Our Beginning

Author’s Note

Well… let’s just say I’ve been missing Klaus lately.

-Page Break-

Bella paused as she came face to face with the feared hybrid. “So… is this the part you threaten my family?” She questioned as she looked around the large mansion. “You know, the usual, if you don’t comply with my demands I’ll kill everyone you’ve ever met or loved.” She said trying to deepen her voice as she imitated what she thought was meant to be said.

Klaus tilted his head slightly and stepped forward. “Your heartbeat is steady, you’re not scared.”

Bella shrugged, “I figured there really isn’t a point here. You’re not going to kill me right now; you need me for your ritual, so I know I’m going to be safe for a small amount of time. Not going to lie, it does kind of suck that because I’m the twin of my ancient grandmother I’m being sacrificed to some ritual.”

“Come, I’ll show you to your room.” Klaus said turning his back to Bella surprising himself to hear her footsteps following after him. He gestured to the room she would be using. “There are clothes available for you. If you need something Maddox will help you.”

Bella nodded she looked to Klaus. “Can I ask you something?”

Klaus nodded crossing his arms over his chest curious t hear what she had to ask.

“Is it going to hurt?” Bella said softly. “The whole dying thing, is it going to hurt?”

“It shouldn’t.” Klaus respond a little surprise this wasn’t what he was expecting.

Bella nodded, “You’ve had to die before. How is it?”

Klaus straightened out standing at his full height. “I can’t remember, it’s not something I kept in my memories.”

Bella nodded, “Okay.” She said nodding her head and walking into her new room.

-Earlier that Day-

“IT’S NOT YOUR CHOICE!” Bella shouted at Damon crossing her arms over her chest.

“IT IS WHEN YOU’RE BEING SO STUPID!” Damon shouted back tossing back the remainder of his drink in his glass.

Bella sighed running her hands through her hair. “I get it.” She said softly. “You care what happens to me, but you have no right to take away my decisions. He’s offered a deal, Damon, my life for yours and I’m willing to take it. You practically raised me when Renee couldn’t, I’d put my life on the line for you any day.”

“No.” Damon insisted shaking his head. “I won’t allow you to do it.” Stepping forward he grabbed Bella’s wrist and put a handcuff on it, he ignored her screaming as he pulled her to her bed. He put the other cuff on the headboard. “You’re staying right here until I say otherwise.”

Bella glared at Damon as he exited her room. “These better not be the same ones you use on your play things!” She shouted at the top of her lungs. She waited until she heard the slamming of the front door. “My dad’s a cop, idiot.” She whispered.

Charlie had told her off handedly before the weaknesses of cop handcuffs, and not to mention her hands was small enough she could shimmy it out of the cuff. Bella grabbed her bag and her car keys and headed out the front door leaving her phone on her bed with a post it note to Damon, he’d understand.

Following instructions Bella headed to one of the houses on foreclosure. She sat down on the steps waiting for the man that would have to be there for her.

“I’m surprised you’re here.” A deep voice said. “Come on, Klaus doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

Bella stood and followed after him, she paused at the car door. “What’s your name?”

“Maddox. Don’t waste my time, get in the car.” Maddox responded sliding in behind the driver’s seat.

Bella sighed getting in, “What’s this Klaus guy like? I’ve only heard things from my Uncle, but his opinion is a bit biased.”

-Page Break-

Klaus woke up startled as he heard a large screeching. He got out of his bed immediately as he knew where the scream was coming from.

“NO!” Bela yelled thrashing around. “NO! Please, stop!”

Klaus entered the room just as Bella let out a large scream that made him flinch back slightly. He blurred forward but was surprised to see her eyes were closed. Her heart was beating rapidly and she was sweating profusely. She wasn’t just scared of something, she was terrified. He shook her awake and watched as she pulled the covers to her and was breathing heavily. “You scream in your sleep.”

Bella’s eyes widened, “I…” She shook her head, “Sorry, my medicine is back at the boarding house, I thought I could make it without them.” Bella ran her hand through her hair, “Can I…” She blushed slightly. “I’m not going to be able to sleep, do you mind if I just sit around the living room?”

Klaus nodded, “Help yourself, love. I’ll stop by tomorrow to get whatever medicine it is you need.”

“Sleeping medicine.” Bella said climbing out of the bed. “Night terrors make it hard to sleep. My therapist prescribed the medicine to help me go to sleep and stay asleep. They work most nights.”

Klaus followed Bella into the living room. She planted herself on the couch across from the television he had there. He turned and made his way to his room and grabbed his sketch pad before heading back to the living room deciding that he couldn’t leave the girl alone with herself.

-Page Break-

Bella looked up at Klaus as he entered the house. “Did you umm…” She trailed off running her hands through her hair.

Klaus nodded handing Bella a small sandwich bag. “Damon sends his wishes.”

Bella snorted, “Yeah, I’m sure that’s all he sends.” She opened the paper bag to see Damon had placed her phone and medication inside. “Oh, shit.” Bella said as she turned on her phone she turned to Klaus. “Can I make a call?”

“To who?” Klaus questioned curiously.

“My therapist.” Bella said with a shrug. “I have to speak with her once a week, keeps me sane.”

Klaus nodded, “Do as you must.”

Bella nodded she dialed the number and took a seat on the love chair in the living room.

Klaus entered the living room close to an hour later to see Bella still on the phone.

“I had another night terror last night.” Bella said softly. “It was the same as always I’m stuck back in that room and I can’t breathe. I finally got out of the room and it all got worst, she came after me and I couldn’t do anything to stop her. I woke up before she could really hurt me, but they’re intensifying and becoming more graphic. Is that normal?”

Klaus left not feeling the need to invade the girl’s privacy any more than he should. He reentered the room once she was off the phone. “Everything went well?”

Bella looked up and nodded, “If you ever been to therapy, I’m sure you understand how tiring it can be afterwards.”

“I’ve never had the need to go to therapy.” Klaus informed her as took a seat in the chair he had been in the night before.

Bella smiled, “I didn’t want to go, but Damon and my dad together are too convincing. I’ve been going for the past 6 months. Damon seemed to have found the only therapist in the country that knows about the supernatural. She helps deal with the emotional and psychological trauma caused by those things that go bump in the night.”

“You’ve had traumatic experiences with vampires before?” Klaus questioned interested to hear the answer.

Bella nodded, “Yeah, there was this off-breed and she kidnapped me the day I turned 18, just 7 months ago. She kept me for days locked up in an abandoned police department in Port Angeles, Washington. She fed off of me, broke my bones and left me for dead. Damon found me just as I was about to die, he gave me a bit of his blood and took me to the hospital. The experience caused me to… spiral. After a month Damon and my dad talked me into my first therapy session.”

“Has it helped?” Klaus questioned curiously as he watched her.

Bella nodded, “I could be around other people again, but I did have to switch to homeschooling. After some time I became dependent on my dad and Damon, mostly Damon since he was the one to be around all the time. The therapy helps keep my head clear, it keeps everything from becoming one big mess. Being in that cell for six days I couldn’t feel anything positive, when Damon came I was ready to die. That doesn’t go away, it’s changed everything in my life and at one point I couldn’t tell what was real and what wasn’t. That’s a terrifying perspective of life, therapy has certainly helped make the line between fiction and reality more prominent.”

Klaus watched her closely, her heart was steady so he had to believe that she was telling the truth. “What happened to the off-breed that kidnapped you?”

“Damon killed Victoria right after I was settled in the hospital. She was still in Seattle; she was disposing of the small army she had created to come after me.” Bella responded tucking her feet under her. “Victoria had a vendetta against me, she wanted me dead for being the reason for the death of her mate. It’s a bit of a long story, but I may or may not have willingly gotten into a relationship with an off-breed. Then his coven destroys Victoria’s mate for posing a threat to me, it all got a little bit out of hand.”

Klaus chuckled, “You are aware that off-breeds are creatures that cannot control their bloodlust, right?”

Bella scoffed, “I know that now, back then I was pretty convinced that they were sort of perfect. I was barely 16, I would’ve believed anything that came out of their mouths. They could’ve told me they had wings and I wouldn’t have questioned it. You do a lot of foolish things in high school, that’s why you go to college and try to make up for it all.”

“It’s unfortunate you’ll never get the chance to attend.” Klaus responded nonchalantly.

Bella shrugged, “It’s not too unfortunate, I never did figure out what I wanted to study.”

-Page Break-

Bella hummed softly as she cut up the vegetables for her dinner. She turned her head blushing slightly as she saw Klaus. “Figured if it were going to be my last meal I should at least prepare it myself. I’m making some pasta and a salad, do you want some?”

Klaus simply nodded and watched her. “I had been expecting for you to be a little more sad.”

Bella shrugged, “The last thing I want to do is spend the last hours I have moping around. I’m not going to be able to finish off my bucket list, but at least I won’t be sad.”

“You have a bucket list?” Klaus questioned.

Bela smirked, “Hell yeah, I do!” she said with a smile. “25 things I want to do before I ultimately die. There’s only about 3 things left to do, so I won’t be leaving much unaccomplished.”

Klaus nodded, “Do you hate me?” He questioned curiously. “I’ve been expecting the emotion to shine through at some point, but I’m getting a bit tired of waiting.”

Bella smiled, “I could hate you. I could curse you for putting me in this situation, but I won’t. I came to terms with my death when I was in that cell. I was supposed to die in that cell, but Damon stopped that. Every day after that point I treat as an added bonus, an extra day to a life that was supposed to end long ago. Tomorrow, when I die, it’s just something that’s meant to happen. I’m not going to fight it; I knew these bonus days were going to come to an end.”

“You’ll come to hate me at one point.” Klaus assured.

Bella shrugged, “There’s very few people I hate. I don’t think you’re going to be one of them, sorry to burst your bubble.”

-Page Break-

Bella walked beside Klaus as they entered the field. “Can I ask for a favor?” She questioned softly.

Klaus nodded, “Whatever you want, love.”

“Can you umm… I know Damon will come up with something for my dad, but can you tell Damon that I’m sorry.” Bella said quietly, she pulled out her phone and handed it to Klaus. “And give this to him, there’s some stuff on there for him.”

Klaus nodded putting the phone in his back pocket. “That’s all?”

Bella nodded, “There’s nothing else I really want.”

“Most people would ask that I spare their lives.” Klaus responded as he continued to lead her to where the other two captives were at.

Bella shrugged, “It’d be useless, besides, I’m a bit honored. I’m sort of the main component to this ritual, without me it’ll all go to shit and that’s pretty cool.”

Klaus chuckled, “You certainly see things different then everyone else.”

“I guess unlike everyone else I’ve taken off those rose tinted glasses.” Bella said as she stood in the spot Klaus told her and took in a deep breath. “I die last right?”

Klaus nodded, “Yes.”

“Alright, can you take out all your rage on the two before me? You know, make my death the easiest of them all.” Bella said with a smile.

Klaus chuckled, “As you wish, love.”

-Page Break-

Bella took Klaus’s hand holding it tightly as he led the way to the altar. She looked up at him as the witch kept muttering the words needed to break the curse. “Can you just make it not hurt?”

Klaus nodded he pushed the hair away from Bella’s neck. “It’ll be painless, just a little pinch and then you’ll just feel like going to sleep.”

Bella smiled, “Okay.” She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. She peeked an eye open to see Klaus still looking at her. “Can I ask for one more thing?”

Klaus smirked, “Last minute regrets?”

Bella shook her head, “Not really. I just… there’s 3 things I haven’t done that were on my list, but I want to get them down to two.”

Klaus nodded, “Okay, you have under a minute, love.”

Bella grinned, “I can work with that.” She whispered her hand went to Klaus’s neck and she pulled him down to her and moved her lips to his. She closed her eyes as she kissed Klaus, she was pleased about this he was a lot better at kissing then she’d thought he’d be. Bella pulled back and closed her eyes grinning. “Number 15, initiate the first kiss.” She took in a deep breath. “I’m ready now.”

Klaus smirked, “You’re making this harder than it needs to be.”

Bella opened her eyes and smiled. “I don’t think so; I think I just made this a little more memorable.” She tilted her neck to expose it to Klaus. “You said you’d make it painless.”

Klaus nodded, he leaned down and kissed her neck before his fangs appeared. “A slight pinch and then it’ll be like falling asleep.”

“Thanks for not making my last days sad.” Bella whispered just as Klaus’s fangs pierced through her skin. She closed her eyes as Klaus was right, it felt just like sleeping.

-Page Break-

Bella blinked her eyes open, she noticed the black hair sprawled out on the pillow beside her. “Don’t tell me you are part of my heaven? I mean I was really hoping to have some famous celebrity.”

“You’re a pain in my ass.” Damon hissed he flashed Bella her phone as he turned around. “Leaving a suicide on your phone, unoriginal. I expected more from you.”

Bella leaned back against her pillow. “How am I alive?”

“You can thank Klaus; I think he had something to do with it.” Damon responded sitting up and rubbing his eyes. “You’ve been out for a few days. I fall asleep for the first time in days and you wake up.”

Bella closed her eyes, “I don’t remember what it felt like to die.” She responded quietly as she opened her eyes to look up at the ceiling.

“No one ever really does.” Damon responded as he sat with his back pressed against the headboard. “I can’t remember being shot by my own father.”

“I should call my dad.” Bella announced as she tried to sort out through her thoughts. “He’s probably worried I haven’t called him for days.”

“Took care of it.” Damon responded with a shrug. “You’re never allowed to do that again.”

Bella laughed, “Yeah, this time I’ll listen to you.” She looked over at him. “I didn’t mean to make you angry. I just felt this was something I had to do, a gut feeling.”

“You kissed him.” Damon stated with a frown. “What the hell was that about, Bella?”

Bella frowned. “How did you know that?”

“I was there, he had a protective shield in place. I couldn’t get to you until the ritual was over, but I saw you willingly kiss him.” Damon said watching Bella for her reaction.

Bella smiled and shrugged her shoulders, “I can do whatever I want, Damon. Technically, I’m an adult and owe you no explanation.”

Damon smirked, “I’m going to go ahead and chalk it up to Stockholm syndrome.”

Bella laughed, “He didn’t kidnap me, Damon.”

“Not the way I see it.” Damon responded as he stood, “Come on, let’s get you something to eat.”

Bella sighed, “I’m not sure how I feel about dying and then being brought back to life.” She said as she got out of the bed. “I’m going to go ahead and shower. I feel really nasty, I’m still in the clothes that I died in!”

Damon laughed, “I wasn’t going to change you. I had to draw the line somewhere, Bells.”

Bella rolled her eyes, “This is disgusting, Damon.” Bella said grabbing a pair of pajamas from her drawers, “I don’t expect me out of the bathroom for at least 10 days.”

“You’re being overdramatic.” Damon shouted after her.

“I’m a girl, I’m allowed to be overdramatic.” Bella stated as she slammed the door to the bathroom shut. She was upset, but it had more to do with having come back from the dead then it did with anything else. This was just something weird she was experiencing in her life and she knew it would only add on to her mental damage.

-Page Break-

“Bella.” Elena said as Bella came down the stairs. “Thank you for everything… I can’t thank you enough for taking my place in that ritual.”

“Bite me.” Bella responded glaring at the girl as she walked past her and into the kitchen. “For the sake of my sanity keep the princess away from me. I won’t be held accountable for my actions where she is concerned.”

“I already tortured Stefan for selling you out to Klaus. I can’t torture a human, Bella. No matter how much she deserves it.” Damon responded as he held out a plate to Bella. “I don’t doubt that you’re hungry.”

Bella smiled taking the plate from his hand. “Yeah, I’m a little hungry. I guess being brought back from the dead can waste a lot of energy.”

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  1. Wow surprising first chapter….So Niklaus saves her and doesn’t tell/warn her about it?? hmmmm Of course Elena is a happy bitch that it wasn’t her.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved it! Like this Bella, she seems a wee bit off her rocker but in a good way. Klaus sure did the unexpected by saving her but we all know she intrigues him.


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