Reaping of New Orleans: Chapter 2

ronol chpt 2

Klaus and Kol walked together into New Orleans taking in the changed scenery. The place was crawling with witches, but none of them were doing magic and unlike it had before the town no longer felt bursting with magic.

“Something’s wrong,” Kol said looking around eyeing the witches who had succumbed to street entertaining. “The town seems strange.”

“I’ve realized,” Klaus responded looking around. They made their way to the quarter in which they once lived and looked around. They walked to their old home that was now flowing with vampires. “I’m assuming this is what is causing the witches to act so strangely.”

“Looks like someone is ruling in your home,” Kol said with distaste as he took a look around.

“You’re not allowed to be here,” A big burly vampire said blocking their path and Kol’s view.

Kol smirked and replied. “Care to enlighten me on who’s in charge? I would really like to know why I am not allowed here, it seems this is where to go when you’re a vampire.”

Klaus shook his head at his brother’s antics, but he wouldn’t stop Kol until it was necessary.

“Why don’t you take your pathetic ass and get it out of here,” the vampire said puffing out his chest.

Kol chuckled a wicked grin crossing his face, he stood toe to toe with the vampire. Meeting his eye Kol spoke, “Why don’t you make me, big guy?”

The vampire moved ready to throw Kol out of there, but Kol was quicker than expected. Kol snapped the vampire’s head off. He grabbed the head by the hair and announced loudly to the rest of the vampires in the room, “Anyone care to tell me who’s in charge around here, I’m running out of patience.”

“I do believe you all should do what he says there’s only so much I can do to keep him from tearing you all to pieces,” Klaus said the vampires gathered ready to fight. Before anyone could make a move a loud voice stepped in.

“Enough!” Marcel said causing the vampires who has circled around Klaus and Kol to disperse.

Kol smirked, “Marcel!” Kol turned to Klaus with an amused smiled. “Wasn’t he important to you at one point?” Klaus smirked and shrugged. Kol watched as Marcel’s eyes moved to the severed head. “Oh right, here’s the head of your little friend. Well, he’s not so little really.”

“Kol, Klaus,” Marcel said coming down the stairs, “It’s good to see you both again. What has it been a 100 years since we last saw each other?”

“That seems about right,” Klaus said his jaw clenched in anger.

“Everyone clear out!” Marcel yelled and in a blur of movements everyone was gone. “You can’t just come in here and kill one of my guys.”

“I think I can seeing as how I just did,” Kol replied with a smirk.

“I see you survived,” Klaus said feeling angry that he had mourned over someone who was never truly dead.

“Yeah well under the hysterics I guess you failed to double check.” Marcel replied. “But I rebuilt the city and now it’s mine.”

Klaus chuckled, “It will never be yours, not truly. But we’ll return to that at a later time. My brother and I, we’re looking for a witch, she goes by the name of Agnes.”

“Agnes?” Marcel asked, “What do you want with her?”

“That’s really none of your business,” Kol replied, “Tell us where she might be or we’ll wreak havoc on the human population of this city. I’m sure you don’t want the tourist rate to come down.”

Marcel gave the address not wanting to deal with the originals until he had a strong plan created. He stopped them as they got to the door. “This isn’t over. You can’t just come to someone’s palace and do this.”

“You’d be surprised on what we could do,” Klaus responded as he left.

-Page Break-

Bella groaned of course Henrik being who he was had rearranged his seat so Marco was sitting beside her. She grabbed the magazine as the plane had finally taken off, she began to flip through it doing her best to ignore the presence of her brother.

“At one point you’re going to have to talk to me,” Marco said as he took out a book.

Bella just hummed not giving any response to her brother.

“Okay, I admit these last few years I’ve been the worst brother in the world, but I do love you Izzy and I’m sorry for missing so much.” Marco said sounding sincere with every word spoken. “You can be as mad at me as you want, but I’m not leaving you, not again.”

“You know what was the worst thing is?” Bella responded minutes later still refusing to look up from her magazine. “I found our mother’s old home from when she was just a child. I even found a photo album of hers of when she was an infant. I called you over and over again that night and nothing. That moment I was supposed to share with you of looking through the album, of learning more about who she was, I shared it with Nik and Henri. When I got engaged to Klaus, you weren’t there to be with me, you were busy with your own life. I get it Marco, we both share different lives, but we were supposed to stay together. I would drop everything if you needed me, not giving any of it a second thought I would be there. I answer all your calls the second you want to talk. You just can’t seem to do the same. That’s the worst thing out of all of this, I realized I can’t depend on you. Not anymore.”

Marco took in a deep breath, “I’ll make it up to you Izzy. I promise.”

Bella didn’t answer, but continued to flip through the magazine.

“I never got a chance to give you this,” Marco said reaching into his pocket he took out the black velvet box and handed it to Bella.

“Gifts doesn’t make things right,” Bella said.

“Yeah, but they make things a bit better,” Marco said with a shrug. “I’ve been adding to it since I first left. Everywhere I went I would add something to it. I know you don’t really like travelling too much so I thought this would be something good to get for you. I was gone Izzy, but I didn’t forget you.”

Bella took the box and opened it seeing the bracelet filled with different charms of all the different places of the world. She smiled slightly and closed the lid. “You’re still an asshole.”

“Yeah, but I’m you’re asshole of a twin,” Marco said with a smirk, it wasn’t completely fixed, but their relationship was headed on the right track again.

-Page Break-

Kol and Klaus joined Elijah at the house. “Are you sure you gave her the right address?” Klaus asked as Bella was late and it was unusual for her to be late.

“Yes, Niklaus. I’m sure they’re just running late or hit traffic.” Elijah responded not entirely worried about where everyone else would be.

“Because we all know Isa always ones late,” Kol responded with a roll of his eyes taking a long sip of his drink.

The door opened with both Marco and Rebekah walking in, their hands filled with suitcases.

“And where are the rest of you?” Kol asked looking at just the two. “You know a hybrid and a reaper.”

Marco smirked, “They took a detour.”

Rebekah scoffed, “More like they saw something across from the airport and ditched us. They should be here in a few minutes.”

“What did they do?” Klaus asked knowing together Bella and Henrik had before gotten into some mischief.

“We don’t really know, they were gone before we could question them on what they planned to do.” Marco answered taking a seat on the couch opting to take the bags upstairs at a later moment.

Kol smirked excited to see what Bella and Henrik were up to. “This should be fun.”

Klaus sat down with a glass in hand. “As long as she’s happy, I don’t care what they’re up to.”

-Page Break-

“Your brother won’t approve,” Bella said as Henrik signed the last papers.

“I’m assuming you’re referring to Elijah, and he won’t really care about this. I am hybrid, I can’t get hurt,” Henrik replied the smile on his face never wavering.

“Why am I here?” Bella asked as she leaned against the doorway of the office. Wondering why out of all the people close to him Henrik had asked her to come along.

“Because I asked you to be here, and you wouldn’t leave me by myself. You’re also the only one I think would agree with me on this,” Henrik said with a growing smile as he finished up the paperwork.

Bella smirked, “I don’t agree with you, but this is your decision to make, so I’ll let you make it. But, let’s tell Elijah I at least attempted to really talk you out of it.”

Henrik chuckled, “I’ll make sure to mention it to him.” He grinned at Bella. “Let’s go make this official.”

Bella gestured for him to lead the way. They handed in the paperwork and the deal was finished. Bella smiled, although Elijah still believed Henrik was just a boy, he had become a man and today she was sharing a moment in his life. His first car, or in his case his first motorcycle. His enthusiasm was contagious as they got closer to the bike. Henrik didn’t waste time and jumped on the bike.

“You getting on, Elle?” Henrik asked as he strapped on his helmet for appearance purposes.

“No, I think I’m going to fly home,” Bella said. “But why don’t you take that for a ride around the town. I’m sure you’ll enjoy New Orleans.”

Henrik grinned, “Alright, see you at home, Elle.”

Bella waved as Henrik took off. She walked away and finding an isolated spot in the woods she released her wings and went to the sky. She flew home at a slow pace not really ready to be around everyone. Her mind went to Charlie. He deserved peace. He deserved to have a restful eternity, not to be held captive by a witch. No matter what it took, Bella would set him free. She would do everything it took to get him free now that she was so close to finding his soul and anyone who stood in her way would meet her wrath.

Landing in the backyard of the home, she looked around. It was a large home like all of Klaus’s homes had to be. She didn’t need to step inside to know that everything would be expensive. She turned away from the house, this was on a plantation and everything in the surrounding area was covered in nature.

“Enjoying the sight?” Klaus asked coming out of the house.

Bella didn’t turn around, “I like the nature, how isolated it is.”

“I thought you would enjoy it,” Klaus said, “Where is Henrik?”

“He went into town for a bit,” Bella responded. “Aren’t you going to ask what took us so long to get here?”

“I’m guessing you went with him to get that motorcycle he has been wanting to get,” Klaus said he stood behind Bella and wrapped his arms around her waist.

Bella smiled, “I would say I attempted to talk him out of it, but I think you would know I’m lying. He did look happy having it.” Bella paused she turned around in Klaus’s arms to face him. “What did you find our today?”

“Agnes, we got her address and we stopped by, we didn’t approach her, but she was alive and in town. I should also warn you that this town is filled with vampires who seem to hold some sort of control over the witches.” Klaus replied with a serious tone.

“If the vampires have control over the witches, who’s controlling the vampires?” Bella asked knowing there had to be more to this story.

“Marcel,” Klaus responded not needing to say more knowing that Bella already knew exactly who Marcel was.

“That’s a twist,” Bella said. “I’m assuming you’re going to figure out how he’s controlling them?”

“I’m too intrigued not to find out,” Klaus responded, he took Bella’s hand, “Let’s go inside, and work out what our next plan is.”

-Page Break-

Bella lay in bed staring up at the ceiling. Something was wrong with her she wasn’t feeling well. Pushing it down to being her emotion taking control she decided to go to sleep. She turned her head to look at Klaus who had fallen asleep long ago. She smiled and moved closer resting her head on his chest she closed her eyes and let her mind sleep.

Klaus woke as something had changed. He looked at Bella, who was sweating heavily, her breath coming out in short pants as she tried to breathe. He put a hand on her forehead, removing it instantly as her forehead was heated, she had a fever. This was strange for Bella. Klaus moved her closer to him, she was heating up at a rapid rate. Picking her up in his arms Klaus carried her off to the bathroom. He set her down in the bathtub and turned on the cold water letting the tub fill with water. He watched Bella’s eyes pop open as the cold water made contact with her skin.

“What’s happening?” Bella asked she didn’t move taking comfort in the cool contrast of the water against her skin.

“I don’t know, love. You don’t look well. Stay here, let me go get your brother, he might know what’s happening.” Klaus kissed her forehead and left the bathroom. He put on his pants and shirt before heading to Marco’s room. Close to knocking, Klaus was interrupted as Marco opened the door.

“What’s wrong?” Marco asked as he silently closed the door so he didn’t wake up Rebekah.

“Bella seems to be sick,” Klaus responded.

“We don’t get sick,” Marco said.

A loud scream from Bella cut off any response Klaus was about to say. Both men ran towards the scream. They entered the bathroom to see an unconcious Bella in the tub.

“This isn’t normal,” Marco said looking at his sister’s pale form.

Klaus nodded, “I’ve noticed.”

“I’ll go and try to contact my dad, see if he knows anything. Stay with her,” Marco said as he blurred out of the room.

Klaus kneeled by the tub and took Bella’s hand, it was still warm but the cold water was helping her temperature cool down.

“What’s wrong with Elle?” Henrik’s panicked voice said from the doorway.

“I was hoping no one would’ve heard,” Klaus said only turning slightly to look at Henrik.

“I was in the kitchen,” Henrik replied, “That room isn’t sound proof. What’s wrong with, Elle?” Henrik asked again.

“I don’t know,” Klaus responded. He watched as his brother walked further into the room and took a seat on the counter top. Neither said a word both watching as an unconscious Bella twitched on and off in the bathtub.

Marco arrived back with Death in toe. The bathroom was eerily quiet as death looked at his daughter. His eyes briefly turned to a now standing Klaus and back to Bella. “What’s wrong with her?” Marco asked knowing his father well enough to understand that he knew what had gotten to Bella.

“I need you and Henrik to leave the room. Niklaus must stay.” He responded. Henrik left knowing better than to argue.

Marco didn’t follow the example. “I need to know she will be okay. I won’t leave until you give me that.”

Death looked at Marco and nodded, “She’ll be fine. Now leave.”

Marco took one last look at Bella and left the room slamming the door behind him in anger as he wasn’t told exactly what was wrong.

“Such a sentimental boy, that one. He can let his emotions get the better of him most times, but so can Bella. I believe it’s their human tendencies shining through most times.” Death stepped closer. He grabbed a cup off the counter and handed it to Klaus. “Bleed into this.”

Not asking questions Klaus bit into his wrist and let the blood seep into the cup. As the wound closed he watched as death kneeled and put the cup to Bella’s mouth. “I thought my blood couldn’t heal her.”

“The blood isn’t for her,” Death responded as Bella swallowed the blood still lying unconscious in the tub. Death stood and set the glass down. “I assume you want to know what’s wrong with her, but there isn’t anything wrong with Isabella. She’s merely going through a normal tendency that many humans go through.”

“I thought she renounced her human side when she became a reaper?” Klaus asked.

Death nodded, “Most of it, yes. It seems that because she was human longer than Marco, she retained something that her human body had to offer. This should end in about 9 or so months.”

“I don’t understand,” Klaus said feeling frustrated over what he was being told.

“Isabella kept a human trait when she became a Reaper, something that would most likely only happen once in her eternal life. Once this is over her entire human self will be gone, like Marco. After so long of suppression, this human trait has fought its way to the surface and was triggered by your werewolf gene. Isabella is with child.” Death said looking fondly at his younger daughter.

“You mean she’s carrying our child?” Klaus said taken completely off guard by the news.

“Yes, she’s carrying your children. They’re twins.” Death said. “The children needed blood to nourish themselves and Isabella’s blood alone wasn’t enough. They need variety. Give her human blood or your blood a few times a day and she will be well.”

“What are they going to be?” Klaus asked before death could leave. “Will they be like her or like myself?”

“Isabella’s reaper side will not affect them. These children will be, hybrids at birth, they will not hold the powers both Isabella and Marco hold.” Death responded. He patted Klaus on the shoulder. “Congratulations. You’re going to be a father.”

Author’s Note

This wasn’t what I had originally planned when I first thought of writing a sequel. This is going in an entirely different direction, but I’m happy with what I’ve settled on. I hope you’re all excited to see what’s next to come, I know I am. I will restate that this story won’t be identical to the series, I plan to make it more my own.

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