Bella The Witch: Chapter 18


Bella laughed as she sat in the passenger seat of her car while Elijah drove. They were driving to Virginia deciding it would be better than boarding an airplane. “Did we really not take a plane because Rebekah was skeptical?” Bella asked as she couldn’t believe that would be the reason they were making the long drive to Virginia.

Elijah smiled and nodded. “We had already bought the plane tickets, but Rebekah said she wouldn’t get on, as she put it, “The flying deathtrap.”

Bella laughed amused, “I guess it’s understandable, she has missed out on a lot of big things.” Bella turned around and saw the SUV following closely behind them. “I feel bad for Nik.” Bella admitted as she turned back around.

“And why is that?” Elijah asked glancing over at Bella.

“We left him with Kol and Rebekah in a car for an overnight trip.” Bella smiled at Elijah. “I love your siblings, they’re entertaining to be around, but Nik is someone who gets annoyed very easily. Do you really think it’s wise to leave your two most talkative siblings in one car with him?”

Elijah smiled, “I’m sure Niklaus will manage to be just fine with Rebekah and Kol. Rebekah was always his favorite, and Kol is the one most like him. If anything, I suspect Niklaus will be just a little tired when we arrive.”

Bella laughed, “I don’t think a little tired is the perfect way to describe how your brother will be once we arrive. I feel perfectly annoyed would be more like it.” Bella put her feet up on the dashboard and looked at Elijah. She smiled as she thought back to everything they had done in the last few days. From saying I love you to not leaving her room until the need to feed became too strong to fight anymore. She unbuckled her seatbelt and moved to sit closer to Elijah. She rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. She gave a small smile as he put his arm around her.

“How are you feeling” Elijah asked as he glanced at Bella. “It’s been a long time since you’ve seen your brother.”

Bella smiled, “I’m happy to be able to see him again.” She paused and looked to Elijah. “Do you ever get the feeling like you’re forgetting something important, but you can’t figure out what it is?”

“Do you feel like you forgot something back at the house?” Elijah questioned.

Bella shook her head, “No, it feels more important than that.” She said. She shook her head, “It’s probably nothing big and I’m just making something out of nothing.”

Elijah smiled at her, “You’ll figure out what it is soon, I don’t think you would forget something too important.”

Bella smiled she leaned up and kissed Elijah’s neck. “You’re probably right.”

-In Another Vehicle-

Klaus sighed as his younger siblings began to argue over something that had occurred at school the day before. He was glad Finn was still in a bad mood so he wouldn’t have to deal with him as well. “You have both made it abundantly clear that you’re angry with each other, so can we move on from this? I don’t wish to continue hearing this conversation any longer.”

Rebekah leaned back in the back seat and crossed her arms over her chest. “I just don’t understand why you can’t do me this small favor, Kol.”

Kol rolled his eyes, “I do not wish to waste one of my evenings taking this girl, whom I find incredibly irritating, on a date. That would be an evening of me wanting to snap her neck for every time she says the words ‘like totally’ in a sentence.”

Rebekah groaned, “I have her in the palm of my hand! All I need is something to humiliate her. She’s never been dumped and if you dump her, in a public place preferably, I’ll be number one. Won’t you please just help your sister? I’m not asking for anything too difficult. It’s one night, and the next day at school you can break things off with her, but please do this for me. I’ll give you anything you want.”

Kol sighed and looked to Klaus. “How do you say no to her?”

“I have more willpower.” Klaus responded as he focused on the road ahead.

Kol nodded his head. “Don’t ask me for anything else, Bekah.”

Rebekah grinned a large smile on her face as she sat up straight. “Thank you!”

Klaus turned to Kol and smirked. “Any location you plan to take this girl to?”

“The morgue.” Kol replied with a smirk.

“You can’t kill her, Kol!” Rebekah said leaning forward to hit her brother on the head. She smiled as Kol growled at her. “We made a deal, so keep your part of it!”

Kol rolled his eyes, “Yes, I’ll keep my side of things, but understand there will most likely be some compulsion involved.”

Klaus chuckled, “What is your plan Rebekah? What is it you want so badly?”

“It’s simple really, you see this girl has all these other girls eating out of the palm of her hands. They do her homework, they do everything for her. She demands and they obey, it’s quite beautiful. I want that, I’ve worked my way up quite easily thanks to Kol’s appeal to the girl. The only thing left is killing her source of power. If I can humiliate her, I can rise up and take her place. Then, I’ll have these girls eating out of the palm of my hands. There’s nothing more fulfilling than having several people worship you.” Rebekah replied with a smirk.

Klaus turned to Kol. “Rebekah has come up with this plan to take over, what have you done while at school?”

Kol smirked, “I’m getting an education.” Kol replied he chuckled at the look his brother gave him. “I enjoy being the best at everything I do. With that set of mind, I’ve decided to be the best in this school as well. I’m currently working very hard to be the top of my class. There’s nothing more I enjoy than seeing the faces of people I’ve crushed, and you should really see the faces these humans make when they understand that they are no longer at the top. It’s like all their dreams have been crushed, and to add onto it all, I’m as Bekah stated, very popular. I truly enjoy having these humans know that they will never be as great as me.”

Klaus looked at his two siblings, and laughed. “I am glad you’re putting all your time on something other than murder. It makes keeping an eye on the both of you so much easier.”

Kol smirked, “I should also mention that Rebekah and I are thinking of furthering our educations.”

Klaus looked at them startled at Kol’s words. “You’re being serious? You’re both planning on going to university?”

“Well, what better way to spend our time?” Rebekah responded. “High school is just the beginning Nik, we want to see how far we can go with this.”

Klaus shook his head, “You’ve turned Bella’s good intention into something completely different.”

“Actually, it was Bella’s idea.” Kol added, “She mentioned that she was thinking of applying to universities in the upcoming months. She then said it would be fun to be able to attend with the two of us.”

Rebekah smiled, “We like her, so we can’t pass up the opportunity to spend time with her without the supervision of you and Elijah.”

Klaus chuckled, “Does she know of your goals in high school?”

Kol smirked, “Now, Nik, are you trying to suggest Bella would go back on her wish just because of what we are doing?”

“That’s exactly what I’m suggesting, Kol.” Klaus replied.

“Of course she knows,” Kol replied with a smirk.

“We’ve gotten to know Bella just as well as you have,” Rebekah paused, “Well maybe not just as well, but when we say we like her, we mean it. She’s going to be a great Mikaelson.”

Klaus rolled his eyes as his two siblings went back to bickering about their separate plans. He was more than surprised to see how close they had become in a week. Kol and Rebekah didn’t seem to argue too seriously about anything anymore. If anything, going to high school had improved their relationship.

Klaus looked at the car in front of them knowing his brother and Bella were inside of it. He smirked as he thought about to the two of them. Nobody had really seen either of them a few days after Klaus had insisted Bella tell Elijah the truth. When they finally did emerge, the change between their relationship was clear to see. Klaus had laughed when Bella told him she knew he had let it slip to Elijah and thanked him for encouraging her. There was still nothing from Finn, the only difference now was that he came out of his room more frequently, though Sage still refused to leave the room.

-Page Break-

Klaus walked over to Bella as they had stopped at a gas station. Elijah was inside paying while Kol and Rebekah were both out looking for a quick meal. “I have a question for you.” Klaus stated as he looked down at Bela.

“Yeah? What would that be Nik?” Bella said with a smirk. “I know everything.”

Klaus chuckled, “Have you told your brother and his wife that you’re a vampire? And that you found your soul mate?”

Bella froze her hand coming up to cover her gasp. She looked to Klaus with wide eyes. “Oh no…” She said, she rubbed her face as she began to pace. “I forgot. I just never thought of mentioning it!”

Klaus held back a slight chuckle at watching Bella. “I figured as much, I was thinking in the car that you never mentioned a reaction from your brother about your turning. I found that strange, you usually mention your brother frequently.”

Bella looked to Klaus horrified. “How could I forget to mention that I was a vampire? Oh no…”

“Something wrong?” Elijah said approaching.

Bella looked to Elijah. “I forgot to tell Riley that I became a vampire.”

Elijah put his hand on Bella’s waist to stop her from pacing. “It’s understandable, you had no drastic change between your human and vampire life. Your life continued to feel like it did when you were human. Your brother will understand, he will not feel like you purposely kept this from him.”

Bella nodded finding sense in Elijah’s words. “Yeah, Riley has to understand.” She said she looked Klaus. “Thank you, for reminding me.”

“Of course,” He said surprised to see how easily his brother had calmed her down. For a moment he thought Bella’s newborn tendencies were catching up with her.

Elijah put his arm tighter around Bella, and looked to his brother. “Where are Kol and Rebekah?”

“They were getting hungry and decided they’d leave to find a quick meal before we set out again.” Klaus replied as he looked around. “They shouldn’t be taking too long.”

Bella smiled, “They’re pickier than you are about their meals, and they should be taking their time.”

“They’re also competitive. They’re probably racing to see who could eat and return back here first.” Elijah respond, he smirked as Rebekah appeared in front of them a large grin on her face.

“Of course, you had to be right,” Klaus said as he glanced at his brother and then to Rebekah. “Where is Kol?”

“He was being too picky. He should appear any second.” Rebekah said she grinned as Kol appeared beside her just seconds later.

Kol frowned, “That didn’t count!” He said as he walked to the car.

Rebekah laughed and walked after him getting in the car as well.

“I guess this means they’re ready to go.” Klaus said with a shake of his head as he walked back to the car.

Bella looked to Elijah and smiled. “I guess we should get going as well.”

Elijah opened Bella’s door for her, he helped her get in before blurring to the driver’s side. He smiled as she seemed to move to his side as soon as he sat down. Feeling her at his side was the best feeling he could ever experience. “You shouldn’t worry about your brother and Victoria will be more than understanding.”

Bella smiled and looked up at Elijah. “I hope so.” She said as she rested her head on Elijah’s lap as she was beginning to fall asleep. She couldn’t stay up for as long as Elijah could seeing as she was still young for a vampire. She smiled as she could feel Elijah’s hand running through her hair before she fell in a deep sleep.

-Page Break-

Bella tapped her foot as they drove up to the house. She turned to Elijah and gave a small smile. “I’m really nervous.” She stated. “I feel like my heart is going to beat out of my chest at any moment.”

Elijah set his hand on Bella’s knee to keep it from bouncing any longer. “You shouldn’t be nervous, this is your brother. From the way you speak of him, you should be happy to see him again. He doesn’t seem like the type of person to be angry at you for keeping something from him by accident.”

Bella nodded, she took in a deep breath as they pulled into the driveway. She saw her brother come out followed by Victoria. She stepped out of the car and smiled at Riley, she noticed Victoria head past him and begin to introduce herself to the Mikaelsons.

Bella stepped forward and smiled at her brother. “I forgot to tell you something. Like really forgot to tell you.”

Riley laughed, as he saw his now vampire sister. “Yeah, I can tell.” He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Bella. He hugged her tightly having missed seeing her and being able to be near her. “But I know you, you have your reasons. You can explain them later, right now, I should probably meet the people you’ve been going on about for a while.” He stepped back. “Especially this Elijah guy, you can’t seem to shut up about him.”

Bella shook her head knowing very well Elijah had heard this and so had Klaus by the loud chuckle she heard. “Thanks, Ry.” Bella shook her head trying her best to hide her blush as she led Riley to where Victoria was already conversing with the Mikaelson’s. “I see you already met, Victoria. This is my brother Riley.” Bella introduced the Mikealsons she shook her head as she knew what her brother was going to do next.

Riley smirked at Elijah, “Let me offer you a drink Elijah, I’ve been dying to meet you.”

Elijah chuckled lightly as he saw Bella. “Let’s get a drink.” Elijah agreed.

Bella looked to Victoria, “Can’t you do something he’s being ridiculous.”

Kol chuckled amused at seeing this side of Bella. “I believe she mentioned showing us to where we’d be staying.”

Victoria grinned, “Come on, Bella. Let’s go take a tour of the house.”

Bella rolled her eyes, she crossed her arms over her chest before gesturing for Victoria to lead the way. Bella smiled as she saw how easily Victoria blended in with Kol and Rebekah.

Klaus looked down at Bella. “You okay there?”

“What do you think they’re talking about?” Bella asked Klaus. “You’re an overprotective brother, I’m sure you understand what they’re discussing.”

Rebekah scoffed and turned to look back at Bella and her brother. “Overprotective doesn’t describe what he is.”

Klaus rolled his eyes, “Yet, everything I’ve done has made it so you’re perfectly safe. Isn’t that right sister?”

Rebekah sighed and turned back around. Klaus turned to Bella. “He’s your brother, understand that what he’s doing is what any brother would do. It’s what the three of us have all at one moment in time done for Rebekah.”

Kol turned and looked to Bella. “He’s right, I’ve killed a few humans before for treating Rebekah lowly.”

“Riley just wants to get to know him.” Victoria said as she arrived at the home. She gave the four of them the official tour of the place. Bella laughed as Kol and Rebekah fought over the room with the view of the pool. She followed Klaus and Victoria and headed back down the stairs.

“Aren’t you going to choose a room?” Victoria asked Klaus.

Klaus chuckled, “And step between the two of them?” He shook his head, “I rather not. I’m in a rather good mood, they’d only ruin it.”

Bella’s head snapped to the door as Elijah and Riley walked in both chuckling lightly at something. Bella eyed them skeptically and stepped forward. Riley grinned at her, “See brought him back in one piece.”

Bella rolled her eyes, “I’d ask what you two spoke about, but I have a feeling I won’t get an answer.”

-Page Break-

Bella took the blood bag Victoria offered her and took a sip of it. “Thank you.”

Victoria took a seat beside Riley and looked to Bella. “Do we have to ask for you to explain or are you waiting for a good moment?”

Bella smiled, “Okay, let me start by saying that I didn’t mean to not tell you guys I was a vampire. I just- I honestly forgot. I feel the same way as I did when I was human, and I forgot there was something to tell you.” Bella smiled and laughed lightly. “I’m sure you’ve guessed it, but Elijah was the one to turn me, he’s my soulmate.”

Victoria grinned, “What happened? Tell me, how did you turn?”

“I was helping them find the weapon that could kill them. It was poisoned and when I touched it the poison took over. Elijah had fed me his blood earlier to heal some spider bites, so the blood and the poison were sort of battling it out inside me.” Bella looked to Riley. “I saw dad.”

Riley sat up at her words. “What do you mean you saw dad?”

“I passed out from the poison. I was sort of in a coma. I had a choice to make, I could live and be a vampire or I could die and be with Dad.” Bella took in a deep breath. “I almost chose to go with dad, but I decided there was more keeping me here on Earth, so I stayed. When I woke up, Elijah was there with Klaus. At the time, I didn’t know that Elijah was my soul mate, but after he left to get me some blood bags Klaus brought up my magic. And when I could still use it, it all became so clear. After that, Elijah’s and I’s relationship began to grow. He and Nik took me to feed and we realized I can’t drink from the vein, only from blood bags.”

Riley laughed, “I so called that!” He exclaimed with grin. He moved and took the seat beside Bella. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders. “Don’t think we’re angry, we’re happy you’re here. We’re even happier knowing you’re finally happy. We knew going out on your own would be good for you.” Riley kissed Bella’s forehead.

Bella smiled and leaned against her brother. “I missed you guys.”

“We missed you too,” Victoria said, she paused and stood. “I’m going to go and see how the Mikaelson’s are doing. Give you both some time to do some siblings bonding.”

Bella laughed and nodded. “Thanks, Vicky.”

Riley said goodbye to his wife before he turned back to Bella. “How are you doing? I mean really doing? I need to know my little sister is doing okay.”

Bella smiled, “I wasn’t okay at first. There were some moments I wanted to just pack up and run back to you and Vic. Than Nik came along, and he’s helped a lot. He’s killed a lot of people in his lifetime, and he helped me realize that what I did wasn’t wrong. I did it to keep myself safe, and that mattered a lot to me. You and Vicky, you helped me, but I think Nik and Eli, they just helped me let go of everything.”

Bella turned to face Riley fully. “For the first time, I don’t feel trapped. I don’t feel like there’s something haunting me anymore.” Bella smiled. “I feel free, Ry. I feel free from everything that happened from Forks. I no longer feel guilty for moving on, for being happy. You have no idea how gratifying it is to feel this way.”

Riley smiled at his sister. “I’m happy for you, Bells.” He put his arm around her shoulders and leaned back into the couch. “I like him, he seems pretty decent.”

Bella smiled, “I love him.” She stated. “He makes everything so much better. I’ve never felt like this, Ry.”

“He loves you.” Riley said, “I saw it in him today when it was just the two of us. There’s nothing more I want for you than to see you happy. You light up when you’re around him, Bells. After what happened with Dad, I was worried I’d never see this side of you again. I thought you’d always be drowned in guilt, but you’re so happy, so carefree now. It’s amazing to see this change in you, and I’m happy to be able to know you’re going to be okay with him. I like knowing he’s going to take care of you, that he’ll always be there for you.”

Bella nodded as she closed her eyes as she lay against her brother. “I missed you, Ry.”

“I missed you too, Bells.” Riley replied he smiled as he finally saw his sister get back her life. There was no more guilt or fear, it was just her.

Author’s Note

The next chapter will contain the Mystic Falls group!

Tell me what you think, and I Hope you Enjoy!


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  1. I laughed so hard at Kol and Bekka’s plans for highschool domination, hahaha Klaus having to listen to them and their plans was funny too. And I always love when Elijah and Bella get even closer. They were too cute here on the road trip. I would love to read some of Elijah’s hotness though. hint hint…..
    I esp love any Mikaelson family unity stories after tonights episode of the Originals. I need some happy family. 🙂
    I’m so glad that everyone seems to like and get along with Vicky and Riley and vice versa. Bella ‘forgetting’ she was a vampire now was kind of funny. 🙂
    Great chapter.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Love it. The chapter was amazing as usual and you wrotong was brilliant. Love the fact that bella forgot to tell her brother she was a vampire 🙂


  3. Loved it. I love Riley and Bella’s interactions. Kol and Rebekah are too much lol. Thanks for the update 🙂


  4. This was hilarious! I loved Kol and Bekah’s plans for school and it is so something I can see them doing! Can’t ait for the next chapter, and i am glad you’re all okie dokie!

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  6. I can’t believe she forgot to tell Riley and Vicky she was a vampire now, lol.
    Bekah and Kol’s world domination of the school sounds hilarious. So glad I’m not in school with all the cliques.
    Should we be worried about Finn and Sage?
    Can’t wait for Klaus to lift the curse.


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