Reaping of New Orleans: Chapter One

Ronol chpt 1

Bella stood hidden in the shadow of a tree overlooking the cemetery. Forks had long ago left her mind, but today she had returned out of respect and love. Her back was straight and her shoulders tense as she overlooked the cemetery. The people in black gathered below surrounding the casket as it hovered above the open hole in the ground. The small noise of sniffles and cries surrounding the town. The sun was in the sky and the wind blowing allowing the scent of salty tears to fill the air.

She didn’t pay attention to the man standing a few feet behind her, all she saw was the casket below. Nothing mattered at this moment but that coffin and the brave man that lay inside.

Landing wings out behind him Marco stood looking at his sister’s form. He had never seen her like this, so silent. Even her thoughts were completely blocked from him. He stepped closer to Klaus as he stood not that far behind her. “What happened?”

“She came to check on him, like she often does on his birthday,” Klaus responded not taking his eyes away from Bella. “I had gone in to knock, but the door was open. It was too late when we found out what had happened. From what I could gather, he had a heart attack or something of the sort. His soul had disappeared. As much as Isabella tried she couldn’t bring him back or speak to him. His soul is hidden or being held captive, she doesn’t know how to save him.”

“Hidden?” Marco asked confused never thinking this could happen. “Is that even possible?”

“She spoke to your father recently. She demanded answers from him and he mentioned that if a witch is strong enough she is able to capture a soul. This soul can then be used in rituals of magic, Isabella has been looking for different possible rituals for a reason why his soul was taken, but has found nothing.” Klaus replied, his voice became lower as he spoke again. “She’s still upset, but she has gotten better. All she wants now is revenge.”

“I can imagine,” Marco responded knowing his sister well enough to know she was going to make whomever did this suffer. “Where are your brothers?”

“Kol is down there with Henrik,” Klaus replied gesturing to the cemetery.

Bella’s eyes watered as she saw Henrik step forward in front of the crowd. He was now a hybrid his 18th birthday having just past, and with the help of Bella they figured out how to keep his magic, something he was adamant on keeping.

“Hello everyone,” Henrik said facing the crowd of people. “Charlie Swan was a good man. He was brave, honest, loving and compassionate. I met Chief Swan a few years ago through his daughter Isabella. She was someone I was very close with and was in truth family to me. Charlie kept in contact with me after her passing and I’m proud to say I considered him a second father. I would often join him in fishing trips, shooting ranges, hunting trips, anything he thought a man should know he taught me. He was one of the best men in the world and his time on this earth was too short. Charlie Swan loved unconditionally and always put others before himself. He protected the people around him, and showed them that there would always be a caring hand to help them when they needed it.”

Bella took a step back as Henrik continued his speech turning to face her brother and Klaus. She spoke, “Nothing will stop me from finding who did this and rest assured that when I find them there will be nothing you can do to stop me from killing them. I will put Charlie’s soul to rest.”

Marco nodded, Charlie might’ve not been her real father, but he was the man who raised her and had taken him in as a son he would stand beside his sister on this. “I’ll be there right beside you.”

Klaus only nodded, he extended his hand to her. Bella laced their fingers together and moved to stand by his side as they could hear the remainder of Henrik’s speech. The diamond ring on her hand being hidden by their interlacing hands. The town’s people took turns saying their stories of Charlie, and as each story was told Bella grew more determined to find whomever did this to Charlie. A good man had died and whomever did it wouldn’t be getting away with it.

“Any leads,” Marco asked after some time past.

“Not many, they’re only a few witches powerful enough to do this, and after checking on many of them I haven’t’ been able to find anything that connects them to Charlie.” Bella responded she turned to her brother. She had scarcely seen him only really seeing him when their birthday came around and on the rare holiday. But that had seemed to stop all together in the last year when she had only seen him once and that had been months ago. He had even began to call and answer her calls less. It was almost strange, in most situations she would’ve run to Marco for advice, but this time with Charlie she had gone to Klaus. When Klaus proposed she went to Henrik with the news, it seemed she was more distant to her brother than she had realized. The realization that they had grown apart was only beginning to add to her anger. She turned back to the funeral without saying a word. The gentle squeeze from Klaus kept her from breaking down in anger and sadness.

“Let’s head back to the house, love.” Klaus said as the funeral had been over an hour ago and Bella had yet to move.

Bella looked at him and nodded. “I umm… I’ll follow you. I just want to take a quick fly.”

Klaus nodded understanding she wanted to be left alone and flying was one of her favorite things to do. Klaus kissed her forehead. “I’ll get home and continue to look into the witches.”

Bella smiled, “Thank you.” She watched Klaus blur off and without saying a word to her brother she took off into the sky. He of course followed after her wanting to help her deal with whatever she was feeling.

“You have to talk this out!” Marco yelled at her as he kept up with her speed.

Bella glanced at him and shook her head. “I don’t have to do anything.”

“IZZY!” Marco yelled tackling her in the air bringing her down to the ground.

Bella growled in warning as she stood from the ground her brother not that far away. “Leave. Me. Alone.”

“No,” Marco said as stared at his sister. “You can’t let this eat at you Izzy. Look at yourself! You’re seconds away from tearing a town apart. Come on, you can’t do this to yourself.”

Bella growled in anger, “Let’s make something clear, Marco. You tackle me again and I won’t be play fighting with you anymore, I’ll be out for blood next time. Do us both a favor and get the hell out of my way.” Bella flew back into the air and knowing she was faster than her brother she went at full speed back to the home. She landed in the backyard and before she made it to the house Henrik was out in the backyard.

“Elle!” Henrik said running up to her, he looked at her expression and became concerned. “You okay?”

Bella smiled Henrik had grown up so much, he was a strong mixture of both Kol and Klaus. Bella was proud to say he had a bit of her personality in him also. “I’m fine, Henri. Did you find anything useful?”

“Not really, but I sent Nik and Kol to look into a witch not that far from here, and Rebekah and Elijah they went somewhere to pick up some food, even though there was enough in the house. I think they just needed something to do.” Henrik said as he walked beside Bella and entered the house. “I’ve been looking into the witches that are left on that list we made, and I lowered them down.”

“How?” Bella asked as she and Henrik headed into the dining room which they had converted into their office for the meantime.

“I was thinking,” Henrik said heading over the list of witches. “All these witches are strong enough, but not all of them come from a historic line of witches. A spell as ancient as to hold a person’s soul captive has to be passed down through generations. Especially if it’s able to hide said soul from death or in your case reapers, this spell has to be strong, and as we all know strong spells are most likely old spells.”

Bella smiled as they were getting somewhere, “And the witch not only had to be strong they would have to come from a long line of magic.” Bella smiled at Henrik and hugged him. “You’re a genius.”

“I do try,” Henrik said with a proud smirk. “But there’s more. From what I’ve taken down there are only three lines old enough to obtain this information.”

“From those three lines we have to be able to find whomever went after Charlie,” Bella said with a smile, happy to know this was going somewhere.

Henrik paused, “There’s more. Elle, we have to figure out why they wanted Charlie’s soul. A soul could be used for anything. Including a bribe.”

Bella turned to Henrik ignoring her brother who was at the doorway. “You think that someone might have his soul to use it against me.”

Henrik sighed, “I’m sorry, Elle. It’s just the best way I could explain things. Please understand this wasn’t made to make you feel bad.”

“I know Henri,” Bella said with a sad smile. “I knew it was a possibility from the beginning, it’s just more realistic hearing it from someone else.” Bella walked over to the table and picked up one of the two files left. Klaus and Kol would call soon and tell them how it was going. Henrik took the seat beside her and began to take down notes on the file he had in his hands. Marco took down the last file and began to look through it he sat across his sister without a word. He would watch her interact with Henrik and it made him sad to know that she wasn’t that way with him anymore. The regret of leaving for so long was creeping up on him.

Bella’s phone rang and she answered immediately. “Hello?”

“She wasn’t the one to take Charlie,” Klaus said knowing that was what Bella wanted to know.

“Are you sure?” Bella asked wanting to be sure.

“When we arrived she was dead,” Klaus said.

“She committed suicide,” Kol’s voice came through in the background.

“Do you know what she died for?” Bella asked as she sighed and leaned back in the chair taking a deep breath. There was rumbling on the other line and then a slight growl that came from Klaus.

“You’re dear fiancée didn’t want to read the stupid letter so I did,” Kol said. “She just apologized for wrong doings. Made amends with her kids and that was it. We looked everywhere we could Isa, there was nothing there and nothing seemed off. She wasn’t the one to go after Charlie.”

Bella sighed, “Look, there’s no point in you coming back just yet. There’s a witch in the Arizona desert that fits the profile we’re looking for. Go and check her out, but be careful she’s old blood. Can you put Klaus on the phone please?” Bella stood and headed out the room.

Marco looked over at Henrik, “Fiancée?”

“Huh?” Henrik asked looking up. “Oh, yeah. They got engaged a couple months ago. We celebrated in Vegas.”

“How come we weren’t told?” Marco asked referring to him and Rebekah.

“We tried getting in touch with you” Henrik said, “In the end it ended up just being Nik, Elle, Kol, Eli, and I. Finn and Sage were off on a honey moon or something, so they weren’t able to come. We all tried getting to you, neither of you ever picked up so we gave up.”

Marco sighed, he now understood why his sister was angry he had practically abandoned her to be with Rebekah. “That must be why she’s angry.”

“She’s angry for far more than just her engagement. You and I both know Elle well, she wouldn’t get so mad over that,” Henrik said as he went back to his work. Marco nodded and went back to the folder in his hand.

Bella walked back into the room. “They’re headed over. We should hear from them within the next day or so.”

“Cool, Elle,” Henrik said as he set his notes down. “You want to take a break? I need some help with the last move you taught me.”

“Yeah, let’s head outside Henrik,” Bella said, she paused, “You’re welcome to join us, Marco.”

Marco nodded and followed if it took forever he would get his relationship back with his sister.

“Okay,” Bella said rolling up her sleeves. She looked to Henrik, “Relax Henri. You want to be able to move effortlessly. You’re not human, you have more strength than you know, use it.”

Henrik nodded, he hated to fight, but he knew it was something he had to learn. He knew some moves from his human days when Bella had taught him the basics, but now he needed to know more .He needed to know how to be more lethal if he had to be. “I got it this time, Elle.”

“Ready…” Bella said, “Set go!” Bella lunged but not truly hitting him she needed him to block her moves and to get a hit on her.

-Page Break-

Bella sat on the couch with Henrik both silent as they stared ahead at the movie n the T.V. Elijah sitting on the loveseat by himself a journal in hand. Rebekah and Marco sitting together on the other small sofa.

“I can’t stand this protagonist,” Henrik whispered to Bella.

Bella laughed knowing Henrik wasn’t for the movies in which the girl always sacrificed herself or when they played damsels. This was something she knew she had influenced him on. “If you knew this was going to happen in the movie why did you choose it?”

Henrik sighed, “I had high hopes it wouldn’t end this way.”

“Sorry you got let down,” Bella replied with a smile. The phone rang again and Bella answered it quicker than anyone else. “Hello.”

“It wasn’t here,” Klaus said, “But she did offer her help. She mentioned a group of witches who have a strong historic line. They have an elder who would be strong enough to do this.”

“Is her name Agnes?” Bella asked knowing that was the last one in the group.

“Yes, I assume she was in pile,” Klaus asked.

“Yes, she was the last one. It has to be her, you once said you had a home in New Orleans,” Bella said.

“I do own a few,” Klaus replied, “Get packed up, Kol and I will go to see how it is.”

“Thank you,” Bella said. She said her goodbyes and turned to Henrik. “We’re moving.”

“I didn’t really unpack here anyway,” Henrik said with a shrug.

Bella turned to Elijah, “Are you coming with us, Eli?”

“Of course.” Elijah said standing. “I will get packing. We can leave in a short amount of time.”

“Thank you, Eli,” Bella said as she watched him leave behind Henrik. She stood and faced Rebekah and Marco. “You’re both welcome to join us in New Orleans.”

-Page Break-

Bella smiled as she put her and Klaus’s suitcase in the back. Henrik mumbling about Kol’s bag. The anger still being a strong part of her emotions, but she knew better than to let it control her for too long. “I don’t understand why he needs so much clothes.” Henrik said as he finished.

“He’s picky, and he always stains some of his shirts when he feds, he needs extra clothes,” Bella responded. “Come on, we have to get to Oregon to catch our flight.”

“Why did Elijah get to go to the Seattle airport?” Henrik asked.

“Because my death was huge news and I would most likely be recognized.” Bella said, “And Elijah wanted to go help his brothers. I figured you’d stay here and keep me company.”

Henrik smirked, “I’m the best company you could have.”

“We’re ready to go,” Rebekah said as Marco finished putting their suitcase in the back.

Bella nodded, “Alright, let’s get going.”

“New Orleans, here we come,” Henrik said as he got into the passenger seat.

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