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Bella sighed it had only been two years with Klaus, but she finally had the father figure she always craved for in him. It also wasn’t one sided Klaus felt the same. He had found a daughter in Bella, someone he could advise and look after. Someone who accepted his help and guidance without question. Bella would refer to Klaus as her father when asked about their relationship, it was how she saw him. She loved Charlie, but he wasn’t the father figure she wanted, but Nik was. In Nik, she could trust him to look after her if she ever needed, they could trust that they would always be loyal to one another. Bella smiled and threw herself on the couch in Klaus’s study and let out an exasperated sigh.

Klaus smiled slightly at seeing Bella’s attempt to get his attention, he flipped the page in his book. “That’s very un-lady like sweetheart, a lady should sit down with more grace and less of whatever you just did.”

Bella laughed, “If I had been lady like I wouldn’t have caught your attention now would I?”

Klaus looked up from his book, he set it down as he saw Bella had the look that she really did need to talk. “Alright sweetheart, what do you want my attention for?”

“Trevor is turning 17 tomorrow and well, he asked me to change him,” Bella said she was waiting for Klaus’s argument, but when none came she continued to speak. “He’s my best friend, and I thought I should probably start creating dragons, you know do what I was destined to do.”

Klaus nodded and picked up his book getting to the page he had just left off of. “Trevor is a nice boy, he’ll be a good start. He’s welcome to stay here if he wishes to.”

Bella’s mouth fell open, she had an entire speech planned out to win him over. She was independent and didn’t need his approval, but she liked knowing Klaus was on her side.

“Close your mouth sweetheart, you’re beginning to catch flies,” Klaus said with a smirk seeing that he had completely startled Bella.

“Sorry papa Nikki, I was just expecting more of a fight,” Bella said, she smiled as Klaus glared at her, she knew there was no real hate behind the glare, well except hate for the name Nikki.

“You know you don’t need my approval for anything you do Bella,” Klaus replied looking at her.

Bella nodded, “I know, but I like knowing you agree with me. I like knowing that you don’t think what I’m doing is stupid. I’m supposed to be this great leader to an entire species, and meant to help them, but I like knowing I have you to help me when I need it. This was just something I couldn’t decide on. I’ve known Trev for a year, but I didn’t know if he really knew what he was getting himself into, and it’s a bit scary to be honest, this will be the first time I ever change someone into a dragon.”

Klaus nodded, “You’re a very intelligent person Bella, if you decide upon something I know you’re doing what you have to do. You tend to overthink things, so I know you’ve most likely spent the last few days thinking this over. Change Trevor, he’s a good person, and is the best candidate to become your first dragon.”

Bella nodded, and stood up, she walked over to Klaus and sat at the edge of his desk, “So what are you up to today Papa Nikki?”

“Trying to figure out a way to get you to stop using that god awful name you insist on calling me,” Klaus replied he put his book down and pulled out a vanilla folder. “Come on sweetheart, you and I need to go the bank.”

Bella’s perfect eyebrow rose in question, “The bank? And what might I ask are we going to the bank for?”

“You’ll see when we get there,” Klaus said he grabbed his jacket off the chair and walked to the door, he opened it and motioned for Bella to go out first.

“Fine pops, but you’re taking me out to hunt afterwards, I could really use some food,” Bella said as she grinned making sure to flaunt her sharp teeth.

“It’s not my fault you went through all the cows I got for you,” Klaus said with a shake of his head at the memory. Bella was like a new vampire her hunger was always there and never truly went away. If she didn’t feed every week she got angry and desperate seeking any food she could find to fill her hunger. It was why Klaus often voted against her getting a dog, he didn’t want to see her guilty face if she one day lost control and ate him. Yes, most animals were willing to die by Bella’s hands, but he knew she would feel guilty either way.

“You got like 5, we both knew those would only last for at least a month,” Bella said with a grin, “And they were so willing to go!”

Klaus chuckled, “If you would’ve given them another month they would’ve mated and started having offspring continuing your food source.”

Bella laughed at the idea. “I have no patience, I do believe that’s a trait I get from you dad.”

Klaus chuckled, but continue to lead Bella to the car. It always brought a smile to his face when Bella referred to him as her father.

-Page Break-

“Nik, Nik please,” Bella pleaded, “You don’t have to do this.”

Klaus smiled at Bella and her childish attitude. “You should know by now sweetheart, I don’t do anything I don’t want to do, and when I want something I get it.”

Bella laughed, but relented to his wishes, she took the pen and signed the last paper, and handed it back to the front desk lady.

“There we go, you’re both set with linked accounts,” She said as she made the final clicks on her computer.

Klaus nodded while Bella thanked the lady for her help. They walked out of the bank together. Klaus had handed over several of his homes into Bella’s name, along with a bank account that was connected directly to his personal one.

“You didn’t have to do that,” Bella said as they walked back to the car.

“Let it go sweetheart, it’s said and done,” Klaus said. Bella sighed and got into the car. Klaus drove to an old farm, the fields were loaded with cows, and some elk. It was often that Bella would come here and eat a few cows or elk, the owner would believe it was a stray wolf and just build up his fencing.

Bella saw a bull, she locked eyes with it, “Sorry, but I need to feed.” She lunged knocking the bull over, she bit into its neck and began to feed. She drained him of his blood first before she began to take bites out of him. She practically moaned at the taste of the bull in her mouth, she hadn’t realized how starving she was.

Klaus chuckled as Bella came back to the car were he was waiting. Like all her hunts, she was soaked in blood. “You always look like you came out of a horror movie after you hunt. You should work on your feeding strategy sweetheart.”

Bella laughed, and looked down at her clothes with a shrug. “Yeah, I guess I could work on it, but I was just so hungry dad. You wouldn’t believe how hungry I was, I couldn’t help but make a small mess.”

Klaus laughed, he took off his jacket and handed it to Bella, “Here. Put this on we don’t want people to think you just went on a large killing spree.”

Bella smiled and put on the jacket, she zipped it up to cover up her stained shirt she wiped her face with the handkerchief Klaus handed her. “Can we pass by and pick up Trevor? I want to change him.”

Klaus nodded and started the car. He drove to the foster home in which Trevor lived in, “Want me to go and get him?” Klaus asked Bella as he thought Bella wouldn’t want to startle the humans with her blood soaked clothes.

Bella nodded, “Can you, please? I can’t go in looking like I just killed someone.”

Klaus left and disappeared inside the house. Bella couldn’t hear exactly what was going on inside the house, but could tell Klaus was compelling someone. After several minutes Klaus came out holding a small suitcase, Trevor directly behind him a large beam on his face, he waved to Bella happily at seeing her again. Klaus put the suitcase in the back as Trevor got into the back seat.

“Get into a feeding frenzy?” Trevor asked Bella as he knew there had to be a good reason she didn’t go inside herself. He got into the car and close the door behind him. To Trevor Bella was more than a friend she was his protector, the one person who made living bearable for him. She was like the older sister he’d always wanted, but never got a chance to have.

Bella turned and smiled at him, “Yeah, it was a bit of a mess, I hadn’t eaten fresh meat in a while, I couldn’t help but be a bit messy.” Her face turned serious as she asked an important question. “Are you sure about this Trev?”

Trevor nodded, “Think of it as a birthday gift. I can’t live this life anymore Izzy, I need a fresh start.”

Bella nodded, she smiled and turned to face the front. She couldn’t hide it, she was nervous. This was her first change, but this was also Trevor. He was the one person beside Klaus she’s been able to think of as family, he was whom Bella felt the most protective over.

-Page Break-

“What if I messed something up and he’s slowly dying,” Bella said as she paced she looked over at Nik her eyes were filled with worry.

“You did everything the way you were supposed to, he’ll be fine.” Klaus said he patted the seat next to him, “Come sit down.”

Bella sighed and sat down beside him, she took a pillow and put it in his lap. She rested her head on his lap and sighed, “Tell me about your human days.”

“As you know, we moved here from England after the eldest child died from an illness. Mikael and my mother were persuaded to come here by an old women claiming the new land was filled with health the illness would not kill Esther’s children there. They came not long after receiving the advice. At the time we first arrive my mother gave birth to Finn, and then Elijah a year later. My mother went visiting a nearby village to buy some supplies and while there she met my father. I don’t know much about him, but from what I was able to gather he and my mother had a short indiscretion. One in which created me, making me part werewolf.  The youngest of our family was Henrik, he died at a very young age. You tend to remind me of him from time to time.” Bella smiled and looked at Klaus.

“I do?” Bella asked with curiosity. “I guess we both just have that irresistible charm.”

Klaus smiled, “Don’t be a brat. Want me to finish?”

“Yes, yes please do go on,” Bella said as she closed her eyes and got back to listening.

“Henrik was very curious, and one night he begged me to take him to see the creatures of the moon. Knowing that I had nothing to lose as Mikael would beat me no matter what I did, I took him. Only Henrik wandered off on his own, he was too curious for his own good at times. He went up against one of the wolves. I was able to kill the wolf, but it wasn’t in time to save my brother. Henrik had too many wounds to his chest that by the time I got him back into town he was gone. Mikael and my mother argued constantly after that, but they continued to persuade us to live on. Elijah and I, we both fell in love with the same girl her name was Tatia. It didn’t matter to us that she had already had a child out of wedlock, we still loved her. She loved us both, but wasn’t willing to choose between us. One night, our parents woke Rebekah and me in the dawn of the night. They made us drink from a cup that my mother had enchanted. After that Mikael killed me and then killed Rebekah. I woke first from the change, and then Rebekah awoke moments later. I was the first vampire to be created, Rebekah was next. After us followed Kol, Finn Elijah, and Mikael was last to change. It wasn’t long after our change that we began to feel the side effects of the spell. The lust for blood grew stronger and we began to kill more, but nature fought back. It prevented us from walking in the sun, a small plant could harm us, and a tree could kill us. I had accidently killed a man after feeding, by his death I triggered the werewolf curse, and I changed in front of Mikael and Elijah. Mikael confronted my mother and she revealed the truth to him. Ashamed and embarrassed Mikael went after my father’s pack. He killed them all unknowingly starting a war between species. Not long after Mikael and my mother had the curse placed on me to restrain my werewolf side. They killed Tatia to get back at me for killing a man.” Klaus said, he was about to continue when Bella interrupted.

“Where were Rebekah, Elijah, Kol, and Finn when you were being cursed?” Bella asked angry none of them had bothered to help him.

Klaus shook his head, “Rebekah, Kol and Finn didn’t know what was going on, but Elijah knew exactly what was takin place. He helped Mikael contain me so they could place the spell on me. After the spell was done, in anger for killing the woman I loved and restraining a part of myself, I ripped my mother’s heart out and blamed her death on Mikael. I feared that if my siblings discovered the truth, they would leave me. You’re the only one who knows that.”

“I don’t blame you for it,” Bella whispered, “After what she did… I don’t blame you for killing her.”

Klaus sighed and relaxed, he stayed silent going over his times as a human. He soon heard Bella’s breathing even out signaling she had fallen asleep. He smiled, it amazed him sometimes how calm and relaxed Bella was around him. It was refreshing to know that for once, he wasn’t the monster in someone’s eyes. Seeing it was close to 3 in the morning, Klaus carried Bella and she placed her on the same bed as Trevor knowing she wouldn’t want to be away from him while he was going through the change. He sat her on the bed and threw a blanket over her to make sure she would stay warm. He exited the room heading to his, it would be a few more days until Trevor came back as a full dragon and until then he could expect a very worried Bella.

-6 Days Later-

Bella paced the room, it was almost time, for Trevor to wake up. “Do you think it hurt him?”

“No, it’s like a sleep, he’s probably just been dreaming,” Klaus responded as he tried to calm down Bella. “He probably won’t even know that he was out for six days.”

Bella nodded she looked to Trevor and back to Klaus, “I’m scared.”

“He’ll be fine,” Klaus said thinking Bella was speaking of Trevor.

Bella shook her head, “Not that dad, about everything. What if something happens to you? Or to Trev? What if I can’t do this? What if I turn too many, or if I don’t turn enough?”

Klaus chuckled, Bella turned to him with a glare. “The future isn’t something that you can predict Isabella. Your fears are silly, you were chosen for a reason. You’re a great leader and   I have no doubt you’ll fulfil your destiny just fine.”

Bella sighed and nodded. She perked up as Trevor woke up he sat up on the bed and looked around, his eyes adjusting to the light of the room. “Izzy?”

“Trev,” Bella sighed in relief, “How are you feeling?”

“Different, really different,” At her confused face Trevor continued, “But it’s good. I wanted this Izzy. I chose this life.”

Bella smiled and opened her arms, “Can I at least get a hug? I mean, I’ve been having a panic attack for the last six days.”

Trevor hugged Bella, but pulled back, “I’m really hungry.”

Klaus chuckled from the doorway, “The shipment just arrived, you’re prey is waiting for you out back.”

Bella grinned, she took Trevor’s hand and led him out of the room thanking Nik as she ran out. She showed Trevor how to feed, and what tastes the best. In the end, they had killed 4 cows, 1 Bull, and 2 elk. Trevor had made more of a mess than Bella had. Klaus chuckled as he watched the two, Bella was showing Trevor how to clean up and make it look like a wolf attack.

-A while later-

Bella hugged Klaus tightly, “I love you dad. Don’t forget about me.”

Klaus chuckled, “I’m leaving for your safety, Sweetheart. I will be in contact with you, I just won’t be with you all the time.”

Bella nodded, she wiped away a few tears that escaped, “Okay. I’ll see you soon papa Nikki.”

Niklaus laughed at the name, he kissed Bella’s forehead and stepped back. Trevor had left to give the two space to say their goodbyes. “You’ll be fine Isabella, I’m not the only family you have anymore.”

“It doesn’t matter, you’re still my dad,” Bella hugged him again. She waved at him as he got into his car and drove off. Bella felt two arms wrap around her, knowing it was Trevor she hugged him tightly.

“Elijah was getting too close,” Trevor said, “He wanted to protect you and protect Elijah from your wrath.”

Bella chuckled lightly, it was true she’d probably be the first to take a poisonous bite into Elijah. “Come on, let’s pack up. We’re moving to Texas!”

Trevor smiled, “Think I can be a cowboy?”

Bella shrugged, “If we get you a southern twang maybe, but we’d have to work on it.” She missed Nik, more so than she missed Charlie or Renee. Nik had cared for her like a father, and now she was without her parental figure. She figured this was how it felt for human girls when they moved out of home.

“I don’t know, I think I could do it,” Trevor said attempting to pull off a southern accent.

Bella laughed and shook her head, “Oh that’s so not possible. Try something else, because being a cowboy is so not in your future anytime soon.”

“Damn! I was really hoping for it too,” Trevor joked with a grin, “So are we attending high school again?”

“No, I don’t think I could do that again, how about we open a store or something,” Bella said with a grin.

“We could be butchers,” Trevor said, “We certainly have the appetites for it.”

“No, we’d go bankrupt from eating all the meat,” Bella replied. She had to look on the Brightside of things she was with Trevor, and now she was starting to re-create the dragon species. This was only the beginning in her adventures.

-Awhile Later-

The young blonde girl smiled sadistically at her kidnapper, “You’re fucking dead.”

The man only laughed, he turned to the girl and grinned, he flashed a knife in front of her face. “I’m a very old vampire, you couldn’t do anything to me in the state you’re in. So, why don’t you just stay perfectly still so I can cut you up and see your insides.”

The girl was too weak only being a month old she wasn’t as strong as the others, but she knew Isabella would sense her pain. The girl smiled despite the pain, she was cut in various places and was bleeding out profoundly and she needed to hunt to regain any of her strength. “Sorry buddy, but you signed your death sentence the moment you came for me.”

The man only laughed again, “In my time, women like you would be killed for speaking to a man like that.”

“Then you really won’t like what I have to say,” A voice said from the top of the stairs, the sound of heels clicking as they came down the steps echoed throughout the room.

“Who the hell are you?” The vampire asked, “How did you get in?”

“I used the front door,” the voice said the person stepped into the light. A pair of bat like wings spread out behind her a pair of horns visible at the top of her head as she walked towards the man, a long thick tail moving as the girl walked.

“Isabella,” the young blonde sighed as she knew she was safe now.

Bella’s eyes turned to look at the girl, a wave of fury swept through her as she caught sight of the cuts and the large amount of blood on the floor. She looked back at the vampire, “Tsk Tsk, you picked the wrong girl to go after.” Bella lunged pinning the vampire to the wall, her fangs appeared and poison pooled in her mouth. She sunk her fangs into the vampire’s neck pouring a large amount of poison into his body. She dropped him to the floor as he began screaming as the venom was beginning to take it’s affect. “No one messes with a Balaur.” Bella blurred over to the girl, she carefully took off all the equipment strapped onto the girl and helped her to stand. “Oh Melanie, you’re going to have to hunt.” Bella quickly swept the young girl up in her arms and walked out of the basement with her ignoring the screaming man on the floor.

“I knew you’d come,” Melanie whispered as she relaxed into Bella’s hold knowing nothing could harm her anymore.

Bella handed her over to another Dragon by the name of Sean as he approached. “I want you to take her to hunt, after that I want you to report back to the main house, she needs to rest.”

“Of course,” The dragon said, he quickly blurred away from the house.

Bella’s wings and tail disappeared and her fangs retracted, her horns still present. She looked around the house. “Did you find anything Trevor?” She asked as she heard him coming closer.

“Not much, but this guy knew what we were. He’s been tracking us,” Trevor said coming into the room with a stack of documents in his hands. “Apparently, he wanted to figure out what we were and our weaknesses. He guessed like vampires, we were at our most vulnerable state when feeding. He was tracking Melanie the most.” Trevor handed Bella a folder filled with photographs of Melanie.  “He knew she was the youngest, he followed her into the woods and when she was alone he made his move. It looks like he shot her 24 times with a gun, after that he had her in an enough of a weaken state to strap her into some sort of cage where he stabbed her multiple times to keep her from healing. Than he drove all the way here to Alaska figuring we wouldn’t find them here. He strapped her to that chair in the basement, every 30 minutes it would automatically stab her to keep her bleeding and to keep her from growing strong. He needed her weak so he could umm.. so he could open her up and test her.”

Bella shook her head and cringed, “How’d you get all this information?”

“The sick bastard recorded it all,” Trevor said handing over the tape recorder, “I think he found a real weakness.”

Bella looked at Trevor, “What is it?”

“It’s called Saint Helena Olive. It was supposed to have gone extinct several years ago, but apparently this guy managed to keep one alive. I don’t think this guy even knew it was a weakness to dragons when he was keeping it alive. In his notes it said he mixed it into his tea every day, he liked the taste apparently. By accident the tea spilled over and landed on Melanie, causing the same affect vampires have to vervain.” Trevor said scanning over the notes as he spoke.

Bella nodded, “Burn the notes that talk about the plant along with whatever is left the plant. No one should know about this. Is that clear?”

Trevor nodded and took the notes that mentioned the plant with him “I think you’re immune to its affects.”

“What gives you that idea,” Bella asked meeting Trevor’s gaze before he left the room.

“This guy has been consuming this plant for years, if you bit him one drop of his blood had to at least make it into your mouth. You would’ve burned if it would have an effect on you. I think you being Alpha makes you immune to it,” Trevor said as he tore apart the papers.

Bella nodded, “Not a word to anyone Trev. This stays between you and me.”

Trevor nodded, “I’m going to go burn this next to the body. I’ll burn the plant next.”

Bella nodded, she looked around the home there was nothing else they needed from here. Few moments later Trevor appeared again. “The plant has gone up in flames, it should burn the house down with it.”

“Good, we don’t need to make this seem like a murder. Fly back to the house and check on the others. I’ll stay behind and make sure this place burns completely. I don’t want any chance anyone will be able to find out about our weakness.” Bella said.

Trevor nodded, “This wasn’t your fault Izzy.” He knew Bella like the back of her hand and right now he could tell she was blaming herself. “Melanie choose to go against our precautions and left while she was still young. She’ll learn from her mistakes.”

Bella smiled and took Trevor’s hand and gave it a gentle squeeze of appreciation, “I know this wasn’t my fault, I warned her of what going out on her own at such a young stage would cause, but she was naïve. She’s received enough punishment, but she’ll have to learn a warning is a warning. She’ll stay with Sean and his boys for the time being. She’ll be free to leave after she’s a few months older and has some experience.”

It had only been a year and a half since Trevor was turned, but the dragon race was growing. Currently there were 12, excluding Bella. They had broken up into three different groups. It was Bella and Trevor always together, and then Sean who was in charge of 5 boys, and now Melanie. His group consisted of himself at 19 as a black dragon, Mathew at 17 who was a red dragon, Skylar at 18 was a black dragon, Steven at 19 was a red dragon and the youngest Spencer at 16 was a white dragon. Melanie only being 18 and a red dragon would fit in with them better than the other group which consisted of a bit older dragons.  There was Stephanie at 24 she was a white dragon. Lily at 25 who was a blue dragon, William at 25 was a blue dragon, Alexander at 23 was a white dragon, and Adam at 22 was a red dragon. Bella made it a rule to never change a person over 25. Each person she turned was either close to death or those who were alone. She gave them all a family and a place to feel welcomed in. It wasn’t strange to her that the older ones stuck together, they were more mature, the older ones living in California where all attending college or had jobs. The younger ones usually stayed close to Bella, if she were in Dallas, Texas, they’d be in Austin. All of them were grateful to be turned, to be given a second chance at a new life.

Trevor flew into the sky heading back to their temporarily home in Colorado, he was sure Sean and his boys would be there with Melanie. Bella watched as the house turned to flames, she heard approaching footsteps and leaped into one of the trees hiding herself from view of others. Her heart stopped as she recognized them, the Cullen’s. Her eyes landed on Edward’s darkened form, a wave of anger and hurt hit her. She felt as if she couldn’t breathe, she saw the last of the house crumble and she couldn’t take it anymore. She took off, she flew to someone she trusted with her life, if she went to Trevor she’d have to deal with the other dragons, she didn’t want to have to do that yet. She flew to Las Vegas landing in front of an expensive condo, she knocked repeatedly and took in a few breaths to try and calm herself.

“Can I help you?” A tall dark haired vampire said.

Bella sighed, “I came to speak to my dad, tell him I’m here.”

Klaus appeared immediately after the word dad was uttered, “Isabella?”

Bella rushed and hugged him tightly, she didn’t say a word as Klaus led her inside. “There was in incident with one of the younger dragons. We had to rescue her and we ended up in Alaska. We burnt down any evidence and I had stayed to make sure that it was completely gone. I saw them, the Cullen’s and I saw him. I was so angry and hurt, but I couldn’t help but still care about him. I won’t be able to get over him until I meet my other mate, and that scares me. I know I hate Edward, but I still love him and it hurts so much.”

Klaus nodded and rubbed Bella’s back, “The only true way to completely move on from one person is to love another. Just give it time Isabella.”

Bella nodded and sighed, “I’m at 12 dragons now we’re growing.”

“That’s good to hear, sweetheart,” Klaus said.

Bella stayed in Las Vegas for another hour until she had to go back, “I’ll check in later, dad.”

Klaus nodded, he tenderly kissed Bella’s forehead, “Everything will always turn out okay in the end. Remember that.”

Bella nodded she gave him a final hug before leaving. She headed back to her home in Colorado she knew all the dragons would be there. This was an emergency, and when something happened to one of them they all came to assist.

Bella arrived and entered the large mansion like home. She entered the living every dragon stood immediately at her presence. Bella motioned them to sit, “We have spent the last day hunting down one of our own, and do you all know why?” No one spoke so Bella continued, “We are weak on our own. I let you all make your own decisions, I let you live your lives, but it seems that is starting to cause a bit of a problem. No more wandering on your own, you want to go to a new place you take another dragon with you. We might be powerful creatures, but you should all know like every other creature we have our weaknesses. From now on, no dragon is allowed to live on their own we all must be living with at least one other dragon at any given time. Those who go against this will be punished, are we clear?”

“Of course Isabella,” the Dragons said at the same time.

Bella nodded, “Where’s Melanie?”

“She’s sleeping upstairs,” Sean said, “She’s agreed to stay with us.”

Bella nodded, “Good, thank you all of you for coming to look for her.”

“She’s one of our own,” William said, “We don’t abandoned our own kind in a time of need.”

Bella smiled as there were murmurs of agreement, till this day she didn’t have to punish anyone, but seeing all the dragons together under one roof made her grin. Unlike Werewolves or vampires, they stuck together, they dropped everything to help look for Melanie. This was what Bella thought the dragon spirits had wanted, a family of dragons not just a species but something more something stronger.

“Why don’t I order us something to eat,” Bella suggested.

“Oh, I could go for some steaks,” Lily said as she sat between William’s legs, both dragons being turned at the same time as they were a couple. William being seconds from dying had asked to be turned, not wanting to live without him Lily begged to be turned too. They were the first mated couple in the group.

Alexander nodded in agreement, he was the one Bella was close to besides Trevor, he was her third turn only a few weeks after Sean had been turned. Her first three where her closest friends and her three leaders. Sean leading one group and Alexander another, Trevor was her second in command. “I really could use a steak, I’ve been craving one for weeks.”

Bella smiled, “Why don’t you guys light up the bon fire, we’ll do this all out.”

Everyone left, the girls heading out to the store to buy the steaks and the supplies for s’mores. The boys starting the fire and setting up the backyard for a night spent outdoors. Bella stayed behind and just watched them all work together.

Trevor left the boys and walked up to Bella and looped an arm over her shoulder, “So what happened?”

“I saw the Cullen’s,” Bella replied that was all Trevor needed to know he held Bella tighter showing his silent support. None of the other dragons knew of the Cullen’s only Trevor. “I went to speak with my dad. He always seems to know what to say to me, and I missed him.” Klaus wasn’t a secret most of the Dragons had already met heard of him. Thanks to the occasional visit the lucky few who met him had gotten along with him well.

“How are you doing?” Trevor asked concerned.

Bella smiled up at him, “I’m fine. I just, I think it’s time we leave, start somewhere fresh, we changed Melanie here so we’ll have to move again to cover our tracks. I was thinking of a small town somewhere we could hide away for a while. I was thinking Mystic Falls, I’m feeling drawn there, and I’d like to go and check it out.”

“You know I’d go anywhere you went Izzy,” Trevor said with a grin.

Bella smiled, as she heard the faint footsteps of Melanie coming down the stairs. Bella motioned for Trevor to leave. “I warned you leaving on your own was dangerous.”

“I know, I just… I’ve wanted freedom all my life I wanted to get out there,” Melanie said, “I’m sorry for any trouble I caused you Isabella.”

Bella nodded, “Do you see all those people out there?” Bella said pointing to everyone in the backyard.

Melanie nodded, “Yes, Isabella.”

“All these people dropped everything to come to look for you,” Bella said, “All of them care about you Melanie. Becoming a dragon doesn’t only mean becoming a supernatural creature, it means becoming a part of a family. You along with anyone else is never allowed to go off on their own anymore. You have to be accompanied by another dragon. Is that clear Melanie?”

“Of course, Isabella,” Melanie said she looked at Bella with fearful eyes. “Am I going to be punished?”

Bella shook her head, “You’ve been punished enough.”

“Mind if I hug you?” Melanie asked.

Bella laughed, “Of course not.” Bella gave Melanie a hug and told her to go enjoy herself outside with the others.

Author’s Note

I thought I’d state that this is a Bella/Jeremy story, and it won’t be too long. It’s only going to be about 10 chapters because I want it to last through out the summer.

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  1. Bella seems to be doing OK as a leader. Just commanding enough without being bossy. I hope this Melanie isn’t going to be a problem. hmmmm

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  2. Loved this! I can’t wait till they’re in mystic!

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  3. love love LOVE THIS! seriously, bella is a good leader she isn’t bossy in a bad way. and she sets down rules that are fair. i cannot wait until the next chapter 😀 super excited!!

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  4. Ohh a Bell/Jer story yay!!! I’m loving this and I can’t wait for her to meet Jeremy, put Elena and her controlling ways in her place and kicking eddies ass. Thanks for the update 🙂

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