Author’s Note

Well, this is the end! I hope it lives up to what you all wanted.

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!

-Page Break-

Bella sighed impatiently as she leaned against the wall in the dark alleyway. Her eyes watched James’s every move as he taunted the human in front of him. This was something she had learned early on about his hunting mannerisms, taunting those he ate made his meals more entertaining. She wanted it to bother her, but she really couldn’t bring herself to care all that much. Really, anything that made James happy made her happy and she knew it went the same for him.

Bella tensed as the human that James was taunting said something about her, she knew now that James was on edge. Bella truly understood how possessive and protective James could be of her after she turned and had taken his mating mark. She watched with interest as James punctured the man’s chest and ripped his heart out. “The ruins the blood circulation!” Bella called out to James with a smirk.

“He deserved it.” James replied he frowned and let the body hit the floor. “I don’t even want to feed of off of him anymore.”

Bella laughed lightly, “Let’s just light it on fire and move on. You can get another human once we cross the Canadian border.”

James smirked, “I suppose I can hold out for that long. How are you feeling, little dove?”

Bella smiled as James’s arms wrapped around her waist and brought her closer to him. “I think we should hurry, J.”

James rolled his eyes as he buried his head in her neck and took in her scent. He had always been beyond pleased to know that Bella smelled a bit like him. His constant marking permanently mixed his scent with hers and vice versa. “You worry far too much, but if it’s what you want I’ll burn the body and we can be on our way.”

Bella smiled she leaned forward and attached her lips to James. She sighed as the feeling of peace washed over her every time she kissed him. “Come on, let’s hurry up with this, J. I want to go play in the snow.”

James leaned forward and kissed Bella softly. “Fine, this will only take a moment.”

Bella nodded pleased, she smirked amused as there was blood everywhere. “Can you explain to me how you’re a messier eater than me? I’m fifty years old and I can keep blood off my clothes. It seems to be something difficult for you to grasp and you’re so much older than me.”

James finished his activities and blurred over to Bella. He pressed her against the wall and kept his hands at her hips. “May I remind you who soaked themselves in blood on their first hunt and every hunt after that for at least three years?”

Bella smirked, “I do believe that I was still a newborn, I have an excuse.”

“A pathetic excuse.” James replied as he kissed up Bella’s neck. “Don’t forget I was the one to teach you how to hunt.”

Bella tilted her head for him allowing him more access to her neck. “The student is always supposed to surpass the teacher, J. You should be proud of me.” She turned her head and captured James’s lips with hers, smirking as he promptly lifted her off her feet. She pulled back and smirked widely at him. “We really should get going, I don’t want to get carried away in the middle of an alleyway that’s covered in blood.”

James sighed, “Fine, I suppose we can carry on with this later, I should also mention that the old woman across the street has just called the police for public indecency.”

Bella groaned, “I don’t want to be followed by police, let’s get going.” Bella held onto James’s hand as they ran off escaping the cops that would soon find a murder scene.

-Page Break-

Bella stopped running as they reached the Washington border. She turned to James for a moment, “I…”

James nodded, he put his arm around her waist and brought her into his chest. He rested his head on her shoulder. “If you want, we can visit their graves.”

Bella nodded, “I owe it to them to keep their memories alive.”

James kissed her neck, “If we hurry you can make it before the sun comes up.”

Bella nodded, she took off with James behind her. She stepped into town and took in the air, it all felt different now that it was no longer her home. It was cloudy like she remembered but this time unlike her human days she couldn’t feel the cold. She walked by a boutique and with super speed she took one of the hoodies on display. She draped it on and gave a small smile when she felt James behind her. His arms wrapped around her waist as she walked trying to see where the flower shop was.

“Plan on stealing anything else, little dove?” James questioned into Bella’s ear.

Bella smiled, “Just a few more things, nothing too big.”

James took in a deep breath of Bella’s scent a necessary step to calm him. Being in the town where he had to so many times before watch her with the other vampire put him on edge. He kissed her neck and slightly bit down on his mark there. “Don’t get noticed, little dove.”

Bella smirked, “I never get noticed, J.” She smiled as they stopped in front of flower shop. She quickly grabbed three bouquets of flowers and walked off. “See, no one notices.”

James smirked and kissed her neck again. “Whatever you say, little dove.”

Bella paused as she stood at the entrance of the cemetery. “I’m having second thoughts.”

James rolled his eyes and nudged her forward. “Go, little dove. You’ll regret it if you don’t.”

“You’re right.” Bella replied, she turned around and put her arms around James’s neck. She kissed him feeling the need to feel close to him before she went into the cemetery. Bella pulled back and smiled brightly as like every time she kissed him she felt better. She turned and walked into the cemetery determined to see those she had lost.

She walked up to the graves that lay side by side and set down a bouquet of flowers on each one. “Hey, Angie. Hey, Ben. I miss you both, so much. I miss being able to make jokes with you or spend entire days hiding from Jessica and Lauren. I miss having my best friends with me. I didn’t get to say this before, but I am so sorry for causing this. I’m so sorry that you had to die because of me. I know I’ll never know exactly what you went through before you died, but I hope you know that if I could I would take your places in a heartbeat. I know you’re in a better place, you have to be, and I know that you’ll always be together. I just hope that one day you’ll be able to forgive me. I love you both, so much. I’ll never forget you, I promise.”

Bella stood and with shaking hands she headed towards the grave of her father. She kneeled and set the flowers down. A small smile reached her lips, “Hey, dad.” She said softly. “I wanted to let you know that I’m happy. You see, I met my soulmate, literally.”

-Page Break-

Bella ran faster and jumped onto James’s back as they crossed the border into Canada. “Any specific place in mind?” She questioned into his ear as she rested her chin against his shoulder.

“Not as of yet, is there anywhere you want to go?” James questioned curiously.

Bella shook her head. “Not really, I just figured you had a place in mind.”

James stopped running and turned his head capturing Bella’s lips with his. “I’m sure we can find something interesting to do while we’re here.”

Bella smiled, “All the possibilities.” She teased as she leaned against his back as he started to run again. “I want to play in the snow.”

“I’m more than sure I can fit that in.” James replied he maneuvered Bella so she was wrapped around his front and in an instance he had her pressed against a tree. James smirked and pressed his lips to hers. He could faintly hear the snapping of the tree as their weight combined was beginning to weaken it. James’s hand slid to Bella’s back to keep her steady as the tree broke and tipped over.

Bella pulled back and laughed, “Haven’t been in Canada for more than a minute and we’re already destroying the wildlife.”

“One tree won’t make any difference.” James replied as he kissed down her neck.

“I hate to say it, but I think you might be right.” Bella said with a smile she ran her hand down James’s face. She noticed his eyes were darker than usual and remembered that he hadn’t fed as well as she had on their last hunt. “You need to feed. You look ready to take down an entire town.”

“I don’t need blood. I need you.” James replied simply as he leaned forward and kissed for a quick moment. “I clearly remember you saying something about playing in the snow.”

Bella smirked, “Well, let’s start playing then.”

-Page Break-

James smirked as he leaned against the entrance of the changing room. “You’re making this harder than it should be.”

Bella scoffed, “My clothes are shredded and covered in dirt and snow, I need new ones and I will not wear anything that I’m going to feel uncomfortable in. All these clothes make me look like a child, I feel like I came school shopping with my mom.”

James smiled he looked around and noticed the store was close to empty and all the employees were doing their best to avoid them. “You look perfectly fine in anything, Little Dove.”


Bella sighed she shrugged her shoulders. “I guess I’m sticking with this shirt. I’ll finish paying, you should go find someone to feed off of. I’ll find you.”


James nodded, he kissed Bella running his hands under her shirt and gripping her sides keeping her close. “If you don’t find me in 15 minutes, I’ll come looking for you.”

Bella grinned, “When you put it that way I might want to play a game of chase and see how long it takes you to get to me.”

James growled softly. “I’ll always find you, Little Dove.”

“I know, so I have nothing to worry about. 15 minutes, J.” Bella said as she nudged him towards the exit of the store. “Store up on your energy, I have some activities planned for later.”

James laughed, “I’ll be sure to get it in some extra blood so I can keep up with you.”

“That’s all I ask for.” Bella responded with a grin as she watched him leave. She headed to the front register and paid for the clothes she was wearing. She turned and stepped back as someone nearly bumped into her. Bella tensed as she got the smell of vampire.

“Oh!” the young girl said with a perfect smile. “I’m so sorry, I almost didn’t see you there.”

“That’s surprising to hear since all vampires have perfect vision.” Bella responded with a frown.

The girl stiffened. “I’m fairly new to this life.” She admitted. “I didn’t notice you nearby.”

Bella shook her head, “You’re such a foolish girl, you never reveal your age to any vampire. It’s a bigger weakness then you realize.”

The girl looked down. “No one ever told me that.”

“Well, I just did and don’t be so submissive, it allows others to walk all over you.” Bella said with a sigh. “Be careful, not al vampires are polite as me. The next one you bump into might just kill you.” Bella left the store and without needing to focus she walked off towards the direction of James. She could practically feel a cord tying her to him always there to lead her to him.

Bella growled as yet another vampire ran into her. “What the hell?! Have all vampires lost their damn sight?” She said as she put space between her and the vampire she looked down at her shirt to see it had a small hole now. A loud gasp had her head snapping up to really get a good look at the vampire in front of her.

“Bella!” Rosalie said her voice more than surprised to see the brunette in front of her.

“Fucking perfect!” Bella hissed in annoyance, she rolled her eyes and walked past the blonde vampire. Bella growled louder as Rosalie grabbed her arm. “Take your hand off of me or I’ll rip it off of you.”

Rosalie released her grip on Bella and looked around. “What are you doing here?”

“It’s none of your business.” Bella replied she straightened out her shirt. “Now leave me alone, I have somewhere to be.” Bella turned and walked away.

“WAIT!” Rosalie called after her. “We thought you were dead.” Rosalie whispered so low that the humans couldn’t hear.

Bella smirked, “I am.” She called back as she pulled up the hood of her new jacket and disappeared into the crowd.

Bella smiled widely as James appeared behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her to his chest. “What took you so long, Little Dove?” He took in her scent and paused. “You were around other vampires?”

“A newborn, barely 2 years of age.” Bella responded as she allowed James’s hands to drift all over her, his need to assure that she wasn’t hurt. “And Rosalie. You remember her right?”

“The superficial one of the Cullen clan.” James responded. “I’m assuming because she’s near so are the rest of them.”

“I would think so.” Bella replied with a frown. “I really had high hopes for playing in the snow.”

“I thought we already did that, little dove?” James said as he pulled her hood down so he could have access to her neck.

“We did, but I wanted to see what else we could do.” Bella replied simply as she enjoyed the attention she was getting from James.

“Just because they’re here doesn’t mean we have to leave. We can stay for as long as you wish.” James assured as he trailed kisses down her neck.

“And risk the chance of getting into a fight?” Bella responded.

“With both our gifts we’ll be able to handle them.” James assured.

Bella smiled, “I forgot about my shield for a moment, it was why they didn’t smell me nearby.”

“It’s already working in our favor. They won’t be able to track us, and we can always kill them if we so wish it.” James responded with a smirk.

“The only people I planned to kill in Canada were the ones I planned to feed on. It feels useless to kill someone if I get nothing from it.” Bella replied with a frown.

“You get to have revenge on someone who claimed you as a prize and kept you away from your real mate. I think that’s enough to get out of killing the Cullen’s or at the very least Edward.” James said saying his name with disgust.

Bella leaned further into James’s embrace. “Well, that would be an interesting reason to kill someone.”

“I’m glad you agree, little Dove.” James replied with a grin. “Let’s go find something to occupy your time.”

-Page Break-

Bella hummed as she walked through the dark streets with her hand in James’s. “What do you think about that man over there?”

“No, he’s too drunk, his blood will taste awful.” James replied he let go of Bella’s hand and wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her into his side. He kissed her temple and looked back around. “What do you think about her?” James said gesturing to a girl that was crying outside of a bar.

Bella frowned, “I don’t want to kill someone who seems to be having a horrible day. What about the man that’s taking out the trash? He doesn’t have any alcohol in his drinks, so he should taste fine.”

“It’s your hunt, Little Dove.” James said. “If that’s who you want, then go get him.”

“He’s what I want to kill today.” She responded with a smile. “I want something clean, and I think he’s going to be as good as it gets tonight.”

James led her towards the alley, “Take your time, I’ll make sure no one walks in on your hunt.”

Bella grinned, “Thank you!” She kissed James quickly before she walked off more than ready to capture her prey. She easily had him pressed against the cold brick wall by the throat. Bella smirked and with an easy twist of her wrists she snapped his neck. Bella held him up against the wall as she bit into his neck and let his blood flow into her mouth. She stepped back in alarm as she heard James’s low growl. Instantly she dropped her meal and went to his side. She crouched down at his side and growled at the threat towards her mate.

“Bella?” A familiar voice said in surprise.

Bella came out of her crouch, but she was still ready to attack if she needed to. “Jasper.” She regarded with a nod of her head. “I’m done, J.”

“Let’s go.” James said as he grabbed Bella’s hand in his.

“WAIT!” Alice shouted in an attempt to stop the two. “We’re not here for anything, I just-I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

Bella growled, “Watch what you say little pixie.”

Alice pressed herself into Jasper’s side in instinct of the surrounding danger. “I know you must think we all lied to you, but it’s not true. Jasper and I knew the truth about you and James, but if we came forward with the information Edward would’ve had a fit and killed you. We love you, Bella, we didn’t want anything bad to happen to you so we let the rest of the family to go on believing that you were Edward’s mate. At your party I told Jasper to act like he was going to attack you. It was the only way I knew of that would lead you to James without you dying in the end… permanently. I know you hate us, and I can understand that, but know that we’re happy for you.”

Bella looked to James and then back to Jasper. “You knew that you didn’t kill him in the ballet studio?”

Jasper smirked, “Not at first, but Alice’s visions wouldn’t stop coming. We knew something was off when she kept seeing you with someone else, and then you started to feel different. You were human so you probably didn’t realize it, but your body was already reacting to the loss of James. The small exposure you had of him had a bigger affect than anyone would realize. You were sadder, less enthusiastic about everything, you wouldn’t speak unless you were spoken to. It was all a loss of James. That’s when Alice and I knew we couldn’t let Edward continue on with his possessive control over you. He had claimed you, but if he left it would give James an opportunity to claim you, properly.”

“Let’s go, J.” Bella said softly, she knew their intentions were in the right place, but she couldn’t help but feel anger. They had manipulated her life just as much as Edward had done and that wasn’t something she would forgive. Especially since she knew in the pit of her stomach that Alice had to have seen Angela and Ben die and didn’t do anything to stop it. “I’m still a bit thirsty.”

James smirked, “Then let’s go find you another snack, little dove.” James took Bella’s hand in a blur of movement they both disappeared.

Alice looked to Jasper and frowned, “She’s not going to forgive us.”

“Did you expect her to?” Jasper questioned in a serious tone. “You and I both knew she would lose all her family, and we didn’t do anything to try and stop it.”

“It needed to happen!” Alice argued.

Jasper smirked and kissed his wife’s forehead. “You and I both know that isn’t true, Ali. You were jealous she had replaced you with Angela and Ben. You wanted your sister back, but with Angela and Ben around Bella didn’t need you to be there for her. Bella knows that too, she sees what happens for what it was. We could’ve stopped it all from happening, but we chose not to. If we had killed Victoria, Bella would’ve still ended up with James and they would still be happy together.”

Alice sighed and frowned. “I just wanted my sister back, Jazz. Bella’s always been someone I looked forward to meeting, I just don’t want it to end here.”

“It won’t.” Jasper replied, “You can’t force yourself on her, Ali. I think it’s time we take a break from the rest of the coven.”

Alice nodded, “I already left them a note.”

-Page Break-

Bella rested her head on James’s chest as they both lay in the middle of the snow staring up at the cloud covered sky. She was waiting for it to start snowing, there was something special about being able to watch the snow fall from the sky and onto the ground, this being something she had never been able to do as a human.

“I want to go to a city next.” Bella said as she kept her eyes on a snowflake that drifted through the sky. “Somewhere where there are a variety of meals to choose from.”

“Any specific location in mind?” James questioned.

Bella nodded, “I was thinking somewhere in California, I like feeling the sun.”

James chuckled, “Wherever you wish, little dove.”

Bella moved so she hovered above James, her hands drifted through his hair as she smiled down at him. “I like seeing you in the sun.” She admitted quietly. “Someone so deadly looking so angelic, it’s a beautiful sight.” She said as she brushed her hands through his hair and traced her finger down the side of his face.

James’s hands moved and rested his hands on her hips. “You’re always a beautiful sight to behold.”

Bella smiled she leaned down and attached her lips to his. She laughed lightly as in a second she was on her back. “More fun in the snow?”

“We should enjoy it while we can.” James replied with a wide smirk.

Bella pulled James down to her until their lips met again and she relaxed into his hold as he felt perfect to her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and brought him in closer.

Both James and Bella growled out as they could hear the approaching footsteps. They both stood and crouched down both ready to protect each other. Bella stiffened as the approaching figure came into sight.

“Bella?” His stunned tone caused her insides to turn in disgust.

James growled loudly letting the disgust be evident in his tone, he hated hearing her name come out of his mouth. Bella stood up and rested a hand on James’s back knowing it would calm him just a little bit. “Stay the fuck away from my mate.” James growled.

“I’d listen to him Edward, James has a bit of a temper and there’s really nothing to stop him from killing you.” Bella said in a calm voice. She had always thought that when she came face to face with Edward she’d be filled with rage, but that didn’t seem to be the case at all. If anything she was worried for James seeing him in front of Edward she finally understood his feelings towards Edward. He had known she was his mate for years before she knew and for a large section of those years he had to watch her be with someone else and have someone else claim her as his. She now understood how horrible that must’ve felt for him and seeing Edward must have brought forward all those feelings again.

“I’m so glad to see you’re alive.” Edward said doing his best to meet Bella’s eyes but James’s body always stopped him from doing so. “Though I thought you’d know to keep better company.”

Bella growled loudly. “Don’t you fucking dare! I’ll kill you myself if you say one more bad things towards my mate.”

Edward scoffed, “He’s not your mate, love.”

James growled loudly, he moved forward and before Edward could do anything James ripped off his both his arms and had him by the throat up against a tree. “You know very well that I’m her mate.” James smirked as he could already see the cracking in Edward’s skin. “I think it’s time I get you back for keeping her away from me for so long.”

Bella’s head turned as she could hear approaching footsteps. She moved her shield out and around James as she saw Rosalie and the vampire she had seen before in the store appear. They both screamed out and went to attack James. Bella laughed at how stupid they were; they hadn’t even realized that she was there until they heard her laughter. She supposed it was too much time they had spent being humans.

“Try and attack my mate again and I’ll have you in pieces.” Bella warned, she could tell by the familiar sound of tearing metal James was slowly taking Edward apart.

“I can’t believe the monster that you’ve become.” Rosalie said as she put the younger vampire behind her. “Go back home, Estelle.”

“But Edward!” She whimpered out.

“Just go.” Rosalie ordered.

Bella smirked, “New pet?”

“She’s a part of this coven, something you’ll never be.” Rosalie said hoping to get under Bella’s skin.

Bella chuckled, “The last thing I want is to be part of your pathetic coven.”

Rosalie gasped out as Edward’s head was thrown at her. She screamed and let it fall to the ground. “YOU MONSTERS! HE NEVER DID ANYTHING TO DESERVE THIS.”

Bella smirked, “That’s where I believe you’re wrong. He kept me from my mate, he deserved more than to just die.”

“Do you have the lighter, Little Dove?” James said as he held out his hand to Bella.

Bella smiled and pulled out the lighter and handed it to him. “Let’s finish this so we can move on.”

James smiled and kissed the side of her head before turning back to Edward. He lit his body on fire and watched as the purple smoke filled the air. He turned to his lifeless and smirked. “I’ll let you keep that as a reminder of what we will do to your family if you decide to retaliate.”

Bella smiled and took James’s hand and took off. “Well, I guess its officially time to leave Canada. It was a fun trip though, the ending was the best.”

James smiled he paused his running and pulled Bella into his chest. He kissed her and smiled against her lips. “It was a great ending I’ve been wanting to kill him for too long.”

Bella kissed him quickly. “I’m quite happy that you got to kill him.” She moved and jumped onto James’s back. “Now, let’s get the hell out of here. I want to go somewhere where the Cullen stench isn’t everywhere.”

“Whatever you wish, Little Dove.” James said with a smirk as he felt Bella kiss his neck. He took off running being immensely happy that he had finally gotten rid of Edward Cullen. Now it was true, his eternal life couldn’t get any better.

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  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

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  2. Love it.

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  3. I’m glad Edward the douche is dead! LOL Although, I might have needed a few more Cullens roasting in an open fire….. (see, I have Christmas spirit) hehehe But really, Alice and Jasper deserved to suffer more for their inaction and blatant manipulation. Who would want to be Alice’s friend after Angela, Ben and Charlie suffered so much. They were jut as bad as Edward. Maybe they will get theirs in the future???? I can dream…. 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  4. That was awesome. I just found this one and I love it. I did cry when Angie and Ben died though. It was really sad and I’m so pissed at Alice for letting them die like that just because she was jealous. If I were Bella I’d never forgive her and Jasper. I also did not see the James aspect coming at all!

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  5. Loved this story. Very unique twist.
    Happy Eddie boy got what was coming to him finally. But I think Alice and Jasper should suffer too. Especially Alice, Bella didn’t need to have that much heart ache in her life.

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  6. I was so happy Eddie got hs ass handed to him and so happy you didnt allow Alice back into her life. Letting others die for such jealous reasons without any regard for her feelings ridiculous.

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