They were in love, but their love was unusual. Our father figured being who he is, he couldn’t have children, so he never worried about that. One day our mother fell pregnant. Our father was the only man she’d ever been with, so there was no denying that we were his children. Our father was scared, we weren’t going to be normal children. The day we were born, I was born first, you were born 3 minutes later. We were miracles. Anyway, our father had to leave, his time on the Earth was limited and he had already been on the Earth for too long. So a year after our birth our father was forced to leave. Our mother was left with two kids, and everything was well until the witches tried killing us, but their magic is useless on us, we’re immune to the power of any supernatural creature. Anyway, our mother wasn’t immune, so she ran. The witches were doing a spell on her and she was dying slowly. Our father was stuck and couldn’t come back to help her, so all he could do was watch, and help from a distance. He covered our scents and our mother left me in a hospital in Seattle, while she came and left you in the Forks hospital. I was found by a lovely woman. She was a good mother, but she died a year ago from cancer. When she died, it gave our father the opportunity to come and see. He stayed for the next 2 months and he awakened my powers in me, he made me who I was meant to be. Before he left, he told me where you were and that I had to come and get you. That I could awaken the powers within you, like he had done for me. I came because I was ready to meet my twin.” Marco said they had stopped. Bella was sitting on a boulder and was processing everything.

“Who is our father, you said he has all this power, but who is he?” Bella asked looking at her brother, she couldn’t lie she did feel a connection to him.

Marco grinned, “Our father my dear sister is Death or you might know him as the Grim Reaper. Our real last name is not Aitkin, its Reaper, our father just always liked the name Aitkin.”

“Wait, you’re telling me our father was thee death?” Bella asked with a raised eyebrow.

“The one and only,” Marco said with a grin, “We my dear are reapers.”

“You have to be kidding me,” Bella said in disbelief.

“Let me awaken them for you,” Marco said taking a closer step towards Bella to stand directly in front of her.

Bella laughed, “Go ahead.” Not truly believing what he was saying was true. Marco pressed the palm of his hand against her forehead and a dark light appeared and Bella took in a sharp breath as she felt the differences appear inside her. “What the hell was that?”

“You are no longer human,” Marco said, “You are just like me, we’re reapers, from now on you won’t be able to die.”

“You’re shitting me right?” Bella asked.

Marco sighed, “Not at all. You and me, we’re the true word for immortal, nothing and no one can kill us. But you should know we can still feel pain and we can still bleed, we can sleep when we want to, and eat when we want to too.”

“Show me how to use these oh so powerful powers,” Bella said sarcastically. Marco grinned and began to show Bella everything he could do, and then he had her copy his movements.

Bella was strong and shared the same powers as her twin. She had the killing touch, Death projection (Emits a wave of death that can kill anything it touches instantly, animals, humans plants etc.), Death sense (Sensing someone’s death), Ghost whispering (talking to ghosts/spirits), Resurrecting the dead to come back to life, weapon manipulation (can create, summon, manipulate and use any kind of weapon with perfect skill), Wing manifestation, the ability to make someone supernatural human again, healing, compulsion, elemental control and telepathy. Bella and Marco were immune to any other power, nothing could touch them. They also had the basic super abilities, (Running, seeing, strength, hearing etc…)

It was close to dawn when Bella went back home. Charlie was sleeping, but she knew he tried to stay awake for her, and she was grateful for that. Marco was right behind Bella. They walked into her room, and he continued to explain things to her that he felt she needed to know.

“So tell me about these cold ones,” Marco said looking straight at Bella.

Bella sighed and sat down on her bed, and Marco sat in her desk chair. Bella took in a deep breath and explained everything to him that had just happened in the last few months. By the end of the story Bella was in tears, and Marco was trying to comfort her. He swore that he would protect his little sister from any pain she ever felt.

-Thanks Giving-

Bella had come clean to Charlie and told him about Marco. Charlie had welcomed him with open arms, and had taken to him being a part of his family. Bella had changed to her birth name to honor her dead mother, Charlie didn’t have an issue with it, and was happy she was taking everything so well. Marco had stayed in his home in Seattle, but was often visiting and training with Bella in their powers and fighting skills.

“Bells, we need to talk,” Charlie said.

“What about Dad,” Bella asked as she took a seat on the couch.

“I got a new higher paying job,” Charlie said, “Do you remember your Aunt Liz, I think we saw her about 2 years ago when they came for Christmas? Well her town has lost some police officers, and Liz offered me a job, and I’m thinking about taking it, but I don’t want to take it, if you plan to stay, I want you to come with me.”

Bella heard Marco using his telepathy to talk to her.

Say yes, he needs this change, you graduate in a few months, so it wouldn’t be too long. – Marco

What about you, I just got my brother back, I won’t leave you now – Bella

Stop fretting Izzy, I’ll go with you of course – Marco

“I’ll go where you go dad,” Bella answered finally.

“Great! I’ll call Liz and accept. I already talked to your brother, and he agreed to come with us, but he won’t come until a few days after so that he can take care of his things in Seattle,” Charlie said with a grin as he went to the kitchen to accept.

Marco came strolling in and took the seat next to Bella, he had the key to the house and came and went as he pleased.

Bella laughed and hit him in the back of the head, “You could’ve told me you knew he got the job offer.”

“He said he wanted to do it himself,” Marco said with a shrug.

“Did you ever noticed that our first names have the same first 3 letters, and our middle names too,” Bella asked.

“Yes, I figured it was just some twin thing our parents thought would be cute,” Marco said, “That’s why I go by Marco and not Isaac. Isaac and Isabella, sound to similar, Isabella and Marco we sound different. You see, I’m the evil twin, and you’re the good twin, so we have to sound different.”

Bella chuckled, “What makes me the good twin?”

“I have more of that evil look to me, you have more of the innocent look to you,” Marco said, “We both act the same, and we can both be good and bad, but with the way we appear to others, I’m the evil twin and you’re the good twin. Though, I have seen you angry, and you’ve sent chills down my spine.”

Bella laughed knowing that he was talking about when she had killed Victoria after she tried going after Charlie, “She deserved it.”

“Sure she did, so where’s my turkey,” Marco said with a grin, “I’m dying to eat.”

“You can’t die loser, but it should be done in an hour,” Bella said.

“I start right after new Year’s,” Charlie said, “I have a house there so everything is working out, but we’ll have to leave in the next week or so, do you think you can pack most of this stuff away Bells?”

“Most of this stuff,” Bella asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I want to keep this house,” Charlie said, “It holds a lot of memories, we’ll only be taken what we really need. Do you think you can pack all of this in less than a week?”

“Sure I can,” Bella said with a proud smile, “Marc will help me, I don’t think he’d want his baby sister doing this all by herself. Who knows I am clumsy, and I might fall and break something.”

Marco laughed, “You truly are good with guilt trips, you have this week off of school, I have a lot of free time, it shouldn’t take long for the two of us to pack this place up.”

“Will you go to school with me?” Bella asked, “Quit the whole online school thing and join me in public school.”

“I suppose I could,” Marco said agreeing as he saw his sister’s happiness over this.

Bella grinned, “Great!”

-Mystic Falls December-

Bella told the movers where to put the boxes, while Charlie began to unpack the kitchen and the living room. It had only been a few days, but Bella missed her brother. Christmas was less than two weeks away, but he had promised her he’d be here quicker than she realized. The movers finished and Bella gave them each a large tip and said goodbye to them. She took to organizing the living room, which with her speed she finished quicker than Charlie expected. Bella insisted he let her do the un-packing, she was quicker than him and finished the kitchen easily. In the next 4 hours she had finished her room and then Marco’s, she did the basics for Charlie but made sure to leave some for him to do.

“Hey Bells, I’m heading over to Liz’s,” Charlie said putting on his jacket, “Caroline is out, but if you like you can do some late night town exploring.”

Bella cracked a grin, “We passed a place called the grill, I think I’ll head over there, but I’m going to change out of my sweats first.”

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  1. I love when you give Bella powers and turns her into a supernatural. This will be interesting with her having a twin. And on to Mystic Falls with Charlie too.


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