In the Garden/ Hallelujah


Bella pressed her hands against the watermelon plant. She watched as the plant began to grow so beautifully under her hands. It blossomed into something remarkable. She turned around and placed her hands on the ground of the dying rose bush. She closed her eyes and focused her mind on imagining the roses growing. She opened her eyes and watched as rose buds began to appear. She took a rose into the palm of her hand and leaned in to smell it’s comforting scent.

Bella took a step back and moved towards the middle of the garden space. Her eyes scanned the area seeing all the dead plants that were in the garden. She sat down in the middle of the area and closed her eyes. She forced out all her magic into bringing the area back to life. She felt herself being lifted off the ground as her magic swirled through her veins ant into the life around her.

Bella’s arm stretched out as she began to float into the air, she gasped her eyes opening wide as her power reached it’s highest level. She felt her power burst out of her in a shower of glowing green light.

Bella sat up and brushed her hair out of her face. She looked around grinning as everything was green and healthy. She stood and took in a deep breath as everything smelled beautifully. Bella walked around the large garden taking a moment to inspect each plant in the area. She walked to the entrance of the garden ready to leave and return back to her room.

She paused as she saw Elijah standing at the entrance and blushed brightly at being caught. “Hello, Elijah.” Bella said softly avoiding all eye contact with the original.

“Good morning, Isabella.” Elijah responded with a smile. “I’m assuming that no one knows you’re here?”

Bella nodded, “Marcel believes I’m in my room, and Klaus believes the same. I suppose I should get going before anyone notices I’m not there.”

“Did you do this?” Elijah questioned entering the garden. He looked to Bella awaiting an answer.

Bella nodded, “Yes.” She started looking around again. “I found it this morning. I was going to fix it tomorrow, but I got too excited and couldn’t wait.”

“It’s beautiful, Isabella.” Elijah responded smiling as her face brightened at his words.

Bella shook her head, “You haven’t seen beauty yet.” She took Elijah’s hand and led him to the very back of the garden.

“The daisies?” Elijah questioned

Bella shook her head. “No, look closer in the middle.”

Elijah leaned over and saw what she was looking at. “Are these your favorite, Isabella?”

Bella nodded, “A Venus flytrap.” She said reaching out and touching the plant giving it the strength to grow bigger. “Something so beautiful needing to take another life to survive… Curiously enough they tend to remind me of vampires.”

“I find it fascinating how easily you find beauty in anything.” Elijah responded.

Bella smiled and turned her head to look at Elijah. “Because there is beauty in everything. It just makes me sad to know that by tomorrow everything might be gone.”

“And why would that happen?” Elijah questioned curiously as he saw how quickly her face became sullen.

Bella took his hand again and led him to where a tree was beginning to grow. “A white oak tree.” Bella announced running her hand along the rough bark. “Your brother will destroy this place one he finds out.” Bella closed her eyes as tears fell down her cheeks.

Elijah moved and embraced her. “I give you my word that he will not hurt your garden.”

Bella pulled away slightly and looked to Elijah. “You shouldn’t do that. I don’t wish to see you argue with your brother.”

Elijah smiled, “You shouldn’t worry over my brother, I can handle him for you.”

Bella blushed lightly by the way he was looking at him. “I should return to my room before they realize I’m not there.”

“I’ll walk you back.” Elijah responded keeping his arm around her waist as he led her back to the room. He paused at her door, wanting to wish her a pleasant night. He was dumb struck as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Elijah responded immediately as this had been something he had thought about since he met her.

Bella pulled back resting her head on his chest. “Sweet dreams, Elijah.”

-Later- –

Bella laughed happily as Elijah spun her around. Her dress swished around her legs. She smiled up at him, “It seems I’m only a good dancer when I’m dancing with you.”

Elijah smiled, “I believe that to be a wonderful thing.”

Bella went to responded but stopped moving reaching for her heart. She turned around and took off running. She fell to her knees as her garden was on fire. “No.” She yelled as her entire safe area was on fire, she couldn’t help it as her green eyes glowed and rolled to the back of her head.

Elijah kneeled to pick her up, and  paused as he she glowed brightly before standing on her own.

“They need to be punished.” Bella said in a faint voice as her mindset was set on finding those who had come to destroy something that was a piece of her. In return, she would destroy them.

  1. I like supportive Elijah and him dancing with Bella. I wonder why they just couldn’t get rid of the tree alone….. hmmm Why would they have to burn the whole space??? laziness?? meanness?? I wonder who and how Bella will punish them?? Good short….. It makes me think about possibilities……

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  2. someone is in trouble….rightfully so.

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  3. As they say don’t mess with mother nature.


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