Chapter Eighteen

chpt 18

Bella laughed loudly as she and Henrik had driven to Florida to enjoy some time at the beach and were currently motivated to cause some mischief. She and Henrik dived deep under the water as she had just purposely revealed a bit of her tail to the small amount of people on the beach. It seemed no one really noticed but one little girl. As they dived down Bella could still hear the excited scream that had come from the girl once she spotted Bella and her tail. Bella swam with Henrik until they reached an underwater cave, she took in a deep breath of air as she had to keep herself from laughing too much once they hit the surface.

Henrik smiled as he watched Bella laugh loudly after she couldn’t contain her laughter, her tail moving about in the water as her laughter filled the small cave that they had wandered into. He ran his hand through his wet hair moving the strands that were falling in his eyes. He shook his head in disbelief as he couldn’t truly understand how beautiful his wife was.

“Henri…” Bella said trying to catch Henrik’s attention, she moved closer to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. “What has you in such deep thought?” She questioned as she looked at the conflicted look on his face.

Henrik put his arms around Bella and kissed her sweetly. “What do you say about doing something incredibly fun?”

“I thought that was what we were already doing? You know, what we’ve been doing since we left Mystic Falls about two weeks ago.” Bella questioned with a warm smile as she moved her hand to play with his wet strands of hair.

“I think it’s time we head back, but I want to do one last thing before we go back to that wreck that is going to be waiting for us.” Henrik said, he tangled his hand in Bella’s hair enjoying the way the wet strands felt against his fingers. “I want to get married again, but I want to do it differently this time.”

Bella raised an eyebrow in question. “What do you have in mind?”

Henrik smiled, “What do you say we visit Las Vegas?”

Bella laughed, “You want to do one of those cheesy weddings?”

Henrik nodded enjoying her laughter, “I thought it would be the perfect end to this trip of ours. I want to have a good ending to this trip something memorable for the both of us, something meant just for the both of us.”

Bella smiled widely, “As long as we can get married by Elvis this time, I think it’s a great idea.”

Henrik grinned, “We can get Elvis if you wish. I love you.”

Bella smiled she rested her head against Henrik’s chest just above where his heart was. “I love you.” She whispered as she could hear the beating of his heart. She kissed his bare chest and looked up at him. “Are you really ready to go back? We can continue to have our trip of fun, we can still go to Disneyland, or to a national park.”

Henrik smiled, it always felt good when Bella worried about him. She constantly reminded him that he would always be loved. “I’ll be fine, Belle. I have to go back eventually, and if I keep avoiding it I don’t think I’ll ever go back. I also know that you miss our home and I’m starting to miss it too.”

Bella smiled, “I do miss home, but I want you to be happy. I don’t want to feel that hurt I felt from you when you first saw them. If staying away is what makes you happy, then we’ll stay away.”

“It won’t happen again, I promise. I just need to start to let go. Maybe letting go of them and the past will help me accept them again.” Henrik replied, he caressed Bella’s cheek and smiled. “Being with you like this, Belle, it’s made me realize that all I need is you. Nothing will ever be impossible as long as I have you by my side. That’s all I care about.”

Bella leaned into his touch, she rested her hand over his own. “We’ll go back, I’ll do everything I can to help you. I want you to be happy, and I will always do everything I can to make sure you’re happy.”

“I know, Belle.” Henrik said, he leaned down and kissed her softly. He brought her closer to him as he deepened the kiss between them. All he would ever need to be happy is his Belle. Nothing else would ever make him happy like having his Belle with him.

Bella rested her head against Henrik’s chest and breathed him in. She took in the soft beating rhythm his heart was making and let it wash over her. She let the sound relax her until she was laying perfectly against him.

Henrik wrapped his arms around her and kept her close to him. He rested his head on top of hers as they just stood in the water letting it engulf them. He took in a deep breath letting her scent fill his lungs completely. The smell of her fresh flowery scent made him relax and he truly believed that with her at his side he could do anything.

-Page Break-

Bella smiled as she and Henrik lay covered in blankets on the hood of the car. A day had passed since their decision to get married once more. They were headed to Las Vegas, but Bella had asked to make a stop in Arizona before they made it to Las Vegas. She wanted to see what she had long since missed, the sunsets. She always found she enjoyed the Arizona sunsets more than any other.

Bella shifted about on the hood of the car and rested her head on Henrik’s chest instead of his shoulder. “Do you remember when we used to watch the sun go down?” Bella questioned looking to Henrik.

Henrik smiled. “We’d be under the tree in your backyard, and you’d face away from the house so our mother wouldn’t think you were talking to yourself.” Henrik chuckled. “I remember there was a moment in which your mother caught you talking to me and she thought you were going crazy.”

“I was going crazy, I was seeing and talking to a ghost that I considered my best friend.” Bella teased with a small smile on her face.

Henrik chuckled softly. “I suppose so, though you must admit he was a very handsome ghost.”

Bella scoffed, “I’ve seen better, I can assure you there were better looking ghosts out there. Casper for instance…”

“Was bald.” Henrik replied with a roll of his eyes. “You can lie all you want, but I know that I am ten times better looking than Casper.”

“I don’t know, I think Casper was very handsome for being bald and having no legs.” Bella responded doing her best not to laugh.

“If that’s what you have to tell yourself,” Henrik murmured, he moved and kissed her head softly. “Do you want to stop by Washington before we head back?”

Bella shook her head, “If we’re to go back to Forks, I want it to last. Right now what’s important is that we finish this trip and go back home. We can see Nik again, and deal with your siblings before we go back to visit Forks.”

Henrik nodded, he kissed the top of her head again. “I love you, thank you for doing this with me, Belle.”

Bella smiled she turned and looked to Henrik. “I’d do anything for you Henrik.”

“My beautiful Belle.” Henrik whispered more to himself as he could feel her love for him and it was an incredibly amazing feeling. He closed his eyes and allowed the silence and her emotions wash over him. He felt her relax against him and knew she was doing the same.

-Page Break-

Bella laughed loudly as they were pulled over by a cop. She looked to Henrik with a wide smirk. “I told you that you were going way too fast.” Bella laughed as the older man got out of the car, fixing his hat and adjusting his belt as he did so. She stifled a laugh as the man came closer, by the look on his face he wasn’t too pleased at the speed Henrik was going at.

Henrik looked to Bella and had to smile at her laughter, he could feel the large amount of joy she was currently feeling and it made him smile. He looked over as the cop approached his side of the car.

“Can I help you officer?” Henrik questioned as he met the officer’s eyes that were hidden behind the shades of glasses.

“Do you know how fast you were going?” The officer questioned his hands on his hips, one hand resting on his gun while the other rested on his Taser.  Henrik didn’t miss the way the cop’s hand twitched ready for any occasion to use his weapons.

“I don’t have any real idea, I was busy focusing on the road.” Henrik replied, he noticed Bella reach over and take a hold of his hand. “I thought it was a bad idea for someone to remove their eyes from the road. I wouldn’t want to have something run into the road and get into some sort of accident.”

“Don’t give me attitude, boy.” The officer said glaring down at Henrik. “Now answer my question, do you know how fast you were going.”

Henrik glared at the cop, something about being called boy had set him off. It had reminded him of his father and that wasn’t a good thing at all. “No, I don’t know how fast I was going. Had I known how fast I was going I would’ve slowed down when I caught sight of your car with you inside stuffing your face with a donut.”

The cop reached for his gun, but Henrik’s hand shot out stilling the man’s hand. “You better let go, boy.”

Bella shook her head at the cop. “It’s a stupid thing to treat him like a child.” She told the cop, she leaned back in her seat no longer amused. The cop had so easily gotten Henrik upset that it in turn made her upset as well. Bella sighed as Henrik got out of the car, she watched as he cracked the man’s hand and before she knew it Henrik’s teeth were on his neck. She tilted her head as she wasn’t sure if he was going to kill the man or not. “He’s a cop, he probably has a family.” She said she watched as Henrik pulled back, he took the man’s glasses off and threw them onto the floor crushing them under his foot.

“It’s a good thing this road seems to be deserted,” Henrik said as he glanced to Bella. He turned back to the man in front of him and sighed heavily. “My lovely wife wishes you not to die, and what she wants she gets, so you get to live past today.” Henrik’s eyes dilated and he compelled the cop to forget this ever happened and to get back in his car.

Bella looked to Henrik as he got back in the driver’s seat. She saw the cop drive away and she smiled. “You wouldn’t have killed him, you know.”

Henrik raised a brow at this. “I would’ve killed him if you hadn’t stepped in.”

Bella shook her head a smirk on her face as she looked to her husband. “You’re not in the mood to kill, Henri. You were angry, but you wouldn’t have killed him. That’s not who you are, if you kill someone you have a reason to. That man calling you a boy was not a good enough reason and you know it.”

Henrik reached over and kissed the back of her hand. “Well, let’s continue on with our trip, we’re not that far away from our destination.”

“Of course we’re not, but now that you got to feed I think I should probably do the same at some point.” Bella said with a smile, “But I prefer not to drink from a cop or anyone else who gets in your bad graces.”

Henrik laughed, “He undermined me by calling me ‘boy’.” Henrik rolled his eyes. “He knew he was doing it too, he wanted to get me mad. Too bad for him he just didn’t realize I wasn’t human.”

-Page Break-

Bella grinned as she and Henrik had stopped by one of the casinos deciding to enjoy some of Las Vegas before they got re-married. She had been telling Henrik there was no way he could win at poker without using his powers and it was the most entertaining thing to see him try. She leaned down to his ear. “I’m going to go find something to do, come find me when you’re ready to admit that you suck at this game.” Bella kissed his cheek before she disappeared into the crowd.

She had laughed earlier when Henrik had gone to a store to buy a few suits, his face practically lighting up when he finally had on a suit again. Bella had in turn bought a few dresses, skirts and blouses for their next few days here. She currently had on a floor length red dress, something Henrik had loved to see her in, but disliked to see her walk around in. The looks she received had his hands twitching with the need to hit every man that stared at her wrong or for too long.

Bella drifted over to the Blackjack table and took the only empty seat. She handed the dealer her money and received her chips in return. She looked over at the other players and smiled widely, she could easily beat them at this game if she truly put her mind to it there would be no contest.

Bella smiled as she one again hit exactly twenty one, most of the other players landing over the number. She smiled at them as she gathered her money long ago losing count on what her winnings were exactly.

Bella turned to look at the older gentlemen that sat beside her, he seemed to be the only one at the table to be truly kind to her. The rest were muttering obscenities towards her under their breaths not knowing she could hear every word they were saying. “How are you doing tonight?” She questioned.

“Just about getting even, I suppose. I see you’re doing very well for yourself.” He responded as he gathered up his chips.

Bella nodded with a smile. “I suppose I am, I would say its beginner’s luck, wouldn’t you?”

The older gentlemen smiled. “I would say your beauty has bewitched the cards to be in your favor.”

Bella laughed, “I’d like to believe my beauty has nothing to do with my ability in this game.”

“You’re far too young for me to ask to dinner, but I do have a grandson around your age. He should be arriving soon, would you like to meet him?” The man questioned politely.

Bella smiled, “I think it’s time you know that I am married, and happily so.”

“You’re not married to some old geezer like me are you?” The man asked politely as he asked for his chips and noticed Bella do the same.

Bella smiled, “No.” She stated she turned her head as she could feel Henrik coming closer. She pointed at Henrik and turned to the man. “That man there, he’s my childhood sweetheart, and my husband.”

The man smiled, “I’m glad to see that. It is a shame you’re taken though, Mrs.…”

“Isabella Mikaelson.” Bella replied she held her hand out to the man. “It was a pleasure to meet you as well Mr.?”

“Albert Striven.” The man replied, he took Bella’s hand and kissed the back of it. “I hope you have a wonderful time in this city, Mrs. Mikaelson. Maybe we’ll see each other again.”

Bella smiled and nodded. “Maybe we will.” Bella watched the man walk away just as Henrik approached. He put his arm around her waist and kissed her cheek.

“Is this the beginning of an affair?” Henrik teased as he looked down at his Belle.

Bella shrugged, “Not with him, he wants me to have dinner with his grandson. If the grandfather is this charming, I can only imagine how the grandson is.”

“He wouldn’t be as charming as me.” Henrik whispered he kissed her before he wrapped his arms tighter around her waist. He rested his forehead against her own. “You can’t start an affair now, we’re about to get re-married. I’d say to wait at least a year or so before you try to ruin our marriage.”

Bella sighed, “If I have to wait a year, I might as well not do it at all. What will be the point then?”

Henrik smiled, “You look beautiful. Did I tell you that already?”

Bella smiled, “You might’ve mentioned something about two or three times today. Though, I never tire of hearing you speak.” Bella smoothed out his suit. “So, how’d you do? Did you come find me because you realized how horrible you are at gambling?”

“I came to find you because I missed you.” Henrik replied, he kissed her again and smirked as she pulled away. “Something wrong, Belle?”

Bella shook her head, “No, I just wish to get my winnings. I’d like to see how much I made tonight.”

Henrik looked over her shoulder to see one of the workers gathering her chips together on a silver carrying tray. “What were you playing?”

“Blackjack, it turns out I’m really quite a natural at it.” Bella responded with a smile she smiled at the worker and thanked him for his job. Grabbing a random chip she handed it to the boy. “I’m allowed to tip you correct?”

The boy nodded and his hands shook as he accepted the chip. “Madam, I don’t mean to be rude, but do you know how much this chip is worth?”

Bella shrugged, “I doubt I really need it. Have a good day.” She took the tray and handed it to Henrik. “I think I did well.”

Henrik sighed, “You did wonderful really. This is close to 250,000 dollars, Belle.”

Bella looked to the chips and then to Henrik. “I don’t know how I did it. I just started betting at random.” She grinned widely. “I guess I’m better at gambling than you’ll ever be. I finally found something I can beat you in!”

Henrik rolled his eyes, he put his arm around Bella’s shoulders. “You’re better at a great deal of things than I am. This is just another thing to add to the list, and what a long list it is becoming.”

Bella laughed, she leaned into Henrik with a smile. “What do you say to cashing these in, and finding something fun to do? Maybe we can sneak into some show? I’d really love to see something.”

Henrik smiled, “We can do whatever you wish, Belle. I think we can ask the hotel concierge to help us find a show to attend.”

“We can visit the shops while we wait, I want to buy Nik something.” Bella said she looked the chips in Henrik’s hands and tilted her head. “Do you think we can spend all that money during our stay here?”

“I think it’s possible.” Henrik replied he looked down to see Bella’s grin. “You want to spend all your winnings so soon?”

Bella shrugged, “It’s not as if we really need the money, Henri. Besides, this is our last trip we should go all out for this one. If we’re going to stay in a very expensive hotel room, we might as well keep it up.”

Henrik chuckled, “We can do whatever you please with your winnings.”

-Page Break-

Bella let Henrik take off her coat as they entered the very expensive and very exclusive restaurant. She had bought a floor length gown just for this place. She looked to Henrik who handed the coat to a man who took them to another room. “Explain to me again, how you got a table here so quickly? The concierge said this place was booked for months, he even joked that if we wanted a table we’d have to return in a couple years.”

Henrik smirked, “I’m charming, and you’d be surprise what a bribe could do.” He kissed her cheek sweetly putting his arm around you. “I thought this was a good place to go before we get married tomorrow.”

Bella smiled at Henrik. “You’ve decided on a theme then? What is it?”

Henrik smirked, “You’ll have to wait and see. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.”

Bella smiled, “I hope I will.” She smiled as the waitress looked Henrik over, but it didn’t seem Henrik had been putting any attention at all towards her. She followed the waitress over to their table and smiled as Henrik pulled the chair out for her. “Really, what a gentleman.”

Henrik smirked, “Well, I was raised to be a gentlemen, Belle.”

Bella smiled as the girl handed Henrik his menu and did the same to her. She caught Henrik’s glare towards the girl as the girl had started to glare at her. “Can you give us a moment?”

“Of course.” The girl replied plastering on a fake smile on her face.

Henrik looked to Bella confused. “Why does that girl seem to hate you?”

“Because of you.” Bella stated as she looked at her menu, she glanced up at Henrik to see his confused face. “You’re a catch, Henri. You may not see it, but you get a lot of women who want you. On that list our waitress is now included. I make her jealous because I get to be married to you, and jealousy can be such an ugly thing to feel.”

“It’s a normal thing to feel, but I do find it odd how easily she could seem to hate you. I would’ve thought your supernatural charm would work on her.” Henrik said he smirked as he caught what Bella said. “So I’m a catch?”

Bella laughed, “I’m going to order the lobster that should be good right? It’s the special for today, so I would imagine it would be the best dish to order.”

Henrik smiled, “I love you.” He said as he reached over and took her hand in his. “Why don’t we just get something sweet, and head out and feed.”

Bella smiled, she closed her menu. “I think that sounds wonderful. Being in the casino’s for so long really made me thirsty going to a packed theatre didn’t really help either.”

Henrik smiled as he had felt her thirst spike as soon as the waitress began acting rudely. He was finally beginning to realize his Belle was just as possessive as he was, she only had a better way of hiding it. “I’m sure we can find something in this city soon enough.”

-Page Break-

Bella smiled as Henrik handed her a dress bag. “Is this it?” she questioned as she took it from his hands. She went to open it, but he quickly stopped her.

“You have to wait until you’re inside the dressing room. One of the workers will come and get you when everything is set up, so stay put, Belle.” Henrik said he grinned at her and stepped forward to kiss her head. “I love you, so try not to ruin this surprise like you ruined the original proposal.”

Bella rolled her eyes, “Okay. I’ll see you in a bit?”

Henrik nodded, he leaned back down and kissed her again. “In minutes, it won’t take long to start, I promise.”

Bella nodded she disappeared into the Chapel letting an old lady escort her to one of the dressing rooms. She put on her dress smiling as it was far shorter than her original gown, “Excuse me.” Bella said knowing the older woman was on the other side of the door. “Can you zip this up for me?”

The woman opened the door to the room. “Of course I can, dear.” She zipped up the dress. “It is a perfect fit, that man of yours sure is something different. He chose this out himself, and set everything up, in all my years of running this place I’ve never seen a man worry so much over his girl.”

Bella smiled at the thought of Henrik. “He is something else.”

“He rented out the entire afternoon, made sure nothing would interrupt this. Is this your first time getting married?” The woman questioned.

Bella shook her head she glanced down at the ring on her finger. “I was married about ten years ago to the most wonderful man in the world. And today I get to do it all over again with him.”

“Ten years? But you look so young.” The old woman said in wonder as she looked upon Bella.

Bella smiled, “Thank you, we got married young.” Bella said looking away from her ring and towards the older women. “This is the ending to a trip we’ve been on, he thought it would be the perfect way to end it. I think he was right.”

The older woman smiled, “I don’t usually see such love in the eyes of our couples. Most of the time I just see lust and a bit too much liquor for their own good. When I looked into that man’s eyes earlier, I knew it was love, no one’s face lights up so easily at the mention of their beloved. Standing here with you, I can see it is the best love at all. I’m happy for you dear, you have what most people only ever wish of having.”

“I’m a very lucky girl to have my Henri.” Bella replied tears filled her eyes. “It’s a wonderful feeling to have him with me. I’m excited to see what he has planned for this. Henrik has been known to do things just a bit too much.”

“Oh, it’s really quite wonderful. My grandson will be doing the wedding and he’s excited to meet you, we all were. We’ve all been wondering about the woman that was the missing half of such a gentleman.” The older woman said, she stepped back and really took a look at Bella in her dress. “You look gorgeous, dear. By far the most beautiful bride that has ever walked through those doors.”

Bella smiled. “Thank you.”

The older woman peeked her head out of the dressing room and saw her husband waving her over. “It looks like it’s time to get started.”

Bella smiled she took the woman’s hand and let her lead the way. She was struck breathless as she came upon the hall. It was decorated with flowers and brightly colored ribbons. She turned her head as an upbeat version of the wedding march began to play. She was about to take a step forward when a swarm of dancers came running through. She looked on star struck as they danced their way through the aisle bouncing off the walls and doing flips in the air. She looked towards Henrik who had a wide smile on his face. Bella turned back to the dancers to see they had made two separate lines to lead her down the aisle. She took the bouquet of flowers one of them offered and walked down the aisle. She met Henrik and smiled up at him in awe on how he had the time to plan this. She took his offered hand and stepped up on the altar.

Bella couldn’t help but laugh when she saw the Elvis impersonator that was going to marry them. She looked to Henrik and smiled brightly at him. “You’re amazing.” She whispered as she looked to the group of dancers that had now taken their seats.

“I wanted this to be something you remembered. I wanted to have something to remember this trip with.” Henrik replied, he cupped Bella’s cheek and smiled at her. “Are you ready to marry me again?”

Bella smirked, “I think so.”


Bella laughed as what seemed like tons of glitter was thrown at them during their kiss. She pulled back and wiped away glitter from Henrik’s face. She ran her fingers down his cheek and wiped away the glitter. “You’re my forever.”

Henrik smiled and took her hand away from his cheek and kissed her palm. “Forever sounds great” He replied as he leaned down and kissed her again. A round of applause sounding through the room from the dancers and owners that were watching the interaction between the two.

Bella laughed as Henrik picked her up in his arms breaking their kiss. “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to carry you out to the car.” Henrik replied as he made his way out of the chapel. “And I’m going to go back to the hotel were we’ll spend the rest of the evening locked up in our hotel room.”

“What happens if I need to feed?” Bella questioned with a smirk.

“I’ll call for room service, and you can drink from the waiter.” Henrik replied, he set Bella down in the car and kissed her lips quickly before he rushed over to the other side. He smiled as there was rice being thrown at them. He laughed as he noticed the just married sign on the back of the car. He quickly shouted a thank you to all the people who had helped him make this happen. He got into the car and took Bella’s hand in his and kissing the back of it.

Bella moved out of her seat and curled up at Henrik’s side. She smiled as his arm wrapped around her and they drove off. Bella rested her head on his shoulder and smiled. “You make me happy, Henri. I will never be able to be without you.”

Henrik turned his head slightly and kissed her head. “I couldn’t live without you, Belle.”

-Page Break-

Bella took Henrik’s hand in her own as they got out of the car looking up at their home. “You sure you want to do this?” Bella questioned the final time as they stood in front of their car just in front of the house.

“We either do this now, or we continue to keep away.” Henrik replied he held tightly onto Bella’s hand as it was the only thing keeping him sane at the moment.

Bella nodded and she and Henrik took a step forward towards the house. The both stopped when Klaus came rushing out of the house stopping in front of the two of them. Bella released Henrik’s hand as he and Nik hugged for a moment. Bella smiled as Klaus turned to her. “Hey, Nik.” She said as she stepped forward and hugged him tightly. She paused as she got a strange feeling from him. “Is something wrong, Nik?”

Klaus took in a deep breath and looked back at the house. “Before you go in there, I should mention that we have a new guest.”

Henrik gave his brother a questioning look. “What are you talking about, Nik?”

“The witch, Bonnie took notice you weren’t in town. She, Stefan, and Elena took advantage of this. To get to the point, they released Esther from her coffin before I could stop them. I have so far kept our siblings from saying a word about either of you to her, but if you stay here you should know she’s here as well.” Klaus said as he had been relieved his brother and his sister had come home at the perfect moment. Currently Elijah, Finn and Rebekah were out with their mother in town. He and Kol had decided to stay home as they weren’t very trusting over their mother. “She’s in town, I doubt she’ll be back until evening. If you don’t wish to be around her, I’ll understand if you leave.”

Henrik shook his head he held back onto Bella’s hand. “I can’t trust her Nik.”

Bella leaned into Henrik’s side as he could feel his emotions rising. His anger being the strongest one that she could feel from him. “What happened, Nik?”

Klaus sighed, “It’s a long story, one of which if I were to tell you would waste time and you’d be forced to see her.”

Henrik shook his head. “This is our home. I’m not going to continue to run away from it. I came here to deal with this dysfunctional family and that’s exactly what I plan to do. Let’s head inside.”

Klaus looked to Bella for a moment and saw her nod, he knew if anyone knew Henrik it was her. “Let’s start with a drink.”

Bella let Klaus walk ahead of her and Henrik, she moved and stood in front of Henrik. “I want you to remember that I love you. Your brother loves you, and though it may not seem like it your siblings love you as well. Your mother is just another problem we can deal with.”

Henrik sighed, “I don’t trust her, Belle. She was around very dark spirits and I’m sure they manipulated her and are using her to their will. I doubt she was brought back to join this happy family, if anything she’s back to kill this family.”

Bella caressed his cheek. “Then we’ll deal with it, together. This is our home, we won’t let her destroy it.”

Henrik leaned down and kissed Bella softly, his lips mixing with hers effortlessly. He pulled back and rested his forehead against her own. “You’ll still love me even if I have to kill her?” He whispered so lowly she was sure no one but she would hear it.

“I’ll love you no matter what happens. My love is never ending, my heart, my soul, it’s all yours till the end of time, Henri.” Bella replied as she opened up her heart to him letting him feel everything at its fullest strength. “Forever, remember?”

Henrik nodded his head. “Forever.”


 Author’s Note

Here we go, a new chapter. If you have any questions feel free to ask them and I will respond as quickly as I can to them.

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!



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