Reaper Twins: Chapter 6

rt chpt 6

“I hate you!” Bella said to Marco.

Marco laughed, “I love you to sis!”

“Go die in a hole,” Bella muttered as she went back into the dressing room to try on another dress.

“I can’t die Izzy,” Marco said trying to contain a laugh as he watched the distress on his sister’s face as she tried on dresses for the Mikaelson ball in a week. Bella was on her 10th dress, and she still didn’t like any of them yet.

“How about this one?” Bella asked walking in a dark blue backless dress that draped to the floor.

“It’s looks nice, much better than the other ones,” Marco said.

Bella sighed, “Good, I’m tired of trying dresses on.” Bella turned to walk back inside of the dressing room but Marco stopped her.

“Don’t forget you need matching shoes,” Marco said, Bella groaned causing Marco to laugh. The Saleslady walked over to them.

“Is there anything else you need?” She asked.

“She’s going with the blue backless one, can you bring her some shoes to go with the dress,” Marco asked the sales lady turning on his charm.

She smiled and nodded and walked away to get shoes.

“You’re enjoying this too much for it to be normal,” Bella laughed as the lady came back with the shoes. Bella quickly choose the black heeled straps, so she could leave quicker. “Do you have your suit yet?”

“I do, I already owned a few suits and tuxes, I’ll be fine,” Marco answered, “Are you sure you can dance with those shoes.”

“I thought we agreed that I wasn’t going to dance?” Bella said with a smile.

“Right I forgot about your two left feet,” Marco said with a grin, “Come on let’s go pay for this.”

“I can pay for this,” Bella said as Marco swatted her hand away and paid for the dress himself.

“I’m your brother, I’m supposed to be taking care of you,” Marco said before Bella could argue with him.

“Fine,” Bella said reluctantly as she let Marco finish paying. The lady put the dress in a special bag so it wouldn’t get wrinkled. Marco took the dress and handed Bella the bag with shoes.

“Do you need to go anywhere else today?” Marco asked.

“No, I’m fine, I have everything for the ball next week,” Bella said as they walked out of the store and to their car.

“Good, let’s go put this stuff home and then we can go do some flying, my wings are killing me,” Marco said.

Bella grinned, “What happened to stretching them daily?”

“I do stretch them, but sometimes you really just have to fly,” Marco said as they reached the car. He put the dress in the back. Bella took the keys from him and got into the driver’s seat. Marco got into the passenger’s seat.

“Try to make it home in one peace,” Marco said as Bella started the car.

“My driving skills are just as good as yours,” Bella argued.

“Sure they are,” Marco said with a roll of his eyes.

-Page Break-

Bella used the side of her wing to hit Marco as she flew past him, “Going a little slow there don’t you think?” Bella yelled to Marco.

“Is this your way to challenge me to a race?” Marco said with a grin.

Bella shrugged, “Wouldn’t be much of a race, I can fly circles around you any day.”

“Care to prove it,” Marco asked tempting Bella to a race.

“Let’s do it,” Bella said slowing down just enough for Marco to reach her, “Let’s hurry, because I’m meeting Rebekah later.”

“Alright, how about this, first one back to the car wins,” Marco said.

Bella grinned, “Deal.” They counted to three and took off. Bella was faster using her wings, but Marco was persistent. Marco was head to head with Bella. Bella turned to look at him and smirked, she winked at him and took off faster than before. Marco was surprised to figure out that Bella was holding back.

Bella was sitting on the hood of the car with a smirk plastered on her face. “I am the champion!”

Marco laughed, “Alright, I’ll give you this one, I’ll fly back home and you can use the car to go meet Rebekah.”

“Are you sure?” Bella asked as her wings disappeared.

“Yeah, I’m going to go do that pesky math homework,” Marco said.

Bella laughed, “I finished mine, if you want to check your answers it’s on my desk.”

“Alright, I’ll see you later Izzy,” Marco said as he flew away. Bella got into the car and drove off to the Grill where she was meeting Rebekah.

Bella took her regular seat at the booth and waited for Rebekah. Rebekah came in a few minutes later with a grin on her face.

“Hello Isa,” Rebekah said.

“Hey Bekah, what’s with the grin?” Bella asked as Rebekah sat across from her.

“Well, I just found my perfect dress,” Rebekah said her grin never leaving her face, “I’m going to look absolutely perfect, have you chosen a dress yet?”

Bella nodded, “I did, Marc and I went shopping today, he insisted that I look appropriate for this ball.”

“He’s right, you have to look absolutely breathtaking!” Rebekah said.

Bella laughed, “Whatever you say Bekah, so who did you invite?”

“Well, I was going to go alone, but mother didn’t like that so she insisted I bring someone so I asked Jeremy, Elena’s younger brother to go with me as friends. Apparently Elena was ordering him not to go, and since he’s going against her authority he agreed to come with me.” Rebekah said as she ordered a soda, Bella ordered the same.

“Jeremy’s a good kid,” Bella said, “Don’t hurt him.”

“I’m not going to hurt him, I think him just attending the party with him, it is going to piss Elena off, which is something I would rather enjoy seeing. Nik invited your cousin,” Rebekah said with a grimace, “Everyone believes he’s taken a liking to the blonde. I think he’s just using her for something.”

Bella forced a smile, “Maybe he does like her, you never know.”

“No, I think it’s something else, but nobody ever really knows with Nik,” Rebekah said with a shrug, “He likes to play games.”

“You never know Bekah, he could be truly be interested in Caroline,” Bella said as she began to pick on the straw on her soda.

“I guess, but I don’t think she’s right for him, too weak,” Rebekah said with an almost disgusted expression. Bella smiled at her and Rebekah changed the topic.

“A person cannot fake love!” Rebekah said as she took a fry into her mouth.

Bella sighed, “Love is an emotion, if you can fake sadness, fear, anger, and happiness, you can fake love.”

“Have you ever faked love,” Rebekah asked.

“No, I think it’s the cruelest emotion to fake,” Bella said.

“You sound as if you talk from experience Isa,” Rebekah said.

Bella shrugged, “I guess I do, but that is an entirely different story for another day at another time.”

“Are you ever going to tell me about your past life, you and Marco rarely talk about it,” Rebekah said.

“The past is the past, and bringing it up only ruins the future,” Bella said, “Maybe I’ll mention it at another time, but right now, I’m solely focused on the present.”

“Fine, so tell me Isa, do you like anyone special in this town?” Rebekah asked with a sly grin.

Bella shrugged, “It could be a possibility.”

“Do I get to know who it is?” Rebekah asked with excitement.

Bella laughed, “I said it was a possibility, nothing is set in stone.”

“Ugh, you can be so difficult,” Rebekah said with a laugh, “Is it a he or a she?”

Bella laughed at Rebekah’s question but answered, “I’m into guys Bekah not girls.”

“Just had to be sure, it helps cross out some of your potential love interests,” Rebekah said.

“Alright, let’s change the topic,” Bella said with a grin, “How’s it going at home?”

“Good. Mother is bringing us back together,” Rebekah said with a smile, “If I tell you something, will it stay just between the two of us?”

Bella nodded, “You know you can tell me anything Bekah.”

“It’s about my mother,” Rebekah started before she looked around the grill to make sure no one was listening, “I love my mother I do, but I feel as if something is off about her. During her time with us, she’s been acting strange. When we were human she used her magic occasionally, but now she’s using it more and more often, and she’s locking herself in her room doing silencing spells to keep us from hearing whatever she’s doing in there. I didn’t think anything of it at first, but then Finn kept acting stranger and stranger. He follows her around like he’s her puppet. I have this gut feeling like she’s planning something, but I don’t know what. What if she’s not really back to be with us? What if she’s back to finally kill us?”

Bella squeezed Rebekah’s hand in comfort, “Don’t worry about this, nothing bad will happen I promise, your mother loves you.” Bella changed the topic quickly to their school work so neither of them got too sad.

“Hello ladies,” Damon said as she walked up to the table.

“Damon,” Rebekah asked.

“Oldest Salvatore Asshole,” Bella acknowledged as she looked at Damon.

“What is with the insult sweetheart?” Damon asked Bella.

“I don’t know maybe because you and your brother take it upon yourselves to put vervain in my drinks,” Bella said anger obvious in her voice.

“It was just a test, I just wanted to know what you were,” Damon said, “But all my guesses fell through.”

Bella smirked at Damon, “How wonderful, now if you don’t mind Bekah and I were having a pleasant evening without you,” Elena walked in with Jeremy Caroline Bonnie and Stefan, “And it looks like the rest of your little group of misfits just arrived, so why don’t you start leaving.”

Damon turned around and walked away. Bella sighed looking at Rebekah, “I really hate some of the people in this town.”

“Me too,” Rebekah muttered.

“Hey guys,” Jeremy said walking up to the table receiving glares from the Scooby doo gang.

“Hi Jeremy,” Bella said politely.

“Hey Jeremy,” Rebekah said.

“Mind if I join you? I suspect you’ll be more entertaining to talk too then they will be,” Jeremy said nodding back to Elena’s table.

“Go ahead,” Bella said. Jeremy sat down next to Rebekah.

“Will a black tux be okay?” Jeremy asked Rebekah.

Rebekah smiled and nodded, “It’s perfect.”

“Good, are you going Bella?” Jeremy asked.

Bella nodded, “I am, bought the dress and everything already, although I do think that I’ll steer clear from the whole dancing thing.”

Jeremy laughed, “Why is that?”

“Bad experiences?” Rebekah asked with a smile.

Bella nodded, “A lot, where I used to live, I was extremely clumsy. I could trip over a lady bug if it crossed my path. I avoid large amounts of dancing, it’s more of a force of habit than anything else. My balance has improved, but I still get off balance at times.”

Jeremy laughed, “Bella, people in this town that know about the supernatural fear you I’ve seen you fight a hybrid as if it were nothing, and you’re telling me that you’re scared of dancing?”

“I’m not scared of dancing, I just like being extra precautions,” Bella said.

“You’re saving me a dance,” Jeremy stated.

Rebekah laughed, “Good luck getting her to dance, she’s seems set on not dancing.”

“Come on Bella,” Jeremy said, “It’s only a dance, if you trip, I’ll trip with you.”

“I don’t know, your date might not like it Jeremy,” Bella said with a smile thinking she got the upper hand.

“I wouldn’t mind at all Isa,” Rebekah commented with a smirk.

“You have no other excuses Bella,” Jeremy said with a triumphant smile.

“Fine, thanks for the help Bekah,” Bella said.

“You’re welcome Isa,” Rebekah replied.

“Which one of the Salvatore’s is your sister going with?” Bella asked.

“Who knows, she’s in love with both, but too afraid to admit who she wants to be with the most,” Jeremy said, “Who are you going with?”

“Marco,” Bella said, “This way I don’t have to go with someone I can’t even stand.”

“I was going to make you one of my personal guests, but Nik beat me to it,” Rebekah said, “I already had the invitation filled out, but right before I was going to give it to you, Nik came back to the house stating he had already invited you. He was lucky mother was around of I would’ve hit him.”

Bella and Jeremy laughed, “I thought siblings didn’t want to hurt each other.” Jeremy said.

“Complete lie, I hit Marc all the time,” Bella said with a smile, “I should get going any way, I’ll see you both later.”

“Alright, bye Isa,” Rebekah said.

“Bye Bella,” Jeremy said. Bella waved goodbye to the both of them and went home.

-Page Break-

“What has you in a grumpy mood,” Marco asked as Bella walked into the house.

“I’m not in a grumpy mood,” Bella stated as she flopped down on the couch next to Marco.

“Please, may I remind you that I’m your twin, and I know you like the back of my hand,” Marco said examining his hand, “I can see right through your emotion blocking walls. Right now it’s like a mixture of happiness, anger and I think sadness.”

Bella groaned, “Just leave it please, not in the mood today. Christmas is in a few days, and what do you have for me?”

Marco laughed, “I’m not telling, you’ll just have to be patient and suck it up.”

Bella groaned, and then guessed “Is it a book?”

Marco laughed, “How about we talk about what’s bothering you?”

“Never mind, I’m going upstairs,” Bella said climbing the stairs to her room. Marco sighed, he knew what was bothering his sister, but it would hurt her more to talk about it ever since what happened with Edward Bella has been very protective of wearing her emotions on her sleeve.

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