Reaper Twins: Chapter 14

rt chpt 14

Bella woke up to Marco shaking her awake. “Bella! Bella! It’s seven and your date is at 8! You have an hour.”

Bella groaned, “Marc, I love you, I do, but if you don’t let me sleep, I am going to stab you.”

Marco laughed, “I’m not joking Izzy, it’s 7am and you have a date in an hour.”

“Who has a date so early,” Bella complained as she rubbed her eyes.

“The person you’ve been pining over for a while,” Marco said.

“I was not pining!” Bella exclaimed to her brother.

“Were too,” Marco said, “I thought you were going to start writing cheesy poems about heartbreak.”

Bella laughed and shoved Marco as she got out of bed, “How can you be such a jerk?”

“Because I’m your brother and I’m allowed to be like this,” Marco said, “I’ll see you down stairs.”

“Hey! Make me something to eat,” Bella yelled as Marco left.

“Evil twin here, I don’t do the whole cooking thing unless I need to,” Marco yelled back. Bella laughed and went to shower and change.

Coming down the stairs Bella smelled breakfast, “Did you cook?”

“You asked, I complied with your demand,” Marco said setting a plate of eggs and bacon in front of her.

“I would’ve settled for a muffin and a cup of coffee,” Bella said with a smile as she began to eat her breakfast.

“Should’ve just said so earlier in the morning,” Marco said, he looked at the kitchen clock and saw it was only 10 minutes until Bella’s date came for her. “Excited?”

Bella laughed, “Its more happiness than being excited. What do you think about me dating Klaus?”

“Will my opinion make a difference?” Marco asked with a raised eyebrow.

Bella shrugged, “I just want to know.”

“I think he makes you happy, I think he’s a hell of a lot better choice than Edward ever was. I think he lets you do what you need to while Edward would be the overprotective asshole. I think that he likes you just as much as you do him,” Marco answered finishing off the food on his plate. He got up and walked to the door. Bella watched him curiously, but continued to eat her breakfast in peace. Bella heard Marco open the door and she knew Klaus was here.

“Hello Klaus,” Marco said using his big brother voice.

“Hello Marco,” Klaus said, “Is Bella ready?”

“She is, but I have a few questions first,” Marco said and paused for a second, “Older brother duty and all.”

“Go ahead and ask then,” Klaus said. Bella listened intently in the kitchen curiously wanting to know what Marco was going to ask.

“Why did the chicken cross the road,” Marco asked trying to keep his tone straight and the smile off his face. Bella laughed and walked to where her brother was.

“To get away from you,” Bella said pushing Marco out of the way, “Good morning Klaus.”

“Good morning Bella, you look beautiful,” Klaus said with a grin.

“We should get going,” Bella said looking at Klaus with a grin. “Goodbye Marc.”

“Now Bella, it was rude to not let him answer the question,” Marco said.

“It was stupid for you to think that I’d actually let him answer,” Bella said, “I thought you were doing some big brother duties, not asking ridiculous questions.”

“Well, I’ve never been against your possible relationship with Klaus, so why would I start now,” Marco asked, “Have fun kids, return her by curfew.”

“I don’t have curfew,” Bella said.

“You do now,” Marco said, “I want a re-match.”

Bella grinned, “Goodbye Marco.” Marco waved as Klaus opened the door to his car so Bella could get in. Klaus got into the driver’s seat and drove off.

“Where are we going,” Bella asked as she looked out the window trying to figure out where they were headed.

“Are you curious to know?” Klaus asked in smirk.

“I am, are you going to tell me?” Bella asked as she looked at Klaus’s reflection in her window. She smiled as she saw him smirk again.

“No,” Klaus said, “But, I can tell you that I think you will enjoy it.”

-Page Break-

It was 12 in the afternoon and after hours of driving, Bella and Klaus arrived in front of an amusement park, “An amusement park?”

Klaus nodded, “Your brother let it slip into my mind that you’ve never been to one, so I saw this one was the closest one so I thought you might enjoy this.”

Bella smiled at Klaus, “I would’ve enjoyed sitting in the park with you, but now that we’re here, let’s go get on some rides.”

Klaus smiled and let Bella pull him with her to different rides and games.

“Don’t pout, they rig these games so it’s hard to win them,” Bella said as she stood next to Klaus in front of a game station.

“I don’t pout Isabella,” Klaus said as he walked away from the game stand with Bella.

Bella smiled, she liked it when he said her full name, “You do to! It’s what you’re doing right now.”

Klaus wrapped his arm around Bella’s waist and leaned down to kiss her. She smiled as she pulled away, “That doesn’t prove you don’t pout.”

“It doesn’t, but I was hoping that you would drop the subject,” Klaus said with a smirk, “Maybe if I just try a bit harder.” Klaus kissed Bella again this time pinning her against the nearby wall.

A wolf whistle from behind them caused them to pull apart, Klaus and Bella smirked and walked away ignoring the two teenagers who had whistled. Klaus got to a dart throwing stand and decided to give it a try feeling confident he would when in this stand.

Bella smiled as she looked at him, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“I’m determined to get you something to remember this day by,” Klaus said as he gave Bella a wink before throwing the darts. Each one landing on its intended target. Bella smiled as the man handed Klaus a large plush monkey in a banana suit. Klaus handed it to Bella.

“I love it thank you,” Bella said as she leaned up on her toes and gave Klaus a peck on the lips.

“I’m glad,” Klaus said glad to see Bella was enjoying herself with him.

“Let’s go take a picture in that booth over there,” Bella said as she took Klaus’s hand in hers and walked to the booth. She sat in Klaus’s lap as the picture was being taken. Bella looked at the picture and laughed, “You were supposed to be looking at the camera.”

“You more entertaining to watch,” Klaus said simply as he took a copy of the picture and placed it in his wallet for safekeeping, “Come on, I made us dinner plans.”

“You know, you don’t have to eat for me,” Bella said as she walked back to the car with Klaus.

“Maybe I really am hungry and want food,” Klaus said with a smirk.

Bella laughed, “You mean you’re hungry and you want blood.”

Klaus chuckled, “No, now stop trying to get me to change my mind. I had some blood this morning so I’m fine to eat.”

Bella nodded and took Klaus’s hand as they walked back to the car.

-Page Break-

“Hey Jeremy,” Marco said as Jeremy took a seat across from him at the Grill.

“Hey Marc,” Jeremy said, “Where’s Bella?”

“On a date,” Marco said as he ate a fry.

“Whoa, since when does Bella date?” Jeremy asked as he stole a fry.

“Since Klaus asked her,” Marco said with shrug, “How are things at your house?”

“Elena is Elena. She insists she’s in love with Stefan, yet she still has feelings for Damon. It’s a bit tiring to be around. Bonnie is trying to get her to stop dating at all. Oh, but you should know something about Caroline,” Jeremy said, “It concerns Bella.”

“Good or bad?” Marco asked.

“Could be both,” Jeremy said, “The Girls had a sleepover, and they talked pretty loudly, so I was able to hear some of what they were saying. Caroline thinks she’s in love with Klaus, ever since the ball she said she’s seen him in a whole new light or something. She even broke up with Tyler so that she could be with Klaus.”

Marco groaned, “I told him it was a bad idea. I guess I should tell Bella, but I doubt Caroline actually loves Klaus, she probably likes the whole danger vibe he has.”

“If that was true, wouldn’t she go after you? I mean you are the son of death and everything, you beat Klaus in the danger department,” Jeremy said.

Marco laughed, “You heard?”

“I did, Elena was going on and on about it. Did Bella really kill her along with the Salvatore’s?” Jeremy asked curiously.

Marco nodded, “They took Rebekah, and Bella protects those she cares about. Damon went after her, and then Stefan, she would’ve left Elena alone if Elena hadn’t been stupid and given Bella a vervain shot. It tipped Bella over the edge and she killed her.”

“I really want to defend Elena, but I just don’t see Bella doing something like that without a reason,” Jeremy said with sigh, “So tell me, can you fly like Bella?”

“Yes, but Bella is a bit faster than me,” Marco said with a shrug, “But don’t tell her I admitted it.”

Jeremy chuckled, “You guys haven’t known each other for long, but you seem so close to each other.”

“It’s a twin thing,” Marco said, “We spend a lot of time together and we trust each other.”

“Elena Bonnie and the Salvatore’s don’t really like that we’re friends,” Jeremy said with a frustrated sigh.

“I can see why, Bella and I don’t seem like the safest people to be around,” Marco said.

Jeremy laughed lightly, “I was turned into a vampire and was being hunted down by a hybrid. Bella didn’t even know me yet she saved me. She fought off the hybrid, and turned me back into a human while making sure I got home okay. I can’t help but trust you guys, I just want them to give it up. They even argue with me about being friends with Rebekah.”

“They just don’t like the idea of you being in potential danger,” Marco said, “I wouldn’t take it to heart. Elena is your sister after all, she only wants the best.”

“I guess, but it can get a bit annoying,” Jeremy said taking another fry. The door chimed and Rebekah walked in with her brothers Kol and Henrik.

“Hey guys, mind if we sit with you?” Rebekah asked.

“Not at all,” Marco said making room for the two while Kol just grabbed another chair.

“What were you talking about?” Rebekah asked.

“Elena being a pain for Jeremy,” Marco said with a smirk.

Jeremy laughed, “That pretty much sums it up, did you come here for dinner?”

“No, we were out and we decided to stop by here and get something to drink,” Rebekah says.

“Speaking of drinks,” Kol said as he got up and walked to the bar. Marco turned to Rebekah

“How are you all doing?” Marco asked.

“Do you know, it’s entertaining watching four vampires trying to do things at human speed,” Henrik said with a smirk.

“We’ve been helping Henrik get ready for this time period more, and we were teaching him how to do things, so we had to make sure we did them at human speed so he could understand,” Rebekah explained.

“Have you learned how to use a skateboard?” Jeremy asked Henrik.

“No, but while we’re on this subject, what’s a skateboard,” Henrik asked Jeremy. They fell into a conversation about skateboards as Kol came back with a bottle of whiskey.

“They let you bring that to this table?” Jeremy asked.

Kol laughed, “Not everyone wears Vervain, so who wants a drink and before you ask Henrik, no.” Kol sit a soda in front of Henrik.

“I have to be the one driving and I rather not put our brother in danger,” Rebekah said.

“What about you Marco?” Kol asked pouring a glass.

“Sure,” Marco said with a shrug as he took a glass from Kol.

“Can you get drunk?” Kol asked Marco.

“I can, but it would take a lot more than just a glass,” Marco said as he drowned his glass.

“Already tried?” Kol asked.

Marco nodded, “Bella and I have seen how much it takes each of us to get drunk.”

“Right, were is that lovely sister of yours?” Kol asked.

“She’s on a date with Klaus,” Marco answered.

“I told you!” Rebekah and Henrik said at the same time to Kol.

“Hmm… I thought you were joking, Nik isn’t one for dating,” Kol said, “I wonder why he never mentioned that was what he was going to be doing today.”

“Because you’re a jerk and would’ve been making remarks about it all day,” Rebekah said.

Henrik smiled, “It all also has to do with the fact that he probably wanted Elle to himself today.”

“Were are your other brothers?” Jeremy asked.

“They went hunting for my brother’s long lost slut,” Rebekah said with disgust.

“I take it you don’t like her?” Marco asked.

“Bekah despises her,” Kol said, “She believes that Sage only uses our brother.”

“I only saw her when she got close to Nik, but she did seem to love Finn,” Henrik mentioned

“So she has a hatred for Klaus?” Jeremy asked.

“Nik daggered Finn 900 years ago,” Kol said, “Sage has been waiting for him to be undaggered since. According to her Nik took her one true love and the reason for her existence away from her.”

“Utter rubbish!” Rebekah said, “She never loved him! She only faked being in love with him!”

“You can’t fake love,” Jeremy said.

“Yes you can!” Rebekah, Henrik and Marco said at the same time.

“Did you rehearse that?” Kol asked.

“No, but we’ve all heard a story,” Marco said referring to Bella, “Love is an emotion.”

“If you can fake sadness, fear, and happiness, you can fake love,” Rebekah finished for Marco.

“You all seem set on this motion,” Kol said, “Care to explain?”

“Not our story to tell,” Henrik said, “Although, going to back to our conversation about skateboards, can I get one?”

-Page Break-

Marco got home and walked to his room, he passed Bella’s room to see Klaus and Bella in a passionate kiss on her bed. “You know the saying get a room, well when you get a room, you usually have to close the door too.” Marco closed the door and continued to his room to shower.

Getting out of the shower in his pajamas Marco saw Bella reading one of his horror stories. “What are you reading?”

The Haunting of Hill House,” Bella responds, “Not really seeing the appeal.”

“Of course not,” Marco said, “Try something else.”

“I will,” Bella said as she put the book back on his book shelf, “I’m worried.”

“About?” Marco asked.

“Charlie.” Bella said, “People are hearing about us, they’re going to come after us, after him. After graduation, I want to put Isabella Swan to rest. I want to fake my death.”

“What brought this on?” Marco asked looking at his sister a bit surprised.

“The hunters, one of them said something about finding a way to kill me,” Bella said, “I know it’s not possible, but it doesn’t mean that she won’t try using Charlie. If everyone thinks I died, then they’d know Charlie was left alone, and I no longer as Isabella reaper have anything to do with him. My life won’t be connected to his so he should be okay.”

“If you want to do this then we will,” Marco said, “But if we do, you have to stay out of Charlie’s life for good,” Marco said.

“I know and I will,” Bella said, “I’ll just occasionally keep an eye on him to make sure he’s doing okay. I men he has Liz now so he won’t be completely alone.”

“I need to tell you something,” Marco said as he sat on the bed next to Bella.

“What is it?” Bella asked.

“Caroline,” Marco said, “Jeremy told me she heard her tell Elena that she believes she’s in love with Klaus. She even went as far as breaking up with Tyler so the two of them could be together.”

Bella groaned, “This is Klaus’s fault for letting her think he fancied her.”

“What are you going to do?” Marco asked.

“Nothing,” Bella said, “Let the chips fall where they may.”

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