Reaper Twins: Chapter 8

rt chpt 8

“Izzy!” Marco yelled. Bella came rushing down the stairs in a hurry.

“What? Did something happen? Is something wrong?” Bella asked looking around.

“No, just thought I’d tell you I made breakfast,” Marco said with a smirk.

“You idiot! I thought there was something wrong,” Bella said taking a seat at the table.

“Screaming was the only way I could get you down the stairs quickly,” Marco said, “We have a big day today!”

“We’re going witch hunting,” Bella said with a smile.

“Not really hunting if we know exactly where they are,” Marco said setting the plate in front of Bella.

“So, what’s the plan again, I spaced out while you were coming up with it yesterday,” Bella said.

“We’re going to wait until they’re doing the ritual,” Marco said, “You’ll be able to get the Bennett witch to unlink them, while I take mommy original away and kill her, because you insisted her children shouldn’t watch her die. Then I bring her back and return the body to her children to do with as they wish. Until Bonnie unlinks them we have to keep an eye on them to make sure that one of them isn’t killed. The Salvatore’s want Klaus dead, they might see this as their opportunity to kill him.”







Bella nodded as she ate her breakfast, “So what are we going to do all day? The moon isn’t up until about 9, and we know where the ritual is taking place, so what’s the plan for the rest of the day?”

“Well Izzy, we play the waiting game,” Marco said, “I was thinking we can play with these rings and see if we can somehow control them at will.”

Bella nodded, “Let’s do it then, but I think we have to be away from each other.”

“Alright, I’ll fly while you try getting the ring to signal me to you,” Marco said.

Bella nodded, “Just let me change out of these clothes.”

-Page Break-

The three Mikaelson brothers walked into the clearing. They stopped in front of Esther and Finn.

“My sons, come forward,” Esther said walking into the ritual circle.

“Step aside mother,” Finn said putting a sheltering hand in front of his mother.

“It’s alright, they can’t enter,” Esther said calmly.

“That’s lovely, we’re stuck out here, while the favorite son plays sacrificial lamb. How pathetic you are





Finn,” Kol said walking around the barrier that was protecting Esther and Finn.

“Be quiet Kol. Your brother knows virtue you cannot even imagine,” Esther said.

“Whatever you think of us, killing your own children would be an atrocity,” Elijah said to his mother.

“My only regret was that I did not let you die one thousand years ago,” Esther said.

“Enough,” Klaus said faking calm, “All this talk is boring me. End this now mother or I’ll send you back to Hell.”

“For a thousand years, I’ve been forced to watch you. Felt the pain of every victim, suffered while you shed blood. Even you Elijah with your claim to nobility, you’re no better. All of you, you’re a curse to this earth stretched out over generations. If you’ve come to plead for your life, sorry, you’ve wasted your time.” Esther said to her three sons.

“Actually, if anyone should be pleading or their life, I think it should be you Esther,” Bella said flying down with Marco by her side. Her wings were out as were Marco’s.

“Twins of Death,” Esther whispered.

Marco smirked and stepped forward with Bella, “We prefer Reaper instead of Death.”

Bella looked at Esther, “The Bennett’s, they’re inside the house correct?”

“You have no reason to be here,” Esther said to Bella and Marco backing up slightly in fear.

Bella smiled, “Oh but we do, you see, we’re here to make sure your children continue to walk the Earth.”

“They are monsters!” Esther argued, “They deserve to die!”

“You’re a monster yourself,” Bella said stepping inside the circle, “You turned them into what they are now, and you still have the nerve to say that the way they turned out is there fault, when it’s all your fault. That’s why you were punished by the spirits. A mother is supposed to love her children no matter what they are, not try to kill them every chance she gets.”

“I was a good mother!” Esther said stepping back from Bella.

Bella smiled, “A good mother dies for her children, not tries to kill her children.” Bella grabbed Esther by the neck and threw her to Marco. “Let’s get this over with.” Marco pulled Esther to him and flew away. Bella turned to Finn who looked startled, she pressed her hand to his head and healed his mind and took away the compulsion Esther put on him. Finn fell to the ground. Bella picked him up and set him down outside the ritual.

Bella turned to the three originals who seemed to be stunned into silence, “Stay here, you’re still linked together, and it’s harder to protect all of you if you scatter around.” Bella walked up to the witch house and walked in. “Bennett’s oh Bennett’s come out come out where ever you are!”

Abby Bennett came out standing in front of Bonnie, “Leave us alone.”

“Sorry, no can do, now we can make this easy or we can make this hard,” Bella said, “So what do you choose?” Neither Bennett said a word and Bella sighed, “Hard way it is.” Bella walked up to Abby and used her touch of death to kill her. Bonnie let out a scream and fell to the floor beside her mother. Bella grabbed Bonnie’s arm and pulled her up to look at her.

“Alright Bennett, let’s make this clear, you do what I ask, and I’ll have Marco bring her back,” Bella said, “Don’t do what I ask, and she stays dead, understand?”

“What do you want?” Bonnie asked.

“I want you to find the reverse to unlinking the originals, and I want it done by midnight,” Bella said, “Ask your ancestors for help, I’ll be at the Mikaelson mansion when you’re done, and I’ll have your mommy with me when you’re ready.” Bella picked up Abby and carried her out. Marco was standing in front of the originals. Bella handed him Abby.

“Why is she dead, and why are you giving her to me?” Marco asked.

“She’s a bit of motivation,” Bella said, “Where’s Bekah?”

“Why?” Kol asked.

“Because she’s by herself and I’m going to go make sure she gets back to your home safely,” Bella said, “Where is she?”

“By the Caverns, we had her watching the doppelganger,” Elijah said.

Bella nodded, and looked at Marco, “Go, I’ll watch over them.” Marco said to Bella. Bella took off flying leaving Marco with the original brothers.

“Let’s get going, you being outside is exposing yourselves to your possible deaths,” Marco said.

“Why should we listen to you?” Kol asked

“Because I’m here to help you,” Marco said, “If I wanted to kill you I would’ve done it already, let’s go, Bella will be meeting us back at your house with your sister. What do you want to do with your mother’s body?”

“We’ll burn her,” Klaus said, “I don’t want her coming back.”

Marco nodded and used his control on the elements to set her on fire, “We should go.” Marco took off running with Abby, the originals followed closely behind.

-Page Break-

“Bekah!” Bella yelled as she got close to the caverns. Bella got to the caverns and found it empty. She took a deep breath and caught Rebekah’s scent in the air. Bella followed her scent as it mixed with a few others. Bella ran and stopped as she found the scent led to the Salvatore house. She took in a deep breath before she headed inside. She found Rebekah tied up in the living room. Bella smelt the vervain that was pumped into her system. She pressed her hand to where the vervain entered Rebekah and healed her quickly.

“Isa, what the hell was that?” Rebekah asked as she ripped through the ropes. Bella was about to answer when she felt something being inserted into her spine. Bella groaned, she smelt the vervain.

“Fucking asshole,” Bella said spinning around and kicking whomever inserted the shot in her into the nearby wall. Bella saw that it was Elena. “Bekah, I need you to head back to your house, I’ll meet you there let’s say in 5 -10 minutes.”

“Isa, I’m not leaving you here alone,” Rebekah said.

Bella smiled, “Trust me I have this, go back and don’t stop for anything. Tell Marc I’ll be there shortly.”

Rebekah nodded and took off just as the two Salvatore’s walked in. Bella put her wings away and smirked.

Damon looked at Elena laying down unconscious from when Bella kicked her into the wall. Bella reached to her back and pulled out the shot and threw it to the floor. Damon came charging at her while Stefan helped Elena. Bella anticipated his attack and kicked Damon in the stomach sending him flying back. Bella walked after him and put her foot to his chest.

“Stay down,” Bella said, “If you don’t I’ll kill you.” Bella was grabbed by the back of her shirt and thrown away from Damon. Bella stood up and dusted herself off. Her anger was growing and she attacked, not holding back anymore. Bella ripped Stefan’s heart out and threw it to the corner of the room. She used her weapon manipulation to conjure up a Scythe. She swung back and cut Damon’s head clean off. Elena tried coming after her, but Bella was still in a rage. She swung the Scythe back and stabbed Elena before flinging her back to another wall. The three lay dead in the Salvatore house. Bella smiled as she noticed that she didn’t rip or get blood on her shirt. Bella dusted her hands off and left to the Mikaelson house.

-Page Break-

Rebekah rushed into the Mikaelson home leaving the door open for when Bella came. She walked to the living room where her brothers were at with Marco. Finn seemed to still be asleep.

“Where’s Bella?” Marco asked as he saw Rebekah walk in.

“She stayed behind,” Rebekah said taking the drink from Elijah’s hand and swallowing it entirely.

Marco looked down at his ring and relaxed, “What happened?”

“I took Elena, and the Salvatore’s sneaked up on me and shot me with vervain, they’ve been vervaining me nonstop. Bella found me and somehow helped me, and then Elena came and gave Bella a shot. Bella kicked Elena into a wall, and then she told me to leave that she’d be here in a few minutes.” Rebekah said.

Marco laughed, “Well, I know that didn’t end well.”

“What are you and Bella?” Klaus asked.

Marco sighed, “We’re called Reapers. Our father, he’s the Grim Reaper.”

“Are you being serious,” Elijah asked, “As in Death?”

Marco nodded, “Our father fell in love with a human, our



mother. Our mother became pregnant, and 9 months later we were born.”

“What happened to your mother,” Rebekah asked.

“She was killed,” Marco said, “Our father had to leave, so our mother was left unprotected. Witches heard of Bella and I, and they were threatened. They sent witches after us, but since magic doesn’t work on us it was useless, but our mother was completely human. The witches used their magic and our mother began to die slowly, so she ran.”

“You and Bella are adopted, how did that happen,” Klaus asked.

“Our father covered our scents so we weren’t able to be tracked. Our mother left me in Seattle, and she left Bella in Forks,” Marco said.

“So you’re human?” Kol asked.

“We were,” Marco said, “My powers were awakened by my father when my adoptive mother died. A few months ago, I awakened Bella’s powers. Once our powers were awakened we were no longer human. We can still eat and sleep but we’re reapers.”

“Has Bonnie arrived yet?” Bella asked as she walked in to the house.

“No, did you give her a timeline?” Marco asked.

“Midnight,” Bella said, “Everyone’s here right?”

“Yes,” Marco said standing up, “I’m going to go clean up your mess.”

“It doesn’t need to be cleaned up,” Bella argued.

“Did you kill them?” Marco asked.

“Self-defense,” Bella said, “They attacked, so I defended myself.”

Marco laughed, “I’ll be back soon.” Marco left quickly.

“What happened after I left Isa?” Rebekah asked, everyone was intrigued by Bella’s story.

“Damon attacked me, I kicked him, and then Stefan attacked me. I got angry, and killed Stefan, and then Damon. Then Elena thought it was a good idea to attack me so she died too,” Bella said.

“Why did your brother leave if you took care of it?” Klaus asked.

Bella sighed, “We weren’t supposed to kill any traditional vampires, my guess is he went to bring them back.”

“Bring them back from the dead?” Elijah asked.

Bella nodded, “Did Marco tell you what we were?”

“Yes, he said you were reapers,” Kol said.

“Did he mention what we could do?” Bella asked.

“Hadn’t gotten to that part,” Kol said.

Bella nodded, “Right, so we have a lot of gifts. This includes killing someone with just a touch, and resurrecting someone back from the dead.”

“Why did your brother kill Esther?” Elijah asked.

“Because she was going to kill Finn, and by him dying you all would’ve died. When you die everyone who was created by your blood would have died too. That means all traditional vampires would be dead by morning. Tipping the balance out of place. We have to keep the balance, so we have to make sure you don’t die, and if you do die, we have to resurrect you.” Bella said.

“The vervain,” Rebekah said, “How did you get it out?”

“I healed you,” Bella said, “One of my gifts.”

“How old are you,” Elijah asked.

“Well, I’m 18,” Bella said, “Anything else?”

“What did you use to Kill Elena?” Marco asked walking in.

Bella shrugged, “A weapon, it’s what I used on Damon too.”

“Well, they’re alive, and terrified of what you did to them,” Marco said, “Bennett?”

“Hasn’t come yet,” Bella answered, “Brought all three back?”

“The Salvatore’s begged I bring back Elena, I was feeling kind,” Marco said with a shrug.

Bella nodded. Bonnie walked in at that moment. Bella read her mind, and found that she knew how to unlink them, but Bonnie was planning on killing them instead.

“I wouldn’t try it Bonnie, killing them will only get you and everyone around you dead when we bring them back, so just unlink them and you might live through the night,” Bella said.

“How did you know,” Bonnie asked.

“I read your thoughts, so start the spell, and Marco will bring your mom back,” Bella said standing up, “Don’t double cross me Bonnie, I’m considered the evil twin today.”

Marco chuckled, “She has our father’s temper Bonnie, she’s not fun to play with when she’s angry, just ask the Salvatore’s.”

Bonnie nodded and set up the spell. She took to unlinking them. Bella read her thoughts to make sure that she wasn’t going to go against them. Bella looked at Marco who was making sure the originals stayed calm through this. Bonnie finished the spell and stood up.

“It’s done now give me my mother back,” Bonnie said staring at Bella.

“I only kill witches, I don’t bring them back, Marc?” Bella asked pointing to Abby.

Marco walked up to Abby and brought her back to life, Marco compelled her to forget that she had died, “She’ll be fine, we can bring her back Bonnie but we can kill her just as easy, so I suggest you forget about killing the originals.” Abby walked towards Bonnie, Bonnie helped her mother and they walked out of the Mikaelson home.

“Well, you’re all unlinked,” Bella said standing up, “Marc and I are going to get going.”

“If any of you die, we would like to know, we can bring you back. We have to make sure you all stay alive,” Marco said.

“Hey Isa, I need new shoes, want to go out tomorrow,” Rebekah asked Bella before she left.

“Sure, I’ll pick you up in the morning?” Bella asked.

“Sounds great,” Rebekah said with a smile. Bella smiled back and left, Marco was right behind her as they walked out of the Mikaelson home.

-Page Break-

Marco was sleeping when he felt his ring notifying him Bella needed him. Marco got out of bed and walked to Bella’s room. The door was open but Bella wasn’t there. He caught her scent and followed it outside. He found Bella on the roof.

“Hey,” Marco said as he sat down next to her.

“What are you doing up?” Bella asked as she looked at Marco.

“I could ask you the same thing,” Marco answered, “But my ring told me you needed me.”

Bella laughed, “I was just thinking that I wanted you to see the sun, but I didn’t want to wake you.”

“It’s breathtaking, so what are you doing up,” Marco asked.

Bella shrugged, “Couldn’t sleep so decided not to, I’ve been up here since you fell asleep.”

“What are you overthinking,” Marco asked.

“We can talk to ghosts, so why can’t we talk to mom? Why hasn’t she come to us?” Bella asked Marco.

Marco sighed, “Some spirits are at peace, so they don’t travel to Earth. Her not talking to us means she’s at peace. Her spirit found peace, we can’t ask for anything more.”

Bella rested her head on Marco’s shoulder, “I don’t understand how Esther could do this. Hurt her children like this, act like them being who they are is only their fault. The blame is on her too, but she’s too stubborn to admit it.”

“She’s been on the other side for so long, being punished for everything her children have been doing, she got in her mind that they were the reason behind all the evil in this world. She wanted her punishment to end, so she was willing to hurt her own children to save herself. She just didn’t expect us to stop her,” Marco said.

“Thanks for cleaning up my mess tonight,” Bella said.

“Anytime, I thought you would need to get some of that anger out,” Marco said, “The Salvatore’s deserved to be taken down a notch.”

Bella laughed, “How long until the word spreads about us?”

“Bonnie knows, she’ll tell Elena, Elena will tell the Salvatore’s, then the Salvatore’s will tell everyone else to try and figure out a way to kill us, and then when that fails they’ll try and figure out a way to weaken us,” Marco said.

“Charlie,” Bella stated, “We’ll have to work harder at keeping him safe.”

“I know and we will keep him safe,” Marco said reassuring his sister.

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