Reaper Twins: Chapter 24

rt chapt 24

Bella dragged Edward’s body behind her as she made her way through the forest. Klaus and Marco were only a few feet behind her kicking Edward’s head back and forth as they made their way to an old abandoned house in the middle of the forest. It was the perfect place to torture the poor helpless Edward in. Bella opened the front door and threw Edward’s body into the house and then turned to face the two behind her.

“Alright, both of you need to leave.” Bella said as she caught the head as it was tossed back to Klaus.

“You sure love?” Klaus asked as he looked at Bella with a bit of concern. She herself had said she wasn’t ready to face Edward yet, and he wondered if she was going to be okay.

Bella smiled and nodded, “Yeah, I just want an hour or so with him… To say our final goodbyes.”

Marco shivered as he saw the look on her face. It was like nothing he had ever seen before, and if he had to guess, Edward was in for some extensive torture. “Just call when you’re done, or if you need anything from us.”

Bella nodded towards her brother, “I will, don’t worry.”

Klaus leaned down and kissed her. “You know how to contact me if you need anything.”

Bella nodded and smiled she turned to her brother and with a serious face asked him to leave. When he was for sure out of ear shot Bella smiled up at Klaus. “I love you.”

Klaus caressed her cheek and stared down at her, “I know, love.”

Bella nodded and leaned against his chest, “I just wanted to make sure you knew.”

Klaus held her closely, Edward’s head forgotten on the bottom of the forest floor. Klaus leaned down and captured her lips in a kiss before he disappeared leaving Bella alone with Edward. Bella looked down at Edward’s head on the ground, her anger grew once again. Using a large amount of force she swung her foot and kicked him into the house, successfully creating a large hole in the wall.

Bella left the head where it was and headed towards the body. She looked around the room and spotted a chair in the distance. She dragged the wooden chair towards the center of the room and made sure it was strong enough so it wouldn’t break too soon. Grabbing Edward’s limp body she set it down on the chair before retrieving the head to fuse him back together.

Bella sat down in a chair right across from Edward waiting for him to completely heal before she began, she needed him to be awake for this. Several ideas of different ways to torture him were running through her mind as she stared at his limp form. The memories of their relationship crawling back inside her mind as she watched him. The feelings of worthlessness making their way to the front of her mind. She snapped the handles of the chair in her anger and stood. The anticipation of finally being able to get her revenge was building, and the plans she had were only getting worst by the minute.

Bella paced and as minutes passed and Edward was closer to fully healing she was more than ready to get her revenge.


Finally Edward’s eyes opened, and before he could think of even moving, Bella was standing before him holding him down. “Bella…”

“You know, I’ve thought about this moment before,” Bella said staring at him. “How I would feel or act when I saw you again. And let me tell you, every time it always ended with you dead. This time will be no different. You’re going to die today Edward. And I’m going to make sure you suffer. See the first step is done, you’ve watched your family die at the hands of my family and now you’re left alone in this world. This is where Step two comes in, step two is when I get out all my anger. This is, by far, going to be me my favorite step.” Bella grabbed Edward’s chin and forced him to look at her. “You’re going to do everything I say, and until I tell you to, you will not move from this spot.” Bella released his chin and stood up straight watching him. She didn’t know what she wanted to do first, but she did have a large amount of pent up anger to get rid of.

“I didn’t think it would be this hard,” Bella said as she paced in front of Edward. “I mean I have no problem torturing, I just can’t figure out where to start. I guess we should start from the beginning. You remember the beginning right? The helpless human and the big bad supernatural being.” Bella smiled and put her hand on Edward, “Let’s reverse those roles shall we.”

Bella waited as Edward began to wake back up from his transformation. She was more than anxious to get things started, she was going to make Edward feel what she had felt from the moment they had first met. Finally his eyes opened revealing the green eyes of a human Edward. “Glad to see you’re awake.” Bella said tilting her head to look at him. Her eyes roaming over the human that sat before her. Without the beauty that comes with being a Cold One Edward wasn’t anything special. Bella smiled, Edward was nothing compared to Klaus. She focused her thoughts on Edward as he spoke to her.

“Am I human?” Edward asked the compulsion Bella had on him wearing off as he changed.

Bella grinned sadistically at the question, “Of course you are, I can’t properly make you feel what I felt if you were ice cold. No, you had to be human, just like I was human when we first met. Let’s start from the day we met in the cafeteria. I always knew there was something off about you and your family. I mean how couldn’t there be something wrong if you were all so alike for being adopted. That day in science, sitting beside you, I was stars struck. I was just so amazed at how inhumanly beautiful you were. It was like having the air knocked out of you.” Bella walked forward and in one swift motion punched Edward in the gut sending him and the chair flying back into the wall.

The chair broke to pieces surrounding the wounded Edward who was now bleeding as one of the stray pieces of wood had lunged itself into his back. He coughed as blood pooled in his mouth and spat it on the floor. “Bella, please don’t do this to me. I just wanted the best for you.”

Bella laughed, “The best for me?” Bella shook her head as she stalked forward, her eyes taking a predatory look as she watched Edward struggle to sit on the ground. “You wanted what was best for you. You wanted a pet! You wanted someone to use and play with! If you really wanted the best for me you wouldn’t have come back from Alaska after we first met. You would’ve stayed there and spared me the shit I had to go through because of YOU!” Bella grabbed Edward pulling him to his feet and pushed him against the wall. Their faces only inches away, Bella looked Edward in the eye as she spoke. “You knew I wouldn’t love you. You knew after getting to know you I wouldn’t want you, so what did you do? You dazzled me into submission. You made me your little puppet, and now I’m doing the same to you.” She threw him to the floor again and took a few steps back watching as he fought to the blood loss was taking a toll on him.

“Let’s move forward. The day of the van incident. You remember that right?” Bella asked as she looked at him on the floor blood spattering everywhere. “Alice had to have seen the accident coming, she could’ve warned me or told one of the others to warn me, but that wasn’t what she nor did you want. You needed for the van to almost hit me, because than you’d be marked the hero. You’d be my savior. How I fell for your act…” Bella flashed forward and bent down, now face to face with Edward. “I felt so confused that day, I didn’t know what you were and I didn’t know if I could trust you. You were so mysterious, I remember seeing you at the hospital that day my pulse was racing and my heart was hammering. I felt like at any moment it was going to just burst right out of my chest.” With a swift motion Bella’s hand was wrapped around Edward’s heart squeezing it lightly not ready to let it burst just yet.

“Please, no.” Edward stuttered out as he looked down at where her hand entered his chest.

Bella smirked widely, her eyes flashing at his tone. She leaned in and whispered in his ear. “You never cared about the damage you were doing to me, so why should I care about you?” Her hand squeezed tighter around his heart. Bella leaned back and met Edward’s eyes, she watched as they widened and as he screamed out in pain taking his last breath before going limp and lifeless. She pulled her arm out and wiped it on his suit, not wanting to have his blood on her for long. She stood fully looking at his body, she had to bring him back before he could make his peace. She dragged him to the center of the room and focused on bringing him back. She stayed kneeling beside him, watching as his body mended itself back together. The hole in his chest fully closing as his chest began to rise and fall again indicating he was once again alive.

Edward sat up with a sharp gasp as he came to consciousness. He patted his chest and took in a sharp breath, his eyes landed on Bella who was watching amuse. “NO! NO! I DIED!”

“You did, but I brought you back,” Bella said stalking forward, happy to see the light flinch from Edward as she got closer. “I wasn’t done with you, not yet.” She grabbed Edward and easily pushed him into another chair she had retrieved while he was unconscious. “Let’s see, what’s next.” Bella grinned widely her eyes flashing sadistically as she looked at Edward. “The day at the field.”

“You remember that don’t you?” Bella asked, as she looked at Edward glad to see his eyes filling with fear as he knew what was about to come next. “You had already begun dazzling me when that took place, so I couldn’t argue much as you forced me to drive to another state and leave my father behind. You were such a fool, you knew your act of defending me was going to set James off. You were playing the game too.”

“I wanted to protect you, I didn’t know what he was capable of,” Edward argued his voice rising with fear as even he knew he couldn’t successfully lie to Bella.

Bella laughed, “You don’t even believe yourself! You wanted to play the game just as much as he did. You needed to prove your alpha male status to me. You needed to prove that you were strong. It wasn’t about protecting me, it was about defeating James. Your coven against his, that was the game, but only you knew you were playing. I was the one that was put in danger! I was the one that suffered that night, and you didn’t care, all that mattered was winning. I was just a puppet to you.” Bella stepped towards Edward with a swift movement of her foot she broke his leg. She took pleasure in making him scream. “James broke my leg. Than he threw me into a mirror. Now, there aren’t any mirrors in this place, I checked, so I have to get creative.” Bella made a small blade appear. She twirled it in front of Edward taking pleasure in the way he flinched away from her. “First, there was the cut on my arm, how many stitches was it Edward?” Bella didn’t wait for him to answer before she plunged the knife into his arm and slowly and painfully dragging it down his arm. Enjoying immensely the screams it was causing from Edward. She pulled out the bloody blade and watched as Edward became pale from the blood loss. “We can’t have you dying again, this stage has just started.” She partially healed his arm and moved to his abdomen. “Let’s not forget the bruises here.” She kicked him in the stomach no doubt breaking some of his bones and most likely causing internal bleeding. She twirled the blade again letting Edward scream in pain wanting to wait a while before she continued on.

Running the blade down the side of his face, Bella was lost in thought. “All the bruises on my face. I took such a hit to the head. It felt horrible like slamming into a truck.” She saw Edward flinch back. “I wouldn’t worry, I couldn’t find a truck so I have to get creative at this point.” The blade disappeared, in its place was now a steel sledge hammer. She smirked and ran her hands down the hammer. “I guess this will do.” She swung back and went to hit his head. Edward screamed before the hammer even made impact. Bella laughed holding the hammer inches away from his face. “I needed to do that, you see, I didn’t know what was coming next when I was with James. I feared everything, flinched at his every movement, I needed you to feel the same.” Before Edward could say anything Bella swung back and with a large amount of strength she hit his head. Knocking it successfully off and across the room until it hit a wall and bounced on the floor.

“Huh,” Bella said setting the hammer down. “I didn’t think it would come off.” She walked towards the head and picked it up. “Better get you back on your body, not quite finished yet.” Bella placed Edward’s head back on his body. After getting it on successfully she brought him back to life. She paced impatiently as she waited for him to come back. This was taking longer than before as his body had more to heal.

Bella picked at her finger nails as she waited, Edward’s heart had begun beating again it wouldn’t take very long for him to come back. She hummed as she waited glad to know that at any moment she would be back to her revenge.

“OH GOD! NO… no…” Edward said coming to his senses again his wide green eyes found Bella and he spoke again. “WHY CAN’T YOU JUST LET ME DIE!” He shouted as he stared at her.

Bella smiled sweetly at him, “I’m not done with you, Eddie! I can’t let you die until I’m through with you.” Bella walked towards him and smiled. “Now, we left off at the studio, so we should be right around the burning part from the bite, so let’s get to that.” Bella pulled out the small blade and smiled as Edward tensed in fear. Bella roughly grabbed his wrist and without hesitation plunged the blade through his skin. Her smile grew as she saw the way it went all the way through. The other end of the blade popping out. She held Edward still as he squirmed and yelled at the pain. “Stop being such a baby.” She pulled the blade out and threw it behind her. She pulled out a box of matches and stepped back. “While you were unconscious, I took the liberty of coating you in gasoline. The bite burned, so I thought you should too.”

“Please no,” Edward begged as he tried to move only to recognize he was tied to the chair.

“Let’s see how long you can hold out under the flames,” Bella said as she lit the match and flicked it towards Edward. Enjoying the way he screamed and begged for help. “No one’s going to help you Edward, your family is gone.” Bella watched as Edward squirmed and screamed trying desperately to stop the flames. Keeping a careful ear on his heart Bella put out the flames and Edward when he was close to dying. She kneeled down beside him as the chair was in ashes and he was in the fetal position on the floor. “Can’t have you dying Edward, we still have more to do.”

“Please… just let me die.” Edward stuttered out between wheezing breaths.

“I begged for death once, it didn’t come and it won’t come for you, not until I want it to,” Bella said healing him from his burns before standing back up. “So let’s skip ahead a bit. Let’s go to my mess of a birthday party. I’m sure you remember that day. At this point, I was hypnotized, you could get me to do absolutely anything for you with just a touch and the smell of you. I couldn’t fight back. I couldn’t tell you to go fuck yourself, all I could do was let you string me along. Because I was human and you weren’t. For this, for this I’m going to make you really hurt.”

Bella picked up the fallen sledge hammer and without hesitation she pulled back and hit Edward on the shoulder. Enjoying the cracking noise that was made, she swung again and hit his legs, and again getting any body part she could. When he was nothing but a pile of broken bones Bella threw the sledge hammer to the floor and stepped back taking a deep breath, she healed Edward again. “You were like a drug to me. I needed you, I couldn’t live without you. I was addicted to being dazzled and I didn’t even know it. I cried over you, I begged for you to come back. When you didn’t, I wished to die. I wanted nothing more than for that tightening pain in my chest to stop. I wanted the pain to go away, I wanted to feel like myself again. The problem was I believed I couldn’t live without you because that was what you made me believe.” Bella shook her head and straightened herself out. “If you didn’t know, I’m doing amazing without you. Actually, I’m happier than I’ve ever been. So, to end our goodbye, I think I’m going to let you go free.”

Edward looked at Bella quizzically not believing what she was saying. After a few minutes he reached for her outstretched hand and stood. He was about to speak when Bella cut him off. “It’ll be like I never existed, a clean break.” Edward’s eyes widened at the mention of what he had said to her, at Bella’s smirk he knew it was far from over. Bella laughed wickedly as she released his hand. “Did you really think I would let you go? That I would let you go out there and have a human life? No, you still have a stage left to endure Edward.” Bella moved quickly and hit Edward sending him flying to a wall. “After everything, you don’t get to leave here alive! I won’t allow the possibility of what you did to me happen to someone else.” Bella walked to Edward and kicked him in the stomach causing a loud groan to come from Edward. “I could now defend myself, but other human girls can’t. I won’t allow you to continue walking on this earth. You’re not worthy enough, so this is the end of you Edward. I’m more than happy to see you go.” Bella kneeled and forced Edward to look at her. “I want the last thing you ever see to be me. I want you to know that without you I’m better. Most of all I want you to know that you died at the hands of someone you considered your puppet. Things should end how they began.” Bella reached into Edward’s chest again and wrapped her hand around his heart and with a final smirk she squeezed. She removed her hand after she felt the heart burst and saw Edward die for the final time. Removing her hand Bella wiped it on his clothes and stood back up.

As she walked out of the house she lit it on fire removing all evidence of being there, but more importantly finally closing the door on Edward. Everything was said and done, and she felt a great weight lifted off her shoulders. With a bright smile she released her wings and took off ready to head home.

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  1. Good lord girl when you want revenge and torture you go all out! Great chapter!


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