Reaping of New Orleans Chapter 11



Author’s Note

Well… yeah. Now, be fair warned that the plot to this story is not going to follow the show. And after this the story should be getting just a tad bit more bloody.

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!


-Page Break-

Bella flipped through the baby book of names, she couldn’t find a name that really stuck to her. In a fit of frustration, she threw the book into the wall and groaned out as she couldn’t come to any sort of conclusion. She rested her head in her hands, by Henrik’s estimation she was less than a couple days away from giving birth. Bella didn’t want her babies being born without a name, so she was trying to make some decisions. As of yet, her mind couldn’t settle on anything only further adding to the frustration she felt on the subject.

Kol entered the room noticing the new dent in the living room wall. “Something bothering you, darling?”

Bella sighed, “Baby names.” She responded simply running her hands through her hair.

Kol grinned, “I still vote that naming them after me would be absolutely wonderful.”

Bella laughed, “No, I would like my children to have their own names.”

“That’s a real shame,” Kol said with a frown. “I know something that will cheer you up immensely.”

Bella grinned, “I’m assuming you got the papers?”

Kol nodded taking a seat next to Bella. “Why are we looking into all the major figures of the community?”

Bella took the file from his hands and looked through it. “No one has questioned why so many bodies go missing and no one bats an eye lash in the community.” Bella flipped through the folder. “These men are working for Marcel. It’s up to me and you to cause just a bit of trouble, to have them realize that Marcel isn’t the biggest or strongest monster in this town.”

Kol grinned, “I always did have a special ability to make people fear me.”

“What a coincidence,” Bella said with a smirk. “I tend to do the same.”

Kol stood and held out his hand to Bella and helped her stand. “Come on, darling. Klaus and the others are out and I happen to know that all these officials will be in one spot this afternoon.”

Bella stood and placed a hand on her stomach. “Good, my babies are restless and I feel that they need to get a bit of fresh New Orleans air.”

Kol smirked widely. “Let’s hurry, Henrik and Davina should be returning soon and we don’t want them stopping us from our activities.”

“No, we certainly wouldn’t want that.” Bella responded with a smirk. “Afterall, you’re going with me, so you’ll be doing all the dangerous things.”

Kol smirked widely. “We won’t do anything that’s considered too dangerous. All we’re going to do is destroy whatever deal Marcel has with these people. We’re just going to make it difficult for him to continue on controlling this city.”

Bella smiled widely. “You know, Kol, you’re going to be a horrible influence on my kids.”

“They’re going to need it.” Kol responded with a smirk. “And with you as a mother they’re already sure to be mischievous.”

-Page Break-

Klaus entered Marcel’s lair with his two siblings and Marco. The four of them were going to see what they could do to scare some sense into Marcel. Klaus smirked widely in amusement as they were instantly swarmed by vampires, “Is this all you can do? A few pathetic newborns? I think you seem to forget who we are, Marcel.”

“I didn’t forget anything.” Marcel responded standing on the balcony overlooking the group. “I thought you left town, Klaus.” He added becoming slightly unhinged at the thought of the feared hybrid back in town.

Klaus smirked, “I was on my honeymoon.” Klaus smirked widened at the look of shock on Marcel’s face. “I’m officially a married man now.”

Marcel hid his shock with a smirk. “Congratulations. Am I right in assuming that the girl who stabbed me is now your wife?”

“She did leave a wonderful impression.” Klaus responded pleased to see how Marcel remembered Bella knowing that the small action caused fear to enter the vampire.

“I never thought of you marrying someone so pathetic.” Marcel responded smirking as he saw his words had an effect on Klaus. “I never knew you would marry someone who in your terms would be described as a harlot. I mean, she was awfully cozy with Kol when I met her, I do wonder just how intimate her relationship with him is.”

Klaus growled, but smirked as he saw all the vampires in front of them and around Marcel drop to the floor.

“Be careful what you say.” Marco’s voice rang out in the sudden quiet of the area. “You’re talking about my sister and you’ll find I have a bit of a temper. While they might not want to kill you I have no problem in doing so… several times.”

Klaus smirked, “At this moment I don’t believe any of us would stop him from killing you. It would certainly make taking back our home easier.” Klaus said meeting Marcel’s gaze. “Why don’t you come down here and we’ll have a civil talk?”

Marcel straightened out and his shoulders tensed. “You don’t have what it takes to rule New Orleans.” He stated. “You might’ve been the ones to help build this place, but I was the one to make it into what it is today. I’m the one who keeps this city thriving, none of you know how to do that. None of you know what it takes to run this place.”

Rebekah smirked, “It’s a good thing that we’re all fast learners, isn’t it?”

Marcel took in a deep breath and jumped off the balcony landing in front of the group of four. “I have put my blood into this city. I am the king, and none of you are ever going to take that from me. You might be able to take your home back, but I’ll always be the one New Orleans belongs to.”

-Page Break-

Bella and Kol walked into the large building and made their way to the elevator. “Kol.” Bella said as she stepped inside. “Why are all these officials gathered together?” She questioned now realizing how fortunate that was for their little plan.

Kol sighed, “I’m assuming they’re planning to meet with Marcel soon.”

“They’re going to get such a wonderful surprise when we walk into the room.” Bella said with a smile placing a hand on her stomach. “Let’s just hope that we don’t have to make this little meeting bloody. I rather not have to explain to my husband why I’m covered in blood.”

Kol chuckled lightly. “Is that how you’re going to refer to Klaus as from now on?”

Bella grinned and shrugged her shoulders. “It’s fun to refer to him as such.” Bella smirked widely as the elevator doors chimed before opening. “This is the part where things start to get interesting.”

Kol smirked he placed his hand on Bella’s back and walked slightly in front of her. “Try not to get into any sort of trouble, Isa. I don’t want to have Nik on my back if I put you in danger.”

Bella smirked, “He’d rip your head off if he knew what we were doing.”

Kol opened the door to the office and allowed Bella in first. He closed the door behind the two of them and smirked as all eyes were on them. “Hello, gentlemen.”

Bella smiled placing a hand n on her stomach protectively. “I’m Isabella Mikaelson and this my brother Kol.”

Kol smirked at her introduction. “We’re here because Marcel won’t be leader for much longer.”

Bella stepped closer to the table of 4 people, the mayor, a priest, a lieutenant and a business man. All whom she knew were leaders in the community of New Orleans, people who held a lot of power. “Marcel likes to believe he still holds power over the city, but there’s someone stronger in town.”

“Who the hell are you?” A small pudgy man said standing his military wear on letting Bella know that he thought he was in charge. The Lieutenant, she thought with a smirk.

Bella smirked widely. “Most of the supernatural world knows me by my birth name, Isabella Reaper. I’m the daughter of death.”

A tall man stood and laughed. “You expect us to believe that thee Death is real? And that you are his daughter?”

Bella smiled, “You can believe what you want, but just be aware that I can and will kill all of you in the blink of an eye if I so please. Then, I’ll bring you back to life just to do it again.”

Bella’s eyes met Kieran’s and she smiled widely remembering his nephew. “How is Sean? I hope he’s feeling better, last time I saw him he was miraculously coming back to life.”

Kieran stood his eyes widening, he didn’t think this girl could be the same one that his nephew described as an angel. “That’s not possible.”

“We came here for a reason.” Bella announced walking at the head of the table with Kol standing just a bit in front of her ready to rip someone’s heart out if needed. “Marcel has become an annoyance to my family and because my husband doesn’t wish to kill him, we’re simply going to take away his city. I need all of you to understand that Marcel is no longer the leader here. We are.”

Kol grinned widely, “My family is not as soft as Marcel is. We will not be under your control and we will not fall to your demands. We aren’t as weak as him, so we will be setting the rules and you will be abiding by them.”

Bella nodded, “The thing is, gentlemen, we are making this town our new home and we don’t want to have to put more effort into dealing with all of you than is needed. As you can tell, I’m expecting soon and I don’t want to deal with you any further.”

“You and that freak baby of yours need to get out of our town. We will not allow you to come in and ruin everything we’ve built with Marcel.” Mayor Brown responded.

Bella’s entire body tensed and she felt her babies kicking against her stomach, they were feeling her anger as well. “Kol.” She whispered lowly her voice tense as she glared at the mayor.

Kol smirked he blurred forward and twisted the Mayor’s neck. He walked back to Bella’s side with a pleased smile on his face as he heard the shock from the others in the room. “I’d be careful what you say to her, you’ll learn that she has quite a temper.”

Bella smiled, “There aren’t two options here, we’re not trying to win you over. We’re here to tell you that Marcel isn’t the strongest vampire in town and there’s a new leader taking his place. If you don’t accept this, we’re simply kill you and have someone who is willing to accept our offer take your place.”

Bella smiled widely as their eyes were still wide with fear. With Kol at her side she headed to the dead Mayor who now lay with his twisted neck on the table. Bella placed a hand on his head and closed her eyes, she used a bit of her power to bring him back to life. It was less about bringing back the mayor and more about truly showing her power to the others.

“I can take away your life easily, and just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean that I’m weak. This is all the warning you’re going to get from us. Marcel’s time is coming to an end and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. All that is left now is for you to accept what is occurring and move on.”

Bella looked to Kol. “We should get going, I’m getting a bad feeling about Klaus and I don’t think the babies are going to stop kicking until he’s near again.”

Kol draped his arm over Bella’s shoulders as they walked towards the exit. “I think I might have an idea where he is.”

-Page Break-

“I have put my blood into this city. I am the king, and none of you are ever going to take that from me. You might be able to take your home back, but I’ll always be the one New Orleans belongs to.”

Bella looked to Kol and smirked as they both entered the home. Bella clapped her hands together catching the attention of everyone in the room. “Really, that was heartfelt speech. If I didn’t already know that you were losing control of the city, I might still believe you have a chance at winning.”

Kol smirked at his siblings. “We’ve had an eventful day.”

Bella smirked widely and looked to Marcel. “You see, I stopped by to interrupt a little meeting, one you’re late to.”

Marcel’s eyes widened, “You didn’t…”

Bella smirked widely, “I did.” She stepped towards Klaus and stood comfortably at his side. “I let them all know how pathetic you are… I mean, you couldn’t even make their meeting. If you couldn’t keep a schedule how could you control an entire city?”

Kol chuckled, “To cut things short, they will no longer be supporting your leadership. We made it clear how pathetic and weak you are compared to the rest of us.”

“After a bit of… persuasion… we made them see how weak you really were.” Bella said with a smirk.

Klaus leaned down his hand on her stomach, he quietly whispered in her ear. “Persuasion?”

Bella turned to him and smiled. “It was nothing more than what was needed.” Her eyes closed briefly as he kissed her softly. She smiled widely and turned back to Marcel noticing how Klaus stood behind her with his hands resting on her stomach. Bella could tell that although he was behind her, he was more than ready to attack if he needed to.

“I’m tired, and in need of some blood so, let’s make this short.” Bella said resting her hands above Klaus’s.

“You have 8 days to vacate the premises.” Elijah announced moving to stand closer to Klaus and Bella taking a stand next to Kol.

“If you don’t.” Marco began moving to join the others.

“We’ll rip you and every other vampire in this place to pieces.” Rebekah finished for Marco taking his hand in hers as she stood by his side.

Kol smirked widely, “I’ve been waiting for a good fight, I’m eager for it to start. Be out of our home in those 8 days and you just might live to be another 100 years older.”

Klaus smiled, “This is a new era for New Orleans, Marcel. One in which we will rule. Take your vampires if you wish, we can always make more if need be.”

Bella grinned, “Your days as ruler of New Orleans are numbered, Marcel. It’s time to accept it and move on.”

-Page Break-

Bella smiled as Klaus led her into her bedroom. “I’m fine, Klaus. I’m not tired.”

Klaus rolled his eyes, “If that’s true than lying down for few minutes won’t cause you to go to sleep.”

Bella climbed onto the bed and let Klaus drape a blanket over her. “Can you stay? I’m not feeling very well; I like it when you’re near.”

Klaus smiled and got onto the bed beside her. He put his arms around her and let her rest comfortably at his side. “Have you chosen any names?”

Bella shook her head, “Not really, I’m hoping that I’ll figure it out when they’re born. Or they’ll just grow up nameless.”

Klaus chuckled he leaned down and kissed her forehead. “Go to sleep, love.”

Bella smiled, “Your kids are too energetic, they’re being restless.”

“It must be your excitement, Isabella. Once you start to rest they should as well.” Klaus responded his fingers drawing slow circles on her stomach. Being able to feel the restlessness Bella was talking about.

Klaus kept his gaze on Bella as she slept. She was holding on tightly to his hand as she slept. Klaus looked up at there was a knock on the door. “Come in.” He announced quietly knowing it was his youngest brother.

“Sorry to interrupt, but I’ve been getting a bad feeling all day.” Henrik said entering. “Well, not a bad feeling, but something really strong. It’s been nagging at me all day and I just wanted to check on Elle. I needed a visual confirmation that she was okay.”

Klaus smiled at his brother’s worry. “She’s fine, after today she just got a little tired.”

Henrik stepped closer but paused, “You need to get her pants off.”

Klaus raised a brow at his brother’s words. “Henrik…”

Henrik’s eyes widened. “Nik, Bella’s water is about to break. I can sense it, that’s what my magic has been telling me all day. I can sense them, listen to her heartbeat, it’s picking up. I’m going to go get the supplies, you need to get Bella undressed. This is most likely going to be messy.”

Henrik exited the room and rushed to the library where he knew Davina was. “I need your help.”

Davina looked up startled. “Something wrong?”

“I need you to grab some water for me and gather everyone together.” Henrik smiled widely. “We’re about to have two new additions to the family.”

-Page Break-

Rebekah stood from her spot on the couch and began to pace. “Why the bloody hell can’t we be in there with them?”

“Because it would make Bella increasingly uncomfortable if we were all in there watching her give birth.” Elijah responded.

“How will we know if everything is alright if we can’t hear a bloody thing!” Kol said irritated as well the sound proofed rooms suddenly becoming a large annoyance to him.

“Marco, Niklaus and Henrik are more than capable of handling anything that may occur.” Elijah responded arms crossed over his chest. He turned his head and looked at the young witch who was standing at the end of the window watching what seemed to be nothing. “Is there something on your mind, Davina?”

The girl shook her head. “Not really, but Henrik discussed with me what was happening with Marcel. I was around him for a long time, and I can’t help but to think that he might do something incredibly stupid. What if he does something to try and hurt the twins?”

All three originals paused for a moment and looked at each other. “No one in this house will ever let anything harm these children.”

Davina smiled. “Of that I’m more than sure. Bella and Klaus alone will raise hell on Earth if a single threat is made against their children. I’m just thinking how bloody Marcel’s death will be the day he chooses to attack.”

Kol smirked, “His death will never be eternal, Bella would not let him know what peace is.”

Rebekah smiled, “We’ve all seen what Bella can do when someone messes with her family. She gets angry and retaliates.”

Davina smiled and sat on the couch, amused to see the three originals telling different tales of Bella’s revenge tactics. Yes, her small clever let plan at distracting them had worked.

“Nothing was as bad as the torture she inflicted on the Cullen boy.” Kol said with a smirk. “None of us witnessed it, but we all know that torture had to have been the worst.”

Davina sat up straighter. “Who was the Cullen boy? Was he a warlock?”

Rebekah sat down and smirked at Davina. “Let us tell you about the torture of Edward Cullen. It has been a tale we’ve all told several times and each time it does not live up to the actual torture.”

-Page Break-

Bella’s vision swirled, she kept trying to focus but she couldn’t keep her mind focused on anything but her babies. She closed her eyes and focused hearing the faint sound of her babies crying. She clutched at her head, but she could feel them become happy when they felt Klaus’s presence near them. Bella smiled slightly as everything went black and she could no longer hear or see anything.

Klaus turned his head his hands carrying his small child. “Henrik…” He trailed off as he saw Bella unconscious.

Henrik nodded, “It’s okay.” He assured he gently picking Bella up and setting her on the couch in the room. “She’s going to wake up healthy and back to her Reaper self. I’m going to change the sheets so it isn’t all messy when she comes to. I’m also going to tell everyone down stairs two baby Mikaelsons were delivered safely and healthy.”

Klaus turned to Marco as he was making sure the twin he had in his hands was wrapped up after being gently cleaned. “Marco?”

Marco smiled widely. “A boy and a girl.” He said softly. “Must run in our genes.”

Klaus smirked, looking at the sleeping form of his new son, he glanced down at his daughter that was looking around with big brown eyes that he knew she inherited from her mother. “It’s amazing how truly beautiful they are.”

Marco nodded his hands slightly shaking. “I never thought I’d have a niece or nephew. It’s surreal to be able to hold them, to be here in this moment.”

Klaus turned his head to see Bella shrugging on his pair of pajama bottoms. He smiled as she walked towards him. “We have children.”

Bella grinned, her eyes shifting down to the baby that Marco placed into her arms. “Hi.” She said softly to her baby boy whose brown eyes opened to stare up at her.

“Have you chosen a name?” Marco respond curiously.

Bella shook her head not being able to hide her grin. “Vincent.” She said softly. “I like the name Vincent.”

Klaus leaned towards her and kissed her temple. “Wonderful.”

“I’m going to head downstairs, give you two a moment to yourselves before everyone decides that they need to see the babies.” Marco said as he kissed his sister’s cheek. “Congratulations, Izzy. You’re a mom.”

Bella leaned against Klaus as they both held one of their children. “We make really beautiful babies.”

Klaus chuckled softly. “You’re wonderful, love.”

“What are we going to name her?” Bella said looking at their daughter.

“We should keep your mother’s idea, give them names with the same initials.” Klaus responded.

Bella looked to him and grinned widely more than glad to know that he had come up with that idea. “I love that idea.” She smiled as she turned her head to her daughter. “Violet. What do you think about the name Violet?”

Klaus smiled, “It sounds perfect, love.”

-Page Break-

Bella smiled as the entire family entered taking turns looking over Bella and Klaus’s shoulders to look at the tiny additions to the Mikaelson family. Kol sighed, “Is it too early to question what they’re names are?”

Bella smiled, “This is Vincent Harvey Mikealson.”

Kol smiled, he leaned in closer to look at the baby boy. “I still say Kol would’ve been a lovely name, but Vincent isn’t too bad.”

Rebekah looked at the bundle of pink in Klaus’s arms. “And her name?”

“Violet Harmony Mikaelson.” Klaus responded already largely taken with his two children.

Rebekah smiled widely. “She’s so beautiful, Nik.”

“Can I hold him?” Henrik questioned curiously.

Bella nodded, she carefully placed her son in Henrik’s hands, “Be careful with him, Henri.”

Henrik smiled, knowing Bella’s protective mothering instincts were beginning to kick in. “He’ll be fine, I promise, Elle.”

Bella turned to her husband who still had their daughter in his arms. She smirked as she caught his glare towards his sister.

“You’re bloody crazy if you think I’m going to let go of her anytime soon.” Klaus muttered to Rebekah. He looked down towards Bella as she leaned against him. Rolling his eyes he carefully handed the baby over to Rebekah. “One scratch and I rip your head off.” Klaus threatened.

Rebekah rolled her eyes but carefully held baby Violet in her arms. Allowing Elijah and Marco a better angle to look at the baby.

Bella smiled and pressed her back to Klaus’s chest letting his arms wrap around her waist and hold her tightly. They observed their family with their babies and it really was something beautiful. Bella turned her head up to look at Klaus. She leaned up and kissed the side of his jaw. She seeped into his mind gently letting him hear her thoughts.

I love you. I love them.

Klaus smiled truly happy with the events of the day. He finally had his children with him and there really wasn’t something more wonderful than that He leaned down and connected his lips with hers. This would be a day to remember for the rest of his eternal life.

-Page Break-

Klaus sat down beside Bella on the rocking chair that was in the nursery. He smiled fondly as this moment, Bella and his two children on the rocking chair, would be one he remembered always. He pushed back the hair that had fallen onto Bella’s face. “You didn’t scream.” He whispered as he watched her with their sleeping children.

Bella looked up at him curiously. “What are you talking about?”

Klaus smiled, “We all expected it. It’s common during births for the mother to scream, he cupped her cheek gently. “You didn’t make a sound.”

“I didn’t want to scare them.” Bella responded quietly. “I saw what they were thinking.”

“You did?” Klaus responded surprised.

Bella nodded with a faint smile. “They were feeling scared. I could get into their minds and they were scared. I didn’t want to scare them anymore than they already were, so I held it in. I guess that’s what made it all harder to go through. But they’re here so it doesn’t really matter anymore, as long as they’re here.” She whispered her eyes swelling with tears.

Klaus leaned down and took baby Vincent from Bella’s arms. “They’re so beautiful.”

Bella nodded a tear running down her cheek. “They’re so small. So utterly beautiful and perfect.”

“You’ve given me something so wonderful, love.” Klaus said sincerely kissing her head. “Are you feeling well?”

Bella nodded, “Yes, my healing ability has hit at full force. I don’t even feel any sort of fatigue, it’s really weird. I expected to feel some of the aftermath of giving birth, but it was like I never was pregnant.” Bela smiled and carefully stood putting each child into their own crib.

“I love you, Isabella.” Klaus putting his arms around her and holding her tightly.

Bella smiled leaning against him as the two of them watched over their babies. “I love you.” She gratefully accepted the kiss he offered her. Nothing outside that small room mattered at the moment, only them and their children.

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