Chapter Seven

chpt 7

Bella paced the waiting room, she was exhausted, she’d been here for two hours and the doctor and nurses wouldn’t tell her anything other than he was in surgery.

“Belle,” Henrik said stopping her pacing, he put his arms around her, and let her head rest on his chest, “He’s going to be fine.”

Bella nodded barely holding back the tears, “I know. He’s always okay. He just has to be okay.”

Henrik’s phone rang and he answered, still holding Bella tightly in his arms, “Hello.”

“The driver of the vehicle wasn’t human,” Klaus said there was a rumbling on the other side before Klaus spoke again. “He’s an off-breed, but not from the same coven as the Cullen’s. From what I managed to torture out of him, he belongs to the coven that has been responsible for the killings in Seattle, Port Angeles, and now Forks. Apparently, Charlie was getting too close for their liking, so they took it into their own hands to get rid of him. The off-breed’s name is Laurent and I killed him after I got the desired information. I’m currently in Seattle hunting the other two down, it shouldn’t take long before I have them. Does Bella want them dead?”

“Yes,” Bella answered being able to hear the entire conversation from her spot on Henrik’s

Henrik kissed Bella’s head, “Kill them. I’ll see you later Nik.”

“I’ll pass by the hospital when I’m done,” Klaus said hanging up the phone.

Henrik put his phone away and held Bella tighter as he saw the doctor heading their way, the look on his face speaking volumes for what he came to say to Bella.

“Mrs. Swan,” The doctor said getting Bella’s attention, “I’m sorry to inform you, but your father has passed away. His heart didn’t make it through the surgery. I’m so sorry for your loss.”

Bella gasped, and her hand moved to her mouth in shock, tears began to roll down her face, her body felt weak. Her legs wobbled and she had to depend on Henrik so she didn’t fall.

“Can I… Can I see him?” Bella asked, her voice coming out in sob, she wanted to see it for herself she needed to see it for herself.

“Of course, I can lead you to him,” The doctor said he looked to Henrik with a stern expression, “Not more than one person is allowed in, I’m sorry.”

Henrik looked at Bella, “I’ll be right outside I promise.” Henrik stood outside as Bella went in, the doctor left letting Bella have her moment with her father. Knowing there wasn’t much he could do, Henrik wanted to let Bella talk to her father, or at least his spirit. He wanted to give her some sort of goodbye. Quietly he snuck into the room with Bella.

Bella was crying and hadn’t seen him through the tears, he muttered a spell one he had learn from watching his father, it was how Mikael used to talk to Esther. It allowed a spirit a few minutes to surface. He knew it would be just the right amount of time for Bella to say goodbye to her father, it would give her the closure she needed to let her dad rest in peace.

A white shadowy mist began to appear from Charlie’s body, Bella turned to Henrik not knowing what was happening, she didn’t know whether to take it as a good or a bad thing, but whatever it was, was beginning to take the form of Charlie.

“Henri?” Bella croaked out as she looked back and forth from Henrik to Charlie.

“It’s okay Belle, I did this. It’s to let you say goodbye,” Henrik said giving Bella a warming smile, “I don’t know how long he’ll have, it’s sort of up to him, so talk to him, tell him everything you want him to know, what you didn’t get a chance to say. I’ll be outside making sure no one interrupts.” Henrik walked to Bella and gave her a kiss on the forehead, he promised to return and left, just as Charlie’s spirit formed completely.

“Dad?” Bella asked her voice coming out shaky and raspy her eyes were wide, this was her dead father she was talking about.

“Bells? What’s going on kiddo? I thought, I thought I died,” Charlie said, Bella saw his eyes go wide as he saw his lifeless body. “That’s me?” He exclaimed pointing to his own body.

“Yeah dad,” Bella said the tears began to pour again. “Dad. God dad, you weren’t supposed to die. Not now.”

Charlie looked at his daughter, and his eyes softened, “We all have to go at some time Bells, it’s the way of life. We’re born to die at one point.”

Bella shook her head, “No, no no no no. NO! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO HOLD ON A BIT LONGER! Just long enough for Henrik to give you his blood, then you would heal and it would be like none of this ever happened. You were supposed to stay alive a little longer.” Bella fell to her knees, she put her head in her hands and sobbed. “I love you dad, I just, I wanted more time to spend with you. Earlier, just watching the game, and laughing, it was one of the greatest times I’ve ever had. I barely ever got to see you growing up, moving back to Forks was my shot to spend some time with you. To get my father back. I don’t want to let go dad, I don’t think I can.”

Charlie sighed, and kneeled in front of Bella, “I want more time too kiddo. I missed so much of you growing up, you became such a wonderful person. I know this is sudden Bells, trust me this isn’t what I wanted. I wanted more time with you too kid, but sometimes what we want isn’t what’s on the plans for us. I don’t know how I’m even talking to you now Bells, but I sure as hell am glad for this. I want you to know that no matter what, you’ll always be my little girl, the same little girl that would come crying every time there was a lightning storm. No matter how much you grow up, no matter what happens from here on out, I want you to know that I’ll always be proud of you, I’ll always be up there watching over you. You could never do anything that would make me stop loving you Bells. Even when I’m gone, I want you to know that I’ll always be here for you, I’ll always be on your side of things.”

Bella nodded, she wiped some of the tears away with the back of her hand, she sat up straighter and looked at her father. She only had now, she might as well tell him the truth. “It was Henrik, he used his magic to bring your spirit back temporarily, just long enough for us to say our goodbyes. Henrik’s a vampire/warlock hybrid, his brother Klaus, he’s a vampire/werewolf hybrid. I was planning on become a vampire/ mermaid hybrid.” Bella looked to her father, and his were wide eyes, “I thought I should tell you the truth, I was going to tell you sometime in the future, but the chance never came. I lied dad, I didn’t meet Henri just a few weeks ago, I met Henri when I was 11. He was a ghost at the time, he was 12. I’ve known Henrik for the last six years dad, he’s my soul mate, and I’m talking real deal here, he’s my actual soul mate. He’s it for me dad.”

Charlie nodded, “So vampires huh?”

Bella smiled, “Yeah, umm Klaus has been a live for about 1000 years, Henri has been a ghost for most of the time, but recently, he became human again. I plan on spending the rest of eternity with him dad, he’s my forever. I fit in with him and his brother, I can’t imagine not being with him.”

Charlie nodded, “I get it kid, the heart wants what the heart wants.”

Bella cracked a smile, “Whoa dad that was the cheesiest thing I’ve ever heard come from you.”

Charlie smiled, “I just wanted to see you smile one last time Bells. I know I don’t have much time left with you, but you have to let me go kid. You have to understand that this was my time to go, and there was nothing you could really do about it. You have to accept, I was meant to die Bells. You have to let me go and keep moving on.”

Bella shook her head “I can’t dad, I can’t see you go. You were never supposed to die. Please daddy don’t leave me.”

“I’m not leaving you Bells, a part of me will always be with you, always be there for you. You might not be able to see me, but I’ll be there,” Charlie said with a small sad smile on his face. “I don’t think I have much longer left to talk to you Bells. I have to go, so I need you to do me a favor. I need you to get up, and be that strong independent girl you’ve always been. I need you to continue to live, even if it is for eternity, I need you to live. Do you understand me Bells? No matter what happens, you have to stay alive.”

Bella stood up and looked at Charlie, her eyes still swelled with tears, “I guess this really is goodbye dad. I’m going to really miss you. I love you dad, you were the best dad anyone could ever ask for.”

Charlie smiled, “I love you too Bells. Now, I want you to leave the room, I don’t want you to see me die. No daughter should ever watch their father go.”

“No dad, I won’t let you go alone,” Bella said her stubbornness coming out.

Charlie nodded, “Send the boy in Bella, I want to talk to him before I leave.”

“Dad,” Bella started, but Charlie quickly hushed her.

“Think of it as a last wish of sorts, just send him in please Bells. I won’t be alone when I leave and you won’t have to see me go, we both win,” Charlie stated.

Bella sighed, but reluctantly nodded, knowing he wasn’t like Henrik used to be when he was a ghost she still reached ad hugged him. Ultimately just hugging herself. “I love you dad.”

“Love you too kid, always remember that,” Charlie said. Bella nodded and left the room with her head down. Tears spilling out of her eyes. She saw Henrik and Klaus sitting on a 2 person seat just outside the room. Henrik stood up immediately seeing the distress she was in.

“Belle,” Henrik said cautiously, she looked up at him her eyes red and swollen he pulled her into his arms not knowing what else to do.

Bella stepped back and pointed to the room, “He wanted to speak to you before he left.”

Henrik looked back to the room and nodded, “Stay here with Nik.”

Bella nodded and kissed Henrik’s cheek, “Thank you for giving me this.”

Henrik smiled slightly and nodded he walked to the room glancing back to Bella who had taken his seat by Klaus. He smiled as he saw his brother was comforting the crying girl. He could tell it was something new for him, but it was also something he needed.

Henrik walked into the room and closed the door behind him, he looked at Charlie’s spirit which was now standing by his own body looking over it.

“Who was it?” Charlie asked as he sensed Henrik walk in, his eyes were still glued to his own body.

“The people you were tracking, the ones causing the killing spree. They were a different type of vampire, and you were getting too close for their liking, so they eliminated you as a threat. My brother has already put an end to their existence, and none of them will ever kill again.” Henrik answered.

Charlie nodded, “Bells mentioned you were some sort of hybrid, vampire/warlock type thing, that true?”

Henrik nodded, “It’s true, but you should know sir, I’ve never done anything to hurt Bella. All I want is to make sure she’s happy and that she’s safe.”

“Bells also mentioned you’ve known each other since she was 11,” Charlie sad turning to look at Henrik, he saw the truth in the his eyes, and he also saw the man that stood in front of him, the one that would do anything for Bella.

Henrik nodded, “She’s my soul mate she brought me back from the dead.”

“She’s my little girl first and I want nothing but the best for her,” Charlie said, “I can’t be there to take care of her anymore, that’s your job now. I’m entrusting you to take care of my little girl, make sure she’s always going to be okay. I can’t rest in peace knowing that she’s not going to be happy, that she’s going to be alone. God knows Renee never cared for the girl, I need you to watch over her, protect her make her happy. I’ve never seen my daughter as happy as she was with you. I hadn’t heard her laugh so freely that day in the kitchen you brought that out in her, and I can’t thank you enough.”

“I will do anything to make sure she’s safe and happy,” Henrik said, “You have my word that your daughter will be under the best of care. My brother once told me, that a man without his word isn’t a man at all, I won’t go against my word Bella’s interests will always come first to me.”

Charlie nodded, his feet beginning to disappear, “Looks like I don’t have much time left. I have one last request for you, Renee will do her best to take Bella back with her. Bells was never happy with Renee, she’s happy here with you and your brother, were she has a family, so I need you to do everything in your power to keep her here for as long as she wants to stay.”

“I wouldn’t let Belle go, her home is here, she’s told me that several times. She might hate the weather, but this is her home,” Henrik said.

Charlie nodded, half of his body already gone, he looked at Henrik, and his eyes were at peace he closed his eyes and let the rest of his spirit disappear. Henrik felt a wave of oncoming tears threatening to wash over, he walked to Charlie’s body and covered it up. Henrik closed his eyes, muttering, “Rest in Peace Charlie.”

Walking out of the room, Henrik saw Bella sleeping on his brother’s shoulder, her cheeks stained with tears, she was clutching onto Klaus’s arm as if it were what was keeping her here.

“She cried herself out,” Klaus said looking at the small brunette, who had come to mean so much to him in so little time.

Henrik nodded, he sat down and pulled Bella into his lap, he let her wrap her arms around his neck and burry her head in his neck. “He’s truly gone. He asked that I watch over her, to make sure she’s always happy.”

“You would’ve done it anyway,” Klaus said, “She feels so strongly, it’s amazing. I’m assuming it’s her mermaid side that makes her so in tune with her emotions. She was close to making me breakdown.”

Henrik smiled, “I’m sure you’re overreacting, but yes, Bella’s emotions are stronger than humans, I’m betting once she’s a vampire they’ll be stronger. I know my Belle, she’s the kindest person out there, but she’s a fighter behind it all, she’ll make it through this stronger than before.” Henrik ran his hands up and down her back, hoping to soother her, he could feel a small hint of her emotions, he assumed it was from sharing blood, and from what he was getting she was having a nightmare of sorts, but he wouldn’t wake her. No, she needed her sleep, but most importantly, he knew she could work through her emotions in her dreams, this including her nightmares.

“The two off-breeds,” Klaus said, “I killed them as per both your requests.”

Henrik nodded, “Thank you. I don’t think Belle is in the right state of mind to plan a funeral, I’ll take care of it, but I should get her to bed.”

“She shouldn’t be in this hospital anymore,” Klaus agreed, he took out a room key for a nearby hotel, “I have a room a few doors down from yours, I can get the Chief’s body sent to the Forks Morgue, make things easier on you. You should focus on her right now, nothing else. I’ll take care of this.”

Henrik took the key, from his brother, “Thank you.”

“You don’t have to thank me Henrik, like you’ve said before, she’s a Mikaelson, we might not be the best family, but we do take care of our own,” Klaus said, he gave a goodbye nod, before standing up and leaving. Henrik picked Bella up, careful not to disturb her. He carefully carried her to his car, not being able to get her to let go he got into the driver’s seat with her, He got her to move slightly, but her head rested in his lap as he drove. He made certain to drive as fast as he could, he didn’t want her to sleep in a car or in the hospital.

“Henri,” Bella whimpered out in her sleep.

“Shh, I’m right here Belle, I’ll always be here,” Henrik said as he took one hand off the steering wheel and used to run his fingers through her hair finding that it not only soother Bella, but him too, it was killing him to know that she was in pain and that he couldn’t do anything to help her. This was one of those things that he knew she had to face herself, something he couldn’t take away from her. Henrik parked at the hotel, not bothering to greet the people, he went straight to their room. He fumbled slightly with the key not being able to get the lock in the door open. He kicked the door shut, and carried Bella to the bed. He sighed in silent thanks to Klaus who had seemed to have gotten them both clothes from a Seattle store. They were new, and everything he and Bella would need. He undressed Bella and put her pajamas on, he tucked her in making sure she was safely nuzzled under the covers while he himself went to change.

Henrik leaned against the wall in the bathroom, he rubbed his hands in his face in pure pain. It was truly killing him to see Bella this way, she seemed so broken and weak. He wanted to find a way to bring Charlie back, to give him back to Bella, but he knew the repercussion for messing with the afterlife. If they weren’t meant to be brought back, they should stay in peace. Not to mention Charlie’s soul could go through serious damage if Henrik brought him back. Charlie had found peace, and taking that away from him could alter him greatly.

Hearing the soft whimper in the other room he dashed out to instantly stand beside the bed, he pressed his hand against her cheek, she was a bit warm, but nothing to worry about. He crawled into the bed with her, his hand going tightly around her waist. He pulled her to him, her head resting on his chest, the silent tears wetting his shirt, but that didn’t matter to him, he just wanted her to know he was there for her. He kissed the top of her head, and closed his eyes, sleep wouldn’t come for several hours, but he was content just to know Bella was beside him.

-Page Break-

“Yes, thank you,” Henrik said into the phone, “I’ll be sure to pass on your condolences, Mrs. Newton. Bella will be glad to know you sent over the casserole.” Henrik paused with a shake of his head as the woman on the other line rattled on. “No, her mother will be flying in today, and she has me and my brother to watch over her, she doesn’t need to stay at your home.” Henrik wanted to growl and hang up, but he knew he had to wait until this lady hung up. “Goodbye Mrs. Newton.” Henrik hung up and threw away the horrible smelling casserole she had sent over. He heard his brother’s quiet chuckle.

“Was there something wrong with it?” Klaus asked gesturing to the trashcan were the casserole now remained.

“Besides the fact that it smelled horrible and looked as if she left it in the oven 15 minutes too late,” Henrik replied, he finished off the last on the checklist. Charlie’s funeral wasn’t until Friday, and Bella’s mother was coming that afternoon.

“The school has been notified for Bella and yours absence from school,” Klaus said, “And I got off the phone with the morgue, they’re taking care of Charlie, and all expenses have been paid for.”

Henrik nodded, he poured the soup in the bowl, his hand absentmindedly rubbing at his chest, “Thank you. I’m sure Bella appreciates it.”

Klaus looked at his brother as he rubbed his chest, “Something wrong? You’ve been doing that since we left Seattle.”

Sighed Henrik replied, “It’s the pain Bella’s feeling. I’m getting a portion of it, and it’s not something I can get used to. I’m just glad it’s lessening, she’s getting better.”

“Do you really think she’s getting better?” Klaus asked his brother.

“Yes, she is. Normally, for someone who’s going through what she is, they would be worst, but Bella is different. She got to say goodbye, and she knows Charlie is at peace. She might still be heartbroken he’s gone, but she’s working through it. She’s coming to accept Charlie’s not here anymore, it’s what’s causing her pain.” Henrik put the soup on a tray and was going to take it to Bella so she could have something to eat.

“I’m going to step outside and make sure no one drops anything off anymore,” Klaus said, he walked out while Henrik went up the stairs. Klaus felt bad for his brother and Bella, but knew that they were going to be okay in the end, they were both too strong not to pull through.

Henrik opened the door to find Bella sitting at the edge of her bed, her hair was wet and soaking from a shower Henrik’s t-shirt she had on with a pair of sleeping shorts. “I brought you some food Belle.”

Bella turned to look at him, her eyes were swollen, but the tears had gone away, “Thank you Henri, I’ll eat later.”

Henrik sat down beside Bella, 0leaving the tray on her nightstand, “How are you feeling?”

Bella looked at him, a small smile on her face, “Better than before. I’m sorry for being so unlike myself Henri, I’m really trying to sort through everything I’m feeling, but it just so hard to do.”

Henrik pulled her into his lap, and held her tightly, “You never have to apologize for what you’re feeling. Your feelings are your own, and you should work through them at your own pace. You have to remember Belle, you’re not human, you’re a mermaid, and your emotions are stronger than any human. You have to work through them at your own pace, you can’t try and force yourself to feel better Belle.”

Bella’s body shook with a cry, “It hurts so much Henri!” Bella sobbed into his chest, “I want to be angry but I can’t, and I want to bring him back, but I know it’d be wrong to do so. I know I should let go of him Henri, like he told me too, but I just… I don’t think I’m ready to do that yet.”

Henrik kissed the top of her head, “I know it hurts Belle, but the pain will subside one day, and it won’t hurt to think of him.”

Bella nodded and clutched onto Henrik, “Can you stay with me? I mean just stay and hold me?”

“I’ll hold you for as long as you need,” Henrik said, he kissed her forehead, and held her tighter. She was practically a ball curled up on his lap. He could feel the pain he was feeling from her subside, at his touch, but he knew she still had some ways to go in order to heal completely. Henrik rubbed her back, and soon she fell asleep on his lap. He scooted back on the bed, and leaned against the headboard, he put a blanket over them and closed his eyes.

Klaus stood leaned against the porch, he was looking at the several flowers and candles that now decorated the hood of the Chief’s squad car. Several of the people from town had been over to give their condolences and to give pre-made meals to Bella, it had only been two days, but it seemed to Klaus the whole town was feeling the loss of Charlie.

Klaus growled instinctively as he saw the two shiny cars pull into the driveway, both covered in the stench of off breeds.

“Leave! None of you should be anywhere near here,” Klaus said stepping down the porch, he stood defensively in front of the house.

“She needs me!” Edward growled getting out of the car, “I’m her mate, only I can soother her through this!”

Klaus growled, “She’s not your mate, she’s Henrik’s.” Klaus took a step forward slightly, his eyes on Edward, “And if you value you your life, you’ll leave.”

“You can’t keep a mate from their mate,” Alice chimed in beside Emmett and Rosalie.

Klaus scoffed, “She’s not this boy’s mate.” Klaus said irritated, “From what I understand of your kind, you identify your mate from their scent. Their smell enchants you and you feel the need to mark them. The scent you’re picking up from Bella, that doesn’t mean you’re mated, all it means is that Bella smells stronger than any other human. The scent you’re picking up you should know to every vampire and off breed out there she smells that strongly to all of them. You’re not special, and she’s not your mate, get it through your head before my brother and I kill you along with your entire family!”

Edward shook his head, the thoughts of his family as they began to come to the same realization that Bella did truly smell strongly to them was now hitting him. They had all pushed it back just thinking her of her as another human.

“Oh god,” Rosalie said as the realization settled in, “He’s right! She’s not your mate you idiot! You’re just lonely and desperate!” Rosalie trembled all over with anger, and fear for what could happen. “After everything you did…” She turned to her husband, “They caused her this pain Em! They led those nomads to her father! They gave them a car! The directions! They’re the reason her father is dead! They’re the cause of this, she was innocent, she didn’t need Edward and Alice manipulating her life. If it weren’t for them, her father would still be alive! I heard them discussing it last night, but I thought it couldn’t be true, but now it makes sense Em!”

Emmett turned to Edward and Alice, who were both looking guilty, “You killed the Chief?”

Alice shook her head rapidly, “WE didn’t kill him.”

“No, but you only assisted that nomad coven in killing him,” Rosalie shouted in a slight growl furious for what her siblings had done and caused.

“SHUT UP ROSALIE!” Edward growled, “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Tell the truth Edward! Did you have a hand in the Chief’s death, was this some part of your plan to get closer to Bella?” Emmett growled.

Henrik appeared and had Edward by the throat, he had him pressed against the concrete driveway, the floor cracked at the pressure. Henrik growled, his eyes turning red, several veins appearing to surround his eyes, his fangs appearing as he growled directly in Edward’s voice. “Did. You. Kill. Charlie?”

Edward struggled but it was useless to fight Henrik. Alice went to leap for Henrik to protect her brother, but Klaus kicked her into a nearby tree cracking it where she landed.

“ANSWER ME!” Henrik growled he was beyond angry at this point.

Edward shook his head, “They did the job. I just led them in the right direction.”

Henrik growled, “You’ll pay for causing my Belle this pain. I’ll make you regret ever laying eyes on her.” Henrik turned to his brother, “Keep an eye on her please?”

Klaus nodded, “I’ll take care of the short haired one too if I were you.”

Henrik nodded, with magic he knocked Edward out, he did the same with Alice and shoved both their bodies in the back of Edward’s Volvo. Henrik got into the driver’s seat, he turned to Rosalie and Emmett, “You can run and hide, but know that I’ll deal with your family later. I warned the good doctor about this, and now I’m done giving warnings. Consider Edward and Alice dead.” Henrik pulled out and drove away, he would get the revenge needed for his mate, these off-breeds would feel the pain his Belle was feeling he would make sure of it.

Klaus looked at the two off breeds that were left “I can’t leave the home, I have a young Mikaelson to watch over, so I’m ordering you to go home and wait. Expect my brother and I at your home tonight, I believe we have some things to discuss.” Klaus turned and walked back into the house, hearing the sound of the second car leaving. He walked back into the house and closed the door behind him, he walked up the stairs and into Bella’s room to check on her, she was sound asleep, and clutching onto a pillow that had one of Henrik’s shirts on it. He had no doubt his brother had done that so Bella wouldn’t notice he was gone. Klaus left the door slightly open so he would be able to hear if something happened to her. He headed down the stairs and sat down in the living room, he took out his phone and got back to making some calls, opting to help his brother finish up the plans for Charlie’s funeral.

Henrik entered the old shack dragging Edward and Alice behind him. He took two beat up chairs and put each of them in a chair binding them to it with magic, he didn’t want them to escape or move he wanted them to be helpless. Henrik removed the spell that had knocked the two off breeds out.

“Well, it’s nice to have you both awake again,” Henrik said leaning against a wall watching the two hybrids, “Now, which one of you was the mastermind behind the plan to kill the Chief and which one just the mindless follower. Be aware that the answer affects the amount of torture you’re about to endure.”

Alice spoke first fearing for her life, “He planned it. He swore Bella was his mate that he felt the pull, and as a coven mate and his sister, I was obligated to help him.”

Henrik nodded, “Well, little Alice, seems like you’re first to endure your torture, let’s give Edward a preview of what’s to come his way.” Henrik ripped Alice’s arm off, Alice screamed at the loss of her arm. Edward watched with wide eyes as Henrik took out a lighter, he threw the arm into an already set pile of wood and held the flame over it. He looked to Alice, “Are you ready to really begin?”

Setting the arm on fire Henrik let it catch on fire knowing very well that Alice was feeling her hand burn to ashes. He smiled sadistically as Alice screamed again in pain. It didn’t take long for the arm to become ash, he walked back in front of Alice and ripped off her left leg, it came detached at the hip. He threw into the fire and went to stand against Edward’s chair he leaned against Edward’s chair, “It’s going to be so much worse for you no one hurts my Belle and lives”

Edward growled, “She’s not yours.”

Henrik leaned down, to face Edward completely, “That’s where you’re wrong, she’s my soul mate, my other half, and one day soon she’ll be my wife.” Henrik punched Edward in the face sending him and his chair to the ground. Edward growled in pain as his face was cracked from the hit. He couldn’t see Alice anymore, but her thoughts and screams never left him.

Finally after what felt like forever to Edward, the screams stopped and the thoughts disappeared, he knew what this meant, Alice was finally dead.

“Truly a shame you weren’t able to witness all that, but I believe her screams and thoughts were agonizing enough,” Henrik said, “Or was I wrong?” Henrik paused and pulled Edward’s chair back into the sitting position. He stood in front of Edward, a warm fake smile on his lips, “I think I was wrong, although it’s not everyday that I’m wrong, I do have my moments time to time where I am wrong, but let me tell you it is a rarity. Now, let’s get started with you, first, I want to talk.” Henrik pulled Alice’s chair to him and set it in front of Edward. He kicked his feet up on Edward’s legs, knowing there was nothing Edward could do to take them off.

“Did you know that there are millions of spells out there,” Henrik began a smile twitching at his lips, “Usually witches and warlocks, they’re lucky if they know more than a hundred, but you see, I spent a thousand years on the other side. If you didn’t know that’s the place where you’ll be going after this. Back to what I was saying before, being on the other side, was very useful, spirits don’t talk much, but when they do, they reveal some of the most interesting things. Like for instance, I once met a spirit who had perfected spells in torture. She was an evil little thing, but those she tortured always deserved it, and well she was a lonely spirit. On the other side, you mainly keep to yourself, and over time, you learn to talk to other spirits it they were willing. And she was willing to share with me all this knowledge she had, and now today right here, I’m going to share it with you.” Henrik muttered a spell and seconds later Edward’s skin began to boil.

Edward screamed, he looked down at his skin and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “STOP!” He pleaded as the pain became worst he was beginning to feel pain far worse than what he felt going through the change.

Henrik shook his head, “No, no there Eddie. I asked you to leave my Belle alone and did you? No, instead you go out and kill someone she loved, so now you pay, but don’t you worry, the fun doesn’t end here. Because you’re an off-breed, you’ll heal from this, and then once the spell wears off will continue with the next one. Let’s find out how creative this spirit truly was.”

Henrik sighed, he looked at his watch, four hours had passed, it was 6 in the evening, and he had to get to Bella, her mother would arrive in an a hour, and he didn’t want Bella to go through that by herself. He turned to Edward, who was now just a talking skeleton. “Well, looks like our time here is done. Although, you’re torture in this life might be through the torture you’ll receive when you have to watch my Belle and I be happy for the rest of eternity will never compare.” Henrik threw the flame at Edward, lighting up the chair as he went. Henrik stepped back and watched as Edward gave his last screams. It wasn’t long after all that was left were a pile of ashes on the burnt chair. Deciding he could use these ashes later when he talked with the rest of the Cullen’s Henrik put all the ashes of Edward in a small metal container he had found. In a matching one, he put Alice’s ashes. He left quickly leaving Edward’s car parked in front of the abandon shack.

-Page Break-

“I’m sorry, but I’m staying here!” Bella said to her mother, she had sent Klaus out not wanting him to hear her arguing with her mother, but she knew he wouldn’t have gone far if she guessed he was probably somewhere in the nearby woods. She had been curious as to where Henrik was when she woke up, but Klaus assured her he would be back soon. Her mother and step father hadn’t been planned to arrive for another hour and a half, but fate would have it that they would arrive earlier than planned.

“Bella, please, you can’t stay here anymore,” Renee said. “You’d be better off with us.”

Bella gritted her teeth, this wasn’t the moment for Renee to try to be a mother, not after all the years. “BETTER OFF!?! You’re kidding me right? Have you forgotten that you both travel almost every day of the year! You don’t stay in one place for more than a month, and that’s not what I need right now! I need something stable, somewhere safe, whether you like it or not I need to and want to stay in Forks. Charlie left me the house and I can live here as long as I please.”

“You are my daughter! And you will come with me! I order you to listen to me!” Renee said standing up shouting, Phil stood beside her, and angry and stern expression on his face.

“I wasn’t your daughter all those nights you went out. I wasn’t your daughter every year you forgot my birthday. You’ve never treated me like a daughter, so what right do you have to call me your daughter now?” Bella asked anger now filled her eyes, “I’m not a pet of yours, and you can’t just ship me off to Forks and then come to order me back. I’m staying and that’s final.”

Henrik appeared at the edge of the forest, and he stood beside his brother, and they were hearing distance away from Bella. “What happened?”

“Her mother and step father arrived, she asked me to step out when her and her mother began to argue, that wasn’t more than 30 minutes ago. I have to say, if she wasn’t Bella’s mother, I’d have bitten her head off, the way she’s treating Bella, talking to her, it’s as if she doesn’t care that her daughter is heartbroken at the loss of her father. She wants Bella to leave with them after the funeral she claims it’s for her daughter’s safety, but there’s something else there.”

Henrik sighed, “Bella was the adult in their relationship, she handled the finances, the bills, cooking, cleaning everything that Renee was supposed to do Bella did instead .I’m guessing, Renee has finally realized that without Bella, she can’t be free anymore, she has to become an adult. She doesn’t want Bella to come with her because she’s worried, but because she doesn’t want to worry anymore about being an adult.”

“You’re like an overgrown child! You’re here throwing a tantrum because I won’t go with you! This is unbelievable and a new low even for you,” Bella yelled.

There was a smacking noise, and Henrik tensed he knew what that sound meant, and he was on the edge of attacking.

“You hit me!” Bella yelled, “You let this man hit your daughter.”

“It’s not as if you didn’t deserve it,” Phil’s voice said, Henrik’s fist made a fist he was ready to attack his eyes going red while they filled with small veins. He was about to lunge when something else was said.

“You shouldn’t have talked to me in that way, had you respected me Phil wouldn’t have hit you,” Renee said with a huff.

“I’m leaving,” Bella stated, “I’m not going to go through this with you anymore. I’m old enough to handle myself and you know it. I’m going to stay at a friend’s house from now on. I won’t see you until the funeral, there we’ll say our goodbyes and you’ll leave Forks for good and let me live my life. Do you both understand?”

“I understand,” Renee repeated in a lifeless tone, Klaus turned to Henrik he knew that tone all too well.

“And you Phil, you will never hit Renee,” Bella said, “You’ll leave town immediately, you won’t attend the funeral, you don’t deserve to be anywhere near my father.”

“I won’t attend the funeral,” Phil stated in the same tone as Renee. There was a large cracking sound, and Henrik knew what that meant.

“No one, hits me,” Bella said. Henrik heard footsteps and could hear them head upstairs, he wanted to go see what Bella was doing, but knew she would call to him should she need him. Henrik heard footsteps and then the slamming of the front door, he saw Bella with a duffel bag in her hand. She set the bag on the hood of Henrik’s car. “Henri?”

Henrik felt relieved she was calling to him, he ran quickly over to Bella handing the two bins to Klaus who was following behind him. Henrik wrapped his arms around Bella, she was still in just his shirt and shorts, and he knew she should be freezing. He took off his jacket and placed it over her.

“He hit me Henri, and she let him,” Bella uttered as Henrik hugged her.

“I’ll take you home with me and Nik Belle,” Henrik said he kissed the top of her head, and led her into his car. Without looking back he drove Bella to his home. He saw his brother get into his car and follow them back home.

“Belle, the way their voices sounded, what did you do to them?” Henrik asked as he drove.

Bella shook her head fiddling with her hands in her lap, “I wanted them to listen to me, I was tired of them trying to force their decisions on me. I remembered what you said about me possibly being able to compel like you, so that’s what I did. I didn’t ask, I ordered them to listen to me, and they did. I just wanted them to leave me alone Henri. I didn’t want to leave here, I wanted to stay with you.”

Henrik nodded, “I would’ve compelled them had you asked me, but now that we’re sure being a mermaid comes with more than a tail, we can work on this little gift of yours. Don’t worry Belle, what you did was for your own good.” Henrik pulled over and saw his brother pass them, he needed to check Bella over. He cupped her cheek, and ran his fingers over where her cheek was left red. He couldn’t contain the growl that rushed through him.

“I’m okay,” Bella said running her hands over his face feeling the small little veins that were coming out.

“He shouldn’t have hit you,” Henrik said through gritted teeth, he wanted to go back and rip Phil apart.

“You’re right, he shouldn’t have, but he did, and the black eye he’s sure to have is enough payback,” Bella said knowing what Henrik most likely wanted to do.

“No it’s not,” Henrik stated, “But I won’t hurt him if that’s what you want.”

“I love you Henri. You know that right?” Bella asked as she took his hand in hers and held it tightly.

Henrik looked at her and smiled, “Of course I know Belle. Did you forget it was your love that brought me back?”

Bella nodded, “Thank you, for whatever you did. I know it was something important, you were gone for so long. I just want you to know that I appreciate everything you’re doing for me.”

“I love you Belle, I’d do anything and everything for you,” Henrik said, he brought their conjoined hands up to his lips and kissed her hand. It was a refreshing feeling to see her smile again, even if it was just a small simple smile that didn’t last long, it still meant the world to him. Bella leaned forward and kissed him, it was everything she needed.

“You don’t mind me staying with you and your brother right?” Bella asked as they pulled apart.

“Belle, I love you, you coming to stay with us is something I look forward to, and I’m sure Nik does too,” Henrik said.

“I don’t want to go back to the house, not if Charlie’s not there,” Bella said with tears in her eyes.

Henrik nodded, “You’ll move in with me and Nik, it’d make your transition into becoming a vampire much easier.”

Bella nodded, she wiped away a few tears, “Can we do the transition sometime after the funeral?”

“Whenever you want Belle,” Henrik said, he didn’t let go of her hand as he got back on the road and drove home.

Arriving at the house, he saw a note from his brother.

Went out to get food for Bella. The house is ready if you wish to take her, it might help her feel more comfortable here. –N. M.

Henrik took the key that was taped to the refrigerator, he looked to Bella who was leaning against the counter. He extended his hand out to her, “I want to show you something.”

Bella looked at him weirdly, “Now?”

Henrik nodded, Bella took his hand and let him lead her outside. He took her down the path to the guest house. It was a large house, but inside was a large pool that was more than 20 feet deep. The roof of the building was glass, allowing the moonlight to enter and make the water truly shine. There were a few chairs and tables set around along with a shelf for Bella’s things and extra towels. There was also a thermostat that controlled the temperature of the water, and a hot tub that was connected to the pool.

“What is this Henri?” Bella asked as they reached the doors to the house.

“Nik, built you something,” Henrik said, “I helped, but he was sort of the mastermind behind this. He thought you might need this.” Henrik opened the door and revealed the large pool to Bella.

“An indoor pool? For me?” Bella asked walking in stunned to silence.

“Yes, you can change the temperature, and there’s a hot tub in there too. It’s a glass roof, so you’ll get sun or well here in Forks, rain.” Henrik turned on the lights giving her full view of the pool. “He thought showing it to you now might help you through this.”

Bella wiped away a few tears, “This is wonderful.”

“Try it out,” Henrik said, “It might help you.”

Bella turned to look at him, “I don’t know Henri…”

“Belle, you’ve been through so much,” Henrik said, “You need to take a calming breath, and you and I both know that you always feel better when you let your tail free.”

Bella nodded, “I guess you’re right.” Bella kissed Henri before she took off his jacket and his shirt, and jumped in. She found the pool deeper than her bathtub and it was soothing to let her tail swim free without being confided in the small space of a bathtub. Henrik was right, she did feel better being able to swim.

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  1. So sad she lost Charlie.
    Can’t believe Eddie and Alice helped Laurent with the info to get to Charlie. Glad Nik got rid of James, Victoria and Laurent. And that Henrik ended Eddie and Alice.
    Renee and Phil are a piece of work. It’s good Bella is getting away from them.

    Liked by 1 person

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