Wonderful Trip Home Pt. 2

HFtB #5

Author’s Note

The next chapter will be more Forks, but it’ll contain some Jacob.

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!

-Page Break-

Bella shrugged on a pair of pants, she sighed as she had gotten her last shirt dirty. She heard Klaus entering the restroom and smirked, he had more than plenty in his bag. She reached into his bag and grabbed one of his t-shirts and shrugged it on. She laughed lightly as it fit her a bit too big. Not wanting to deal with it she tucked it into her pants and shrugged. “Good enough.”

Bella walked into the kitchen and sighed in relief as she saw Klaus had already left her coffee done and in a mug. “Thank you!” She shouted as she took a sip. “Best fucking coffee in the world.” She mumbled as she drank from it. She paused as she could feel her gift just about to give her some information. She closed her eyes and let the information flood into her mind.

“ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!” Charlie yelled at the top of his lungs as he stared down at Bella. “He’s a monster, Isabella.”

Bella glared at her father. “Don’t you fucking dare speak about him like that! If you can’t respect him then I’m not going to stand here and take it. Klaus has done nothing to deserve you to say this about him. You don’t know him all you know is what you’ve been told about him!”

Charlie shook his head. “Why couldn’t you just date someone like Jake? He’s not a MURDERER!”

Bella’s hand pulled back and she hit her dad, she just couldn’t stand to hear Klaus being talked down to like that. It hurt even worst to know her father would rather she be in an unhappy relationship with Jake than be with someone she truly loved.

“That murderer you’re talking about is my soulmate and I won’t let you tear him down. He’s saved my life more times than I can count. How can you stand here and tell me some boy is better for me than Klaus? Jake is an asshole! Can you not see that he’s manipulating you! He only told you about the supernatural because he thinks it’ll help him get in my pants.” Bella shouted as she stared at her father.

“I want you gone by the end of the day.” Charlie said in anger as he walked to his car. “And I don’t want to see you around here again if you’re still with him. Don’t you see what this Klaus guy has done to you? Since when did you become a liar.”

Bella shook her head in disbelief. “Fine. I guess this is the last time we’re seeing each other, because I love him, dad. I won’t leave him. Not for anything and I’m sorry to know that you can’t see how happy I am with him.”

Bella’s hands shook as she fought to hold back tears at what had just happened. She watched her dad drive away and she didn’t need her gift to know that this would be the last time they ever talked to one another.

Bella gasped back as she snapped out of the little information bubble she was in. “THAT SON OF A BITCH!” She shouted in complete anger. She rushed up the stairs and quickly put on her shoes and her jacket. She turned around to head out of her room but paused as she saw Klaus there. “Your brother will be here in 30 minutes. He’ll knock on the door; you can sneak up on him if you wait in the trees across the street.”

“Where are you going?” Klaus questioned curiously. “I haven’t seen you this upset before. Can I know who you’re planning on killing before you leave?”

Bella smirked, “I’m not going to kill him. I’m going to take a bat to his stupid face and bash it in until he understands that no matter what he does I would rather jump off a cliff into a sea of starving sharks than ever be with him.”

Klaus chuckled, he put his arm around her waist stopping her as she went to walk past him. He didn’t need to hear her say his name to know who she was talking about. “May I ask why? I’m more than happy to help, but I would like to know where your rage is coming from.”

“Jacob couldn’t keep his fucking mouth shut!” Bella said as she practically shook with anger. “He blabbered to Charlie about everything. He told Charlie about the Shifters, Edward, you. Worst of all he made himself look like a fucking angel and made you look bad.”

Klaus shook his head doing his best to contain his own anger. “As much as I would absolutely love to allow you to beat him to an absolute pulp, I can’t allow you to do it.”

Bella sighed she stepped out of Klaus’s arms and headed down the stairs. “I hate it when you act like the reasonable one in this relationship.” She said as she headed back into the kitchen. “I know I should wait before I beat him to a pulp, but I would like to just once do something on impulse without having to know what my actions caused. I’m going down to the station.”

Klaus smirked, “And what are you going to do, love?”

“I’m going to go in there and beat my dad to the punch. If he wants to know the truth, I’ll tell him the truth.” Bella said as she grabbed her coffee. “I’ll just have to lay on a few tears here and there. Let him really have it.” She stood on the tips of her toes and pecked Klaus on the lips. “I’ve got to get going. I’ll be taking the car.”

Klaus smiled as he followed after her. “Don’t crash it.”

Bella shrugged as she headed out the door. “Hurry, Nik, Elijah’s coming. I’ll call you later once I’m done.” Bella got into the car, she smiled as Klaus leaned against the door frame and watched her. “I’m not going to crash into anything.” She drove off and smirked widely. “Today.” She added in a whisper.

Klaus closed the door to the house and went to grab the dagger putting just enough ash on the tip for it to do its job. He waited on the other side of the street in the shadows of the trees. He watched curiously as his brother’s car pulled up into the driveway. He waited for Elijah to approach the door and as soon as Elijah’s back was turned to him, it was time to attack. Klaus blurred forward and without wasting a moment he pushed the dagger into Elijah’s heart.

“You made a mistake thinking you can go after my mate, Elijah.” Klaus said to his brother just as Elijah’s eyes closed shut. Klaus dragged Elijah into the woods behind Bella’s house. He smiled as he pulled the dagger out of his brother. He placed it in his pocket, he would use it again, but for now he wanted to speak to his brother. Well, not speak more like have an actual fight with his brother.

-Page Break-

Bella sat in front of her father and played with the cup of coffee in her hands, she ordered it only because everything had been so quiet. “Look, dad, you can’t believe everything Jacob says about Klaus.”

Charlie leaned back in the diner seat and crossed his arms over his chest. “Are you telling me Jacob was lying when he said that this Klaus guy was a serial killer?”

Bella glared at her father. “What I’m saying is, that he’s protected me from everything that’s ever deemed any sort of danger to me.” Bella sat up straighter. “That man who shot me, Klaus was the one to kill him. At this very moment he’s fighting with his own brother, because of me. I won’t lie and pretend that Klaus doesn’t kill, but I know that he won’t ever do anything to me.”

“How can you be so sure?” Charlie said with angrily. “For all you know he could be using you as some sort of living blood bag.”

Bella’s hands tightened into fists as she tried to control her anger, she hated the feeling of being treated like a child. “I know him, dad. I know him better than I know myself at times, he would never do anything to hurt me. I’m sure Jacob told you all about imprinting and how he just knows I’m his imprint, but I’m not his anything. Seth, Leah, Sue, anyone can tell you I don’t belong as part of the pack. I belong with Klaus and I’ve always been meant to find him. No matter what happened, what I did or didn’t do, it all led to meeting him. I’m his soulmate, and he’s mine, dad. There’s nothing that’s ever going to tear me away from his side, wherever he goes, it’s where I belong.”

“You would choose him over your family?” Charlie questioned.

Bella closed her eyes, “I can stay here dad. I can move back into town and go to college, but I will be miserable. I want you to be in my life, I want to continue calling you and telling you everything I’m doing, but I can’t if you’re just going to judge Klaus over what some jealous boy tells you. I love you and Sue, Seth and even Leah, but I love Klaus and I can’t let him go.” Bella played with the lid of her coffee and took in a deep breath.

“When Edward left, I felt so horrible. It was like it was my fault that I couldn’t make him stay, but then it all started making sense. I started to feel like myself again and when I left after graduation I felt so free. Then one day, I just know something’s going to happen. Something so wonderful that I got excited at the mere thought of it. I walk into this hotel and I meet Klaus and it’s as if everything finally starts to fall into perfect place. Forks, is where my family is, but Klaus, he’s where my heart is, he’s my home. I feel like I belong when I’m with him, and I can’t let that go, not for anything.” Bella stood and put money on the table to pay for the coffee she didn’t drink. “You have to get back to work, domestic dispute in town and they need your help.”

Charlie stood as his phone rang, he looked to Bella who looked wounded. “Bells…”

Bella smiled sadly. “I just want to know that my own father cares about me enough to know that I have good judgement when it comes to the man I love.”

Bella exited the diner and headed to the car, she got in and instead of going to the house she drove to the high school. She parked the car into the empty parking lot and walked towards the woods in the back of the school. She put her hands in her pockets as she walked listening to her gift on which way to go. She stopped and took one step back as she saw a body flying through the air. She smirked as she recognized the head of hair .

“Destroying nature isn’t necessary.” She said taking two steps towards the direction the body came from. “You could’ve beat him to a pulp without destroying 26 trees in the process.”

Klaus smirked as he dusted off his hands coming into view. “You never had siblings, this is how we communicate.” Klaus turned his head up and smirked at Elijah who was snapping his wrist back into place. He took the dagger from his pocket and handed it to Bella. “Think you can aim it at him?”

Bella shrugged taking the dagger from Klaus. She tilted her head, “No. I’ll miss and hit the tree behind him.”

Klaus smirked and kissed Bella’s head. “You do have horrible aim, love.” He took the dagger from Bella’s hands.

Bella rolled her eyes. “Can you just dagger him so you and I can go home?”

Klaus sighed, “I suppose I should stop, any further and I could cause a lot of destruction to the school.”

“The gym would be destroyed,” Bella said as she moved to stand behind him. “It’d take them almost two years to be able to fix it.”

Klaus pulled out the powdered dust and dipped the dagger into it. He handed the dust to Bella and moved quickly to stab it through Elijah’s heart. He stepped back watching his brother fall to the ground, “I was really enjoying spending quality time with him”

Bella laughed, “Your version of brotherly bonding seems too violent for me. I’m beginning to be pleased that I don’t have any siblings yet.”

“In nine months, you’ll have a brother.” Klaus said with a smirk. “Give it a few years and you’ll understand how annoying they can be.”

Bella smiled she walked forward and reached into Elijah’s pocket pulling out his phone. “You can carry him to the car and I’ll text his witches to tell them there’s been a change of plans.”

Klaus smirked and picked up his brother. “How did it go with your father?”

Bella shrugged, “He’ll call Sue, and she’ll let him know that he’s being an asshole to his daughter. He should call in the afternoon and awkwardly apologize for his assumptions and temper.”

“Does it bother you that your father hates me?” Klaus questioned as they walked to the car.

“My dad doesn’t hate you, he’s just gullible.” Bella smiled as she typed on Elijah’s phone. “You don’t have to worry about what my dad thinks of you. It won’t make me leave you.”

Klaus put Elijah into the back seat and turned to Bella putting his hands on her hips to bring her closer. “What do you have in mind when it comes to Jacob?”

Bella smirked, “I’m not exactly sure, but I have a few plans that are to go into motion soon.”

Klaus smirked, “Are you going to get hurt in all of this?”

Bella shook her head, “No, I’ll be perfectly healthy.” She smiled as he opened the passenger side of the car. “Good thing you’re driving. I was going to hit a cat on the way home.”

Klaus smirked, “I had a feeling.” He responded closing the door and walking to the driver’s side.

-Page Break-

Klaus looked to Bella curiously as she was impatiently tapping her foot against the floor. “Something on your mind, love?”

“Besides 300 hundred different ways I could kill Jacob? Not really.” Bella responded as she turned her head and looked to Klaus who had just finished locking Elijah in the coffin. “Elijah’s witches are taken care of. I sent them to Canada to go look for a special sort of herb, it’ll take them months to find anything.”

“What herb?” Klaus questioned curiously.

Bella shrugged, “It’s supposed to help with nerves or something. It only grows in Canada and it takes months to find it. I led them to believe that this herb is going to lead to your death. All it’s going to do is calm your nerves, I felt that at one point you might need it.”

Klaus chuckled, “I need to feed, but I doubt your father would be pleased if I do so here.”

Bella stood and smirked, “Can you bring me back something from Seattle?”

“What is it that you want?” Klaus responded amused as Bella moved to embrace him.

“Aside from you, I need you to pick something up at the airport.” Bella responded with a grin.

Klaus looked at her curiously. “What is it that I’m going to go pick up?”

Bella grinned, “You’ll see it when you arrive. Be there by 8pm, you’ll see once you drive up. It’s hard to miss.”

Klaus sighed, but leaned down and kissed Bella. “I’ll be back soon with whatever it is I’m picking up from the airport.”

Bella smiled and walked Klaus out the door. “I’ll text you later.”

Bella smiled as he kissed her a final time before he got in the car. She crossed her arms over her chest and watched him go before she stepped back into the house.

Bella tapped her fingers along the kitchen counter as she already knew that her dad would be calling her soon. As soon as she heard the first ran she answered it. “Hello.”

“Bells…” Charlie said awkwardly clearing his throat. “I just wanted to say that I was sorry about letting my mind get clouded with things. I didn’t mean for you to feel that I wanted you to leave or that I was questioning your decisions.”

“What exactly are you trying to say, dad?” Bella questioned already knowing her dad wanted to apologize for judging Klaus on someone else’s complaints about him.

“I wanted to say I was sorry about letting Jacob cloud my thinking.” Charlie said clearing his throat. “You’ve always been smart and if you trust Klaus I know I should trust your judgement.”

Bella smiled, “Thank you and we’ll stop by the Reservation tomorrow morning to join you and Sue for breakfast.”

“I’ll never understand how you always know I’m going to ask you something.” Charlie said with a sigh. “Just take care, Bells. Call if you need anything and We’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

“Love you, dad.” Bella said with a smile. “I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

-Page Break-

Klaus pulled up to the airport and he sighed as he now saw what Bella was speaking about. He unlocked the door to his car and watched with amusement as Maddox opened the backdoor putting his suitcase in the back before slipping into the passenger seat. “Maddox.” Klaus greeted.

“Bella called.” He said knowing Klaus wanted to know what he was doing there. “She said it was very important that I take the next flight here. She went as far as booking the flight and sending me a list of things she wanted to me bring with me”

Klaus smirked, “Has she told you exactly what she wants you here for?”

Maddox shook his head, “I’m not sure, but with everything she’s asked me to gather for her is usually used for torture spells. I don’t know who got on her bad side, but whomever it is, has a lot of pain coming their way.”

Klaus shook his head now seeing what Bella was doing. She didn’t want him to hurt Jacob as that would only make things worst with her father, so she was going to do something herself. “This is why I try not to anger her. She can be dangerous if she really puts her mind to it.”

“She did kill Greta, but the girl was annoying.” Maddox said taking out his phone. “I wasn’t sad to see her die.”

“Bela was almost chipper to see her go.” Klaus responded with a smirk. “Maddox, if you’re going to help Bella, you cannot allow her to be placed in any sort of danger.”

Maddox smirked, “Bella gets cranky if she doesn’t have 9 hours of sleep, I can only imagine how awful things would be if she were to get physically hurt.”

Klaus looked down at his phone as it rang. He opened the text he received. Pizza place in three miles. I’m starving, I’ve already placed the order, all you have to do is pick it up. Thank you!


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