Upcoming Stories

What you need to know:

For these stories, I will be posting them sometime in the upcoming months. This does not mean the stories will be posted right away, they will be posted later in time. I will add to this section when the first four chapters of a story are written and I’m sure that it”ll be something I want to continue to write about. I will only post the first chapter or the prologue to a story, it’ll be enough so you can get a feel of the story. When I decide to publish the story, I’ll add the link in My FanFiction Stories tab and the story will be removed from here.

Thank you for reading!

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!


Take My Pain Away

Take My Pain Away

Summary: Bella Swan had lost everything, including her identity. Moving to a new town with a coven of her own she takes on the role of Bella Whitlock. The plan is simple, find out what’s so special about Ispwich and graduate. Hopefully she can manage to do both without getting into any sort of trouble. [Bella S. Caleb D.]

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