It’s All A Sham (Tiptoe)

Bella pushed aside the cup that was placed in front of her. She pulled out her water bottle and drank from it instead

“Something wrong with the tea, love?” Klaus questioned curiously.

Bella shook her head with a tired smirk. “It has vanilla in it, Nik.”

Klaus nodded in understanding, he dumped the drink into the sink. “I suppose Rebekah just doesn’t understand the meaning of an allergic reaction.”

Bella smiled, “That or I’m pretty sure that she’s trying to kill me because she thinks I’m some witch sent here to kill you all.”

Klaus smirked at the theory. “She’s not that stupid, love, she knows better than to provoke me.”

Bella smiled and took the small peck of his lips to help her smile. “If you believe so, Nik, but trust me, I know what I see and she hates me.”

Bella followed him into the study, and sat down on the couch grabbing her book from the coffee table. She looked to Klaus as he started to work on his painting.

Bella didn’t notice when Klaus exited the room, but she did notice when Rebekah entered. Bella ignored the girl, she paused for a moment as she heard Rebekah approaching. Bella went to speak only to start to kick and thrash around as Rebekah held her down onto the sofa by her throat. Bella went to scream but began to choke as Rebekah forced something down her throat. Rebekah yelped in pain as she was thrown back into a wall.

“What the hell have you done?” Klaus shouted as she saw Bella start to choke and her face begin to turn red and swell.

“She’s a witch! I’m saving you! All this about her allergies and her need for special treatment is a huge sham! She’s using it all to lie to us! She’s a witch, she’ll bring herself back to life, and then she’ll destroy us all.” Rebekah responded dusting herself off.

Klaus blurred toward Rebekah and wrapped his arm around her neck and held her to the wall. “If she dies, you do as well. I told you not to come near her.” He threw his sister against a wall before he blurred over to Bella, biting into his wrist to get his blood into her system before it was too late.

  1. That is more like the normal Rebecah that I would expect. I wouldn’t mind to read more of this one as Bella comes back as a vamp and her and Niklaus figure out a way to torment Rebecah.

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  2. Damn, I need this one! LOL and more Finn!

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  3. Well, shit! Here she goes again. I hope Bella finds a way to torture her.


  4. I hope Rebecca gets what she deserves. Loved it


  5. Oh my. I hope he saves Bella. Would love more if this one too.


  6. I agree with them more please.


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