Chapter Nine: Night People

Author’s Note

Sorry it’s late!

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!

-Page Break-

Bella approaches the tan skinned man with caution. “Hello, Andrew.”

“Maeva!” Andrew responded facing her with a wide grin on her face. “It is lovely to see you in person!”

Bella smiled, “It’s a pleasure to meet you as well, my father talks highly of you.”

“Yes, well each time I speak to your father you’re all he ever talks about. In fact, he sends all of us your yearbook picture every year.” Andrew responded pulling his long hair away from his face and tying it up. “It’s why we all feel as if we know you before we even meet you.”

Bella smiled, “That sounds like him, I came here for a reason, Andrew, something I hope you will be able to help me with.”

Andrew smiled, “You need help with your most recent gift. I figured, it can be difficult to go from only healing one wound at a time to healing the entire body in seconds. It’s all a matter of practice, come, we can start now, I have to be at the school today and you can help me with the smaller children.”

Bella nodded and followed him. “Thank you.” She whispered as she was relieved there would be a way to stop Jeremy from dying.

“Who is it you want to save?” Andrew questioned as they walked.

“He’s someone I love.” Bella responded with a smile. “I don’t want him to die, especially if there is some way I can save him.”

“I know the feeling, I hope you learn how to save him.” Andrew said with a sincere smile. “It’s a tragedy to lose someone you’re in love with, especially for our kind.”

“Have you gone through it?” Bella questioned quietly.

“I have. We all have, it’s like a rite of passage.” Andrew responded. “I hope you don’t have to go through this, and that this boy you’re with lives as long as you do.”

“Are you hinting at that I should turn him if I can?” Bella responded curiously.

“Love is something beautiful, Maeva, and I’ve learned through my time that real love is timeless. You may be young, but you are wise beyond your age, the only thing to make love last is the want and need for it to last.” Andrew responded with a simple smile. “You should meet Eric and Julia, they’ve been together for close to 4 centuries.”

“I remember my father mentioned them, the last he heard from them they were in underground Paris, doing something with the catacombs.” Bella responded amused. “Apparently, they’re both very adventurous.”

Andrew laughed, “Oh my dear, Eric is not adventurous, but he does love his wife, and Julia has the need for adventure. You should know by now that someone truly in love will do anything for their significant other.”

Bella paused as Andrew stopped in front of what seemed like a hut. She quietly followed in after him and saw that the small hut like area was filled with children. “They’re all sick?”

Andrew nodded, “Unfortunately, yes. Many of them are orphans, so they’re not properly cared for. To hide suspicion, I don’t heal them all at once, but I do insure that they’re safe and no longer in pain. We’re going to start with some of the more healthier children, you’ll finish my work, and we’ll start working from there. Hopefully, we’ll get to the point where you can begin to heal everything with just a touch.”

-Page Break-

Jeremy crossed his arms over his chest as he waited for Bella to come down stairs. “Want to explain what happened last night?” He shouted from the kitchen where he had just given Rosko a piece of chicken from the fridge.

“I figured out that I needed to master healing to keep you alive.” Bella said coming down the stairs slowly, she yawned before she continued. “So, I went to see Andrew, and he’s agreed to help me master my gift. Hopefully I’ll get the hang of it in time.”

“Did you even sleep last night? You look exhausted.” Jeremy said approaching her, he cupped her cheek so she could face him. “You sure you can go to school today?”

Bella smiled and nodded, “Yes, I’m okay, in fact I’m pretty wonderful today.”

Jeremy matched her smile and leaned in to give her a small kiss. “You shouldn’t stress yourself out.”

“I’m fine, Jer.” She responded, “I just have a new hobby for now.” She grabbed her glasses from his hands and placed them on. “Come on, let’s get going.”

Jeremy smiled, “So you’re going to be leaving each night to do some training? Are you sure you can handle that?”

“I’ll be fine, I might just need to nap a little between classes.” Bella responded with smirk. “Don’t worry, Jer, I’ll be fine.”

Jeremy wrapped his arm around her waist and walked with her to his car. “I just worry over you, Bumble B.”

“I know, and it’s an endearing trait.” Bella responded with a small smile. “Trust me, Jer, I’m going to be okay.”

Jeremy nodded and leaned down to peck her lips in a chaste kiss. “I just don’t want to see you hurt, but for now I’ll let you be.”

“Come on, I can tell you all about how much I hate the music teacher, and ask you to switch into music class to make it less awkward for me.” Bella responded.

Jeremy smiled, “Unlike you, I don’t have any musical talent so I think I’d be kicked out of that class, but I’ll be there as the bell rings so you don’t have any awkward alone moments with the Cullen psychotic.”

“Thanks, Jer.” Bella responded as he opened the door to his car for her.

“So, tell me about what you did last night?” Jeremy asked as he began to drive to the school.

“Andrew has been working with children, so he started teaching me how to better control my healing ability through practice with them. He told me that it took him awhile to control his gift because he was never sure what mastering it would be. He thinks it will be easier for me because I have someone to learn from. Yesterday, there was this baby and he had this horrific infection, and with Andrew’s help I healed him. His skin was all better and Andrew thinks he’ll get adopted soon.” Bella replied with a wide smile. “He was a beautiful baby boy, his parents left him because of his skin condition.”

“Do you feel better doing this sort of training?” Jeremy questioned curiously.

“I do.” Bella said with a nod of her head. “I think I feel stronger knowing that Andrew can help me get control over my gift. When I developed my elemental shifting, I got help from James to master it and I mastered it rather quickly. I think with Andrew’s help I can master this gift soon, I think I’ll be able to save you, Jer.”

“You shouldn’t worry over me, B. I told you before, I died and I still lived, I’ll figure out how to do it again.” Jeremy responded reaching over to take Bella’s hand in his. “Everything’s going to be fine.”

“I know, Jer. Look, why don’t we just put this in the back of our minds and try to seem like normal teenagers.” Bella said with a smirk. “You know, gossip and what not with the rest of our class.”

Jeremy laughed happily as he parked the car. “Sure, that sounds pretty great.”

-Page Break-

Bella leaned back in her chair as the teacher went over the sheets of music they were to play at the next assembly. It was a mashup of several different songs, and they were supposed to learn the songs and harmonize together by the next week. She had no problem with this, it was the hinting from the teacher about staying after school with Edward to practice that was getting to her.

“Let’s start today off with some Taylor swift, and we’ll start working our way through the rest of the music.” Ms. Robinson announced standing behind her podium.

Bella took in a deep breath and began to play, she played along to the song, ignoring the gaze from Edward that she could feel as she played. She paused at the instruction of Ms. Robinson, turning to look at her as she began to criticize them both, but to Bella’s annoyance she was criticized more.

“You need to seem more appealing as you play, Isabella.” Ms. Robinson said crossing her arms over her chest. “Why don’t you take off those tacky sunglasses, we are in doors after all there’s no need for them.”

“These aren’t tacky they’re necessary for my health. And according to my awards, I’m plenty appealing when I play. If you haven’t realized I don’t wear these glasses to seem cool, I wear them because I have a severe eye condition that makes it impossible for me to have sunlight reach my eyes.” Bella responded. “Now, if you’re done being so judgmental we really should get back to playing music. Afterall that is what this club was made for.”

Ms. Robinson crossed her arms over chest ad glared at Bella. “From the top, again.”

Bella smirked and began to play again. Her hands moved easily as she played, she hated to admit it but Edward was a good pianist. She played until they had made it through the entire music set a couple of times. Bella looked towards the teacher, just waiting for her to say something negative, she couldn’t help the smirk that formed on her face as the negativity began.

“We’re going to need a lot of practice. Bella, you and Edward should really think about staying a little later to practice more. In fact, I’ve already asked Principal Greene and he’s agreed to leave the music room open for the two of you an hour after school each day until the assembly.” Ms. Robinson said grabbing her bag as the bell rang. “So, you’ll be staying late.”

Bella glared at her but knew it was useless as the teacher couldn’t see that behind the glasses. She stood up and packed her cello into her car. “I can’t stay after today, but tomorrow should be fine.”

“That sounds good, Bella.” Edward said standing and following her outside. “If you would like I’m able to drive you home afterwards.”

“No, it’s fine.” Bella assured, she smiled as Jeremy appeared.

“Everything go well, B?” Jeremy said looking over to Edward. “Hey, man.”

Bella laughed lightly. “Apparently, we need more practice. We have to stay after school to practice for an extra hour from now on.”

Jeremy nodded, “Cool, I’ll just wait for you.”

“You don’t have to.” Edward interrupted. “I can drive her home after our practice.”

Jeremy smiled placing his arm around Bella’s waist. “I like hearing her play, so it’s not really any problem. I’ll just bring my sketchbook along, I like drawing as she plays.”

Bella smiled widely. “Goodbye, Edward.”

Jeremy walked off to the car with Bella once inside he laughed lightly. “Yeah, that guy is infatuated with you.”

Bella rolled her eyes. “You’re an idiot.” She smiled at him. “He’s creepy, and a suck up to the music teacher, which, by the way, hates me.”

“You sure you’re not overreacting, B?” Jeremy questioned with a smirk.

“Jer, she hates me. I know it may sound cocky and vain to most, but I know that I am a remarkable cello player, and she’s suggesting that I need more work in my art.” Bella said with a frown.

Jeremy laughed, “The audacity!” Jeremy said with a smirk. “They should just fire her right away. You’re amazing, Bella, she’s probably just jealous that Edward isn’t attracted to her like almost every other teenage boy at our school. It was probably a blow to the ego.”

Bella laughed, “Thanks for that pick me up, Jer.”

-Page Break-

Bella entered Jeremy’s home and smiled at Alaric and Vanessa who were gathered together in the kitchen. She let them be as she headed up the stairs with Rosko at her side. “Hey, Jer.” She said entering the room with a smile.

Jeremy stood and smiled. “Bumble B.” He said in surprise. “I thought you would have already left to go join Andrew.”

“I’m just about to leave.” Bella said quietly. “But I don’t want to leave Rosko alone at the house, he whines when he’s stuck in my room by himself. I was hoping you would be nice enough to watch him for me until I get back.”

Jeremy grinned, “Sure, B, but if he eats me alive it’ll be your fault.”

Bella looked to Rosko who had already made himself comfortable on Jeremy’s bed. “I think he’s warmed up to you. I’ll see you later, but hopefully you’ll be asleep by then.”

“I’ll stay up for you.” Jeremy assured, he pulled Bella to him and kissed her before she had the chance to disappear. “I’ll be here for you.”

Bella smiled, “Thanks, Jer. I’ll see you later.” She kissed his cheek before she disappeared into thin air.

Jeremy turned back to the wolf on his bed. “Well, I guess you and I are in for a long night, bud.” Jeremy moved towards his bed. “Let’s watch a movie together, see if we can do some bonding or whatever.”

Bella appeared in front of Andrew as he gathered together his unneeded medical bag. “I knew Rafeal when he first got this gift, he would make it a point to sneak up on us at all times. I’m glad that he’s matured somewhat and no longer does that to us, and I’m thankful you don’t feel the need to scare others as a form of entertainment.”

Bella smiled, “If I scare someone it usually isn’t on purpose, and Rafeal hasn’t matured too much, the first thing he ever told me about teleportation was the best way to hide to scare someone.”

Andrew laughed and Bella noticed that he was truly a happy man as his laughter always reached his eyes. “Come my dear, we have much work to do today. There was an accident with one of the buses and several children have been injured, it is now our job to help them get better.”

Bella followed him. “What happened?”

“The driver had a seizure at the wheel and crashed into a tree. He died on impact as he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt, and many of the children on board received head injuries. Due to the lack of funds not many were able to go to the hospital after the accident, and from what I’ve gathered many have fallen into comas.” He turned to Bella with a sad smile. “These are the hardest to heal, and as sad as it may be, it is a wonderful learning opportunity for you.”

-Page Break-

Jeremy followed the black wolf, he found it a bit hard to keep up with the wolf as in the darkness of the night the wolf blended in perfectly. He paused as the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end, and his hunter senses were on overdrive. He turned his head to stare into the darkness of the woods, his hand reached into the secret pocket of his jacket and slowly he reached for his gun. He pulled it out, and without hesitation he held it in front of him as he still looked over his shoulder and  fired.

He turned his head as he was right and there were two following him. One was coming from in front while the other tried to distract him. He noticed as Rosko came to his side, his teeth barred as he growled at the man approaching him from the back.

“Lower your weapon, Jeremy, we’re not here to kill you. We came for a visit.” Klaus said reaching to the wound at the nape of his neck and pulling out the bullet covered in vervain that was lodged there. “Has your aim worsened since you moved? Or were you purposely trying to miss my heart?”

Jeremy kept his eye on the man that moved from behind him to stand beside Klaus. “Bella said that one of the vampire covens that was after her each member had a symbol on their neck. I aimed there purposely, it would give me the chance to see if the tattoo was in fact there.”

“I’m impressed Mister Gilbert.” The other man spoke reaching into his coat to hand Klaus a handkerchief. “It’s quite impressive to hit an opponent without seeing them. I’m being rude, I’m Luther, Maeva’s father.”

Jeremy sighed and put his gun away, moving to rest his hand on the wolf’s head as Bella had done before. It seemed to calm him enough to stop him from barring his teeth and growling. “I would say it’s a pleasure to meet you, sir, but under the circumstances I don’t believe that best describes this meeting.”

Luther laughed placing his hands inside his pockets. Jeremy couldn’t see them both clearly, but by the way the man was slightly taller than Klaus and was dressed in a similar casual style as Klaus he knew just how close the two actually were. It was when Luther stepped closer to him and into the moonlight that Jeremy saw the resemblance between the older man and his daughter. They had the same brown hair and the same kind expression on their face, but just as Bella he could see the dangerous side that lay inside.

“Yes, I can agree this is a strange meeting, but due to your involvement with my daughter I had to meet you. It seemed Maeva has gone to look for help with her gift, and it was clear to me that you must be the reason behind that.” Luther looked to Klaus. “I asked aid of my old friend to help find you. I only know your name, so finding you would be a bit difficult. Not to mention I felt that you would have a more comfortable time speaking to me with a familiar face around.”

Jeremy laughed, “Klaus? I don’t know if you’ve heard but he killed my sister and my aunt.”

Klaus scoffed, “Your sister is still alive, isn’t she?”

Luther shook his head with a small smile. “Nonetheless, I think it is helping the situation. I don’t mean to frighten you Mister Gilbert, I just want to speak with you. You seem to have a very strong connection with my daughter and I think you can tell me what is going on here that has her worked up enough to willingly seek help.”

“No offense, sir, but Bella doesn’t want you to know because she seems to think she can handle this on her own.” Jeremy sighed, “But I think she might need your help, though she is unwilling to admit it.”

Luther gave a small smile. “Maeva is strongly independent.” He glanced down to the wolf and moved to pinch the bridge of his nose. “She said she set the animal free  and back into the wild.”

Jeremy smirked, “Technically, she did.” He responded scratching the wolf’s head. “She must have left out the part in which he came back.”

Klaus chuckled, resting his hand on Luther’s shoulder. “She didn’t lie to you.”

Luther smirked, “No, but she did avoid the truth, I’m sure you taught her how to do that.”

“I have to pass on my knowledge to others.” Klaus responded. “Lead us to your home, Jeremy, I have to get this blood off me.”

“Please, Mister Gilbert, this would be easier to discuss inside.” Luther added.

Jeremy nodded, “I’m sure Ric will be happy to see you, Klaus.”

Luther looked towards Klaus in a silent question. “Jeremy’s aunt was his girlfriend at the time of her death.”  Klaus explained.

Luther smiled, “You sure do know how to make things interesting, old friend.”

-Page Break-

Bella closed her eyes in frustration as Andrew placed his hands where hers had been and healed the small girl. “I’m never going to get this right.”

Andrew gave her a warm smile. “That’s where you’re wrong, you just need to focus.”

“I am focusing. I just can’t seem to get it.” Bella said in frustration.

Andrew placed a hand on her shoulder. “You are focusing on the wrong thing, young one. Now, close your eyes and trust me.”

Bella closed her eyes, “The trust thing might take some time.”

Andrew smiled as he led Bella to another bed. “You keep focusing on the wrong things. You’re focusing on the children, and that will only lead to you trying to rush your gift. This gift takes time, and it will take you time to be able to heal in the same way that I do. In the beginning you have to focus on something other than what might happen if you don’t heal them. You have to focus on something that will bring you joy.”

“Example?” Bella said as she felt Andrew pressing her hand onto something.

“I used to think of my sister, she was my greatest ally and she was a large part of my happiness at the time that I began to develop this gift.” Andrew responded. “Just follow my instructions. Take in a deep breath and release. Now just focus your mind on something that makes you happy.”

Bella’s mind flooded to the day Jeremy first kissed her, and all the silly jokes he made. She couldn’t help but smile at the memories and in an instant she felt the familiar sensation at the tips of her fingers. She opened her eyes to see that the eyelids of a young boy were beginning to flutter, and with astonishment Bella saw that smirk on Andrew’s face.

“See.” He said with a smirk. “Sometimes, to fix what is wrong you have to think about all that has gone right.”

“It seems so easy when you put it like that.” Bella responded quietly watching her gift work on the boy.

“It becomes easier the less you try to force it to work. The more battles you make for yourself, the harder it will get for you.” Andrew gave her a warm smile. “Sometimes you just have to know how to get past all the terrible things that are stuck in your head. I have no doubt that it will be hard for you, but seeing how bright you are I’m sure you can handle it.”

“The real question is how long will it take for me to handle this gift?” Bella responded her face turning downwards in a sad smile as she looked at the little boy.

“This gift was given to you for a reason, all of us were gifted with an ability that matched who we are on the inside. Your dreaming ability is your true gift, you are a dreamer Isabella, and you should have hope in yourself. The other gifts, are tied to your personality traits to receive this gift means you have the will to help others. Have faith in yourself and you will see that everything will turn out as it should.”

Bella smiled, “Thanks Andrew.”

-Page Break-

Jeremy watched as Luther and the others spoke about his death, they spoke as if it were nothing and although he thought it should bother him, it really didn’t. To be honest, it was all just strange and a little bit awkward to hear.

“If you and he are here, I don’t understand why the both of you don’t go over there to kill them.” Alaric said leaning back in his chair. “It would be the easiest way.”

“We can’t. As simple as the idea may seem, it will cause backlash. The Cullen coven, although obviously weak for their kind, they have ties to the Volturi. If they disappear they will come to know why, and I have no doubt that they will find out about Maeva. She shares common features to me and they will know that. They will see through her eye ‘condition’ of hers and that will cause a disaster.” Luther looked to Jeremy with a sad smile.

“Jeremy, you mean an awful lot to my daughter, therefore you are a part of our family. I will do all that is possible to protect you.” Luther assured.

Jeremy smiled, “You should really only worry about her. I’m sure I’ll be fine, the main focus should be keeping Bella safe.”

Luther smiled, “I can see what she likes about you. Rest assured, my daughter’s safety always comes first, but I’m smart enough to make sure you live as well. Maeva will be distraught if she loses another person that she cares about.”

Jeremy nodded, “Okay. So what’s the grand plan?”

“That is yet to be figured out, Mr. Gilbert. But it shall be done soon.” Luther responded with a smile. “In the meantime, do get some sleep you have school tomorrow. I wouldn’t tell Maeva that I’m here just yet, I’ll take care of that. I’ll be around the town if anything is needed.”

Jeremy watched Luther leave Klaus following after him, he could hear the quiet conversation that the two were having about the Volturi.

“He’s going to be able to figure something out.” Vanessa chimed in with a smile. “He’s the oldest of us all after all, wisdom comes with age as they say.”

Jeremy stood stunned for a moment. “He’s really the oldest?”

Vanessa nodded, “Yes, of course. I mean you’ve had to have guessed that by now. Luther was the first of us, and he’s been sort of a mentor to all of us through the years. I don’t think Bella’s aware of it as Luther doesn’t speak of his age much, but he’s our unofficial leader.”

Jeremy sighed, “That’s cool, my girlfriend’s dad is the oldest being alive.” Jeremy said turning to go to his room. “I’ll be in my room with Rosko.”

Jeremy entered his room to see Rosko already laying on his bed. He moved to join the dog and rested his head on the pillow to stare up at the ceiling. He smiled as he felt a small pressure on the bed, and without needing to look he already knew who it was. “How’d it go?”

“I’m getting better.” Bella responded softly. “What has you in such deep thought. I’ve never seen you so serious.”

Jeremy smiled, “I just met your dad, and he told me not to tell you that he’s here, but you know I’m not good at keeping a secret.”

“He knows about the Cullen coven.” Bella stated without question, she knew her dad to well to know he wasn’t already well informed about the happenings in this town. “Sorry you had to meet him like that.”

Jeremy smiled, “It was interesting, definitely one of the better meetings I’ve ever had in the middle of the night in the woods.”

“Are we still dating or did he scare you off?” Bella teased with a smile.

Jeremy grinned, “We’re still dating, you’re worth all the intimidation and the trouble.”

“I should probably get back home.” Bella said moving to stand up.

Jeremy pulled her back to him wrapping his arms around her and keeping her next to him. “No. Stay the night, you can wake up early and head back to your house. I need more B bonding time.” He teased at the end.

Bella smiled, “Sounds good, Jer.” She snuggled into his embrace and tried her best to think of only the best part of her lives. She was tired of all the dread that seemed to follow her around everywhere.


  1. I like that a lot of really mentally and physically strong people are on Bella and Jeremy’s side. The music teacher and Edward are both creepy. –shivers– Jeremy’s introduction to Luther made me giggle esp.. his comments about Niklaus.

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  2. how can one loose with Klaus and Luther on your side. i almost feel bad for the Cullens…..almost! 😀

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  3. Like always, it was a great chapter

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  4. Not sure Carlyle wants her dead but we can all guess why edward would want Jeremy dead. Do hope she change him so they can stay together for eternity.


  5. Glad she’s getting handle on healing with Andrew.
    It’s good Luther and Klaus are there to help her and Jeremy.


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