Reaping Of New Orleans: Chapter 5

ronol chpt 5



Bella walked beside Kol as they made their way to the true Mikaelson home in New Orleans.

“So Isa, why are you bringing me here and not your brother or Henrik, or maybe your fiancé?” Kol asked as he looked over at Bella.

“Because, they’re currently settled into doing things in a peaceful way, and I want to take a look around. If something happens, I can trust you’ll take action first and think later.” Bella replied with a smile. “Not to mention, it’s been a while since you and I got into some sort of trouble together.”

Kol smirked he draped his arm around Bella’s shoulder. “Oh dear Isa, this will be fun.”

Bella walked into the corridor behind Kol, and looked around the large area. “It’s actually quite nice, it’d be better without all the misfits lying around.”

“I like to think of them as loyal friends not misfits,” Marcel’s voice came interrupting Bella and Kol’s conversation.

Bella turned to him, “You must be the ring leader. Marky is it?” Bella smirked at Marcel’s face as he seemed to glare at her.

“It’s Marcel, and who might you be? I know your friend, but I can’t say I’ve ever met you.” Marcel said.

“I’m Isabella.” Bella replied easily as she looked to Marcel. Bella stepped closer to Kol knowing that at any minute they could be attacked, and if they were, she knew she couldn’t fight physically, but she would find a way to fight back.

Kol smirked at Marcel as he met the vampire’s eyes. Kol didn’t miss the way Marcel eyed Bella,and he was sure if his brother were here he would have Marcel’s head. “She’s a Mikaelson.” Kol said his voice low and threatening as he spoke. “I’d watch what you say if I were you.”

Marcel looked at Bella and nodded his head a smirk coming about his face as he noticed the protective position Kol was in. “I get it, you’re with Kol. I guess the playboy of the four bothers can settle down after all.”

Bella and Kol looked at each other and laughed at Marcel’s comments. “Nice try, but he’s not the brother I’m with.” Bella took a look around and then turned back to Marcel. She met his gaze and looked into his mind getting the information she needed from his thoughts. “We’ll be going, I got what I came for.” Bella turned around and walked out with Kol.

“He would’ve attacked soon,” Kol said with a suffering sigh as they made it out of the home.

Bella smiled and shrugged, “I know, but I did get what I came for.”

“And what was that exactly? I believed we were here for the sites,” Kol said as he followed Bella as they walked through the city wanting to get some distance between them and Marcel.

“We were, but there was something else, I wanted to see Marcel for one specific reason. I wanted to read his mind, get as much information from him as I could.” Bella replied with a smirk. “He’s talkative in his head, he spilled a lot of secrets. He was thinking about the girl I was looking for, he thought we were onto him and the role she plays in his kingdom. He didn’t say her exact location, but she’s in town, and she’s currently safe. All that’s left is figuring out which one of Marcel’s allies is helping him hide her.” Bella said she looked both ways before she crossed the street.

“This means the list of possible places she’s staying at just got smaller. Marcel wouldn’t keep her far away from where he was, but he wouldn’t keep her too close. If anything she’s in the middle, and if I’m right, she has to be where no one would really go to look for her.” Bella looked to Kol and grinned widely. “Now, let’s go take a real look around town.”

Kol sighed, “You mean let’s go see if we can find were the witch is hiding.”

“No, I promised Henri he could do that with Marc, something about bonding with each other. I also promised Klaus I’d stay out of trouble, so I mean it when I say let’s go take a look around. Maybe we’ll find something interesting to do.” Bella replied as she and Kol headed through the streets of the town looking for anything that caught their eyes.

“I’m sure we’ll find something good to do. I’d say let’s go get a drink, but seeing as you can’t let’s go see what trouble we can cause.” Kol replied he steered Bella towards the shops.

Bella rolled her eyes, she thought Rebekah liked shopping, but not as much as Kol did. “You’re only buying as much as you can carry, I’m not helping you this time.”

-A bit Later-

Bella covered her mouth with her hand to prevent herself from laughing in the middle of the movie. Kol smirked at her and grabbed some popcorn, he threw it at a couple below who were thoroughly sucking each other’ faces off. Bella laughed as they turned to look up to the balcony seats. She and Kol sat back preventing them from being spotted by the couple. She grabbed some popcorn and began to flick it an elderly couple below.

Kol laughed he leaned over to whisper to Bella. “I bet you I can make it into his soda before you can.”

Bella smirked, “I always loved a challenge.” She and Kol both grabbed more popcorn from the close to empty bin. “Ready. Set. Go!”

Bella and Kol began to flick the popcorn at the man’s drink. It seemed he was figuring out what had been happening and had moved his drink in hopes of preventing them from doing it any further. Bella and Kol just smirked at each other, that wouldn’t stop the two of them, seeing as it just created more of a challenge for them.

Bella groaned as Kol made it in the soda cup, her head snapped to the theater manager that had spotted their activities. She laughed as she and Kol were officially banned from the theater before being escorted out.  “Well, that was fun.” Bella looked around she could feel her stomach rumbling with hunger. “I’m hungry, I feel like I’m starving.”

“Are you hungry, or are the two children growing inside of you hungry?” Kol asked an amused look on his face as he waited for an answer.

Bella shrugged, “Doesn’t matter, I really want food.” Bella walked beside Kol as they searched for the perfect eating establishment.

“How does it feel?” Kol questioned as they continued to walk. “I find the thought of two beings growing inside of you strange.”

Bella smiled, she put a hand on her stomach. “Honestly, I really like it. The idea that there are two little people growing inside me, makes me happy.”

“I’ve settled on the thought that they’re going to be two boys,” Kol said he shrugged at Bella’s questioning stare. “I took a guess.”

Bella smiled, “I think they might be a boy and a girl. Like Marc and I.”

“Speaking of, shouldn’t you tell your brother what we ended up with? They could start the search, and you and I can see what else we can do before the day ends.” Kol said he smirked, “I think they’re might be a might be some kids we can scare.”

-Page Break-

Henrik looked towards Marco as the two of them had set out to check the buildings that were close to Marcel’s home. “I don’t think she’d be here.” Henrik mentioned to Marco.

“And why not?” Marco asked as he and Henrik climbed the stairs trying to see if they could feel any magical aura from the girl.

“Think about it, if your most prized possession was a teenage girl would you leave her alone?” Henrik asked, “If she’s anywhere, she’d be with someone that can watch over her. But they’d have to be human, Marcel wouldn’t be stupid enough to leave her with a vampire.”

“One of Marcel’s human allies has to be hiding the girl.” Marco agreed he paused and looked to Henrik. “It has to be someone with some sort of power and influence in the city, but not too much influence so no attention is drawn to him or Davina. This person can’t be seen sheltering a teenage girl.”

“In order to run a city,” Henrik said a smile forming on his face, “Marcel needs the highest people in authority.  Who do people trust the most?”

“Religious figures of authority,” Marco said he headed down the stairs back to the entrance. “We’ll check out all the churches in town, one of them has to be hiding Davina.”

“This is quite brilliant, really.” Henrik said as he followed after Marco. “It’s not unusual for a church to give shelter to people in need. If anyone saw the girl just hanging around the church, they wouldn’t become suspicious of it.”

“Witches aren’t known to attend church, and vampires usually stray from the holier places. This really was a genius plan.” Marco replied as he glanced over at Henrik momentarily, he understood why Bella was so attached to him. “You know, Bella won’t be able to continue to teach you how to fight.”

Henrik’s face turned into a frown at the reminder. “I know, and it sucks, but it is better that she doesn’t put any stress on herself or the babies. I don’t want to be the reason she has any trouble with them.”

“How about I take over her lessons,” Marco suggested, “I was the one to teach her, I can teach you.”

Henrik grinned, “You mean that? You really wouldn’t mind helping me out?”

“Not at all,” Marco said he smiled back at Henrik, “Everyone needs to know how to stand their own ground, and with the way things are in this city you never know what could happen.”

“Cool, can we start today?” Henrik asked hopeful that Marco would say yes. “Elle said I should practice every day and well, she was the only one of my siblings who’s willing to hit me.”

Marco laughed, “That sounds like Izzy, she’s always up for a fight. We can start whenever you want.” Marco led Henrik back to the car. They pulled out the maps Bella had given them and took out their phones. They searched all the nearby churches and dotted them down on the map. There were several, and it would take them a while to get to each of them.

“We should start with the most run down ones,” Henrik mentioned. “They would be the ones people are less likely to visit, and the ones to offer more protection to Davina.”

“Search on your phone for the most demolished ones, while I call Izzy to see how she’s doing,” Marco replied Henrik nodded and took out his phone tapping away on his phone. Marco did the same dialing his sister’s number by memory.

“Hello?” Bella’s voice came the loud sound of music in the background.

“Where are you? The music is practically shaking my phone.” Marco said as he heard Bella’s laughter.

“Kol and I decided to have some fun in the city.” Bella responded, “We’re currently in a bar, its karaoke time. We’re making fun of the participants, they all seem to be tone death.”

Marco chuckled, “I assume you’re feeling better.”

“It was morning sickness, Marc. It happens, and it’ll continue to happen.” Bella replied, “Klaus asked the same thing, I had to ask Elijah and Rebekah to occupy him so he could stop worrying over me.”

“What are the three of them doing exactly?” Marco asked out of curiosity.

“I didn’t ask,” Bella replied, “How are things with you and Henri? You’re not being a jerk are you?”

“No, I am not.” Marco replied he rolled his eyes at his sister’s question. “We’re still looking, but we’re narrowing down the list of possible locations. We should have a location by the end of the day.”

“Don’t approach the girl, I want be the one to do hat.” Bella said, she groaned. “Look, Marc, I have to go. I’ll text you within the hour.”

Bella hung up the phone and turned to Kol as they sat at the bar of the place. “Marcel’s here.” She whispered to Kol.

Kol smirked and looked towards the entrance. “Oh, this should be oh so fun.”

Kol stood and Bella did the same standing beside Kol. Her face was cold as she looked at the three approaching vampires.

“Well, if this isn’t a coincidence.” Marcel said he smirked at Bella. “It’s a pleasure to see you again, Isabella.” Bella rolled her eyes at him and crossed her arms over his chest. “I wish I could say the same about you Kol.” Marcel said glancing over at Kol with distaste towards the original.

Kol smirked, “I don’t enjoy being around you either, Marcel. Since the two of us were here first, I think you should be the ones to leave.”

“I agree, you’re putting a large damper on my day,” Bella replied glaring at the two other vampires standing behind Marcel. “Do you always have to walk around with your lackeys?”

Kol smirked at Bella, “He just can’t do anything himself. He has to have the help of others to do his dirty work. He’s the dependent sort.”

Marcel growled at Kol’s words, he didn’t particularly like being undermined in his city. “You can’t just come into my city, without showing me some damn respect. You and your little girlfriend here need to learn to respect me.”

Bella’s glare grew, “You and your vampires are nothing. I can kill you with the flick of my finger, you should be thanking your lucky stars we’re out in the open or else I’d have your head.” Bella stepped forward and stood in front of Marcel. “Next time you talk to me, show me some respect, because you have no idea who exactly you’re dealing with here.”

Marcel smirked, “What are you going to do princess? Have your original bodyguard fight for you? Can’t stand your own ground in those heels of yours?”

Kol chuckled as he saw Bella’s eyes flicker to something dangerous. “Oh mate, you really fucked up now. There’s not much I can do to stop her from ripping your throat out.”

Bella caused a knife to appear, she plunged it into Marcel’s stomach and moved so that the humans wouldn’t see what she was up to. “I can’t kill you in front of these humans, but make no mistake your time is coming to an end.” Bella pulled the knife upwards causing a large wound to appear on Marcel’s chest. She watched as Kol held back Marcel’s two other men. Bella removed the knife letting it disappear. She patted Marcel’s cheek teasingly. “You should know your enemies before you do something stupid.”

Bella turned to Kol, “What do you say about heading to go watch a play?”

Kol released the two vampires and walked beside Bella. He made sure he was covering her if one of the vampires was stupid enough to attack them. “I’d love the idea. Let’s see how long it takes until we get banned.”

Bella smiled and walked out with Kol, “Let’s not tell Klaus about this incident, he’ll never let me leave the house if we do.”

“I’ll keep it to myself,” Kol replied he steered Bella towards the only place in the city that was putting on a show in the daytime.

-Page Break-

Elijah glimpsed towards his brother as they had forced Klaus go with them into town to scare Marcel a bit. At Bella’s request they had tried to keep Klaus busy before he could worry himself to death on what Kol and Bella were up to. “He’d protect her at all costs.” Elijah mentioned.

Klaus turned to his brother. “I know that, but that won’t stop me from worrying. It’s a natural response, Bella can’t depend on her powers, and she can’t fight like she could before.”

Rebekah rolled her eyes, “Even without her powers or her fighting capabilities, Bella can still handle a weapon. She’ll be able to defend herself as long as a knife is lying around.”

Klaus was about to respond when he noticed a very angry Marcel coming out of a bar. The blood on his shirt indicating there had been some sort of trouble that had occurred inside. Not being able to hold back his curiosity, Klaus approached Marcel. “It looks like you’ve got a little something on your shirt.”

Marcel glared at Klaus, “Yeah, well that girls that’s hanging around with your brother is pretty good with a knife.” Marcel growled as the wound was barely starting to heal, and the healing was a slow process. “I suggest you tell her to watch her back.” He threatened as he and his two day walkers faced on the originals.

Klaus’s eyes turned gold at the threat made towards Bella. He snarled causing Marcel to take a step back in fear. “Any threat against her is a threat against me, I suggest you watch yourself and your men. If they even think about touching her, I’ll rip you all apart and I’ll watch this city burn to ashes. Again.” Klaus stepped up to Marcel meeting the vampire’s gaze. “Be very careful with what you say about her.”

Marcel squared his shoulders, “I’d be very careful over that girl, she’ll bring trouble.” Marcel smirked, “It would be a real shame if something were to happen to her.”

Elijah put a hand on his brother’s shoulders as he could see his brother was seconds away from killing Marcel. “There are humans watching, Niklaus.”

Rebekah moved forward, “That girl you’re speaking of, is a Mikaelson. I suggest you tread carefully.” She smirked at his shirt. “It seems she got a good cut on you, you would be surprised to see what else she could do.”

“This is far from over.” Marcel said as he disappeared his two vampires behind him.

Klaus glared at Elijah, “Nothing would happen?”

“I guess we underestimated how much trouble is drawn to your future wife,” Elijah responded.

Rebekah smirked, “I’m sure her and Kol are fine. They’re probably off somewhere causing some sort of trouble together.”

“Right.” Klaus said he turned to Elijah. “Do me the favor of watching over Marcel. I’m going to go Find Bella and Kol.”

“Of course.” Elijah said as he watched his brother disappear. He turned to Rebekah, “It’s going to be a long 9 months.”

Rebekah smirked, “I like him like this. He’s so protective of her and their children, it’s nice to see that in him. It’s very different behavior compared to the last time we were in New Orleans.”

“The last time we were in New Orleans, we were trying to kill each other,” Elijah responded as he and Rebekah made their way following after the trail Marcel left. “I do agree, seeing this change in him is good. Bella has certainly made him a better man.”

“He’s changed her too,” Rebekah said she smiled at her brother. “Could you imagine were we would be had Bella and Marco never entered our lives?”

“I rather not think of that option,” Elijah said in a serious tone.

Rebekah nodded in agreement. “How long do you think it will take for Nik to find them?”

“Nothing more than a few minutes,” Elijah assured.

Klaus walked into the seating area of the play. A small smirk made its way to his face as he heard the laughter that undoubtedly belonged to Bella and Kol. He watched as a ball of paper flew onto the stage, followed by the low laughter that if he wasn’t a hybrid he wouldn’t have caught it. He blurred and took the seat beside Bella.

“Hey!” Bella said as she saw him, she leaned up and kissed him.

“You came at the right time, it gives me the perfect time to hit the lead actor in the head with this paper ball, before Isa.” Kol said he ripped another paper from the notebook and threw it towards the stage.

Bella pulled back from the kiss and grabbed a sheet of paper. She balled it up and threw it at the actor, it landed directly on the top of his head. “We should go before we’re kicked out.” Bella laced her fingers with Klaus’s and made for the exit of the play house.

Kol looked over at his brother who had Bella in his arms and was checking her over. “She’s not hurt. I wouldn’t let her get hurt.”

Klaus smirked, and looked at his younger brother. “Yes, I assume you held back Marcel’s men while she stabbed him.”

“How did you know?” Bella asked as she looked up at Klaus.

“We ran into him in the street,” Klaus said smiling down at Bella. “What exactly merited his stabbing?”

Kol smirked and answered before Bella could. “He lacked respect.”

Bella smiled, “I didn’t use my gifts or really put any danger on myself or the babies. I just stabbed him, and might’ve moved the knife to create a larger gash on his chest. In all fairness, someone needed to take him down a few pegs.”

Klaus smirked, he leaned down and kissed Bella’s neck. “How are you feeling, love?”

“I’m in a good mood,” Bella said a genuine smile on her face. “We’re just waiting for Marc and Henri to call, they’re currently on the chase for Davina.”

“Are they any closer to finding her than they were this morning?” Klaus asked curious to know how far the two had gotten.

Bella shook her head, “They’ve narrowed down the list, but they still have a few places to search.”

“Together, it shouldn’t be hard for them to find the girl.” Kol added he looked around, “Where are Elijah and Rebekah? I was under the impression you three were doing some sibling bonding.”

“They’ve gone to watch over Marcel for a bit. He wasn’t too happy to be humilated by Bella, and I think he might try to retaliate in some sort of way.” Klaus said, his grip around Bella’s waist tightened at the ending of his sentence.

Kol nodded, “Well today was wonderful Isa, but I believe I’m going to go find Elijah and Rebekah and try to see if I can provoke them to attack Marcel. I’ll leave you two alone.” Bella nodded and said goodbye to Kol before he blurredaway.

Bella smiled up at Klaus, she leaned up and was pleased as he met her halfway for a kiss. Bella moved and wrapped her arms around his neck bringing her in closer. She pulled back with a groan as her phone rang. “This is horrible timing.”

Klaus chuckled he kissed Bella lightly before she could answer her phone. “I’m sure we can continue this at a later time when we won’t be interrupted.”

Bella smiled, “I’ll hold you to that.” Bella answered her phone. “Hello.”

“We found her,” Henrik’s voice said through the phone. “Marco and I are currently outside of the church. We’re just waiting for you.”

Bella grinned widely, “Send me the address, Henri. I’ll be there in a minute.” Bella hung up and looked to Klaus. “Come on, let’s go.”

Klaus followed after Bella as she seemed to move effortlessly towards the church. He nodded towards Marco and Henrik as they approached. “Are you sure she’s here?”

“Oh yeah,” Henrik said with a grin. “There’s magic leaking out of this place, I’m surprised no other witch has felt it.”

Bella grinned, “Let’s go inside.” Bella walked in with Henrik at her side, she paused as she heard Klaus and Marco coming in behind her. “I love you both, in completely different ways, but you can’t come with us.”

“And why is that?” Marco asked confused.

“Henrik and I have more…” Bella paused trying to find the right words.

“Innocent,” Henrik supplied with a smirk.

“Right, innocent looks, you two on the other hand look ready to murder.” Bella replied, “She’s sixteen, she’s more likely to open up to us than she is to you.” Bella smiled and stepped forward pecking Klaus on the cheek. “Henri’s magic can deflect hers, I’ll be fine.” She placed a hand on her stomach, “They’ll be fine.”

Bella grabbed Henrik’s hand and led him inside, they walked around the pastor that was there and hurriedly headed up the stairs. Henrik knocked on the door, he stuck his head in as there wasn’t an answer. “Hello.” He said as he spotted the girl in the corner of the room painting. He smiled his charming smile at her. “I’m Henrik.”

“You’re not supposed to be up here.” She said she set down her brushes and attempted to use magic to close the door.

Henrik waved his hand blocking the magic easily. “Yes, I’m well aware of that, but we came to talk.”

“We?” The girl said feeling frightened now that she could see her magic didn’t affect him.

“Yes, we. I’m Isabella Reaper,” Bella said as she entered the room she locked eyes with Davina. “I want to make a deal.” Davina stayed silent, so Bella took this as the time to continue. “You and I have a common enemy, her name is Agnes. You might know her, bitch of a witch, wants to kill you to sacrifice you to the holy spirits of nature.”

“You want her dead?” Davina asked her voice squeaking at the thought.

“I want to torture her first, but essentially yes.” Bella replied she stepped closer Henrik did the same. “I’m not going to lie to you, I’m going to tell you the truth, and the decision will be left up to you. Do you understand?”

Davina nodded her head, her hands shaking lightly as she could feel the power coming off of Bella. “I understand.”

“Good.” Bella said a smile gracing her face. “I want you to come with me, you’ll stay were I’m staying. In a few days you’ll partake in the completion of the ritual, were they’ll kill you, but I’ll bring you back from the dead. I’m not going to lie to you Davina. I know exactly what you are to Marcel, his little magic detector, but eventually this magic will kill you. I promise to bring you back from the dead, I’ll offer you as much protection as you need.  Marcel can offer you protection from the witches for a bit longer, but they’ll find you eventually, and there won’t be anything he can do to help you. We found you in less than a day, these witches will continue to search, and eventually, they will find you. If you agree to this, you’ll be under the best protection in the world. Nothing will hurt you, I can promise you that.”

“How can I trust you?” Davina asked.

“Honestly, you have to go with your instincts on whether or not you trust me, but there is a lot at stake here. If you don’t agree, I lose something very important to me.” Bella stepped forward, “I will bring you back to life, and I will protect you from the witches.” Bella grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled down her number. “Call me when you make your decision, I hope you choose the right one.”

“It was a pleasure to meet you,” Henrik said with a warm smile as he left the room behind Bella. “She’ll say yes.” Henrik whispered to Bella as they made their way slowly down the stairs.

Bella raised an eyebrow in question. “How do you know that?”

“Her eyes, they were searching the room. She was already calculating what to keep and what to leave behind.” Henrik responded as they were halfway down the stairs. He smirked as he could hear the footsteps behind him.

“WAIT!” Davina yelled she followed after Bella, her legs quickly jogging down the stairs to meet up with Bella. “I’ll go, but Marcel can’t know where I am. I’m in debt to him for saving my life, if he knows I willingly betrayed him he’ll come after me.”

“Oh sweetie, let him come after you, I’ll be more than happy to have a rightful reason to rip his heart out of his chest.” Bella smiled at Davina. “Come on, Henrik and I will help you get your things.”

Davina nodded and headed back up the stairs quickly.

Henrik leaned over to Bella, “I told you so.”

Bella rolled her eyes, “I knew she would say yes, I just thought we’d be out the door by the time she came to her senses.”

“Have you alerted anyone about this? About her coming to live with us.” Henrik asked.

“Kol.” Bella responded, “By the time I came up with this it was just me and Kol.” Bella entered the room and saw Davina levitating things around. Bella looked over at Henrik. “Teach her a few things?”

Henrik grinned at Bella, “You want her to learn?”

Bella shrugged, “She reminds me of me when I was human, naïve and vulnerable. I had Marco to teach me, she should get a chance to learn too. Only teach her what you feel she needs to learn.” Bella took the bags from Davina. She rolled her eyes as Henrik than took them from her.

“I’ll go put these down stairs.” Henrik said disappearing out of sight.

“Is he your fiancé?” Davina asked Bella a small tint of blush on her cheeks.

Bella raised an eyebrow, “Henri?” Bella asked she laughed lightly. “No, he’s a younger brother to me.”

“Oh.” Davina said she looked back at her frames. “Umm..”

Bella rolled her eyes, “If you want something, you ask for it. I’ll come back for those if you wish, there are many of those at the house. The one I am engaged to, he enjoys the art.”

Davina nodded and followed after Bella. Bella led her to the car, she closed the door behind Davina as Henrik and Marco were already in the car. She turned to Klaus who had an amused look on his face. “I couldn’t leave her here, Marcel isn’t properly protecting her. I’d feel better if I had her in my line of sight.”

“Okay, love.” Klaus said he put his hands on Bella’s hips and moved her closer to him. He kissed her, but pulled back seeing as they were being watched. He moved and opened the car door for her. “I’ll see you later, I’m going to go find my siblings.”

Bella nodded she smiled at Klaus before he blurred away, she looked toward Marco. “Let’s go home, Marc. We have some things to do.”


Author’s Note

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Love love love love!!!! I want to see Marcel dead….

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  2. Bella and Kol getting into mischief and getting banned from places all over town like the theater, karaoke, and the play was pretty cute and showed how bonded they actually are. 🙂 Loved it when Bella stabbed Marcel. I laughed when Klaus, Elijah and Bekka guessed everything that happened.
    Klaus is too swooney in this. He protects Bella and the babies, but lets Bella do her thing. Yay Klaus! 🙂
    Henri and Davina might be a cute future couple in this. hint hint 🙂 I am pleased that Davina chose to believe Bella. Hope that goes well.
    Marco and Henri’s bonding was needed. Marco was maybe still a little jealous of Henri and I’m glad that he is going to help train him to fight.
    Great chapter.

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  3. Loved it as usual. So glad Bella is having such a good time with Kol. He needs someone to have fun with. I wonder how long Marcel has to live because the family will not let a threat to Bella go. They really have become a united family. Can’t wait for new update.

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  4. As usual your work just blows my mind. cannot wait to see what comes next. and how very awesome that Marcel literally got a stick in it lol well i knife in it 😀 i practically giggled at that bit. anxiously awaiting the next chapter 😀 hopefully it arrives soon! 😀

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