Angela and Ben

Author’s Note

Your guesses are getting really good. Chapter five is the reveal!

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!

-Page Break-

Bella smiled as she walked through the mall with Ben. “You know, you’re putting a lot more thought into this than what it necessary.  Angie would say yes if you present her with something made out of plastic.”

Ben smiled, “Thanks, Bella for the encouraging words. I always knew I could count on you.”

“Thanks, I’ve been thinking about writing an advice book lately.” Bella responded with a smirk.

“Come on I need to really think this out. I don’t know if I should get her a princes cut, or emerald diamond. I’m clueless here.” Ben said as they headed into the third jewelry store of the day.

Bella laughed, “Ben, you know me already. I know as much about rings as you do.”

Ben laughed, “Yeah, but this was something I planned to do with Mike…” He choked back on his words.

Bella rested her hand on his arm. “I get it, Ben.”

“It’s been a month, but it’s still hard. He was an asshole, but he was still my best friend.” Ben said as he took in a deep breath.

Bella nodded, “I think we need a drink after this.”

Ben laughed, “Oh yeah, something real strong. For now, let’s just get this ring.”

“You know, Angie may not admit it but I think she’d like something with a bit of pink in it.” Bella announced as they walked into the store.

Ben looked at her curiously. “You really think so?”

“Yeah, we were talking about it one time and she mentioned it.” Bella paused and smile. “I know the exact ring she wants!”

Ben looked at Bella, “You do?”

“YES!” Bella said with a grin. “And we have to go to Tiffany’s!”

Ben sighed, “Alright, let’s go.”

Bella looked through the rings and gestured to the specific ring. “That one.” She said gesturing to the ring Angela had once picked out.

Ben peered over and looked at the ring. “Are you sure?”

Bella nodded, “We got drunk and this ring was on their site.”

“It’s beautiful ring.” The sales clerk said as she reached in and pulled the tray out. “This is the Tiffany Soleste ring. It has round brilliant diamonds in platinum and 18k rose gold.  It also has pink diamonds with a carat total weight of .02; also with white diamonds that have a carat total weight of .34.”

Bella looked to Ben, “It’s in her size.” She whispered to him.

Ben looked at the ring and then to the sale’s clerk. “May I?”

“Of course, go right ahead.” The clerk replied handing Ben the ring.

He took it and looked at it curiously. “It is beautiful.” He looked at it harder and smiled. “She’d look great with this on her hand.”

Bella smiled, “It really it is beautiful.”

Ben nodded, and looked to the sales clerk. “I’d like to take this one home.”

“You’re not going to question the price?” The sales clerk questioned.

Ben shook his head, “There’s no need.”

Bella looked to Ben curiously. “Ben, that ring must be over six thousand dollars.”

“Trust fund, Bella.” Ben said with a grin. “I’ve been saving up for this, Bella. I want to give her the very best.”

“You’re already giving her yourself, isn’t that already the best?” Bella questioned with a silly grin.

Ben laughed, “Cheesy, but thanks. You know one day you’ll make someone a very lucky man.”

Bella stilled as she thought about J. His calls were regular each night and each night they made her feel warmer inside after she heard his voice. She hadn’t really been paying attention to anyone else but J, Angie, Ben and Alan for the last few weeks. It took everything in her power to focus on school and not the fact that J was somewhere out there watching her. Something that really should’ve been scaring her.

“Bella!” Ben said snapping his fingers to catch Bella’s attention. “You spaced out there, are you okay?”

Bella smiled, “Yeah, I’m fine. I guess you sort of got me thinking. I think I might end up with a few cats and a big house for them to run around in.”

Ben chuckled loudly, “That’s not going to happen, Bella. Most of the guys in band with me and Angie have asked us both thousands of times if you were straight and single. Not to mention Al has had to ask a lot of guys to leave the store because they gawk at you too much. You may not see it, but you have a chance with any guy you want on this campus.”

Bella rolled her eyes, “For the sake of our friendship, next time I mention getting a house filled with cats just agree and mention something about a nice housewarming gift.”

“Okay,” Ben said with a small laugh. “I’ll get you some sort of cat playhouse.”

“Thank you.” Bella said with a grin. “So, how are you going to propose to her?”

“I don’t know, I was thinking maybe taking her out to her favorite restaurant and then taking her to Forks and proposing in the parking lot of the school right where I first asked her to go out on a date with me.” Ben said shrugging his shoulders as he figured that would be the best plan. “What do you think?”

Bella nodded, “I think it’s cute, but how are you going to get her to go down to Forks? She might get suspicious.”

Ben grinned, “Taken care of. I asked her mom to invite us over for a movie night. Angela won’t have a clue what’s really going to happen. To her we’ll just get a bite to eat before we go hang out with her family.”

Bella nodded amused at his planning. “You know what this means, right?”

“I get to marry the love of my existence?” Ben replied amused.

Bella shook her head, “Jessica and Lauren will be all over Angela. Can you imagine how they’d react when they find out that Angela doesn’t want them as brides’ maids?”

Ben shrugged, “We’ll just move in with you.”

“Fine, but you’re so not allowed to have any sex while I’m in the apartment. I put my foot down there.” Bella replied with a smirk.

“I can’t make a promise I can’t keep, Bella.” Ben replied as he got ready to pay for the ring that would belong to his wife to be.

-Page Break-

Ben took Angela’s hand and led her to the parking lot. “Ben, what are we doing here? I thought we were meeting my parents.”

Ben turned and looked at Angela with an amused smile on his face. “We are meeting your parents, I just wanted to do something first. “

“What? Get mugged at the high school?” Angela said as she looked around. She turned around to argue with Ben to leave when she saw him kneeling on one knee. “Ben?” She asked with a quivery voice.

“I love you.” He said as he smiled at the look on her face. “I stood in this spot so many years ago and asked you on a date. Luckily, you said yes and we’ve been together ever since then. I want you forever Angie, I know that you’re the only girl I’ll ever love. Will you marry me?” Ben said as he opened the small black box and showed her the ring.

Angela nodded her head. “Yes.” She croaked out as she held out her shaking hand to Ben. She watched as the ring was a perfect fit for her. “I love you.” She said as she wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly.

“Love you, Angie.” Ben said as he hugged her just as strongly and kissed her cheek. “Come on, let’s get going to your parent’s home. You siblings are probably anxious to hear what you said.”

Angela nodded, “I can’t believe you planned this out, and this ring is perfect, Ben.”

“Bella helped me pick it out, she said you mentioned wanting this ring a few times before.” Ben said as he led Angela back to the car, she kissed her before he helped her in. he smiled as her eyes were glued to her hand as she observed the new ring that adorned her hand.

Angela looked out as she hadn’t heard Ben come into the car. She opened the door and stepped out “BEN?” She called out wanting to know where he was hiding. “Ben! This isn’t funny! Come on, let’s go.”

Angela froze as she say a gloomy figure appear a few feet away from her. She stepped back and reached out to get in the car, but before her hand had time to reach the handle she was pressed against the car. An icy cold hand was pressed to her throat. “Please.”

“You humans are always so pathetic with your begging. You act as if it is going to somehow stop me from ripping you to shreds.” The musical tone said. “Now, why don’t you take a little nap and when you wake up we can have some real fun.”

-Page Break-

Ben batted his eye lashes as he started to wake. He turned his head as he heard an ear shattering scream. His eyes widened as he saw the scream had come from his Angie. “ANGELA!” He yelled as he tried desperately to get to her. The rope around him was keeping him from moving any inch in the chair he was bound to.

Angela whimpered and turned her head to him. “I’ve been trying to get out, but the rope is laced with something. Don’t move, Ben, you’ll burn too.”

Ben focused his eyes on her arms and saw the large gashes on them. “Angie…”

“It was the rope.” Angela said she looked around. “We’re in some sort of basement. No windows, and I can’t see where the door is.”

Ben looked around, “Do you know who did this?”

Angela shook her head. “No, I don’t.” Angela took in a quivering breath. “I’m really scared, Ben.”

“I know, Angie.” Ben said as he looked around. “I’ll think of something to get us out of here.”

Angela bowed her head. “Ben, what if we can’t get out?”

“Don’t think like that, Angie.” Ben said he moved his hand in an attempt to reach out to Angela. A loud hiss escaped his mouth when the rope moved against his skin.

“No!” Angela said, “Don’t move Ben, you’ll only hurt yourself.”

Ben shook his head, “Angie… I love you.”

Angela felt tears stream down her face, she supposed he came down to the same resolution as she did. “I love you too, Ben.” They wouldn’t be making it out of this alive.

“UGH!” A sickeningly sweet voice came from inside the house. “You two are disturbingly disgusting. Humans and their pathetic sense of love. You all seem to think it’s going to last forever, but really it never will last forever, because sooner or later someone will come along and ruin it all.”

“Who are you?” Angela questioned with a quivery voice as she looked at the shadowy figure.

“It’s simple, really.” The voice said stepping into the light. “I’m your killer. I was going to go after that old man, but she really loves you two, and to be honest you both sicken me with your ‘undying love’ it’s revolting. After tonight’s events I felt like it was the perfect time to finally get rid of you both.”

Ben stiffened, “You won’t get away with something like this.”

The figure laughed loudly. “That’s where you’re wrong.” She said as stepped closer. “By the time I’m done here there will be nothing left of you. All that will be left will be the pain of your friends and family when they find out what I’ve done. When they learn the truth about how you spent your last moments alive.”

“What have we ever done to you?” Angela questioned in an attempt to get the woman’s attention away from Ben.

“Oh, naïve girl, it’s not about you. It’s about someone else, you’re just the pawn in my little game.” She said as she kneeled down in front of Angela. “My name is Victoria, and I’m going to torture and kill you.”

-Page Break-

Victoria laughed as she watched Angela’s body wither in the chair. She turned to Ben and smiled widely at him. “She’s so dramatic. It’s just a small overdose, she won’t really die from it.” Victoria rolled her eyes and grabbed the scalpel she had brought into the room. She waved the sharp object around, “Now Ben, I’ve tortured Angela, so let’s finish her off and then we can get started on you.”

“Please.” Ben begged as he looked over at Angela. There was no blood on her, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t tortured. The majority of her bones were broken into pieces and now she was suffering from an overdose of some drug that she had been injected with. “Can you just let her go? I’ll do anything you want just please leave her alone.”

Victoria chuckled darkly. “No.” She replied simply as she walked towards Angela twirling the scalpel in her hand. “I’m going to cut her until the blood stops coming out.”

Ben hissed as he moved around in his chair in an attempt to break free, only the ropes again were burning into his flesh. “NO!” He screamed as Victoria made the first cut to Angela’s wrist.

“It won’t be long until she bleeds out, let’s make the process a bit longer. Let’s really see how much blood we can get her to spill out of her.” Victoria said with a sneer. “I want to see her blood decorate this room.”

Ben screamed as Victoria made another cut down Angela’s arm just along the veins. Victoria practically cackled as Angela’s blood spilled all over the place. Victoria turned to Ben and smiled wickedly at him. “Let’s really get the blood flowing.” She took the scalpel and dug into Angela’s neck. She watched as Ben screamed and tried to break free from his chair.

She laughed wildly as she took enjoyment in seeing him suffer. She looked down to see that she was covered in Angela’s blood. “Well, she did better than I expected her to. That blood of hers really went the distance.” Victoria used her finger to wipe some of the blood on her arm. She licked the finger and sighed. “Ugh, doesn’t taste as good as I thought she would, maybe you would taste better. It’s your turn, so let’s get started.”

Ben shook his head, “You’re a monster.” He snapped as he watched her come closer.

Victoria laughed, “I know I am.”

Ben growled out in pain as his face came in contact with Victoria’s hand, he never knew getting slapped would hurt so much. “You psychotic bitch.” He said as he spit out blood onto the floor. “What the hell did we ever do to you?”

“This was never about you,” Victoria said as she kneeled down in front of Ben. “This is about getting revenge, you’re just a pawn in my little game, Ben. You’re the tipping stone, what really sends everything into a large mess. I need you so everything can get started.”

-Page Break-

“You’re fucking crazy.” Ben yelled as Victoria ripped away the ropes sustaining him to the chair. He wanted to run, but his two broken legs kept him where he was.

Victoria smiled, “I’m not crazy, Ben, I’m angry. There’s nothing worse than a woman scorned.”

Ben laughed, “What happened?” He questioned. “Did your boyfriend dump you? Is that what this is all about? You weren’t good enough for someone?”

Victoria growled lowly and stepped closer to Ben. “Watch your mouth.”

Ben laughed, “That’s it! You’re jealous! That’s why you’re doing this! You’re jealous Angie and I have something you could never imagine. You’re jealous that I love her and she loves me!”

“You had her.” Victoria replied with a smirk. “She’s gone remember.”

Ben’s eyes flashed with pain, but he pushed it back. “She might be gone, but at least I knew she really loved me. You’re so pathetic that no one could ever love you.”

Victoria reached forward and grabbed Ben’s neck and pulled him up his limp legs dangling above the ground. “My James was taken from me, and I’m going to make sure that I get my revenge.” She threw Ben against the brick wall. Taking pleasure in the sick cracking sound that echoed through the room when he came in contact with the wall.

Ben’s breathing came in in pants as he tried to recollect his breath. He looked around the room and focused on the figure that had been his own personal nightmare for the past several hours. “Go to Hell.” He whispered between breaths.

Victoria crouched down. “I’m already there.” She whispered, she took the scalpel she had used on Angela and poked it into Ben’s chest. She pushed down with force and created a large gash going down Ben’s chest. She reached in causing Ben to scream out, she watched as the life began to fade from his eyes. She looked down at her hand inside his chest as she could practically feel the life draining out of him. “This was a lot of fun, Ben, but it’s time that I move on.” She brought her hand out of his chest and up to her lips.

“Huh.” She said as she stood. “You really did taste better than the girl. If I hadn’t already fed you would’ve been a great meal.”

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  1. That really sucked.

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  2. That really sucked. I was so happy for Angela and Ben, then all of sudden this happens. I can’t believe it. Im in tears now.

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  3. Oh my Gods that BITCH! Ugh… I hate her. Its not a dislike, I mean I really hate that Victoria. wow, I am on fire.

    So does that mark James off my list? Well shit…

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  4. Icky Vicky is just soooo cruel, gross and demented. I shuddered at that scene. Poor Ben and Angie……..

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  5. Oh poor Ben and Angie. So horrible.

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