Bella The Witch: Chapter 7



It’s been 2 weeks since her little confrontation with Klaus and his vampire, but so far Bella’s been okay. She had hung her painting in her magic room, she thought it brightened up the place. Bella headed to her bookstore, she ordered immediate shipping and the books were arriving today. She had become close friends with Stephanie and had hired her to help her out in the store and paid her more than what she made at the Café. Bella noticed Stephanie was already there, she smiled as she saw her arranging all the books in genre orders.

“Hello Steph, how’s it going,” Bella asked.

“Hey Bella! Everything is fine, the books arrived about 30 minutes ago, the children’s books are upstairs and I’m getting started on the books down here,” Stephanie said.

Bella smiled, “Great! I’ll get started on the children’s sections.”

“Alright, so how are you liking New York so far?” Stephanie asked as Bella began setting things up upstairs.

“I love it, I feel like an entirely different person here,” Bella said, “How are things going for you?”

“Fantastic! I think David and I are getting serious, he asked me to move in with him and I said yes!” Stephanie said her voice filled with joy.

Bella smiled, “Sounds great, David seems like a nice guy!”

“Oh he is Bella, you’ll meet him soon, he’s just super busy with studying right now, he really wants to be a doctor,” Stephanie said, “Have you met anyone in New York yet?”

Bella laughed, “No one has really caught my interest just yet. I’ll keep you informed if I meet anyone interesting enough to talk about.”

“It’s New York, this is where shit happens,” Stephanie said.

Bella laughed loudly at her cursing, “Whatever you say Steph.”

Bella continued to stack all the books away, she used magic to help her and by now it was late at night, she sent Steph home and told her thank you for the help. When she was gone Bella pulled the blinds making sure no one would be able to see her. She used a spell and fixed all the books in place. She gathered all the empty boxes and squished them do so they could fit in the dumpster out back. Bella put the rest of the unopened boxes in the back of the store as storage. When everything was done and fixed up Bella looked back proudly at her store. They would open next week, all they had to do was wait for the store name sign to arrive.

It was around 7pm and it was getting dark out. Bella locked the place down and headed to get a bite to eat. She walked the streets and finally settled for a nearby Diner. It reminded her of the one in Forks that her dad loved so much. She ordered a plain hamburger and fries. She texted Riley updating him about the store. Riley handed the entire store over to Bella, it was completely hers, but she still liked updating Riley on it.

“Mind if I sit with you?” Klaus asked.

Being polite Bella smiled, “Not at all, what are you doing here Klaus?”

“Well, after someone tortures one of my bodyguards and then just leaves, I become intrigued. I’m not here to hurt you, I really just came here to learn more about you, you happen to intrigue me,” Klaus said

Bella smiled, “I’m Isabella Swan, Bella for short.”

“Well, Bella, You already know who I am, care to share how you got that information,” Klaus asked, “You seem mortal, so it’s strange to see a human knowing of our kind.”

Bella smiled, “I guess I should be a little more forward. I’m Isabella Swan, also known as the last Swan witch, and I don’t mean those weak contradicting witches of nature I’m the real type of witch.”

Klaus looked surprised, “I never knew there was another type of witches.”

Bella shrugged, “Not many people do, Swan witches are only females, and in my line of family I’m the first female in a very long time.”

“How old are you?” Klaus asked.

Bella smiled, “I’m 18.”

“A little young to be in New York alone aren’t you afraid of being here by yourself,” Klaus said.

Bella laughed, “I think I can handle myself just fine, I mean your little minion probably learned not to attack me. How is he doing by the way?”

“He’s fine, nice little trick you did on him,” Klaus said.

“It was, It could’ve gone a lot worst for the guy I was in a good mood that night,” Bella said smiling.

Klaus laughed, “What happens when you’re in a bad mood?”

“I haven’t been a bad mood yet, so I wouldn’t know,” Bella said.

“What are you doing in New York,” Klaus asked.

“I own a house here with my brother, and I decided to come and live in it for a while,” Bella said with a shrug.

“Does your brother know what you are?” Klaus asked curiously.

Bella nodded, “He was there when I got my magic. What are you doing in New York?”

“I’m here on business,” Klaus said.

“What kind of business? Is it that the type of business where you travel around aimlessly, or is it actual business with paperwork and filing,” Bella asked with a small smile.

“It’s neither, it’s more like tracking business,” Klaus said.

“Are you tracking a person or an item,” Bella asked.

“Person, there was a witch in New York who was supposed to help me, but I found her dead just a few days ago,” Klaus said.

“Sorry,” Bella said. “If you want, I’ll help you. I like using my powers as much as I can.”

“What would you like in return,” Klaus asked.

Bella laughed, “Nothing, I’m doing this because I want to, so who am I finding?”

“Mikael,” Klaus said.

“Right, the original father,” Bella said, Bella conjured up a map. She placed her hands on opposite sides of the map and closed her eyes. She focused on Mikael and she saw the city names flash threw her mind until she found the exact town he was in. Bella wrote down the address where he was at and handed it to Klaus. “He’s there, and by what I’m feeling, he’s been there for a long time.”

“That simple?” Klaus asked.

Bella smiled, “I’m stronger than your average witch Klaus I’m not bound to serve nature. I can promise you that is where he is right now, but there’s something wrong with him. He wasn’t moving when I searched for him, he was still. I’d be careful when you go find him.” Bella said

“Why would you help me, you seem to know a lot about me, so that must include my pass and all that I’ve done up to this point so why are you so quick to help me?” Klaus asked, “It seems a little suspicious Bella.”

Bella sighed, “Everyone does things they’re not proud of, but if people hold it over them, how are they ever supposed to move on from it? I’ve done something that I was never proud of, but I try and move forward, and someone holding my past against me is only holding me back. You have to treat others the way you want to be treated.”

“I think you’re lying Bella,” Klaus said.

“Lying about what?” Bella asked.

“You seem too mature to be 18,” Klaus said.

“I was never one to act my age,” Bella said, “But I’m telling the truth when I say this is where Mikael is and he’s not moving. My guess is, that whoever killed your witch knew who you were looking for, and they didn’t want you to find him. I would just leave it be, if you’re curious send one of your minions, but if Mikael can kill you, don’t go yourself, you’ll just be walking into your own death.”

“How do you know Mikael is trying to kill me?” Klaus asked.

“The Swan line is very different from nature witches. This is because the Swans took the time to get to know about the supernatural world, to figure out every different type of creature that was out there and their story. After that they would write it all down to pass on to the next Swan. Your family takes up a part of that book, each a picture of one of the Mikaelsons and beside each picture there was a description of each of you. Mikael’s description said that he was a very hateful and proud man, and when he discovered that you were not his son his hate for you grew, and then when you framed him for the death of your mother he wanted revenge, but not because you killed Esther, he wanted revenge because now you had the upper hand. He could die with a white oak stake, and you couldn’t. So he vowed to kill you so that he would be the strongest vampire on Earth.” Bella explained.

“You know I killed my mother?” Klaus asked startled.

“Spirits of nature like to talk, especially the ones that like to go against the rules,” Bella said, “Don’t worry, I won’t be telling anyone.”

“Most people wouldn’t be so calm learning that I had killed my own mother,” Klaus said.

“A mother is supposed to love their child unconditionally,” Bella said, “Your mother bound a part of you for her own selfish reason. I’m not saying killing her was the best way to get your anger out, but you had your reasons to do what you did, I can understand that.”

“You know about the real curse?” Klaus asked.

Bella nodded, “Doppelganger blood bound you, so only doppelganger blood can unbind you, but you only want a specific line of doppelgangers correct? The Petrova line, revenge on the doppelganger who ruined your chance at freedom so many centuries ago.”

“Their line will suffer as long as I have suffered with this curse,” Klaus commented.

“If you’re so bent on finding Katerina, why haven’t you found her already?” Bella asked.

“I like knowing she lives in fear that I’ll find her, I always know where she is, she’s not a good a runner as she thinks she is,” Klaus said.

“What will you do when you find her?” Bella asked.

“I might be saving her for when I find the doppelganger, she’ll be the vampire sacrifice,” Klaus said.

Bella looked at her watch, “It was nice talking to you Klaus, but I have to get going.” Bella stood up and Klaus stood up with her.

“Come on, I’ll walk you to your car,” Klaus said.

“I can walk myself,” Bella said.

“I realize, but it’s just a precaution, vampires don’t take nicely to being taken down by a human girl,” Klaus said, “There are other vampires out there, and they will all want you dead because you’re a threat to them. What you did to my vampire made you a target, vampires like to gossip and I’m sure word about you has already spread, and you could be in serious danger.”

“I can handle vampires,” Bella said as she walked out the store.

“I know, but can you handle more than one at a time,” Klaus asked, “I’m just walking you to your car, I owe you this for finding Mikael for me.”

“You don’t owe me,” Bella said, “I found Mikael because I wanted to, not because I wanted you to owe me something.”

Klaus sighed and continued to walk by Bella’s side. He made sure she got into her car before he took off running to his home where he was going to send some of his men to check out Mikael’s current location.


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  1. Second meeting with Klaus went well. I think a friendship is starting.
    Sounds like her book store is coming along nicely.


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