Chapter Ten

chpt 10

Bella kissed Henrik’s cheek as they were getting ready to part ways. The moonstone was safely hidden away in a place where no one would find it. “I’ll meet you back at the house, Henri.”

Henrik nodded and smiled down at his wife as he held her close reluctant to let her go after this guy on her own. “Call me if you need anything, Belle. I’ll leave the witches to meet you.”

Bella nodded, she hopped onto the motorcycle Henrik had gotten her and drove off. She was headed to find this guy, she needed to know exactly what he knew. Bella found his apartment building easily and after making sure that no one saw her she walked inside to find the apartment. She knocked twice on the door to the apartment before taking a step back waiting for the door to be open.

“Can I help you?” A brown haired man said as he opened the door, he examined Bella trying to calculate if she was a threat or not.

“Yes you can, are you Slater?” Bella asked with a charming smile.

“That’d be me. Who are you,” Slater said still on the defensive mode.

Bella smiled, “My name is Isabella Mikaelson.”

“I don’t know you,” Slater said looking at Bella.

“I know you don’t, but I know you and the fact that you’re kind of an encyclopedia to the supernatural. I wanted to make you a deal,” Bella said her smile never faltering, people always trusted her more when she smiled. “One I think you won’t be able to resist.”

Slater opened the door wider and motioned for Bella to go inside. “Can I get you anything?”

Bella shook her head. “No, thank you. I came here because I know you have some information on a certain curse including an original.”

Slater’s eyes widened, “How’d you know that?”

Bella smiled, “I’m close friends with said Original.”

“You’re friends with Klaus?” Slater asked astonished at her claim. “He doesn’t have friends.”

“He does, my husband and I are very close to him, and we want to help him with this curse the only problem is Mystic Falls is filled with people who want to prevent the curse from being broken. That’s where you come in, I need your help gathering some information.” Bella said as she looked around the small apartment, “In return, I’ll offer you safety.”

“You’re serious,” Slater asked looking at her with a questioning look.

Bella nodded, “This is a once in a lifetime offer.”

“What happens if I accept,” Slater asked watching Bella’s movements.

“You currently know more than you should about the supernatural. This is going to get you killed eventually, I’ll make sure you live.” Bella said, she decided to use the golden card to seal the deal. “I happen to know how to get you a daylight ring, you’d be free to walk in the sun again.”

“A daylight ring? You’d get me one?” Slater asked he was beginning to get the feeling it was too good to be true.

Bella grinned, “You have my word on it. All you have to do is help me get some information and I’ll get you a daylight ring and keep you safe.”

Slater’s eyes widened, “Shit! This is serious, I could walk in the sun again. Attend morning classes at the University…”

Bella smiled, he was excited to be going to school in the daytime that was strange for a vampire. “This offer only happens once Slater.” Bella’s phone began to ring, she looked to Slater, “Think about it while I answer the phone.”

“You need to get out of there,” Henrik said over the phone his voice frantic.

“Why? What’s happening?” Bella asked as she looked at Slater for a quick second, he seemed to be absorbed in trying to answer the question.

“My brother and the older warlock are headed in the same direction as you. I think they’re after the same guy you went to look for. You need to grab this guy and go. You have about 20 minutes before they get to you.” Henrik said to Bella over the phone.

Bella nodded to herself, “Okay, I’ll meet you about 10 blocks away.” Bella hung up and looked to Slater, “You’re being hunted Slater, you either accept my offer now, or I walk.”

Slater nodded, “Yeah, I accept.”

“Good, now gather whatever you want to take with you, you’re not going to be able to come back to this place for a while,” Bella said once he didn’t move Bella motioned for him again. “Go! We don’t have much time!”

Slater blurred away heading first to his computer. From what it looked like to Bella he was copying all his things onto a spare hard drive. Rolling her eyes Bella headed upstairs and put together a suitcase for him getting his clothes and other things he would need. 10 minutes later Bella and Slater headed out of the apartment building.

“We can’t take all these bags on your bike,” Slater said looking as Bella strapped the stuff onto the bike.

“I realize, but it won’t have to be for long,” Bella said, she gave Slater the keys to her bike, “You’re going to drive 10 blocks south, you’ll stop turn off the lights and stay out of sight. I’ll be right behind you on foot. Don’t go anywhere else, remember this is your safety we’re dealing with.”

Slater nodded and took the keys from Bella’s hands. “What are you going to do?”

Bella grinned at what she had left to do. “I have a message to leave.” Bella blurred away and went back up the stairs and entered the apartment she took out a pen and a piece of paper. Klaus had asked her to leave a message for Elijah. It was something short, but it would let Elijah know Klaus was always watching.

Finishing the short note Bella stuck it where she was sure it’d be noticed. She quickly wiped Slater’s second hard drive noticing he hadn’t done that before she didn’t want to leave anything useful behind.

“I’m getting way too good at being a villain.” Bella muttered to herself as she walked towards the window. She opened the window and willed the wind to blow in allowing it to cover her scent. She jumped out the window and ran to catch up to Slater. Not long after her jump Elijah arrived in the apartment with his warlock.

“He’s not here,” the warlock said, “I can’t sense him.”

Elijah looked around the room and noticed the paper on the computer screen it was in the middle and away from all the others. He took it off the screen and read the elegant script.

Better luck next time, brother.

-Niklaus M.

Elijah looked around the room and back to the note, this was his brother’s signature and his handwriting he had to have been here. “We need to leave immediately.” He motioned for his warlock to follow him out of the apartment, “Can you sense Klaus anywhere nearby?”

Shaking his head the warlock looked at Elijah, “He knows we’re here I take it?”

Elijah nodded looking around trying to see if he could notice where his brother could be. “It seems he’s ready to come back to our home town.” Elijah exited the building getting into his car with the warlock, neither of them wanted to be anywhere near here if it were true that Klaus was nearby.

Bella appeared in front of Slater. “Good, you didn’t run. Half of me expected you to at least try.”

“I figured it was hopeless,” Slater responded getting off the bike. “We both won’t fit on this bike, not with all my stuff.”

“I know that,” Bella said, she grinned as she saw Henrik pulling up next to them, “That’s why I was waiting for him to arrive.”

“You okay?” Henrik asked getting out of the car, he looked to Slater and decided to introduce himself. “I’m Henrik Mikaelson.”

“You’re married,” Slater asked looking at Bella at her nod he shook his head, “Since when do vampires get married anymore.”

Bella laughed, and turned to Henrik, “I need you to take him and his stuff in your car, I’ll follow you back home on my bike.”

“Alright,” Henrik said, he looked to Slater, “Get in the car, it seems my wife thinks your life is worth saving.”

Slater nodded getting in the car sensing the power coming from Henrik he didn’t want to argue. Henrik looked to his wife, and kissed her, “You’re never going anywhere without me again.”

Bella laughed, “Don’t be so dramatic, I’m just fine. I even got us a house guest.” Bella kissed Henrik and handed him Slater’s things. “I’ll see you back at the house.” She jumped onto her bike and took off. Henrik smirked and put Slater’s things in his car. Once he got in the drivers’ seat to see a nervous slater.

“Something got you on edge?” Henrik asked as he began to drive.

“I’m not stupid man, the power is just rolling off of you,” Slater said cautiously as he looked over at Henrik.

Henrik laughed, “Relax, my wife deemed you under her protection, that means more than you know.”

Slater nodded, “How long have you been married.”

“About 6 years,” Henrik replied, “Together for 10, Friends for about 16 or 17.”

Slater nodded, “Do you know who was coming to kill me?”

“Elijah,” Henrik responded without hesitation. “An original, you knew too much for his liking I suspect.”

“I’m wanted by originals,” Slater muttered his eyes going wide at the realization.

“Yes, but you’re currently under the protection of another,” Henrik said with a grin, “So, I’d say you’re going to be just fine.”

“I’m really under Klaus’s protection, thee Klaus?” Slater asked shocked.

Henrik nodded, “Like I said, my wife deemed you worthy of protection, so you received it.”

“She’s really friends with Klaus,” Slater asked Henrik.

Henrik grinned, “They’re closer than that, they’re practically siblings.”

Slater’s eyes turned wide, “Holy shit! What have I just gotten myself into?”

“You’ve got yourself to safety,” Henrik replied, “If you’re worried about your life, don’t be. Bella keeps all her promises, if she promised you safety, that’s what you get.”

Slater nodded, but his nerves were still a wreck, he was only glad the sun was gone and he wouldn’t burn any time soon. They arrived at the house, Henrik took Slater’s bags as he and Slater walked quickly to the door.

“Come in Slater,” Bella said motioning him in as Henrik had spelled the house, no one was allowed in without permission, this including humans.

“I can’t stay here,” Slater said as he looked around the house, he was sure to burn the second the sun came up. “This place is too open, the sun’s ray will kill me in a heartbeat.”

“You can stay in the basement for the meantime,” Henrik responded pointing to the basement door. It was a room that would have whatever Slater would need. “No sun will reach you there, and that’s where we keep our blood supply.”

Slater nodded, “Umm, what about my friends and stuff, I assume I can’t tell them where I am?”

Bella nodded, “That’d be correct, at least for the time being you’re going to have to just lay low for a while. Have a seat in the living room, I’ll bring you some blood to calm your nerves.” Bella and Henrik left Slater in the living room both headed to the kitchen.

“Don’t give him a ring yet,” Henrik whispered to Bella, “Not until he’s proven to be moderately useful.”

Bella smiled, “I know, I need to make sure I get what I’m paying for. Why don’t you go somewhere secluded and call your brother. Let him know what’s happened, and that I left the message he wanted to Elijah.”

“You left a message?” Henrik asked Bella not knowing she had been asked to do so.”

“Yeah, Nik asked me to,” Bella said with a shrug, “He called earlier and after I told him who I suspected may be of help he said Elijah may be after the same guy. He asked if he was right on his assumption to leave Elijah a message. I was going to tell you, but we went after the moonstone and I got distracted.”

Henrik nodded, he put his arm around Bella and kissed her thoroughly it was coming out to be an eventful day in Mystic Falls. He pecked her lips one last time before he blurred off to go call his brother and keep him updated. Bella got the blood and poured it into a cup and took it to Slater. “Here, it has a strong wine mixed into it, it’ll help calm the nerves from being hunted.”

Slater took the drink and downed it instantly, he shook his head. “Thanks. So umm, how’d you meet Klaus.”

“Through his brother,” Bella replied with a shrug, “So, I need to know everything you do about Mystic Falls, and the curse that is trying to be broken.”

“About to?” Slater asked, “Holy shit…”

“Now’s the time to start talking Slater,” Bella said she crossed her arms and waited for it to begin.

“Alright, so the word is Elijah is here to help Klaus,” Slater said, and then looked to Bella, “But I’m assuming that’s not true. A vampire named Rose and her friend Trevor were wanted by Klaus and Elijah, so in order to regain their freedom and receive a pardon they kidnapped the doppelganger and I contacted Elijah for them. Elijah pardoned Rose, but killed Trevor for aiding Katerina. From what I understand Damon Salvatore thought he killed Elijah, but apparently that wasn’t true. It seems to me Elijah is trying to stop Klaus from breaking this curse. Rose, Damon and most of the people in this town don’t want this curse done. From what I was able to decipher there’s a werewolf in this town for the curse, the doppelganger is also here, and this place is filled with vampires. I was able to gather that a line of Bennett witches also living here. If the witch gathers enough power she’ll be able to kill an original, she just doesn’t know that yet. Then there’s also the fact that this town is said to also have an amateur vampire hunter on the loose, I think he works at the school his name is Alaric I think. I’m not sure, I’d have to check again.”

Bella shook her head she had met Alaric earlier, she’d have to be careful around him. “Go back to the Bennett part of your story, tell it to me again.”

“Oh well, you see the Bennett’s are considered a strong line of witches, the new one being a young 17 year old Bonnie Bennett. The thing is, when a witch dies, another witch can absorb their power to help increase their own. This town is said to have slaughtered dozens of witches in the same place. If Bonnie gets to that place first, she’ll be able to absorb their power. Making her a very powerful witch, now in theory if she were to absorb that much power she could kill an original.” Slater said.

Bella nodded, “Find me the place, and I’ll give you your daylight ring.”

Slater grinned, “It’d be a piece of cake to find this place this is what I’m good at. Anything else?”

Bella shook her head, “Not at the moment.”

-Page Break-

Bella put on her scrubs and headed downstairs, she and Henrik had replaced all the curtains in the home so no sun could get in and Slater would be free to walk around.

“The house is spelled,” Bella said to Slater informing him that he would be safe on his own as long as he stayed inside the house. “No one can get in accept Henrik and I, so you’re safe here. As the long as the curtains are closed you’ll be safe from the sun’s rays. Don’t contact anyone you might know, you’ll be putting them and yourself in danger.”

Slater nodded, and noticed Bella’s outfit. “You really a nurse?”

Bella nodded, “I’m also an author.”

Slater tilted his head and looked at Bella, “Really?”

Bella nodded, “Oh yeah, the first copies of my books are up on that shelf. Make yourself at home, and please don’t do anything stupid, I would really hate to look like an idiot for protecting you.”

Slater laughed, he had to admit Bella was more than easy to get along with. “You have my promise not a word to anyone that could possibly track me here.”

“Good,” Bella said, she looked up the stairs, “I swear, that man takes longer than I do to get ready.”

“Not all of us look as good as you when they wake up,” Henrik said coming down the stairs fixing his tie. Bella wanted to roll her eyes Henrik was the only teacher to wear a suit at this school. Henrik kissed Bella’s cheek and nodded towards Slater before heading to get a blood bag.

Slater leaned towards Bella and whispered, “Does he always wear a suit?”

“Not always,” Bella replied, “He only wears boxers to sleep.”

Slater laughed, “I didn’t need to know that Bella. I’ll be in the basement trying to find the dead witches location.”

Bella nodded and watched him leave, she took her bag and the rest of her things and left the house opting to wait outside for Henrik. Bella leaned against Henrik’s car and went through her messages. A few were from Klaus others were from Renee, those Bella deleted immediately, knowing her mother only wanted money from her.

“Oh, what has you in a bad mood?” Henrik asked coming out of the house with a coffee cup, Bella could smell the blood in it from where she stood.

Bella smiled at him and put her phone away, “Renee texted again, wants money. Come on, I don’t want to be late to work.”

Henrik blurred over to Bella and kissed her, “Only you can make scrubs look good.”

Bella laughed and pecked Henrik on the lips, “I love you.”

“I know, I love you too,” Henrik said, he opened the car door for Bella and let her in. Henrik walked around the car meeting the gaze of what he could feel was another vampire. He kept the vampire’s gaze, he needed to make sure these vampires would stay away from him and Belle. He didn’t want to raise suspicions in this town, he would prefer the image of being human lasted in this town.

“What did your brother say?” Bella asked when they were getting closer to the school.

“He’s nearby, but if all plays out well his curse will be broken soon. After that, the search for Mikael is on.” Henrik said, he took Bella’s hand giving it a light squeeze. It was obvious in her tone of voice that speaking to her mother still bothered her. Bella smiled at him and squeezed back, she looked out the window and hummed, today was meant to be a good day.

-Page Break-

Elena opened her front door to reveal the two Salvatore brothers, before she could ask them what they were doing there on her front porch Damon spoke.

“We need to talk,” Damon said, the usual tone of cockiness and smugness gone from his voice as he met the eyes of the doppelganger.

“About what?” Elena asked being defensive, hearing that the oldest vampire of all time was after her and would kill anyone that got in his way was taking a toll on Elena. At the moment she just wanted to be alone and think about all the ways she could surrender.

“We went to go see Katherine,” Stefan said meeting Elena’s eyes.

Elena sighed and nodded, she stepped out of the way and let them both in. She walked with them to the kitchen where they finally decided to speak about what they were doing at her home.

“So, what did you get from Katherine?” Elena asked eyeing them both.

“She’s hungry,” Damon said, “She’s starting to mummify as we speak.”

“We asked for the moonstone,” Stefan interrupted, “She didn’t have it.”

“What do you mean she didn’t have it, she had it just yesterday,” Elena said staring at the two.

“That’s what we told her, she said that yesterday she heard voices in the tomb. They moved the boulder blocking the door and then before she could question what was happening someone snapped her neck and the stone was gone when she woke up.” Stefan said.

“We spoke to Bonnie and took her to the tomb, she said that the magic binding the tomb was stronger than it was before. Someone not only broke into the tomb, they made it close to impossible for Bonnie to attempt to remove the spell. There are new players in this game, so you need to keep your eyes open for anything suspicious,” Damon said becoming serious, “You see anything suspicious, or if Sabrina gets a bad feeling, you need to tell us. We have to be careful Elena.”

“What, am I supposed to be suspicious of all my friends and neighbors?” Elena asked feeling frustrated at the idea of not being able to be normal again.

“We’re not saying that Elena, we just want you to be careful. Your life is on the line here,” Stefan said reaching out and taking Elena’s hand.

Elena pulled it back and stood, “But it’s not just my life on the line! Can’t you both see that going against this Klaus is just going to get everyone I care about killed, including the two of you?” Elena said making eye contact with both vampires. She ran her hands through her hair in frustration. “I don’t want to keep fighting if no matter what I do everyone I care about is going to die. Don’t you both see it? This didn’t start because I met Stefan, or because you both came to town. This all started because of me. No matter how hard we fight against it, I’m going to die. I rather not die with everyone I love dying with me.”

“Elena,” Stefan said stepping forward to try and console her.

Elena shook her head and continued to move back, “No! I need to know that you will both stop trying to fight this!”

Damon sighed, “Alright, we won’t try to stop this.” Stefan shot Damon a look, but without Elena noticing Damon let his brother know he was only lying to get Elena to calm down.

Elena took in a deep breath her hand subconsciously coming over her heart trying to slow it down and from beating out of her chest. “I need to get to school and so does Jeremy.”

Stefan nodded, “Okay.” He stepped back knowing that at this moment she didn’t want to be near him. “I’ll see you there.” He motioned for his older to follow him out. Both left the house, Damon stopped as they were walking out, a few houses down he spotted a new couple.

“I love you,” The female said, Damon looked her up and down, had to admit she was a hot nurse.

“I know, I love you too,” The man replied as he opened the car door for her. Damon met his eyes as he walked to the driver’s door.

Damon held back the shiver that wanted to cross as he met the guy’s gaze. Once the car was out of sight, Damon turned to his brother. “Do you know who those people are?”

Stefan shook his head, “Yeah, the girl, she’s the school nurse and the guy is the new science teacher. They’re harmless, Bonnie said she didn’t feel anything weird from either of them.”

Damon nodded, “Still don’t trust them. Keep an eye on them and Elena while you’re at school. Rose and I are going to see if she can contact her friend Slater again.”

Stefan nodded him and his brother parted ways. Stefan headed towards the school while Damon headed back home. Both were on the edge, they would do whatever it takes to keep Elena safe and alive.

-Page Break-

Bella laughed as the school assistant who was right across from the nurse’s office was talking on and on about how cute Henrik was to one of the teachers. Of course neither knew Bella was listening to their conversation.

Henrik walked into Bella’s office, “And what may you be laughing at?”

Bella smiled up at him, “Listen to the conversation that is taking place just across the hall.”

Henrik listened, and turned to Bella, “You baffle me.”

“And why is that?” Bella asked as she finished up some of her paper work.

“Because, if one boy even looks at you I have an urge to act on my surges and give into my vampire instincts. You don’t seem to act the same, Belle and it baffles me,” Henrik said leaning against the doorway watching Bella work.

“I know we work pretty good on separating our emotions making sure we feel what we’re really feeling and not just what the other is feeling, but for a moment close your eyes and focus on what I’m feeling.” Bella said as she met Henrik’s gaze. He sighed and closed his eyes. He focused and felt Bella’s emotions. There was a strong sense of love towards him, and anger and determination.

“You love me.” Henrik said with a smile, “But you’re angry and determined.”

“I’m angry because they seem to not understand the fact that we’re married and that despite what they believe we’re happy. I’m determined not to go over there and charm them into quitting their jobs just so that I don’t have to hear them talk anymore.” Bella said as she smiled at Henrik, “I feel the same as you do, it’s vampire instinct to be possessive, but it’s in my mermaid blood to know that you and I are forever and none of these people will ever come between us.”

Henrik smiled he walked forward and in human speed went to stand beside Bella. She turned in her chair to face. He leaned down and kissed her. “Forever.” He said with a smile.

“You staying for lunch?” Bella asked.

Henrik shook his head, “Can’t, apparently I have lunch patrol duty, but I’ll stop by after. Just needed to see you.”

Bella caressed Henrik’s cheek, it was surreal sometimes how much she felt for him. “I’m glad you stopped by. I’ll see you later.” Bella pecked Henrik on the lips before he disappeared back in the wave of students that now filled the halls. Not much time passed before she had a student at her door. She looked up and saw that it was Elena.

“Elena!” Bella said as she stood, “Something I can help you with?”

“Yeah, I’m having a really bad headache,” Elena said, Bella sighed as she knew the girl was telling the truth, only she knew that the head ache must be caused by stress, something a girl her age shouldn’t be having.

“Have a seat, let me check you out, its protocol,” Bella said she did the routine check on Elena before she handed the girl some Tylenol and a cup of water. “You know, someone as young as you shouldn’t be feeling this much stress.”

Elena offered a small smile, “It’s just school related. Nothing too serious, I’ll feel better soon.”

“Look, I’m not certified to be a school counselor or anything, but if you need to talk, I’ll be here for you.” Bella said, “Look, there’s some beds in the back, why don’t you skip your next period and just take a breather.”

“I can’t do that,” Elena said, “I have science next and I don’t want to miss anything important. My grades are really important to me.”

Bella smiled, “I’m sure I can persuade Mr. Mikaelson to make an exception for you.”

Elena smiled, “Right, cause he’s your husband. You don’t mind this?”

“Not at all,” Bella said, “Go ahead and head back there, he’ll stop by after lunch is over, I’ll tell him then.”

“Thank you,” Elena said, “You don’t know how much I need this.”

Bella nodded and watched the younger girl head to the back, she went back to finishing her paperwork. Once the bell marking the end of lunch came Bella could already here Henrik approaching.

“My sweet Belle,” Henrik said entering her office, he swooped her up and hugged her closer to him. “How I missed you.”

Bella laughed against his chest, “I have Elena Gilbert in the back,” Bella said warning her husband, “She’s going to miss your class. Do you mind getting her some notes and her assignments? Maybe cutting her some slack, she’s going through a lot.”

Henrik nodded, “Of course my Belle.” He kissed her forehead and promised to return later after school. They still had some work to do in this town, they couldn’t waist time tomorrow was the full moon and although they wouldn’t break the curse for another month, they still needed to deal with Elijah and whatever he had up his sleeve.

-Page Break-

“I don’t know where else he could be,” Rose said looking around the apartment, “It’s still bright out, he can’t have gone out, and this is his only place of solitude.”

“Maybe he got scared and left town,” Damon replied looking around the place, something seemed familiar but he couldn’t quite place his finger on what exactly was so familiar in this room.

Rose shook his head, “Slater is book smart he wouldn’t leave out of fear. The guy doesn’t know the meaning of self-preservation. If he’s not here, something must’ve happened to him.” Rose took her phone out and went to her email, she quickly sent an email to Slater knowing that no matter where he was or what he was doing he would check his email.

“Elijah…” Damon said trailing off as he finally was able to pin point the exact thing that was so familiar in the apartment. “He’s been here. I can smell him, it’s a fresh scent.”

Rose looked at Damon with wide eyes, “I thought you killed him?”

“I thought I did too,” Damon replied looking around now that he had the scent he could see that it was strong in the apartment. “Come on, we have to go before he returns, I won’t risk running into him again if I don’t know how to kill him.”

Rose nodded too stunned by the disappearance of her friend to ask any further questions or to even really care that Elijah was still alive. She followed after Damon as they headed back out to his car, she got into the passenger side and stayed in her thoughts. Today hadn’t been as good as she had hoped it would be.

Damon looked at Rose from the corner of his eye something hurt to know that she was so upset. He let her stay in her thoughts as he drove he wouldn’t disturb her.

Slater sighed in relief as Bella and Henrik came home. The email Rose had sent him was bothering him, she was desperate and it was bothering him to not be able to respond to her.

Henrik greeted Slater before he headed into the kitchen not noticing anything wrong with the vampire. Bella stopped and looked at Slater, she wasn’t like her husband she could see something was wrong. “Something bothering you Slater?”

“My friend, Rose. She’s here in town, and yesterday we met but the place we met at was attacked and I bolted leaving her there. I’m her only friend left, and well, she just emailed me asking me where I was and if I was okay. I want to respond, but I don’t know if it would be a good idea,” Slater said rubbing his face with his hands as he was sitting on the couch.

Bella nodded and sat beside him, “You can make it so they can’t track exactly where the email came from, so email her. If you’re worried about Elijah, he already knows who’s protecting you and he wouldn’t do something to make Klaus angry. Let her know your alive Slater, that’s all she needs to know and most likely all she wants to know.”

“Thanks,” Slater said, “I did some research, couldn’t find the house just yet, but I’m getting closer. I also read your books, they’re pretty good.”

Bella smiled, “Thanks for the compliment, Slater.” Bella left allowing Slater to have some time to himself, she trusted that he wouldn’t betray her and reveal his location to Rose.

“How are you doing?” Bella asked as she walked up to her husband and wrapped her arms around him.

Henrik smiled and held Bella close, “I’m fine, Belle. Just thinking.”

“And, what has you thinking so hard?” Bella asked curious.

“There’s a werewolf at the school, Tyler Lockwood,” Henrik said, “I think tomorrow will be his first full moon. I feel bad for the guy, all the pain and torture he’ll have to go through on his first turn. The kids in this town don’t stand a chance of survival and a normal life.”

Bella smiled, “Some of them just weren’t meant to have a normal lives Henri. Besides, normality is overrated.”

Henrik laughed, “I guess, Belle. Why don’t you get changed, and I’ll take you out to eat.”

“As in a date?” Bella asked in mock shock.

“Yes, a date. We haven’t had one in a while,” Henrik said.

“I’ll go get out of these scrubs,” Bella said, she kissed Henrik’s cheek before blurring away.

Henrik walked into the living room and took a seat next to Slater, “You talk to your friend?”

“Yeah, told her I was halfway to Canada,” Slater replied with a shrug, “This death site of witches, won’t the power be too overwhelming for just one person to handle.”

“In theory,” Henrik replied, “But, if the witch has enough strength they’ll be able to handle the power without it being overwhelming. It’s all about control, Slater.”

“I’m getting close, with a few calls it shouldn’t take too long to track the house down,” Slater said as he went through several pages. Henrik watched him work making small talk, he could see why Bella liked Slater, he was pretty entertaining to be around.

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