Chapter Eleven: The Truth is a Terrible Thing

Author’s Note

Well… Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy.

-Page Break –

Bella took Jeremy’s hand and held it tightly, some part of her was scared to let it go, afraid that if she did he would be gone for good. It was almost as if there was something in her soul telling her that she might not have him forever.

“Everything okay in that head of yours, Bumble B?” Jeremy questioned as the two of them made their way through the crowd of students and into the school.

Bella responded with a light smile. “Yeah, everything is fine, Jer, I just got lost in my thoughts.”

Jeremy nodded, “I know you’re still scared, B, but everything’s going to be okay. You and I, we’re going to get through this.”

“I hope you’re right.” Bella responded moving close to Jeremy to kiss him sweetly before smiling and pulling away from him. “There’s a history exam today, have you studied for it?”

“Not a chance, the only thing I’ve been studying is the techniques your father’s been teaching me. I have a feeling he’s enjoying beating me up.” Jeremy responded with a bright grin, moving and pulling Bella back to him. Her back was pressed to his chest and he rested his head on her shoulder. “Ric is into history I’m sure I’ll be fine. I do however need help with my calculus homework, I don’t know how you can do that work without having an aneurism.”

“If you paid attention in class than you wouldn’t have such a problem with all the work.” Bella responded with a fond smile, as she felt Jeremy kiss her neck.

“It’s hard to pay attention when I sit next to you.” Jeremey responded kissing her jaw and up to her cheek. “You’re hard to look away from.”

“And you’re a sap.” Bella responded pulling away from Jeremy, she entered the classroom feeling a bit more at ease with the warmth that Jeremy offered her. Her dreams hadn’t changed, but at least Jeremy was there to allow her into his dreams and offer a distraction from the horrific reality that lay ahead for the two of them.

Bella was sure that her father had begun to come up with a plan in his head, but had yet to share any of the ideas he was developing. Either way, she was sure it wouldn’t change the outcome, she would’ve seen something. Bella smiled as Jeremy took the seat beside her and instead of pulling out his notebook took out his sketchpad.

Bella looked up as Mike and Jessica took the seats in front of them. She couldn’t help but laugh in amusement as the two began bickering almost instantly.  She reached over and held Jeremy’s hand, she just needed to feel the warmth of his skin once more. She smiled at Jeremy before she turned her attention to the front of the class as the teacher stepped in. Mike and Jessica’s bickering quieted as well, but didn’t completely stop, and thankfully for Bella all of this was a reminder that this small part of her life was normal.

Despite being supernatural, she was at school just another girl. A girl with a high school sweetheart, straight A’s, extracurricular activities, and everything inside the school walls was normal. Bella smiled, she wouldn’t stop worrying about what to do to keep Jeremy alive, she would just make sure that inside these school walls she lived the same life as everyone else in the halls.

-Page Break-

Bella sat with her back against the tree outside in Jeremy’s backyard, her dad was training with Jeremy, Alaric and Vanessa were enjoying their new relationship, but she was thinking. She had learned that Jeremy would die, but before that it was her life that was on the line, and she knew deep in her soul that there was something there to discover. There was something that her visions were trying to show her, a loophole, but she had been missing the message.

Bella couldn’t help but smile at the warm head of her wolf that came to lay down beside her. His head on her lap, she rested her hand on his head and lightly ran her hand through his fur. She tried to focus on the past visions that she’s had, so far, she and Jeremy have died. It was strange to her that no one else had died, and that as of late all her visions had been centered around her and Jeremy.

Bella furrowed her brows in thought, before she would constantly have visions of her dads and friends, they were always trivial things telling her about their future, but since she came to Forks the only vision she had were about her and Jeremy. It was now clear to her that the missing puzzle to this story revolved around her relationship with Jeremy.

She looked up to see Jeremy and Luther practicing movements, she hated what was to come next, but she knew that tonight she wouldn’t go meet with Andrew and she wouldn’t escape into Jeremy’s dreams, she would need to force herself to have a vision. There was something she was missing, something she had overlooked in her past visions that was a crucial part in everything.

Bella smiled as Jeremy looked over at her with his ever-present grin, she was just happy that the light still reached his eyes, and he didn’t hate her for bringing all this trouble into his life.

“Vanessa.” Luther said catching the brunette’s attention. “Show Mr. Gilbert how to defend himself against someone who’s airborne. I want him to be prepared for anything.”

Vanessa smiled, she took any chance she could to use her wings. Luther moved quickly and sat beside his daughter, “There’s something on your mind.”He stated without question in his voice.

“There’s always something on my mind.” Bella responded petting Rosko’s fur.

“Yes, but there is something that is currently drifting in your mind that has you filled with worry.” Luther responded smiling down at his daughter. “I know you well enough to know when there is something that is disturbing you, Maeva.”

“The optimistic part of my mind wants to believe that my visions will soon change, that whatever plan you’ve begun to create will fix everything and Jeremy will live.” Bella responded moving to look at Jeremy. “That we’ll get to graduate, Jeremy will go to Cornell or Yale or Harvard and I’d go to Juilliard, and we’d still be together. We’ll be living separate lives, but still be together, that we’ll be safe and happy in this little bubble of ours.”

“And the other part of your mind?” Luther questioned. “What does it believe?”

Bella frowned, “That despite how much I love him, I’m going to be the reason why he dies.  I feel like there’s something missing, there’s something within my visions that I haven’t been able to connect the dots and solve. I have these pieces to a puzzle, but I just can’t put them together. And I’m scared that when I finally put them together I’m not going to like what the outcome is.”

Luther nodded, “Sometimes the future isn’t concrete, there is always going to be a need for change and there is always a missing piece to the puzzle, but no matter what, there is always a loophole.”

Bella smiled, “Not everything is going to turn out how I want it to. This world isn’t a fairytale dad, it’s cruel and unfair, so I believe that this loophole you’re talking about will save his life, but at a cost.”

“You should really be asking yourself what you’re willing to give for him to live.” Luther responded he reached over and held her hand. “Just know that I will be here to help you, we’ll all get through this alive.”

Bella smiled and squeezed her dad’s hand in comfort. “But at what cost? What must be sacrificed? Life is cruel and as relieving as it will be to know that Jeremy will live, what horrific thing has to happen in order for that to happen?” Bella gave her dad a small smile. “I hate to admit it, dad, but I’m scared.”

“I know, Maeva.” Luther responded kissing her head. “I will do all that I can to help you.”

-Page Break-

Bella wrapped the covers on her bed tightly around herself. She had told Jeremy she had gone to see Andrew, but she just needed to sleep. She needed to dream and she knew if she told Jeremy he would warn her to stay away from her visions. Bella closed her eyes and focused on her breathing, she felt herself drift off and when she opened her eyes again things were different.

Bella was back in the woods, and as the scene played out she felt her heart drop, because Jeremy was going to die again. Only her eyes shifted to the shadow in the woods and things were different now. She followed the figure and then she saw red eyes, red eyes that were running towards her, knocking her onto the floor. Bella’s vision became blurry and she couldn’t see who was now strangling her, but she could feel their icy cold hands wrapped around her neck. Worst of all, she could practically feel the joy rolling off them.

Bella began to gasp for air, but it was useless. Her vision was going black and before she knew it she was sitting up on her bed, her hands at her throat as she tried to regulate her breathing. “It’s never going to end.” Bella whispered, because she understood now that no matter what changed, what plan was created one of them always had to die while the other was cursed to live.

Bella moved and put on her shoes, she turned and pet Rosko on the head before disappearing. Bella sagged onto the plush couch. “Life is a nightmare.” She said catching the attention of the man standing on the other side of the room with a paint brush in hand.

A deep chuckle was her response. “Hello, love. What brings you by? Isn’t it midnight in Washington?” He examined her clothes. “Bad dream?”

“Do you remember when I was younger and you told me that Romeo and Juliet were two kids that were never supposed to meet, and that’s why they had to die. Because their souls were made for each other, but their lives were never meant to cross.” Bella said sighing and putting her feet up on the coffee table.

Klaus nodded, “I remember, we argued on their fates for close to two hours. Is there a reason you bring this up?”

Bella nodded, “Star crossed lovers.”

“I’m assuming you’re not here to discuss Shakespeare.” Klaus responded moving to sit across from Bella. “What did you want to discuss?”

“When I was younger you told me that a lot of vampires have mates, sometimes more than one since they for multiple life spans.” Bella said sitting up and staring at Klaus. “I figured it out.”

“You figured out why you and Jeremy are always destined to die.” Klaus responded understanding the direction of this conversation. “Why come to me?”

Bella sighed, “Because you were the one who told me about mates. I think Edward is right, I am his mate, but I believe Jeremy was never supposed to be in the picture.” Bella stood and began to pace. “I think Jeremy was supposed to stay in Mystic Falls, he was supposed to end up in a long and healthy relationship with Bonnie. While I was supposed to be in Forks falling in love with Edward Cullen, and preparing to live an eternal life with him.”

“But Jeremy didn’t stay in Mystic Falls, he went to Forks.” Klaus continued following Bella’s train of thought, the two of them were never supposed to meet, they were never supposed to fall in love. “If Edward was truly your mate you wouldn’t have been able to fall so in love with someone else.”

“You’re wrong.” Bella said quietly her mind working rapidly. “You told me that vampires often have two mate, right? That logic also means that as humans we have two possible soul mates, but we’re only destined to meet one in our life path. I know this may be a bit of a stretch, but I think that fate had known Jeremy would die, that’s why I was supposed to meet Edward, because Jeremey would be dead. But Jeremy didn’t stay dead, so our fates were blurred, and when Jeremy and I met it sealed our bond to each other, because he was my first mate, he was the original half of my soul. Edward was only my ‘mate’ because Jeremy had died. Jeremy and I, we were never met to meet, so when we did we threw off our futures, and one of us has to die in order for the other to live a peaceful life. As long as we’re together we’ll always be in trouble.”

“You don’t have to do anything.” Klaus responds standing. “There’s no need for a death.”

Bella shook her head “No, there is. That’s why no matter what plan is created, one of us will always die. Edward will never stop fighting for me, because to him I’m his mate, and that means Jeremy will always be in danger, because Edward is stupid enough to go to the Volturi for help. But, I’m supposed to break this curse, and my fate has been sealed since I was born, so Jeremy will always die, and it will always be because of me.”

“Isabella.” Klaus said in warning knowing her mind was going somewhere dark. “Your death will not save him.”

Bella’s eyes widened in realization. “You’re wrong. My death will be the only thing to save him, because if we’re not together he’s not in danger. If I die, if I disappear from this life, he will live and he’ll be safe. His path will be corrected, everything will shift back into focus.”

“Isabella.” Klaus warned. “You’re not thinking clearly.”

Bella turned to him and smiled. “I’m not going to do anything at this moment, I was just thinking.” She approached him and gave him a tight hug. “Thank you for letting my ramble, you know my dad will never let me get this far with my thoughts. He would’ve stopped me two minutes ago. I’ll call you soon, Nik.”

Bella appeared back in her room. Her mind was racing, but she couldn’t go back to sleep she needed to think and she needed to plan for a way to save Jeremy’s life, permanently.

-Page Break-

Bella got ready for school, she fed Rosko, and before she could head out her father appeared by the door. “Good morning.”

“Morning, Maeva.” Luther responded from the door. “Niklaus said you went to speak to him, he was worried you might do something dangerous.”

Bella nodded, knowing Klaus had probably been talking to her father the entire night. “I’m not going to do anything. I just figured it out, Dad. I figured out why one of us always has to die, and I’m going to figure out how to stop it.”

“You don’t have to figure this out on our own.” Luther responded stopping her before she could leave.

Bella nodded, “You’re right, but I have to get to school, and currently that’s the only place where this mess hasn’t leaked into yet, so I refuse to think about anything other than normal teenage life when I’m at school.” Bella patted her dad on the shoulder. “We’ll talk when school is over, I promise.”

“You’re not an adult.” Luther called out after her with a smirk.

“I’m close enough.” Bella responded as she walked over to Jeremy’s home to go to school.

-Page Break-

Bella rested her head on Rosko’s fur as she closed her eyes. The noises of her father and boyfriend fighting in the background were comforting to her, they helped her know that she was surrounded by those she loved. Bella tried to regulate her breathing and she relaxed, letting her mind drift into sleep.

Bella opened her eyes to see someone who looks exactly like her standing in front of her. Bella handed off her backpack to the girl, and sighed. “Just, tell Jeremy that I love him okay.”

“I thought you took care of that.” Bella #2 responded as she put on the backpack and took Bella’s phone from her, handing her a new pink one instead.

Bella smiled, as she placed the phone in her back pocket. “I did, but it never hurts to tell him again. Thank you for doing this.”

“Immortality means this won’t hurt… A lot.” Bella #2 responded she nodded towards Bella. “Everything will be okay, get out of here, I’ll make sure he’s okay.”

Bella nodded she looked out the window, and over at Jeremy’s home, she took in a deep breath before she disappeared ending up in a small house in the middle of nowhere. She waited for what felt like days to her, but by the time the sun had long ago set and the stars were already in the sky she finally got the message.

Jeremy’s alive, a broken finger, but otherwise safe. Elizabeth is in the morgue.

Bella sighed, pressing the phone to her chest in relief. She felt tears stream down her face and her chest was becoming tight as she cried, but he was alive and for now that was all that mattered. He was alive, she was dead, and everything was back to what it should be. Edward would mourn for her, but move on, the Volturi would become distracted thinking she was dead, and Jeremy would be alive.

Bella gasped sitting up and catching the attention to all of those around her.

“Bumble B.” Jeremy said approaching her, his concern etched all over his face as he looked at her. “Are you okay? Bad dream?”

Bella frowned, “Yeah, I’m fine.” Bella blinked her eyes and couldn’t help the smile that crossed her face. “I’m starving, want to go get something to eat at the diner?”

Jeremy returned her smile. “Sure, I could use it. It feels like I haven’t eaten in months.” He held his hand out to her and helped her up. He would question her later, but for now he was more than happy to give her this small amount of normalcy. “Love you, Bumble B.” He whispered to her before he leaned into lightly kiss her.

“I know.” Bella responded sincerely. “I love you, Jer. Always will.”


  1. Wow! You really wanted to rip our guts out with this chapter, didn’t you?? Dam! That was 1 of the saddest pieces of writing I’ve ever read from you. I still don’t understand why they can’t just kill all of the annoying Cullens…….. sigh……
    I love your stuff as usual. Keep it up. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Loved the chapter. But Oh my god that just broke my heart. Bella and Jeremy have to stay together. Theres has to be a way.

    Liked by 2 people

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