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This isn’t the last chapter, this is just the chapter before the Epilogue.

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Bella smiled as she led Jeremy through the woods. “Animals usually don’t put up much of a fight when hunting, but some are stubborn and will try to fight back. Try not to really injure them, if they get seriously injured the meat doesn’t taste good and you end up losing blood.”

Jeremy nodded he looked to Bella and smiled. “So, am I going to be like you or the other guys?”

Bella turned to him with a questioning look. “What are you talking about?”

“The whole wing color thing, will I have one single color like everyone else or will I have multiple colors like you?” Jeremy questioned curiously.

“You’re my equal Jeremy,” Bella responded simply as she continued to lead Jeremy through the woods. “You’ll be as strong as me, but there are limitations to what you’ll be able to do. You can’t have all the powers of being Alpha, because you’re not Alpha.”

Jeremy smiled he put his arms around Bella pressing her back against his chest. “It’s a good thing I’m not Alpha, I don’t think I can do what you do. You’re kind of a badass, Isa.”

Bella smiled at his compliment. “Are you ready?”

Jeremy sighed and shrugged. “As ready as I’ll ever be.”

“It won’t hurt,” Bella said brushing the hair out of his face. At the look he gave her she continued. “Okay, it might hurt for a moment, but after that it’ll be painless. The first time is hard for anyone, Jeremy. I remember when I did it I couldn’t stay standing on my own two feet. It’ll pass, though. The pain doesn’t last long.”

Jeremy smiled as he used his hand to cup Bella’s cheek. “It’s worth it.” He stated as he leaned down and quickly kissed Bella. He stepped away from her and took in a deep breath as he got ready to take on his first transformation. “Just focus, right?”

Bella nodded, “Close your eyes, and just focus on changing. Let your body relax while it’s taking on its new form. You’ll feel some stretching when your wings began to grow, but it’ll be easier if you focus on something else. Don’t let your mind focus on the pain, it only makes it worst. You have to focus on something else, anything that makes you happy.” She stated as she had to let him do this on his own. After spending most of the day in her room talking and just being together, Bella had finally decided they couldn’t push his transformation any further. He would get hungry soon, and she had to teach him how to hunt, but he had to take on his transformation first.

Bella watched as Jeremy did as she told him, she could see his body relaxing as he focused on transforming. She hands twitched as she wanted to take the pain away from him as he began to take on his form. She had to fight to keep herself from moving to comfort him as his wings began to rip through his back ripping his skin apart as they started to appear. “Think of something positive, Jeremy.” She shouted as she wanted to lessen his pain in some way.

Bella stood in awe as Jeremy’s wings appeared, they weren’t a single color and that didn’t surprise her at all. She smiled as his horns appeared, and his tail as well. She stepped forward just as his fangs appeared, she ran her hand down his cheek and looked into his eyes. “It won’t be as bad the second time.” She assured as she felt in awe at his dragon form.

Jeremy smirked, “I really hope not, it would suck to feel that every time I took this form.” He ran his tongue over his teeth and winced as his teeth were sharper than he thought and they ended up slicing his tongue.

Bella smiled, “I did the same thing when I first changed.” She said as she watched as his tongue instantly healed itself.

“So, how do I do the whole hunting thing?” Jeremy questioned with a smirk. “Do I just grab a bird and start biting?”

Bella laughed at Jeremy’s attempt at a joke. “No, just do what I did when you went with me to hunt.”

“Will I be as messy as you?” Jeremy questioned as he looked around letting his hearing and smell try to find his prey. “Because I didn’t bring a spare set of clothes.”

Bella smirked, “Everyone is messy on their first hunt, no exceptions.” She leaned up and kissed him lightly. “Which is why I brought you some spare clothes.”

“Glad you thought ahead.” Jeremy replied with a smile.

-Page Break-

Jeremy looked to Trevor as they were outside watching the others play a game of capture the flag, which by the looks of it was becoming a very intense game. “What happened?” Jeremy questioned, he had tried asking Bella, but she hadn’t told him any details over what had happened with Elena.

“What are you asking exactly?” Trevor questioned with a smirk. “You have to be clearer about some things.”

“Alright, what did Elena do to Bella?” Jeremy questioned more directly. “Bella talked about it briefly when I was transitioning. When I asked about it she didn’t give many details. All she said was that she had gone to deal with Damon and Elena stepped in. I have to at some point face my sister again, but I want to know what she did.”

Trevor looked around and sighed. “Elena she umm… how do I put this? Elena knew she couldn’t hit Bella, so she did the only thing she could. Elena spit in Bella’s face.”

Jeremy reared back, “You’re kidding right?”

Trevor shook his head, “I was upstairs, but even I heard when it happened. Bella was beyond angry when it happened. If Elena wasn’t your sister, Bella would’ve killed her on the spot no question about it. Jeremy, you have to understand that Elena humiliated Bella. I cringed when I heard Bella’s growl when it happened. I don’t doubt that every one of us cringed as we heard her growl. Bella was already on edge because of you and this didn’t make matters any better. Bella was going to suck the venom of our bite out of Damon, that’s why we went to the Salvatore house. She was going to bite him and leave it up to you to decide whether he lived or not. But, Bella saw how much Elena loved Damon, so she used that to get back to Elena. Bella loves you, and because of this she won’t physically hurt Elena, but that didn’t mean Bella wasn’t going to get back at her.”

“That’s enough, Trevor.” Bella said joining them, she looked at Trevor and shook her head. “I’ll tell him the rest.

“Well, I’m going to go join the game.” Trevor said standing up and joining the groups. He smiled at Bella before he disappeared knowing she wasn’t angry at him at all.

Bella sat down next to Jeremy. She smiled as his arm went around her shoulders almost instinctively. “You can still choose, if you want Damon to live, he’ll live.”

Jeremy shook his head, “Did she really do that?” Jeremy questioned.

Bella nodded, “She was going to hit me, so I blocked her fist before it could do anything. I had her up against the wall, because she threatened me and that’s not something I can let pass. I’m alpha and any sort of threat to me isn’t taken lightly, I had to do something. Elena started throwing insults, it seems it’s something your sister is best at doing. When you have an entire species to look after, you tend to catch things others don’t see. The reason your sister was being so hostile that day was because of Damon. She was angry that he was going to die. Your sister is in love with Damon, and to see him on his deathbed and not be able to do anything to stop it, it was putting her on edge. I brought this up to her, I asked her if the reason she was so angry was because one of her boy toy was going to die at the hands of one of my boys. That’s when your sister spit in my face.”

“I can’t believe she did that.” Jeremy said in disbelief. “Is that why you didn’t rescue Damon?”

Bella nodded, “I let the guilt have her. I told her the truth. I had gone there to rescue Damon, and she had screwed all chances of that happening. I told her she would have to forever live with the guilt of knowing she was the reason Damon never survived. She would have to live knowing that the person she loved was going to die and it would be all her fault.”

“Why didn’t you tell me this sooner?” Jeremy questioned, “Why did you keep this from me?”

Bella sighed, “Because as much as I hate Elena, she’s still your sister. I feared that when you knew the truth you would believe what she had been saying all along and call me a monster.”

Jeremy shook his head, “I’ll tell you for the rest of forever if I have to until you believe me, I love you, Isa. No matter what anyone says or what you do I will always love you, and I will always take your side.” He leaned down and kissed her head, he didn’t need to be told to know exactly where these insecurities were coming from. “I’m not Edward.” He whispered into her ear. “I won’t leave you. Nothing on this Earth could ever take me away from your side.”

Bella closed her eyes and leaned closer to Jeremy. She inhaled his scent and let it wash over her, “I love you.” She replied as she moved closer into his side. “You should stay here.” She whispered as minutes passed.

Jeremy looked down at her curiously, “What?”

“I know this is going to sound like a line out of a cult movie, but you’re one of us now.” Bella said as she moved her head to look up at Jeremy. “You could stay here if you want, I mean this place it’s meant for dragons. We’re a family Jeremy and if you want to stay here, you’re welcome to.”

Jeremy smiled, he leaned down and kissed Bella. He held her closer deepening the kiss between them. He smiled as he heard a cough from behind them, he pulled away from Bella and looked to Klaus. He looked back to Bella smiled.  “I’m going to join the game.” He stated with a smile. “Hey, Klaus.”

Klaus nodded and watched the boy leave he took a seat beside Bella who was giving him a heated look. “What is that look for?”

Bella sighed and shook her head. “Come on, papa Nikki, you have to be civil to Jeremy.”

Klaus smirked, “I assumed I already was being civil.”

Bella rolled her eyes, “You’re going to have to get used to him at some point, dad. I mean we mated he’s not going anywhere.”

Klaus smirked, “I know, I’m well aware of the fact that the boy isn’t ever going to leave your side. You and I both know I hold nothing against the boy.”

“Jeremy, dad, call him Jeremy.” Bella said with a shake of her head. “Just, don’t do that whole scary father thing, it’s a little too late for that.”

Klaus smirked, “It’ll never be too late.”

Bella smiled, “He makes me feel safe.” Bella whispered to her dad. “I have these insecurities that at times I feel like they take over my thoughts and I fear he’s going to leave me. With him it’s like he can feel it, and he knows the perfect words to say to make me feel better. Sometimes he doesn’t need to say anything and a kiss will ease all my worries away. I never felt like this before, and it feels good to know how much he cares about me.” Bella looked to Klaus and smiled.

“I’m happy for you, Isabella.” Klaus replied he kissed his daughter’s head.

Bella smiled and leaned against her dad. “Are you still planning on waking up your siblings?”

Klaus nodded, “I’ve decided I have some things to do first, but sometime in the future I will release them.”

“I’ll be by your side through it all.” Bella assured as she rested her head on his shoulder and watched the game that was taking place.

-Page Break-

Jeremy put his hands in his pockets as he stood in front of his home, or as he now thought of it his old home. He had borrowed Bella’s SUV to come get a few of his things as her bike probably wouldn’t hold any of his things. He had refused her offer to help, he needed to do this on his own. More importantly, he needed to talk to his sister on his own. A burning anger inside of him rose every time he thought of her now. What she had done to Bella was something he just couldn’t bring himself to forgive. He had warned her, if it were between his sister and Bella, he wouldn’t think twice before choosing Bella.

Walking up to the house Jeremy could now hear her inside talking to Stefan and Caroline. It seemed he had arrived in the middle of a meeting in which they were all wondering what to do with Damon. Who he picked up was spending his last moments wasting away in his room.

Jeremy carefully walked up the front steps being sure to not make a single sound as he did so. No longer being human he was better sneaking around and that was something he was grateful for. He snuck into the house and walked to the leaving room. He leaned against the opening of the living room and watched the three that were arguing.

“She’s a monster! We’re not going to go beg her to save Damon!” Elena yelled in frustration at the suggestion Caroline had given.

Jeremy growled catching all their attention. “Don’t ever call Bella a monster again!” He said through gritted teeth.

“Jeremy!” Elena said she walked up to him and went to hug him only to have Jeremy stop her. “What’s wrong, Jeremy? Is there a problem? Did that worthless bitc…” Elena’s eyes widened as Jeremy clamped a hand over her mouth before she could finish what she was saying.

“I wouldn’t finish that sentence.” Jeremy warned as he released his sister. He glared at her, “The only problem I have is you. I thought you were my sister, Elena. I thought you cared about me!”

“I DO!” Elena argued as she put her hands on her hips and glared at her brother. “You never used to doubt me until she came along.”

Jeremy watched with curiosity as Elena turned around and sent Stefan a look. In seconds Jeremy saw Stefan run towards him. Instantly Jeremy moved to the side and grabbed Stefan by the back of his neck and smashed his head into the wall causing a large dent to appear. Twisting his wrists Jeremy snapped Stefan’s neck. Jeremy released Stefan and looked at his sister as what she had been trying to do was clear. “You were going to compel me weren’t you? I’m betting you had this all planned out. You were going to wait until I came home and once I was home Stefan would grab me and compel me. Am I right?”

“Jeremy I…” Elena began but froze as Caroline stepped in.

“Yes.” Caroline admitted, she ignored Elena’s glare and continued. “We knew you would at some point have to come back by yourself. Elena had asked Stefan to compel you if you wouldn’t agree to stay away from Bella or her family. The plan was Stefan would compel you to stay away from Bella, he would compel you to hate her, Elena knew if you hated Bella, it would crush her. She was hoping it would cause Bella to leave town and never look back.”

Jeremy looked to his sister in a new light as he knew she wasn’t the person he thought she was, and things just started falling into place in his mind as he saw his sister in a different light now. “What happened to you, Elena?” Jeremy said as he took a step back from her not wanting to be close to her. “When did you become so… manipulative?”

“Jeremy, please.” Elena said as she made a move to step closer to Jeremy, “Whatever she did to you, we can find a way to change you back. I can help you. We can figure out a way to fix you.”

Jeremy shook his head. “Do you hear yourself?” He questioned anger lacing his voice. “I don’t need to be fixed, Elena. I’m perfectly fine the way I am. I had hoped you would understand that but it’s clear you’re not going to accept me.”

Jeremy sighed and ran his hand through his hair. “I told you, if it came time to choose between you and Bella. I would choose Bella. That’s what I’m going to do now. I don’t think I can be around you anymore, Elena. You’ve become someone who doesn’t understand the meaning of family anymore. All that ever matters to you anymore is Stefan and Damon. You can say what you wish, but I know the truth. You weren’t angry with Bella because she took me back to her home. You were angry because Damon was hurt and it was one of Bella’s boys that did it.”

“I know you weren’t scared for me or worried if I would survive or not. I guess I just have to come to terms with that fact that maybe you and I aren’t family anymore.” Jeremy said as he looked at Elena. “I’m going to get my things, and then I’m leaving. I can’t stay in a house with someone who is going to keep criticizing everything I do. I can’t stay here knowing what you did to Bella. Who does that sort of thing, Elena? I love Bella, and I’m going to be with her for as long as I live. There is nothing you or anyone else can do to change that. If you do anything to Bella again, I won’t stop her from killing you.”

“Jeremy!” Elena said grabbing a hold of his arm. “You can’t leave!”

Jeremy ripped his arm out of her hold and glared at her. “I can do whatever I want, and what I want is to be with my Isa.” He turned and climbed up the stairs, he was surprised when she didn’t follow, but could hear Caroline holding her back. He entered his room and ignored Damon as the vampire looked seconds away from death. A part of him felt guilty and wanted to go quickly and ask Bella to save him, but a larger part of him knew if Damon were saved it would only mean more trouble for Bella.

Jeremy grabbed a suitcase from his closet, the one he used to use when they went on vacation. He put away all his clothes everything he owned fitting inside with ease. He took his drawing pads, his pencils, computer and a picture of his parents and put it all away in his backpack. Once he was done he looked around his room and took in a deep breath.

It no longer felt like it was his room. As he looked around he knew this wasn’t were he belonged, he belonged alongside his Isa. He put on his backpack and grabbed the handle of the suitcase ready to say goodbye to this chapter of his life knowing the life that lay ahead of him was the one he wanted. He looked to Damon and decided to say some parting words. “I’d say I’m sorry to see you like this, but I’m not sure I’m really sorry. You’re kind of an asshole, dude. Hope the other side is good to you or whatever.”

Jeremy left the room he made it down the stairs in a slow pace as he looked at the frames that decorated the walls. The memory of his parents would always live on with him, he didn’t need all the pictures to remember them. He reached the last step to see Stefan now standing beside Elena, Caroline was gone. “You can’t stop me, Elena.”

A smirk came upon Elena’s face. “I can.” Elena said with full assurance. “Ric is your guardian, you’re under age and can’t leave. If you take one step outside we can report you a runaway or I can wait until you’re at Bella’s home and we can report a kidnapping. You legally have to stay here.”

Jeremy laughed lightly, “You really think that’s going to work?” He shook his head at how desperate Elena had become. “Not one person is going to listen to you. If you make a call, the Mayor will have the claim disappear. Not one person in the police department will go after Bella, they no better than to do that. It’s really pathetic how low you’re sinking, Elena.”

“Jeremy, I need you. Please, don’t go. I’m your sister, I’m the last family you have left.” Elena said in a pleading voice.

“I know you don’t want me to stay.” Jeremy stated as he stared at Elena. “The only reason you’re acting like this is because you know that’s how everyone expects you to act. I know you better than you think Elena. You don’t care about me, if you did you’d be glad that I found someone like Bella. If you cared for me like you pretend to you wouldn’t think badly towards Bella. If everyone knew the real way you think, like I do, they would be disgusted by you. The only person you have ever cared about is yourself. I doubt you even love Stefan, I bet the only reason you were ever with Stefan was because Caroline liked him.”

Jeremy glared at his sister, “You don’t really care what I do, Elena. I know this already, you never cared about me. You only acted like you did because if Stefan really knew how similar you are to Katherine he’d leave you. Let’s just make this easier on the both of us and act like the other never existed.” He headed towards the door but paused he turned around and looked to Stefan. “I really hate you, you’re a complete asshole who follows Elena around like a lost puppy. You even follow her every command like a house trained dog, but I think it’s time you realize that she’s only using you. I’m willingly to bet everything that the only reason she’s kept you around so long is because she’s in love with Damon. I think he’s the only person she’s every really cared about aside from herself, but he’s as selfish as she is so I guess it makes sense.”

Jeremy exited the house slamming the door behind him. He stuck his suitcase in the back with his backpack. He got into the driver’s seat and began to drive back to his new home. Back to his Isa.

-Page Break-

Jeremy sat beside Klaus on the bleachers outside as he witnessed Bella graduating. The other dragons were scatted about everywhere. Some were teachers or other staff members and had to sit with the students as part of the ceremony and others like Trevor were sitting at the very front waiting for the moment they called Bella’s name so they could cheer their heads off. He had decided to sit at the top of the bleachers where no one really sat, to his surprise Klaus had taken the seat next to him.

“How many times have you watched her do this?” Jeremy questioned curiously as he looked over to the original.

“This will be the first, actually.” Klaus replied, “Isabella had never stayed in a town for this long. She makes a habit of leaving directly after she’s turned a dragon.”

Jeremy smiled, “I guess I kind of changed things for her, but she does seem to like this town.”

“You’ve changed a lot of things.” Klaus replied, “She smiles more with you.”

“Is this your awkward way of telling me I’m good for her?” Jeremy questioned doing his best to hide his smirk.

Klaus shook his head, “I’m stating that you’re better than the other.”

Jeremy smirked and nodded his head. “What are the odds that we might run into him?”

“Very high, you have an eternity of wandering the Earth after all.” Klaus replied simply.

“Do you want to kill him too?” Jeremy questioned curiously, “Or is that just something I want to do?”

“I’m very tempted to kill him, but Isabella would be angry if I did so. I believe you might be able to get away with it, though.” Klaus replied with a smirk.

Jeremy chuckled, “I don’t think she’d mind if I did kill him one day.”

“The planet would be a better place without him.” Klaus added he leaned back and watched the ceremony. He turned his head as Elena’s name was called and Jeremy didn’t react. “You don’t see her as family anymore, do you?”

Jeremy shook his head, “If she were family she wouldn’t be so horrible.” He replied. “I made it clear to her, I would always choose Bella over her. She didn’t listen, and I’m better off without her. Elena never knew what the meaning of family was. It takes a lot more than sharing the same blood to be family. Besides, she really was only my cousin.”

“I was surprised to see that Stefan had left her after Damon’s death.” Klaus replied as he watched the doppelganger. “All she has left is the witch, and who knows how long that friendship will last.”

Jeremy chuckled, “It can last forever. Elena has always been able to control Bonnie. Bonnie can’t stand up to Elena, she’s too scared and nothing will ever change that between them. The only reason Caroline was able to get away was because she left with Stefan. If she had stayed I have no doubt that Elena would find some way to manipulate her into staying her friend.”

Klaus was about to reply, but Bella’s name was called and there was a loud roar of applause and cheers. He looked over to see Jeremy smiling widely and as he followed the boy’s line of sight he could see Bella and Jeremy locked eyes and were having some sort of silent conversation with each other. As Bella took her seat and her back turned Klaus noticed Jeremy still kept his eyes on her. “Thank you.” Klaus said simply and quietly.

Jeremy turned to him with a questioning look on his face. “Did I hear you say, thank you?”

Klaus turned his head back towards the crowd. “I won’t repeat myself.”

“Can I at least ask what you’re thanking me for? Because I doubt it was because I handed you some ear plugs when you sat down.” Jeremy responded with a smirk.

“The ear plugs were useful against all the screaming and these bloody awful speakers, but that wasn’t what I was referring to.” Klaus responded, “You make her happy.” He replied simply.

“That’s not something I want to be thanked over. Making her happy is something I do because I love to see her happy and enjoying life. If you thank me for it, it’s taking away from it all. It’s as if you were stating that I only try to make her happy because I want recognition for it.” Jeremy stated as he too turned back to the crowd. “Now, thanking me for the ear plugs, I’ll accept that. I want recognition for thinking ahead and being smart about things.”

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    Loved the Jeremy/Elena showdown! 🙂 Jeremy kicking Stephan’s ass and snapping his neck was good for Jeremy too. I just loved that whole scene. I don’t know WHY I would want Damon to live, but him dying was kind of sad. His character was an ass in this story though, and he would have just been an Elena puppet if he had lived…. sigh
    So glad that Stephan and Caroline got the hell out of dodge. But poor sucker Bonnie 😦
    Trevor and Klaus’s interactions with Jeremy led me and Jeremy (hopefully) to realize that he is accepted by not only Bella, but her family too.
    loose ends for me that will hopefully be addressed….Klaus’s siblings??? revenge on Liz???
    Great chapter! 🙂

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