Chapter Twenty-Two

CBtS #22

Author’s Note

Too much? Or Too little? Tell me what you think!

-Page Break-

Henrik tilted his head as he watched Klaus. “What has you in a bad mood? You’ve been acting strange for weeks.”

Klaus sighed in irritation. “Are you serious?” He questioned in annoyance as he looked upon Henrik. “It’s been six weeks since Bella has left and there has been no word from her. We have no idea how she’s doing or if she’s still alive. There is no word from Kol either, they could be dead for all we know. Does this not bother you in the slightest?”

Henrik sighed and shrugged his shoulders. “Is it supposed to?”

“SHE’S YOUR WIFE!” Klaus shouted in anger he was tired of his brother’s attitude and now more than anything Klaus needed for Henrik to understand what he had done.

“What a wonderful wife she was if she was sleeping with my own brother.” Henrik said with distaste.

Klaus paused and turned to his brother. “What are you talking about?”

“As if you yourself didn’t see it.” Henrik said bitterly as he leaned back in his chair. “They were always together, and on several occasions they were cuddling for the world to see. I find it offensive that after I lost my memories she really didn’t try to hide their little affair.”

“You’re an idiot.” Klaus said staring at his brother. “Bella was never with Kol, you have and will always be the only person that Bella has ever been in love with. She would never do what you are accusing her of.”

“Then, please explain what it is we all saw.” Henrik said angrily.

“After you woke up, I spent the majority of my time with you. Bella had no one to turn to, so Kol stepped in. Kol sees her the same way as I do, a little sister. There is and has never been anything going on romantically between Kol and Bella. They’re siblings.” Klaus replied as he stood but paused as something entered his mind. “Is this why you asked her to leave? You thought she was with Kol and that’s why you deemed her troublesome?”

Klaus didn’t let Henrik speak. “What did you mean ‘we all saw’?”

“Rebekah, Finn and Elijah saw it as well.” Henrik replied simply.

Klaus nodded his head as it was starting to make sense. “Tell me something, Henrik.” Klaus said as he stared at his brother. “With the memories that you were left with, in any of them did you see Rebekah, Finn or Elijah in them? Do you remember speaking to them before the loss of your memories?”

Henrik’s eyes went wide. “No.” he said in realization. “I never spoke to them before, I don’t remember caring about what they had to say.”

Klaus nodded, “You knew back then as well as I do that our siblings are selfish. The only person that helped you realize they had hurt you was Bella. Bella was helping you cope with our siblings, she was the only reason you remembered that you had been hurt by them. I hope you can understand why they would want to get her away from you. Why our siblings would want to prevent you from remembering her.”

Henrik sighed seeing that maybe his brother was right after all. “I’m sorry, Nik, I still believe what I did was the right thing.”

Klaus shook his head more than disappointed that his brother didn’t seem to understand the effects of his actions. “Henrik, you are my brother and no matter what I will stand at your side, but you’ll soon realize how incredibly stupid your actions have been. I would have never believed you would allow yourself to be manipulated by our siblings.”

Klaus left the room letting Henrik think on his own. All he was hoping for was that his brother would be able to come to his senses sooner or later.

-Page Break-

Henrik looked to Alaric as they had the entire senior student body gathered in the gym. “Now, normally there would be a female up here with us, but Mrs. Mikaelson wasn’t available this school year, so we’re just going to have to try and go on without her.” Alaric announced to the students.

Henrik tensed as he heard the whispers. None of them were relating to his relationship, but just about Bella’s appearance in general. Henrik found it hard to hear how all these boys, and some girls, were attracted to her. Even without her here they were still reacting to her. “Right.” He said silencing the room with the tense tone in his voice. “Let’s move on. First, you’re all going to watch a 30 minute video that the schoolboard insists we show you. Secondly, we’re going to pass around a sealed box. Each of you must put in some question or thought. Then Mr. Saltzman and I will answer as many questions as we can in the time we are given. Before you leave, we are going to pass out these folders which contain further information on birth control, safe sex, and any free clinic in the area or counselor you can speak to as much as you please.”

“Let’s get started and just keep this in mind as the video plays, if there is too much talking or noise we will be forced to have you watch this video again and have you write a report on it. So please just try to be quiet, it’ll make everything easier for all of us.” Alaric said.

Alaric and Henrik took their seats facing the bleachers and watching over the students. “You okay, man?”

Henrik nodded but didn’t speak as he stared on his tuned ears hearing everything that was being said. Many of the boys in the class were speaking about how much they would prefer to have Mrs. Mikealson teach them about sex.

“I get it,” Alaric said quietly as he saw Henrik’s fist clench and unclench. “They’re putting you on edge the way they’re talking about Bella. Forgot you had super human hearing.”

Henrik turned to Alaric, “What is your opinion on Bella?”

Alaric turned to Henrik and shrugged. “Don’t take this offensively, but I really don’t like many vampires. Your wife though, she was different. She has this ease to her, as if no matter who you are or what you do she’d lend a helping hand. I think you hit the lottery when it comes to wives.” Alaric chuckled lightly. “She blew up Damon’s car and he still thinks highly of her. I doubt that there is one person who has any bad words to share about her. Why do you ask?”

“I’ve recently lost all memories of her.” Henrik admitted quietly. “And I’m starting to believe that maybe I’ve made a very grave mistake.”

Alaric chuckled, “I have no doubt that whatever it is Bella would look past it. The way she looks at you, there’s nothing she wouldn’t forgive.”

Henrik simply nodded, getting lost in his own thoughts.

-Page Break-

Henrik entered his home and walked straight to Klaus’s study curious to see what his older brother was up to for the day. Henrik looked curiously as Klaus was reading over a letter. “Who writes to you?”

“Your wife,” Klaus responded simply as he flipped over the paper and continued to read the 4 page, front and back, letter Bella had sent him.

Henrik froze. “Where is she?”

Klaus shrugged, “Bella has always been smart if she doesn’t want to us to know where she is she’s going to cover her trail. The return address for this letter isn’t real. It’s the location of school in some book series she was reading.”

“What does Belle say?” Henrik questioned as he took a seat in one of the chairs in Klaus’s study.

Klaus set the letter down and looked at his brother curiously. “Pardon?”

“What did Belle write about? It must be interesting if it takes up so many pages.” Henrik said not catching what he had said.

“You called her Belle.” Klaus stated, “Not Bella.”

Henrik looked down confused and thought about what he had said. “I hadn’t realized, that just registers as her name now. Did I call her that often?”

Klaus nodded, “She’s always been your Belle, Henrik. Have you gotten any memories back?”

Henrik shook his head. “No. What does she say in her letter?”

Klaus looked back at the letter. “She doesn’t say much about where she is or has been. Most of this is either her requesting that I watch over you or several complaints about Kol. Then the last few pages of the letter are her assuring me that they’re okay. Only two pages are from Bella, the other two are from Kol.”

“And what does he say?” Henrik questioned.

“He doesn’t give any hint to where they are, he simply states how Bella is doing.” Klaus looked up at his brother and continued. “According to him, he’s finally managed to get her to drink blood regularly. Apparently just after they left she stopped feeding, he says she was practically mummifying in front of him. She’s drinking blood daily as for some reason she seems to need it more now than before. He assured they would write again in the upcoming weeks.”

Henrik nodded, “I’m going to head upstairs, Nik.”

Klaus nodded and watched Henrik leave. He saw it, that small glimmer of hope, he hadn’t gotten his memories back, but the fact that he had referred to her as Belle again said something.

-Page Break-

Henrik sighed as it was Christmas time and something felt off. He had distanced himself from Elijah, Rebekah and Finn to some extent. He was starting to feel that there was something off when it came to them.

Henrik took a seat beside Klaus as they both just looked at the large tree that took up most of the space in the living room. “What is the point of this?”

Klaus sighed, “Appease Rebekah so she doesn’t throw a tantrum like the spoiled child that she is.”

“That sounds like Rebekah.” Henrik said, he turned his head as the doorbell rang. “Did you order something?”

“No.” Klaus said as he stood and headed towards the door. He opened and saw a young man standing at the door.

“Hi, I’m delivering a package for, Nik Mikaelson?” the boy said.

Klaus nodded and signed for the package. He took the box and closed the door. “It’s from Bella.” He said as soon as he knew she would be the only one to send a package to him.

Henrik followed Klaus into his study. “That’s much larger than the letter.”

“It’s Christmas.” Klaus replied. “Bella lived for giving gifts.”

Henrik nodded, “What did Belle send?”

Klaus set the box down and ripped it open inside were four separately gifted boxes. He read the tags knowing two were for him and two were for Henrik. He handed Henrik the boxes. “I assume one is from Bella and one is from Kol.”

Henrik nodded, he set Bella’s gift down knowing it was hers by her scent that lingered on it. He read the tag on Kol’s gift.

You’re an idiot.

Merry Christmas little brother.


Henrik rolled his eyes and opened the box and pulled out a very expensive watch. He looked to Bella’s box but couldn’t bring himself to open it yet. He turned to his brother and saw he had gotten a similar watch from Kol.

Klaus opened Bella’s gift and a small smile reached his face as he saw the book inside. He pulled out the small note that was taped to the cover.


Kol insists on visiting every store we walk by. It’s exhausting, but it keeps my mind occupied so I can’t really complain. This book contains pictures of anonymous artworks that are said to be some of the greatest works in time. Page 27 is my favorite.

Merry Christmas,


Klaus set the note down and flipped to the indicated page he chuckled as his own painting was listed. Klaus turned to speak to Henrik only to see him walk out of the room with Bella’s gift leaving Kol’s behind.

Henrik entered his room and sat down on the bed. He played with the box in his hands over and over again. Finally he opened it and saw the small photo album.

Merry Christmas.



Henrik opened and stared at the first photo. It was him and Bella in front of a school were they were surrounded by several teenagers, but neither one had noticed the camera faced at them. They were too busy laughing to care.

Senior Year

Bella’s neat handwriting titled the top of the picture.

Henrik turned the page and saw another photo of them. Bella was sitting on a branch of a tree her feet dangling off the edge. Henrik was leaning against the base of the tree reading to her.

My first book. Our story.

Henrik took in a deep breath and turned to the next page. Bella was standing in a yellow graduation gown and Henrik was standing beside her with his arm around her waist wearing a red gown.


Henrik turned the page again and saw Bella’s back turned to the camera as she looked up at a large house.

Our New Home.

Henrik took in a deep breath as he turned to the next page. Bella was standing with her back pressed to Henrik’s chest. Her hand extended showing off the large diamond ring.

You asked a very important question… and I said yes.

Henrik rubbed his face as he didn’t really know what to think anymore. He couldn’t stop himself as he flipped to the next page. He took in a deep breath as he saw her standing there with him in a beautiful white gown.

It was a small ceremony, but still so beautiful. Nik was there with us. I officially became a Mikaelson on this day.

Henrik continued on to the next picture. He was once again standing with her in his arms both wearing graduation gowns.

We did it again. You became a lawyer and I became a nurse. Despite having new titles in work I was still yours.

He looked to the next picture. He was in a well-tailored black suit while she was in a pair of light blue scrubs.

First day of work.

Henrik turned the page and a smile crept onto his face as he saw it was cluttered with pictures of him in different suits.

You obtained an addiction. I obtained a new fondness of seeing you in suits.

Henrik flipped to the next page. Bella was sitting in his lap they both looked at the camera she was holding in her hands and smiled. The following picture he kissed her just before she took the picture.

You always had a way of taking my breath away.

Henrik shook his head and skipped close to the end of the album. The page he skipped to had a picture of her in a lake with her tail peeking out from the water as she smiled into the picture.

Road trip fun.

He turned to the final picture and saw Bella again in his arms.

Our 2nd wedding. Just you and me, because nothing else mattered.

Henrik turned the page and saw a letter written to him.

Henri Henrik,

You have been my best friend since we first met. You were everything that kept me sane, because I always knew that if I needed you, you would do everything you could to help me.

I will and always will do everything I have to in order to make sure you’re happy. Leaving has and always will be the hardest thing I had to do. But as always, you were right. I couldn’t stay in that house. I was somehow hurting you, and killing myself.

I was dying because I knew who you were. I knew I loved you, but you didn’t know me. You called me Bella, not Belle, and that hurt more than I could ever imagine. You wouldn’t be in the same room as me, you could barely stand to look at me. I have never felt something more painful in my existence.

Despite all this I want you to know that I love you. You have and always will be the person to whom my heart belongs to. You might have forgotten me, but I will never forget you.

I want nothing more than for you to be happy, it’s all I’ve ever wanted. I made this for you and me. You may never remember me and I can’t force you to, but at the very least you should know that what I felt for you was true. I didn’t say goodbye properly, so this is it.

Goodbye, Henri.

I love you.

Forever yours,


Henrik ran his fingers down the page feeling how in some places it indented into the paper. It was such a small book, but it meant so much.

-Page Break-

Henrik sighed as he sat down to watch the commencement speech. Something was wrong, but he could never tell. He still only ever talked to Klaus when it came to his siblings, he couldn’t get close to his siblings without feeling some sort of resentment for them.

Henrik turned to his brother watching as Klaus kept his eyes glued to Caroline. “I’m curious, are you ever going to tell her that you’re in love with her?”

Klaus shook his head at his brother’s words. “Caroline and I have a very special relationship.”

Henrik smirked, “Of course, special.”

Klaus rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Have you gotten another letter from Belle since Christmas?” Henrik questioned curiously.

Klaus shook his head. “No. I haven’t heard from either of them.”

Henrik sighed, “What are the chances that something could’ve happened to her?”

Klaus looked at his brother seeing the familiar face of worry. The one that was really only ever for Bella’s well-being, it had been too long since he had last seen his brother with that look on his face. “Very slim. Bella knows how to watch out for herself perfectly. Not to mention that Kol wouldn’t allow something to happen to her.”

Henrik nodded but the answer didn’t appease him. “I want to go looking for her.”

Klaus turned to his brother with wide eyes. “What?”

“I can’t remember her, but I can feel her missing. I don’t like her not being here.” Henrik responded carefully he tapped his chest just above where his heart would be. “I can feel her being gone. I can’t remember her, but I know now that she’s important to me.”

“You’re serious about this Henrik?” Klaus questioned as he sat up.

Henrik nodded, “I can’t go on without her for much longer, Nik. She’s my Belle, and I want her back.”

Klaus nodded, “Then we’ll leave soon.”

Henrik smiled, “Thank you.” He responded as he relaxed a bit into his seat and looked back at the graduation.

-Page Break-

Henrik bent over the table to get a closer look at the map. He didn’t pay attention as someone entered the library he as in.

“Henrik.” Elijah said catching his youngest brother’s attention. “May we speak for a moment?”

Henrik sighed and stood up straight. “What is it that you want, Elijah?”

“I came to offer an apology.” Elijah said. “We have been selfish and cruel when it comes to you. We have all wanted an opportunity to be able to earn your forgiveness. When the time came and it was offered to us we took advantage of it despite it hurting you and your wife.”

“What exactly are you speaking of, Elijah?” Henrik questioned.

Elijah took out a small folded paper from his suit pocket and handed it to Henrik. “This should help.”

Henrik took the paper from Elijah and cautiously opened it. He read over the contents and immediately knew exactly what it was. “You’ve had this the entire time?”

Elijah shook his head. “I only just got my hands on it, but I did know about it since the beginning. Esther confided in Finn and I on her plans. This spell was what she originally had planned to use on Bella. We never thought she would turn and use it on you. When she did we all decided that it was better for us if we kept it to ourselves. You were more forgiving without your memories, but we should’ve known that what we were doing was hurting you. I’m sorry for not brining this to you sooner and I hope that this will help you regain your memories.”

Henrik shook his head not believing his brother. “All this time…” Henrik glared at his brother. “I’m going to give you a warning to get as far away from me as you possibly can, because at this point I will have no problem killing you were you stand. The same goes for Rebekah and Finn, I suggest you warn them. You went too far.”

Elijah nodded and left the room. Henrik took a seat looking over the spell in his hands. It wouldn’t take much work to find a loophole and be able to reverse it and get all his memories back, get his Belle back.

-Page Break-

Klaus entered the library in an attempt to search for his brother. They had settled on leaving that afternoon, but Klaus had yet to hear from Henrik since the morning. “Henrik.” He said as he entered the building.

Klaus rushed to behind the desk and looked at his brother as he lay motionless on the floor. He reached down and grabbed the paper that was crunched up in Henrik’s hands. Klaus sighed as he caught onto what had happened. Somehow his brother had figured out what curse Esther had used and attempted to reverse it. Picking his brother up Klaus carried him to the sofa in the room. He hoped that whatever Henrik had done was working.

Henrik looked around everything seemed faded, but he could still see it all in almost perfect detail.

He watched the scene that unfolded before him. It was Bella with tears running down her face and her brown eyes swollen with sadness. Henrik watched as suddenly he appeared and her tears stopped. He smiled as he remembered this. Their first meeting. As soon as the thought passed through his mind he began to see more and more scenes unfold before him.

Their first kiss. The simple touch of their lips that ultimately sealed their souls together. It almost ached to see the scene, to know that somehow he had forgotten this, forgotten her.

A smile brightened his face as he remembered when he asked her to marry him for the first time. How he had come up with an elaborate plan, and she had ruined it so easily. In the end the proposal was perfect for them, it was simple and just the two of them.

Tears swelled in his eyes as he remembered her. He remembered everything, the way she’d turn to look at him throughout the day. That special smile that was meant for him. Everything about her was beginning to come back to him. A hand reached to his chest as he couldn’t feel her in his heart anymore. He shook his head as his actions finally began to settle in. He had let her go in more ways than one, and there was nothing more he wanted than to fix what he had done.

He made a final decision, he would do everything he had to in order to get back his Belle.

Prv chpt

chpt lisst



nxt chpt


  1. my siblings do that to me….well blood is not gonna be thicker than water. although blood will be spilling everywhere, that’s for darn sure. i’m glad he remembers now. 😀

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  2. i hope he does more then simply warn the others off. they screwed his life as well as bella’s over. they need to pay for what they have done to them and for selfish reasons at that. now if bella has been hurt like henri asked klaus then shit should hit the fan for elijah rebeka and finn. glad to see memories are coming back. a little sad to know its going to be ending soon cause i love this story.

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  3. i swear i cried in the last chapter and most of this one..i do wonder what has been making her drink blood daily. part of me really really hopes that she is pregnant, but she is supposed to be the last mermaid. but i mean henrik is a witch not a mermaid. so technically it could still happen. i hope elijah, bekah and finn ran very far away because hell have no fury like a women scorned and when bella finds out well safe to say she might just kill them herself. anxiously awaiting the next chapter.

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  6. My god my heart hurts for the two!💔 God if my siblings did something like that to me I do more than just tell them to run I’d tell them to hope I never find them. God I god a brokn heart can’t kill a mermaid cause Henrik might be too late to save her.

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    I wonder what Bella could make them do with that voice of hers. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind using it in a case like this.

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